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The Eden site is being blocked by the Ministry of Communication and Information since July 13, 2017, hence Eden’s good friends in Indonesia could access the Eden’s release through channel Eden the Heaven in Youtube. Hereby, we convey that this Eden’s release is the continuation of the revealment of the secret of Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin, however within it there is God’s Oath, which States His Warning About the Threat of Nuclear War, that this time is in quite critical condition, since harsh threat has been responded by harsh threat between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un.

According to God, nuclear war has been recorded that it is going to happen. And the impact is extremely bad for the world. Thus, there are God’s Stipulations upon that matter that we release in this Eden Discourse. Unto the public, the reader of Eden site, we only want to state that truly, we all in Eden impossibly withdraws ourselves just because the blockage of the Eden site by the Ministry of Communication and Information. We must continuously deliver Revelation in any condition, for we bear the duty to convey God’s Revelation to the world and for the sake of world peace.

And unto the world public who could still access the Eden site, we also hope that the world public heeds well God’s Oath, which is the most sacred and most sacrosanct, that we deliver now, so the public who knows about God’s Oath could share it with the competent people in their authority in their own country. So that God’s Oath, which we receive just recently, its benefit could be realized aiming to prevent the occurrence of nuclear war.

Thus, this is the introduction of Eden Discourse that we are releasing now, hopefully the public is willing to see the Eden Discourse, which is released by the Eden site, as God’s serious Help, and hence certainly the content of Eden site is not the site with negative content. Thank you for your attention unto our site.

The Great Day Song

The lyric of this song has been given to us by His Majesty the Holy Spirit quite a while ago, which was in 2000, yet it was just sung in 2014 by Ietje Ridwan. However, the song is only suitable with the recent condition of the world, in 2017. Then we need to update the illustration of video clip of The Great Day song, so the context becomes more precise with the lyrics of the song that has long been established. Thus, Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit always brings us to look at the future in the on-going period of time.

The world chaotic condition due to nuclear war, which possibly happens as the consequence of the escalating threat thrown by Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un to each other lately; as for in God’s ‘Eyes’, that moment is seen by Him as the trigger of doomsday becomes stronger and could end in its totality. Nevertheless, this matter has been continuously warned by God to the world. God’s Warning regarding the nuclear war disaster has been written since the writing of the book Perkenankan Aku Menjelaskan Sebuah Takdir (Let Me Explain a Destiny), which I wrote in 1998. At that time, the world was still fine, there was not yet global warming, however, I have been brought by Archangel Jibril to see that issue, and I wrote it down. And this is the format of the book Perkenankan Aku Menjelaskan Sebuah Takdir, which inside contains chapter Perjalanan Menuju Kiamat (the Process to Doomsday).

And as for the warning about the happening of doomsday from God, we never recede informing about it.  And as for that God’s Warning, it is repeated over and over by Him until this latest release of Eden Discourse. And this is the result when God’s Revelation is continuously neglected. Nevertheless, not a single man feels guilty for rejecting and neglecting God’s Revelation.

Supposedly since the beginning God’s Warning would be listened and thought over together, so anticipation upon that matter could be discussed, therefore the terrifying condition can be averted, and the world needs not to face such worst condition later. For how could God not directly intervene, knowing the human beings on this earth will go through the doomsday condition, and it is the worst condition for human’s and the universe’s life. That is how I receive God’s Revelation later, which I myself understand not why God involves me. But, I cannot escape from it, until I fully involve in the destiny that approaches me. For me, this all is unexpected and very risky.

But now look at how the world is threatened by a total doomsday when the reciprocal nuclear war cannot be avoided. And imagine how stubborn Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump who seem care not for the impact of the nuclear war in the future. Whatever will happen later, after all that is unavoidable, for the incidents of the end times have been written in the Holy Books. And the trouble of the end-time incidents will come to its climax as mentioned in the prophecies of the Holy Books as the most frightening day, for it is the doomsday process.

But now we just know that the most frightening thing in the end of time is nuclear war, since according to God nuclear war that will further strengthen the turmoil of the doomsday process. Thus the end-time prophecies in the Holy Books have described the conditions of nuclear war and its aftermath. So the real possibility of nuclear war seems difficult to avoid.

Just let us all do not indulge in the anger and hatred of primordialism. Strive for everything away from clashes of opinion, and we should all focus on creating peace of all people toward the world peace.

After all, God will forgive not anyone who involves in nuclear war later, since the impact is truly bad for the world. But what is the worth of my voice, who all this time is accused as heretical. However, this is the confirmation from God that this is the destination of God’s Revelation, hence it is also the time for God to implement His Court of Justice and His Judgment in the world. And thereof, the Day of His Power in the world needs to be enacted.

Nuclear war will happen indeed, and from all the impacts, we who inhabit on this earth will certainly be filled with disasters and diseases. It seems like there is no space that contains not danger and malignant virus, which also causes various malignant diseases. Therefore, we must leave this earth, so we all could breathe in a clean and healthy space. However, God will not help us, if we are not holy. That is how God requires us to reconcile the world and then strive together in how is the way to make evacuation to the other earth. Thereof, God now speaks and brings down His Heaven.

