The Revealment of The Secret of The Holy Quran Chapter An Najm and Yaa Siin Part II

Dear Viewer,

The Eden site is being blocked by the Ministry of Communication and Information since July 13, 2017, hence Eden’s good friends in Indonesia could access the Eden’s release through channel Eden the Heaven in Youtube. Hereby, we convey that this Eden’s release is the continuation of the revealment of the secret of Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin, however within it there is God’s Oath, which States His Warning About the Threat of Nuclear War, that this time is in quite critical condition, since harsh threat has been responded by harsh threat between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un.

According to God, nuclear war has been recorded that it is going to happen. And the impact is extremely bad for the world. Thus, there are God’s Stipulations upon that matter that we release in this Eden Discourse. Unto the public, the reader of Eden site, we only want to state that truly, we all in Eden impossibly withdraws ourselves just because the blockage of the Eden site by the Ministry of Communication and Information. We must continuously deliver Revelation in any condition, for we bear the duty to convey God’s Revelation to the world and for the sake of world peace.

And unto the world public who could still access the Eden site, we also hope that the world public heeds well God’s Oath, which is the most sacred and most sacrosanct, that we deliver now, so the public who knows about God’s Oath could share it with the competent people in their authority in their own country. So that God’s Oath, which we receive just recently, its benefit could be realized aiming to prevent the occurrence of nuclear war.

Thus, this is the introduction of Eden Discourse that we are releasing now, hopefully the public is willing to see the Eden Discourse, which is released by the Eden site, as God’s serious Help, and hence certainly the content of Eden site is not the site with negative content. Thank you for your attention unto our site.

The Great Day Song

The lyric of this song has been given to us by His Majesty the Holy Spirit quite a while ago, which was in 2000, yet it was just sung in 2014 by Ietje Ridwan. However, the song is only suitable with the recent condition of the world, in 2017. Then we need to update the illustration of video clip of The Great Day song, so the context becomes more precise with the lyrics of the song that has long been established. Thus, Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit always brings us to look at the future in the on-going period of time.

The world chaotic condition due to nuclear war, which possibly happens as the consequence of the escalating threat thrown by Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un to each other lately; as for in God’s ‘Eyes’, that moment is seen by Him as the trigger of doomsday becomes stronger and could end in its totality. Nevertheless, this matter has been continuously warned by God to the world. God’s Warning regarding the nuclear war disaster has been written since the writing of the book Perkenankan Aku Menjelaskan Sebuah Takdir (Let Me Explain a Destiny), which I wrote in 1998. At that time, the world was still fine, there was not yet global warming, however, I have been brought by Archangel Jibril to see that issue, and I wrote it down. And this is the format of the book Perkenankan Aku Menjelaskan Sebuah Takdir, which inside contains chapter Perjalanan Menuju Kiamat (the Process to Doomsday).

And as for the warning about the happening of doomsday from God, we never recede informing about it.  And as for that God’s Warning, it is repeated over and over by Him until this latest release of Eden Discourse. And this is the result when God’s Revelation is continuously neglected. Nevertheless, not a single man feels guilty for rejecting and neglecting God’s Revelation.

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Ceremony and Celebration of the 70th Birthday of Her Majesty Lia Eden

Dear Viewer,

In the Name of God The Most Compassionate and The Bestower of Blessings

We, the Eden Community just recently celebrated the 70th birthday of Her Majesty Lia Eden on last August 21, 2017. Unexpectedly by all of us, that on the day of Her Majesty Lia Eden’s birthday turned out God descended down His Words especially directed at Her Majesty Lia Eden, and that God’s Words, which included His Oath, it turned out that it was a special blessing for Her Majesty, since the miracle of the three titles of queenship of Her Majesty was granted on that day.

Surely that incident is immeasurably valuable for us all, how we expect not that Her Majesty Lia Eden’s 70th birthday actually was the blessing of miracle from God, which the value is immeasurable. And we all are grateful, for it means a full protection for Eden from God.

From the meaning of that celebration, then it is the first time that we specially release the celebration of Her Majesty’s birthday. Particularly, what is most important for us is the existence of a very special God’s Oath and His Words on the day of Her Majesty Lia Eden’s birthday, which before the celebration we were obliged by God to take a vow of willingness to be taken our lives by God, if we still make mistake. Thus, Her Majesty was commanded by God to take a vow not to make any mistake whatsoever.

Actually, when we were commanded to take such vow, we realized not that God would take His Oath at Her Majesty’s birthday celebration. And so, we have just known what meant in holding the vow taking on the day of Her Majesty’s birthday.

It turned out that it was a preparation in facing the moments that will come, which is stated by God as the moment where the world will go through the hardest time, since it is most likely that the nuclear war will break out. And it will create a chaotic world. Thereof, we are prepared by God to face all heavy difficulties that will rise later through the procession of the vow taking that we have just performed under His Stipulation.