After all, the entire countries in the world later will be busy saving their own nation from the impact of extreme disasters and chaotic world economic and financial system as well as disturbance in the world security. And the nations will suffer encountering the extreme malignant viruses that cause disease that the medicine has not yet discovered. Nevertheless, those malignant viruses are difficult to be prevented. And how the nations will also be panic overcoming changes in pest habitat that is booming and destroying the crops. And it will create food crisis in the world, since global warming will be more scorching. Whereas, after the nuclear war later, there is no way to recede the global warming which is increasingly scorching. Therefore actually, henceforth this earth is no longer decent to be inhabited. However, we still hope the world can still be saved. And may God be willing to help us all in overcoming the tough conditions later.

The World Has Gone Insane Song

It is cited in the song The World Has Gone Insane, which has been released on May 30, 2017. Apparently the nuclear war cannot be avoided, since in The World Has Gone Insane song, there is a sentence “Seven days the Hell’s torment is flaring, then there is a hope of sharing with others”. What is meant by that sentence, let us all await.

Therefore, once again we post the song titled The World Has Gone Insane. After all, in that song there is also God’s Warning regarding how terrible the impact of nuclear war will be later on. Radioactive radiation will cause habitat changing on the pest and virus and all animals that are exposed to radiation. And it causes them all to become ferocious and hard to be eradicated, hence human’s life is threatened.

Meanwhile, the song titled The Great Day seems reminding people about the chaotic of the world’s financial system and the chaos of the world economy when world war breaks out. This song has been written since 2000, so it has been written since 16 years ago. It means the worst condition of the world has been conveyed by the Holy Spirit long before. Nevertheless, these are two short-term prophesied songs of Archangel Jibril that we put forth to the public along with the Discourse of the Revealment of the secret of Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin part II.

Upon all my concern, let’s pray to God The Only One, so He is willing to show His direct intervention, hence there is something that could still be expected out of everything that frighten us all as the impact of the nuclear war should it happens.

O my Lord, please help us all to be hindered from a total doomsday and please help us to create a world peace and carry out Salvation from You. God, only You Who could diminish all this most frightening matter. Please make all people in the world realize that actually You have been spoken for so long, for the sake of saving this earth and its inhabitants. God, prevent us from all disaster and chaotic condition that we cannot bear.

God, please forgive all people in this world and forgive us, who have long been unable to bring those people who sacrallize not Your Revelations come to their senses. God, all conditions have been so urgent, please help us make all people realize so they are willing to recede all emotions and angers.

God, bestow us a capability to overcome our own difficulties when the world chaotic occurrence happens later on. God, please grant our prayer.

Jakarta, August 13, 2017

Part II

The Secret of The Holy Quran
Chapter An Najm and Yaa Siin has been Revealed

In the Name of God The Most Compassionate

The Secret of Chapter An-Najm is the Good News of Heaven in the World, and the Secret of Chapter Ya-Sin is the Sad News as It is Related to God’s Curse

We have not yet reach the chapters that could directly connect to the chapter of the Revealment of the Secret of Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin, which explain the secret of every verse in detail. As all should be presented thoroughly and meticulously, hence we should first begin with the explanations that present the prolog.

Therefore, we just reach the prolog of the explanation related to the Theology of Heaven in the world and God’s purification in Heaven and Theology of Hell in the world. Nevertheless, we only come to that point. And it turns out that even the prolog is quite long, since we are obliged to explain everything that encloses all essential sides that we should explain, before reaching the detail of the content of the secret of Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin.

The secret of Chapter An-Najm is essentially God’s Explanation regarding the existence of Heaven in the world. Therefore, Chapter An-Najm is actually a good news from God. And the prolog is related to the coming of the An-Najm Star to Lia Eden’s house, which was happened in 1974, at the time I came to Lia Eden in the shape of a golden shining spherical star, in Quran it is called as An-Najm Star.

Thus, at the front yard where Lia Eden sat down, she stared carefully at the coming of An-Najm Star until it suddenly disappeared. And it turns out that God states the disappearance of An-Najm Star was the sunk down of it in essential way under Lia’s house. Thus, God took an oath in Chapter An-Najm verse 1: “By the star when it descends”. That God’s Oath is impossible to be taken by Him without the existence of the detail of its secret that will be revealed one day in the future.

However, it is also the identity of God’s Revelation that is kept as a secret by Him, so it is brought forth by not mentioning a complete description. And as commonly a secret verse, it follows not the rule of common grammar, so it cannot be interpreted before the time comes God reveals the secret of that holy verse by Himself.

However, when that veiling verse has come to its time to be opened, hence the incident then comes. And the incident involves the stories of His Messengers who receive His Revelation, thereof the coherence of the veiling verses from the Holy Books that contain the secret are opened as well. That is how God’s Messenger, who is the writer of the Discourse of God’s Revelation in the end times, told by God about the secrets of His Holy Verses.

And to precede those all, the prolog is God’s Oath in that Chapter An-Najm verse 1. After all, that God’s Oath is aimed to legalize the descent down of His Heaven to the world. Hence, the incident of the descent down of An-Najm Star at Lia Eden’s house happened. Thus, that incident was a Divine occurrence, since it relates to the coming of Heaven to the world. That occurrence was a memorable incident, which will forever be remembered as the initiation of the coming of Heaven to the world. Thus, the coming of An-Najm Star until its disappearance left a deep impression on Lia Eden.

How that incident was clearly seen by Lia Eden who sat down at her front yard, which now becomes our home and has been stated by God as His Heaven in the world. That incident has been conserved in the book Perkenankan Aku Menjelaskan Sebuah Takdir (Please Let Me Explain a Destiny) written by Lia Eden in 1998.