And for the sake of the tenacity of faith and resilience in purifying ourselves, we recently took a vow unto God through the procession of vow taking on Her Majesty’s birthday, on August 21, 2017.

Thus, we release completely God’s Oath and His Revelation, as well as His Majesty the Holy Spirit’s edict on Her Majesty Lia Eden’s birthday. Nevertheless, we present our release to the public for the sake of showing the official Divine procession, which is obliged by God for us to carry out before the public, in order to provide a teaching related to the principle of God’s Law upon His Heaven.

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Perayaan Ulang Tahun Bunda Lia Eden yang ke 70

Dear Viewer,

Atas Nama Tuhan Yang Maha Kasih dan Maha Memberkati

Kami Komunitas Eden baru-baru ini merayakan hari Ulang Tahun Paduka Bunda Lia Eden yang ke 70 pada tanggal 21 Agustus 2017 yang baru lalu. Tak diduga oleh kami semua bahwa pada hari ulang tahun Paduka Bunda itu ternyata ada Firman Tuhan yang khusus kepada Paduka Bunda dan Firman Tuhan yang disertai Sumpah-Nya itu ternyata merupakan karunia khusus bagi Paduka Bunda, sebab mukjizat ketiga gelar keratuan Paduka Bunda dikaruniakan pada hari itu.

Tentu peristiwa tersebut tak terhingga berharganya bagi kami semuanya, betapapun kami tak menyangka bahwa hari ulang tahun Paduka Bunda yang ke 70 itu ternyata adalah karunia mukjizat dari Tuhan yang tak terhingga nilainya. Dan kami semua bersyukur karena  itu berarti merupakan pengayoman sepenuhnya terhadap Eden dari Tuhan.

Dari makna perayaan tersebut, maka baru kali inilah perayaan hari ulang tahun Paduka Bunda kami rilis secara khusus. Terutama yang paling istimewa bagi kami adalah adanya Sumpah dan Wahyu Tuhan yang sangat khusus di hari ulang tahun Paduka Bunda tersebut, yang mana sebelum itu kami diwajibkan Tuhan bersumpah bersedia dihukum mati oleh-Nya bila masih bisa tersalah juga. Demikianpun Paduka Bunda dititahkan Tuhan bersumpah untuk tidak melakukan kesalahan apa pun juga.

Sesungguhnya ketika kami dititahkan bersumpah semacam itu, kami belum menyadari bahwa Tuhan pun akan memberikan Sumpah-Nya di acara ulang tahun Paduka Bunda. Dan demikianlah kami baru tahu apa yang dimaksud Tuhan dalam mengadakan persumpahan di hari ulang tahun Paduka Bunda tersebut.

Ternyata itu merupakan persiapan dalam menghadapi saat-saat yang akan datang yang dinyatakan Tuhan sebagai saat di mana dunia mengalami masa-masa yang paling berat, karena sangat dimungkinkan terjadinya perang nuklir. Dan itu akan menyebabkan terjadinya chaos dunia. Untuk itulah kami dipersiapkan Tuhan menghadapi segala kesulitan berat yang akan muncul nanti melalui prosesi persumpahan yang baru saja kami lakukan atas Ketentuan-Nya.

Dan demi ketahanan iman dan ketahanan bersuci, kami pun mengangkat sumpah kepada Tuhan melalui prosesi persumpahan di hari ulang tahun Paduka Bunda pada tanggal 21 Agustus 2017 baru-baru ini.

Demikian kami rilis sepenuhnya Sumpah dan Wahyu Tuhan serta Sabda Paduka Ruhul Kudus di hari ulang tahun Paduka Bunda. Betapapun rilis kami ini, kami sajikan ke publik demi memperlihatkan prosesi-prosesi resmi Keilahian yang diwajibkan Tuhan untuk kami adakan di hadapan publik, demi untuk pengajaran terkait dengan Asas Hukum Tuhan terhadap Surga-Nya.

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Pembukaan Rahasia Surat An Najm dan Surat Yaa Siin Part II

Dear Viewer,

Situs Eden sedang diblokir oleh Menkominfo sejak 13 Juli, maka untuk sahabat-sahabat di Indonesia bisa mengakses rilis Eden ini melalui channel Eden The Heaven di Youtube. Dengan ini kami menyampaikan bahwa rilis Eden kali ini adalah merupakan sambungan pembukaan rahasia Surat An Najm dan Surat Yaa Siin, namun di dalamnya ada Sumpah Tuhan yang menyatakan Peringatan-Nya terhadap Ancaman Perang Nuklir yang pada saat ini sudah cukup genting, karena ancaman keras telah berbalas dengan ancaman keras pula antara Donald Trump dan Kim Jong-Un.

Menurut Tuhan, perang nuklir sudah tercatat memang akan terjadi. Dan akibatnya itu sungguh sangat buruk bagi dunia. Demikian ada Ketentuan-ketentuan Tuhan atas hal tersebut yang kami rilis dalam Risalah Eden kali ini.

Kepada publik pembaca situs Eden, kami hanya ingin menyatakan bahwa sungguh kami semua di Eden tak mungkin menarik diri karena pemblokiran situs Eden oleh Kemenkominfo. Karena Pewahyuan harus terus kami sajikan dalam segala keadaan apa pun, karena kami mengemban tugas untuk menyampaikan Wahyu Tuhan ke dunia dan demi perdamaian dunia.

Dan kepada publik dunia yang masih tetap bisa mengakses situs Eden, kami pun berharap supaya publik dunia menyimak dengan baik Sumpah Tuhan yang Maha Sakral dan Maha Keramat yang kami sampaikan saat ini, sehingga publik yang mengetahui tentang Sumpah Tuhan tersebut bisa membaginya kepada orang-orang yang berkompeten dalam kewenangan mereka di negara mereka masing-masing. Supaya Sumpah Tuhan yang baru saja kami terima tersebut bisa terealisasikan kemanfaatannya yang ditujukan untuk membatalkan teradakannya perang nuklir.

Demikian inilah pengantar Risalah Eden yang sedang kami rilis sekarang ini, semoga publik bersedia melihat Risalah Eden yang dirilis oleh situs Eden ini adalah suatu yang Pertolongan Tuhan yang serius, maka niscaya konten situs Eden bukanlah situs yang berkonten negatif. Terima kasih atas perhatiannya terhadap situs kami.


Lagu ini sudah lama liriknya diberikan oleh Paduka Ruhul Kudus kepada kami, yaitu pada tahun 2001, namun baru dinyanyikan pada tahun 2014 oleh Ietje Ridwan. Namun kiranya lagu ini baru sesuai dengan kondisi dunia pada tahun 2017 sekarang ini. Maka video klip lagu The Great Day perlu kami perbaharui ilustrasinya, sehingga konteksnya menjadi lebih tepat dengan isi lirik lagu The Great Day yang sudah lama terbakukan. Demikian cara Malaikat Jibril Ruhul Kudus selalu membawa kami meneropong masa depan dalam satu kurun waktu yang sedang berjalan.

Kekacauan dunia akibat perang nuklir yang dimungkinkan terjadi akibat dari memanasnya saling pengancaman antara Donald Trump dan Kim Jong-Un sekarang ini, adapun di ‘mata’ Tuhan, momen itulah yang dilihat-Nya sebagai pemicu kiamat menjadi semakin menguat dan bisa sampai kepada ketotalannya. Betapapun hal itu selalu diingatkan Tuhan kepada dunia. Peringatan Tuhan tentang bencana perang nuklir sudah dituliskan sejak penulisan buku Perkenankan Aku Menjelaskan Sebuah Takdir, yang kutuliskan pada tahun 1998. Saat itu dunia masih baik-baik saja, belum ada istilah pemanasan global, tapi waktu itu aku sudah dibawa Jibril melihat hal itu dan aku pun menuliskannya. Dan inilah format buku Perkenankan Aku Menjelaskan Sebuah Takdir, yang di dalamnya tercantumkan bab Perjalanan Menuju Kiamat.

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The Secret of The Holy Quran Chapter An Najm and Yaa Siin has been Revealed

Dear viewer,

In the Name of God the Most Compassionate

Finally the secret of Chapter An Najm has been written, however it turns out that the revealment of Chapter An Najm verses 1-16 is also followed by the revealment of the secret of other chapters, such as Chapter Ya Sin verses 1-18, Chapter Maryam verse 17, Chapter Al Anbiya verses 91-93, Chapter Al Isra verses 40 and 86, since the chapters that follow the revealment of the secret of Chapter An Najm also have secrets that are correlated to one another.

As for the release of the revealment of the secret of Chapter An Najm, we make it as a serial writing, considering the length of God’s Explanation as well as the Holy Spirit’s in the writing. Thus, the Archangel Jibril’s edict has not yet subsided and until now it is still on going. As the length of God’s Description that will be descended down by Him is unpredictable, hence we release it gradually and serially.

And beforehand, we also release a song under the same title, The secret of The Holy Quran Chapter An Najm and Yaa Siin has been Revealed.

And we also insert the fixed table of content. At this time, the table of content has consisted of 37 subtitles and 140 pages of letter-size paper. And it is still possible to increase. Nevertheless, here are the subtitles that have been written. We thank you for your attention.