And at a glance, we cite the documentation of the writing about the coming of An-Najm Star as follows:

The Secret of Chapter Ya-Sin:

As for the essence of the secret of Chapter Ya-Sin is related to the condition of Indonesia nowadays and related to the Eden Apostolate, which is descended down by God in Indonesia. As stated in Chapter Ya-Sin verse 13:

And present to them an example: the people of the city, when the messengers come to it

Thus, Indonesia and the Eden Apostolate within the above verse are still anonymous, which now is opened. And the secret of Chapter Ya-Sin could just be opened when the shackle of accusation of heresy upon Eden has been completed, that is by the incident of the blockage upon Eden Website by the Ministry of Communication and Information due to the consideration that Eden Website contains a negative content. This incident will be revealed to be a basic reason for God to bring forth the Day of His Power.

Accusation upon the Eden Site of which containing negative content so it is blocked by the Indonesian Government, it is certainly judged by God as the conclusion of rejection upon God’s Revelation by the Government and the people of Indonesia. No matter it is realized or not, but the incident has happened. And it has been the conclusion of the article of violation against God’s Law.

How that matter is also used by God to bring up the Eden’s truth through the revealment of the secret of Chapter Ya-Sin. Thus, the blockage upon the Eden Site is the password code to get God’s approval to implement the Day of God’s Power in the world, and it is also to reveal the Eden’s truth through the secret of Chapter Ya Sin

If rejection upon God’s Revelations in Indonesia has become the blockage of God’s Revelation, which is being brought to its existence, and this conduct is then stated by God as the completion of the infidelity of the Indonesian Government and the Indonesian Muslims unto Him. And that conduct also becomes the trigger of the enactment of the Day of God’s Power in the world. Hence is there anything that could be lightened if that matter is what underlies God’s statement upon the implementation of His Day of Power?

Thus, the analog of God’s principle of Law related to the curse is then talked through the catastrophes happened in Indonesia and in the world. Thousand incidents, thousand meanings, moreover when it is related to the secrets of the holy verses. Thus, the secret of Chapter Ya Sin when it is opened by God, it is directly related to the Indonesian condition in this era. There is none of Divine occurrences that is easy, thus Chapter Ya-Sin is oriented to talk about God’s Curse in Indonesia.

As for God’s frankness in opening the secret of Ya-Sin in Indonesia, the medium is the customary of the Indonesian Muslims to recite Chapter Ya-Sin when paying a condolence visit to the bereaved family. There is an aroma of death in it. Thus, without realizing it, yasinan (reciting Ya-Sin) has been the ritual of death. Whereas, God never suggests yasinan to be utilized for the death. It is the choice of the Indonesian Muslims themselves.

As it has indicated that the realm is the same, that is the death realm. And the suggestion is also the same, for they have similar spirit with the spirit of curse caused by the Muslims’ rejection unto God’s Revelation. For it is unlikely that the Indonesian Muslims are so diligent in memorizing Ya-Sin yet they ignore to understand the real meaning of it, that it is none other than the spirit of Chapter Ya-Sin has truly been instilled in Indonesia.

Our information is also the explanation about the principle of Law of God’s Testament upon a great destiny of a country that all this time is still anonymous. Thus, in Chapter Ya-Sin, it is likened that the verses are intended for the people of a country, when God’s Messengers come to it, and that is Indonesia and the Eden Apostolate in Indonesia. Be certain of it, since after all, that is one of the reasons of God’s Revelation is descended down in Indonesia.

How the greatest destiny in the end times, when the destiny is being processed in a country intended by that great destiny, then the aura of the spirit of Chapter Ya-Sin is emerged in Indonesia and the law of stratification is valid for the adherents who like to perform yasinan. And it is a process of standardization of ritual, which is trumped up without supported by the standard pillars of Islam from God.

That if Chapter Ya-Sin is actually intended for Indonesia, hence none of all strata of the Indonesian Muslims could realize why Chapter Ya-Sin is preserved as a chapter that is really considered as special. As for the leveling, it is the soul and spiritual calling on the strata of the Indonesian Muslims, whose destiny has been written in Chapter Ya-Sin. Hence, the evolution of aura of the spirit of Chapter Ya-Sin is prolonged to strengthen by itself. And it aligns with the nature of the Indonesian Muslims who will be approached by God’s Revelation. Therefore, the aura emerges from Chapter Ya-Sin is then understood and felt as something that relates to death.

And the charismatic aura of Chapter Ya-Sin arises, which is felt by those who involve in seeking the karamah (sacred blessing) of Chapter Ya-Sin. And then the ulema’s teaching emerges, which holds up Chapter Ya-Sin to be the assured prayer for parting the spirit of the dead to the hereafter realm. Whereas, God’s principle of Law upon the obligation to pray for the dead is not such that. For the provision of the dead’s next destiny is impossibly changed, because his destiny has been decided since he takes the last breath.

Thus, the living man cannot guarantee his prayer unto the dead. It is already the law of nature and the principle of Law of sublime essentiality upon the law of spirit regulation that rotating only in one direction and will not rotate back forever before reaching the point of reversal. And it should go through an entire rotation of the law of spirit regulation.

What is the reason of Bid’ah (trumped up religious rites deviated from mandatory rites) It is because there is always someone who wishes that his prayer could be fulfilled, or there is someone who wants to master the magical power since the power he gets from the mystic often makes him proud. That is why many people persistently seek how is the way to penetrate the spirit realm.

It is certainly difficult for human being to penetrate the spirit realm, since it is covered by a veil, however there are people who diligently seek how to penetrate the spirit realm. Thus, from those people bid’ah is created, and when they succeed to get the answer from the spirit creature, thus reciprocal communication, which is creating bid’ah is established. And if it is already such that, the people who know nothing assume that it is a more answered ritual and could benefit in escorting the spirit of the dead to be peaceful in its new realm. And hopefuly it could be at God’s Side.

How could someone be at God’s Side? No one knows. After all, God is The Greatest, no one could be at His Side. However, if what is meant is those who are accepted in His Heaven, hence God has requirement for that. And His Requirement is to purify onself until has no more taint. Thus, we explain how people could be at God’s Side not through death, but rather through God’s purification. And they are the people who succeeded in God’s purification (Al-Shirat Al-Mustaqim). And it is only Heaven in the world that could carry it out.

There is No Praying Intermediary unto God, Only Holiness and the Reward of Virtuousness that Fulfill a Prayer and a Person Who is Sacralized Cannot Mediate Someone’s Prayer

And we are convincing the principle of law of praying, that all prayers unto God no need to be mediated. And as for the prayer for the dead, it cannot lessen or even free the dead from the sins borne by the spirit. Therefore, no ceremony of tahlilan (zikr to commemorate the deceased) and prayer for someone who has passed away that will ease the dead to meet God.

And terminology coming to see God is actually not quite right, since the death man only enters the life of spirit realm, which the spirit of the death just enters the universe surrounding it. God is still The Greatest and The Most Embracing the entire multiverse. God’s Greatness covers the entire controls of the life of the universe and His creatures.

Truly, in the spirit realm, actually no spirit could ever approach God. That actually the condition is just the same as the real life in this world, every man could impossibly approach God in direct, whether when he is still alive or after he passes away, for God is The Greatest and The Most Expansive and The All-encompassing of the entire universes and the lives. Therefore, it is wrong for the people to think that the dead could meet God, since actually God is The Greatest and The Most Embracing the entire lives in the whole universes.

Actually God is even very close to us since our spirit derived from Him. Therefore, God could control His entire creatures and creations through the control over the spirit that He bestows unto the entire creatures and creations. However, all perceptions of closeness to God cannot be generalized, since God will only talk to His Messenger whom He appoints Himself with His own criteria. Hence, God cannot be approached with the way assumed by people, that their prayer could reach God through the mediator of the spirit of the dead man.

Neverhteless, there is none of His creature that could approach Him, and there is nothing that could mediate Him either, unless the time has come for God to select His Messenger whom He wills to deliver His Revelation unto his own fellows.

All Creatures Have Their Own Apostolate

In the spirit realm, each kind of creature also receives God’s guidance through the messenger that He appoints from their own race. There is God’s Messenger for the angels, God’s Messenger for the jinns, and God’s Messenger for the devils. As in certain period of time God also chooses His Messenger in human world. Therefore, actually for all His creatures, the same law system related to the law of Revelation and the law of Apostolate is applied. Hence, it is really odd if there are people who determine themselves as the intermediary of prayer.

And when we should explain the Law of Revelation to the world, hence I should also explain God’s Law of Revelation upon the angels. That the angels also have the law system adjusted to our angelic habitat. We are the element of natural law and the angel is centralized on the Sun. And as for the certainty to be the angel, the bearer of God’s Revelation, it is the angel who has the authority to become the Holy Spirit, whose duty is to convey God’s Revelation to human world.

Whatever the other name of the Holy Spirit, it is still his responsibility to convey God’s Revelation to human world. As the eternal age of the sun, thus it is the eternity of the age of the Holy Spirit. So, I, the Holy Spirit, who also called Archangel Jibril, am the same angel who descended down God’s Revelation for Vedas, which the age has been millions of years. And the teaching of Vedas has crossed the earth.

I am also the angel who descend down God’s Revelation for all religions in the world, since it is still within the period of time of the age of the Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy. However, God’s Greatness and God’s Most Expansive create different Holy Spirits in each galaxy in the vastness of the universe, as truly there are many other suns only in one galaxy. Whereas, the numbers of cluster of galaxy in the far-reaching enormous universe is uncountable.

If I who possess the spirit of the sun, which is so enormous not proper to be place in one substance with God in the concept of trinity, how if it is just a human being selected by God to be His Messenger in certain period of time, which his spirit is small? Therefore, he actually cannot bless other people through his own spirit. Let alone the human’s spirit such as ‘Mbah Priok’, whose history is unclear, but he is sacralized in such way. Ugh, it is really silly those people who sacralize ‘Mbah Priok’ (one of the sacralized figures, whose grave is visited by the Muslims to ask for his blessing).

I now free to speak with human being only when God establishes back Apostolate in human world. Therefore, I should speak with human being to talk about whatsoever God’s Will that He speaks. As for the God’s Law of Revelation, it is in line with the natural law. Since how could the law of universe is not directly controlled by God. And how could the principle of the Law of Revelation is not completely in accordance with the natural law.

Truly, the universal law follows the repetititive and cyclical pattern, since God Shape is Spherical and Rotating. Therefore, God’s Revelation also follows the repetitive and cyclical pattern. Thus, the principle of all religions is the same. God’s Teaching always advises to do good deeds and shun away from sin. After all, the pattern of the natural law is always cyclical. There is a beginning, growing, aging, damaging and ending. And then once again it begins from the end to be the beginning. That is how the law of nature based on the law of reincarnation and the law of spirit regulation.

How in all the life, including the life of the universal objects, there is a creation, and then later there is a depreciation and destruction even in the eternal universal system. For there is always compounds in the universe that exceed the limit. And something that surpasses the limit, that is what causing anomaly.

However actually, the thing that often surpasses the limit is the Earth Planet, since there is humankind who continuously reproduces and their civilization improves and each day the population increases occupying the earth, as nowadays the condition of this earth is very dense. And since the civilization is related to the improvement of technology, hence the waste of technology and exploitation of the nature then destroy the earth itself.

Moreover, the nuclear tests are truly the highest contributor in destroying the surface of the earth and the crust of the earth and the atmosphere. And those are what cause the earth to process the doomsday. Therefore, the unity of gravitation of planets which rotating the Sun is disturbed, because there is an earth that has gone through erosion of balance when the strong blast resounds causing destruction to the earth and its balance. So, the most possible reason of anomaly in the universe is the earth that has been aging and imbalance. Thus, criticality occurs in the universe. And to restrain certainly it should be done through God’s Revelation. Thus, Apostolate is then established by God.

Therefore, it could be imagine that all Apostolates are only established by God when there is a criticality in the universe, so God establishes an Apostolate on each race of His creatures, which has different habitat. From the different habitat of God’s creatures in the spirit realm and in the mortal realm, hence the system of law is also different. Therefore, the assignment and authority of God’s Messenger of each creature is not the same. And the most opposite habitat are the angel and the devil. Angel is the maintainer of the universe, devil is the destroyer of the universe. Only for that, God’s System of Law upon the two races of His creature, whose habitat is the opposite, certainly is also contradictory.

And if I should explain thoroughly, so human being could recognize God’s System of Law for the angel race and God’s System of Law for the devil and jinn races, then I should cohere it through the incidents that I highlight to be raised into the Eden Discourse. Therefore, I promise that I shall explain God’s principle of Law for the angelic world and God’s principle of Law for the devil and jinn. Hence, just wait for all series of my ecxplanation later, as I am constructing the format through all series that we should explain to human world. However, all materials are intended to be the binding of the Unification of All Religions.

And if I seriously state the abosoluteness of God’s Oneness, hence do not ever doubt that the control of the entire life is relied on God’s Direct Control. And He is The Almighty in controlling those all by Himself. For He is the bestower of spirit to everything in the universe as well as in the life realm of His entire creatures.

As such, that He is the only God Who controls the entire universes as well as His entire creatures in accordance with the law for each of them, that is why the natural system is the one that He uses to warn and to bless. And it could be seen through the wrath of nature or the prolific nature.

From all God’s Calculation in controlling the universe and the life of His creatures, there is a calculation of balancing strata upon everything in the universe as well as in the life of His creature that undergo anomaly. After all, equilibrium of the universe and the life of His entire creature is the most important for God, hence everytime huge anomaly occurs in the universe as well as in the life of human being, God speaks His Words once again. Therefore, do not ever curb God’s Revelation.

Truly, because there are matters that should be overcome by Him in the universe, hence God’s Revelation is descended down unto the entire Messengers of Him, from all races of His creatures in the hereafter realm as well as in the mortal realm. And all God’s Control will for sure reaches an equilibrium of the universe once again. Hence doomsday is actually a certainty that will end the system in the nature and in human habitat, which has been damaged and cannot be restored. Therefore, the universe and human habitat are back to their balance after the damaging systems have been annulled by God through the doomsday.

Therefore, actually God’s intermediary, those are God’s Messengers upon every kind of His creatures, of which their destiny is only established when the universe is in critical condition. Hence, certainly there is a time gap with the former Apostolate. And that time discrepancy takes millenniums of years, as it is the scale of calculation of the life of the universal objects. Thus, the Law of Revelation is truly related to the issue of the universe. And Revelation is absolutely cyclical, hence do not ever limit God’s Revelation, for you think your religion is the truest and the most perfect, since everything could be obsolete and changed, so is religion.

Thus, it is truly improper if one thinks that anyone who is sacralized by certain people could mediate a prayer unto God. Therefore, actually sacralization upon an ascetic person so he is venerated, it is not suitable with the logic of the natural law, that stated the entire universe is God Himself, as Monotheism, Pantheism, and Monism, should not be differentiated, since those all are the the true theological philosophy about God. How God’s Explanation regarding His Spherical Shape and The Most Immense and Rotating, it has embraced the perfection of the law of nature and has included all philosophies and theologies.

Therefore, there is no human being who is allowed to be sacralized and positioned as the prayer intermediary unto God, including all God’s Messengers with no exception. How is it possible that the spirit could approach God in its realm? Whereas, someone’s spirit when it is already in the death realm, then it exists in time and space only as an ion of the universe. Whereas, a prayer also has a spirit.

The Truth Has a Spirit, So is the Mistake

Why is there an eternal energy of the universe that cannot be created neither can be destroyed? It is due to the law of rotation that covers all, since God Himself rotating due to His Spherical Shape. As in one unity of life system in the entire universe and in the entire life of His creature in the universe has been part of God Himself, who is The Most Eternal and never has a beginning or an ending.

As for in all existences of the multiverse, which within them live the entire God’s creatures and His creations, therefore nothing within Him which has no spirit. The sky has a spirit, the star has a spirit, a drop of water or a drop of dust has a spirit. Even a mistake has a spirit, so is the truth. Even the beauty and destruction will not live unless they have a spirit.

Something that is beautiful and exciting to be seen, it is because a beauty has a spirit. And how upsetting to see a crime and mistake, it is because a crime and mistake have a spirit as well. Happiness, sadness, iron, water, coal, anything, those all have a spirit. Therefore, if those all would be worshipped since they have spirit, many things should be clarified once again, what is the purpose of the creation of those all by God.

However, if God is The Almighty in Creating and The Almighty in bestowing a spirit, then what is the purpose to worship His creation? And compare it to God’s Greatness that embraces the entire multiverse, and that all spaces in God’s Embracement are densely filled with His Spirit. Therefore, there is nothing within God The Most Immense and Spherical that contains not His Spirit. Hence, actually the entire life of the universe and the entire God’s creatures in the hereafter realm and in the mortal realm, and His entire creations, material and non-material, it is all under one God’s Control, that is through His Own Spirit.

In all the lives there are independency, establishment, destruction and anomaly, there is something that grows and ends, there is something that materializes, flows, drips, there is something that is hot and cold, has gravity and has no gravity, there is something that could talk and cannot talk, there is something that could think and cannot think, however those all have a spirit, as the mistake has a spirit, truth has a spirit, loyality has a spirit, betrayal also has a spirit. Therefore, there is no matter that has no spirit, since all are the elements of life. Hence all lives have energy and have a future and a past.

However, there is no space for the life in the past since all the pasts have been left behind by the era. An era cannot go back. But the people who live in certain era can be reborn in another era in his next life. However, there is no dead man who can go back to his previous life, and there is no one who can leap the time in his recent life and as he wishes can live in the future, for he thinks the logic of futuristic technology could bring someone to enter the space and time in the future.

However, God has a system of Spirit Regulation Law and the Law of Reincarnation, which is absolute. Therefore, the live of everything should go through the Law of Reincarnation and the Law of Spirit Regulation, which physical cannot go through and enter the life of a spirit creature, and a spirit creature indeed has no space and time, but he could not live as a human as the one he wishes for, certainly he wishes to be a smart, established, rich and powerful man.

Do not dream that you could enter the future physically without going through death and resurrection. For God will not end something, unless through its death. And God will not create a birth without His Calculation adjusted to the principle of the Law of Reincarnation and the Law of Spirit Regulation.

Hence, if there is a technology that could create a life in genetics experiments, then he certainly deals with the spirit of devil, since only a spirit of devil that dares to breach the law of nature for the sake of becoming a human. And that is a violation against God’s Law by the devil and the genius man who makes a genetics experiments.

Therefore, after we tell you about God’s Law related to all systems of life, it is better not to do any genetics experiment that makes you violate God’s Law. Many genius devils who pretend to be Einstein, and human thinks he could bring Einstein back to life through his experiments, so he is proud of his experiments. But, wait for ‘his-Einsten’ dominates himself and his spirit, since Einstein will not dare to violate God’s Law, as the devil does.

Thus, I have explained the perspective of the spirit realm at a glance. Therefore, love your spirit and do not violate God’s Law just because you want to seek sensation to socialize with the spirit creature, since it is all the form of shirk or idolatry, that endangers you own spirit.

If actually many people are fond of magical power and it has been the tendency of people in this era, hence once again try to imagine how limited and shallow one’s understanding is regarding God’s Most Mightiness and His Oneness and regarding the spirit realm, so they still rely on their prayer unto other creature that they venerate besides God The Only One.

And that is how they are easily influenced to sacralize someone’s spirit. How futile it is to expect a praying fulfillment through a spirit that they sacralize. Not to mention if the spirit has reincarnated and reborn as somebody else, but his grave is still visited and rendered as a place to pray, with an expectation that the spirit inside the grave will mediate their prayer unto God. Try to heed this explanation that we convey as the logicality of believing in God, if one is willing to recognize the Oneness of God The Almighty. Thus, we want not to set aside a chance of straightening the creed for the sake of ending the idolatry as well as bid’ah.

Nevertheless, the Islamic customary related to visiting a grave and praying at the grave truly has been prevailing. Hence keep this in mind, since our explanation has been the stipulation of the right way of praying unto God, that there is no intermediary for Him. And that there is no prayer of the people who visit the dead could change God’s Calculation upon someone’s karma and dharma. Thus, there is no dead person, whose sins could be lessened, even if many people pray for him, performing tahlilan for his death.

And it is better if paying a visit of condolence to the bereaved family is done by each of the persons who come conveying his good impression about the person who has just died. The good impression will stay as a good impression for anyone who passes away. Therefore, the dead person will feel happy to see and hear good impression of him conveyed by the people who come. And that is a consolation for the dead and a reward of his virtuousness. For actually someone’s spirit who is leaving this world is still around the people who pay a condolence visit. And he sees all the deeds of the people who come and listens to all good impressions about him.

So it is, now we are conveying God’s Warning to remind the futility of yasinan ritual, if it is intended to pray for the dead. As for the customary of that matter, it has grown and bound to be an additional ritual amongs the Muslims who are fanatic to recite Chapter Ya-Sin for the subjects related to the hereafter realm. And yasinan becomes a mandatory ritual, which each day becomes the focus and the prevalence amongst the people, even becoming an expensive ritual, since it is also indicate someone’s social status.

That is it, the spirit of Ya-Sin has touched thoroughly the Indonesian Muslims. And when yasinan has been overly emphasized by the Indonesian Muslims, then it reaches the destiny for its secret to be opened.

As the Apostolate of the end times is also determined by God in Indonesia, that is the condition when God starts from the beginning has truly instilled the spirit of Chapter Ya-Sin in Indonesia. The power of its magnetism then dominates the Muslims in Indonesia. And it is intended to make the Indonesian Muslims aware of the Chapter Ya-Sin, for within it God’s Words are mentioned, stating a parable of the people of the city, when the Messengers (plural) come to them (Chapter Ya-Sin verse 13). It is said that it is the Eden Apostolate meant by God. But what can we do, in fact the intention to make people watchful of the content of Chapter Ya Sin is even misused.

And truly the secret of Chapter Ya-Sin when it has come to its conclusion, then yasinan comes to its own destiny. Hence, comes the explanation from God, who reminds about the common mistake of yasinan ritual. Because it is one part of the series of common mistake of the Muslims in functionalizing the Holy Verses of Quran for certain purposes, which believed would be well answered by God. Whereas actually, in the spelling of Ya-Sin, God keeps the secret of Ya-Sin which has two meanings, those are Yaa as Heaven and Sin as Hell. As it is meant as a blessing and curse.

Thus, the holy verses of Chapter Ya-Sin is cited to be stated by God as the verses which are intentionally created by God for the Indonesian Muslims, and it is used by God to remind the Indonesian Muslims who realize not that they are who meant in the content of that Chapter Ya-Sin. It is because God has known that His Revelations which will be descended down in the end times will be rejected by the Indonesian Muslims.

As for the period of time of the writing of Chapter Y-Sin in the Holy Quran and in the end times in Indonesia, where the secret of Ya-Sin is revealed in Eden, supposedly that could be rendered as the benchmark of the Most Divination of God The Only One. However, it is also a proof that God of the Muslims is the same as God of Eden. Therefore, do not ever accuse that God of Eden is not the same as Allah Subhanahu Wa ta’ala, and I am the fake Jibril.

Unto the public of the Indonesian Muslims, properly they need to hold themselves in comprehending our explanation. After all, our explanation is true. Therefore, try to compare our explanation by reading the content of Chapter Ya-Sin with conscience and thoroughly before making a stance unto us.

And after all, we have conveyed stipulation of God, Who is presenting the Day of His Power at this time. At least, do not waste the straightening of the creed that we are trying to fight for. And do not let unrestrained emotion makes you inevitably experience ‘tulah’ (the harm caused by misconduct or wrong deed) of the Day of God’s Power.

Nevertheless, it is uncomfortable for us to say, since it seems we are threatening the Day of God’s Power. Whereas, actually we just wish that the harm of the Day of God’s Power, which inside there is the Day of God’s Reckoning, splashes not the Muslims who are angry with our information, just because they feel offended since we remind them of their common mistake in the utilization of Chapter Ya-Sin.

How it is unlikely that we make up an additional problem unto the Indonesian Muslims, who have already accused us as heretical. And how it is unlikely either that the Muslims will to listen to us, but our duty is our responsibility. Whether we are listened or not, we still have to convey this God’s Warning.

As for all God’s Explanation, which has been formatted as such, do not resist it, since all God’s Explanation that we release is not a misleading, but it is precisely a straightening. And it is better that the Muslim public starts to be more relax in judging our explanation related to their common mistake in comprehending the purpose of Chapter Ya-Sin.

How it is the time for the Indonesian Muslims to show their big heart in facing criticism, so they unleash not easily the accusation of blasphemy upon Islam. And it is better that the Muslims would be willing to learn from the impact of unleashing accusation of religious blasphemy, so it has caused disintegration amongst the Muslims themselves and even the Indonesian people. Have not those all already happened?

So do not easily feel offended and furious, because the truth cannot be replicated through other truths, moreover if the truth is imposed and treated as a threat, and moreover when it yields in injustice. Mostly when it causes deception so it becomes a crime. If it is already like that, which truth that wants to be stated? All truths that one owns is then totally burnt or shattered into pieces.

However, do not blame that the truth rises from people who bring another slogan, as the spirit of unity in diversity, for it has been the essence of the truth itself. If the one truth has often been forced, it becomes the putrefaction of truth, hence another figure of truth will come forth, yet it becomes an essence since it is created from a natural spirit of truth, which is easy to be understood. That normality is the attraction force of the truth that just emerges, even it wears the old cloth. Only the spirit is new.

Whatever that we state is even to create enlightenment for the Muslims, for I am the real Jibril, who brings God’s Revelation for Islam. Believe it, for I impossibly come back just to be denied and accused as the deceiver jinn. I am surely equipped by God with an enormous authority, for I come to handle all religious problems in the world and to save this earth’s inhabitants. Therefore, how is it possible that I could be defeated by the devil, although by all means it tries to sink Heaven, which I want to make it exist worldwidely.

Nevertheless, the beneficial of Chapter Ya-Sin is to understand God’s Will in creating Chapter Ya-Sin, that is God precisely prophesies Indonesia which will be descended down by God’s Revelation in the end times. Then try to understand it with a clear heart, instead of confusing the meaning of the content of Chapter Ya-Sin, for it is considered could become an efficacious prayer if it is used to escort the spirit of the dead to its realm.

Philosophy of Chapter Ya-Sin is not just directly correlated with constructivism of the pillars of Islam, which teaches not the knowledge of spirit and God’s Law in the spirit realm, since the content of Chapter Ya-Sin is God’s Warning for the Muslims in the end times. Only for that, tahlilan with reciting Chapter Ya-Sin has no correlation either. Thus, please forgive me if my way of straightening this matter offends the feeling of the Muslims who like to perform tahlilan. However, truly it is not right if consider tahlilan by reciting Chapter Ya-Sin facilitates the dead to go through his dying process and eases his spirit to be accepted at God’s Side.

As kind as a human being when there is not yet Heaven established by God in the world, then there is no human who could be purely holy, thus before that, all dead men still surely bring their sins. So it is, all people keep carrying their sins unto the hereafter realm without being able to be reduced through tahlilan as well as yasinan.

The family as well as the people who come to gather paying a condolence visit and who in throng praying for the dead, it is not at the least lessens the harm of the sin, which is bound to the spirit of the dead. And the harm of sin will just be experienced when he is born back to the world. There are people who are born with bad destiny and there are people born with good destiny, due to the reward of their virtuousness. Therefore, actually the prayer of the living man is disconnected with the dead man.

If it is willing to be understood, thus all rituals, which are not certain would be justified by God, please reduce them so your prayer will not be in vain and you need not to conduct tahlilan ceremony. That I, Archangel Jibril, who definitely know what kind of prayers that God will fulfil and prayers that God will ignore. Therefore, heed carefully my explanation.

Truly, there is none that we convey to the public contains misleading or distortion, for we are just God’s intermediary who oblige to convey whatsoever assigned unto us. And we let the Muslim public to judge our information, whether the information that we convey aimed for goodness or misleading.

Adjust everything through its root and purity. And rely not on anger when in fact serenity to carry out the worship that we aim, since actually all bid’ah absolutely contain harm. All harms certainly become the cause of unpeacefulness.

Is now the Muslim’s worship peaceful? Whereas, the condition of the Muslim now has been murky and has been prolonged engaging themselves in the situation of blaming each other. That actually many of the terrorists have the heart to destroy the mosques. And radicalism shadowing the Muslim in anarchism act, which now is being prevented by Perpu (the Government Regulation in Lieu of Law) of mass organization. Such it is the muddiness that coloring the Muslims now. Even all people have been against radicalism and terrorism, since they who bring unpeacefulness in worshipping for the Muslims themselves.

However, try to see the structure of harmony amongst the Muslims whose celebrations of the Eid al Fitr alone are vary, starting the day of fasting is also different. Some allow to greet Merry Christmas unto the Christians, some forbid it, some perform tahajjud (non-compulsory Islamic prayer performs after Isha and before Fajr) to ask for prayer fulfillment, and some are busy doing zikr, and some are doing fasting on Monday-Thursday or fasting as done by prophet David, all of those are tariqah (ways of worshipping) to ask for praying fulfillment unto God.

Whereas, the principle of prayer fulfillment from God is only holiness and the reward of virtuousness. If you are holy and have abundant of reward of virtuousness, even you perform not shalat (compulsory prayer in Islam) your prayer is well answered by God. Hence, that is the Theology of Heaven, which is universal and simple. All people when they always obey God’s Law, whatever their religion is, certainly their prayer is fulfilled. Since all religions suggest virtuousness and shun away from sin and worship God The Only One.

Therefore, what is wrong with my teaching in Eden, when in Eden I teach to believe in all existing Holy Books and believe in the angels and the entire God’s Messengers as well as believe in the end times, since we precisely bring God’s Words from God regarding the prospective of the end times, which is going on at this time.

And faith in Eden is opened to be followed through all of our releases. And all writings in the Eden Discourses, which have been released, describe the six pillars of Islam, which is the same as all existing religions, including Islam. Since the ecosystem of all religions is alike, believing in God and committing good deeds as well as shunning away from sin. Hence accusation of heresy unto Eden is in fact only a calumny.

Are we wrong if we convey God’s Stipulation that intends to simplify all adherents’ worship ritual unto Him? And are we wrong if we remind you about the truth and the purity of Islam teaching so the Muslim will not be absorbed in doing bid’ah by using a verse that different between the content of the verses of Quran with the ritual that is conducted for it? Hence, consider all angers that have been directed unto us all this time as odd.

The logic of the content of Chapter Ya-Sin certainly cannot be exchanged with the logic of prayer intended for the dead man. It is like wishing to use a burner of a kerosene stove to ignite a gas stove. Supposedly the meaning of this comparison can be understood. Thus, as the angel-the bearer of God’s Revelation, I am not sure what is intended by the Indonesian Muslims related to the customary of yasinan. Indeed, I am confused not about that matter, it is just that we are confused with the way of thinking of the Indonesian Muslims who make Chapter Ya-Sin as an escort prayer for the dead. That is it!

Going through difficulty in memorizing Chapter Ya-Sin and performing yasinan ritual, but the essence of Chapter Ya-Sin substantially cannot be correlated to the purpose of carrying out the ritual. Hence, it is only a futile ritual. Precisely it contains much harms, since the luxury of yasinan ritual has been a customary to distribute the books of Chapter Ya-Sin including other accessories as the souvenir for all the people who pay a visit of condolence. Those all cost an extensive amount of money. However, that is the way of social status attainment when it is desired to be maintained.

How expensive the catering dishes served for that purpose, all are served for the sake of showing social status of the bereaved family and the relatives. Therefore, yasinan could be the occasion to show off their wealth and social status. Even the poor family imposes to hold the occasion by borrowing money only to conduct tahlilan. If later on he cannot pay his debt, then what? Certainly commotion will happen. And that is one of the harms.

I, Archangel Jibril, who brought down God’s Revelation for Muhammad and which became the content of the Holy Quran, hence the responsibility of the entire content of Quran is on my shoulder. Thus, I am positioned as the responsible person