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Rahasia Surat An Najm dan Yaa Siin sudah Dibuka

Dear viewer,

Atas Nama Tuhan Yang Maha Kasih

Pada akhirnya rahasia Surat An Najm sudah tertulis, namun ternyata pembukaan Surat An Najm 1-16 ini disertai dengan pembukaan rahasia Surat-surat yang lain, sebagaimana Surat Yaa Siin 1-18, Surat Maryam ayat 17, Surat Al Anbiyaa ayat 91-93, Surat Al Israa ayat 40 dan 86, karena surat-surat yang menyertai pembukaan rahasia An Najm tersebut memiliki rahasia yang saling terhubungkan satu sama lainnya.

Adapun perilisan pembukaan rahasia Surat An Najm, kami jadikan tulisan bersambung mengingat panjangnya Uraian Tuhan dan Paduka Ruhul Kudus di dalamnya. Demikian sabda Malaikat Jibril belum surut-surut juga intensitasnya dan sampai sekarang masih terus berlanjut, sebagaimana tak bisa diprediksi sepanjang apa Pembahasan Tuhan yang akan diturunkan-Nya. Maka kami merilisnya secara bertahap dan bersambung.

Dan sebelumnya kami juga merilis sebuah lagu dengan judul yang sama, Rahasia Surat An Najm dan Yaa Siin sudah Dibuka:


Dan berikut kami sisipkan juga daftar isi yang sudah pasti. Saat ini daftar isi sudah mencapai 51 sub judul dengan tebal 280 halaman folio, dan itu masih dimungkinkan dapat bertambah lagi. Namun untuk sementara inilah sebagai berikut sub judul-sub judul yang sudah tertuliskan. Atas perhatiannya kami ucapkan terima kasih.

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Fire Behind Eden’s House

Dear Viewer,

Our house at Mahoni Street no 30 was nearly burnt by the fire on Sunday, May 28, 2017. The fire blazed right behind our house. Dozens of houses have been burnt.  We were busy pouring the houses close to our house with the available water. Upon seeing such huge flaring fire, we almost felt hopeless. But, I prayed unto God, asking for His Protection from the fire disaster. And God answered me:

Heaven will not be engulfed in flames, and I render this incident to raise your confidence that you certainly will always be safe whenever you face such a huge disaster as of today. And this is My Way of bringing you to encounter the great danger that will happen in your country and in the world.

And when you are already confident that this is how I save you, then you will never be afraid of anything. Thus, learn from what you have been through today and be always surrender to Me when facing whatever danger, for surely I will always help you and get you out of that danger. And awaits My next Stipulation after you are holy from the most dreaded fear and the most dangerous danger.

And you are being purified from anything that is most frightening for you, since you have to take care of the world from all the dangers. Therefore, be certain that I will always save you from any kind of most frightening danger. Truly, you must show the world public that I am always with you and always take care of you and always fulfill your prayer.”

This assurance from God made me resilient and I asked not the Eden Messengers to evacuate Eden’s valuable belongings, especially the computers and servers as well as all technological equipment used for the Revelations. And I render the incident happened that day as God’s Trial upon our firmness in believing the truth of God’s Answer unto us. Thus, we held ourselves not to take the valuables out of our house.

And it is proven. Right before the blazing fire was reaching our house, the firefighters arrived. Hence, the blaze began to recede.  Thanks God for protecting us. And we then gathered in prostration unto God, expressing our gratitude upon His Protection. And this is the video of that fire incident.

[Song] The World Has Gone Insane

Dear Viewer,

We cannot participate in any action for the world’s adversity, even though we wish that we could do something upon that matter. However, this is all that we could do, and that is conveying God’s Warning for the world.

And this is the song of God’s Warning that we would like to present to the world, the fact that God sees the world is in the midst of a critical condition, which is feared that it would heat up and become uncontrollable, so the nuclear war could possibly break out. That is the condition which is seriously warned by God. And the Holy Spirit composed it to be a song entitled The World Has Gone Insane. And here is the song. Thank you for your attention.

[Song] Dunia Sudah Gila

Dear Viewer,

Kami baru saja nyaris mengalami musibah kebakaran, walaupun demikian Tuhan tetap menginginkan kami mengingatkan publik dunia bahwa akibat peperangan dan percobaan-percobaan nuklir, pemanasan global bumi ini semakin memanas. Maka kondisi bumi semakin tak nyaman. Setiap musim kemarau, terik panas matahari menyiksa dan musibah kebakaran gampang tersulut di mana pun.

Seandainya ada hal yang dapat menghibur hati, ingin rasanya hanya menyampaikan hal yang itu saja, supaya kami merasa lega bisa menenteramkan hati publik. Tapi Tuhan menyatakan, perang dunia sudah dekat, maka lagu yang kami rilis berjudul Dunia Sudah Gila. Dan inilah lagu itu: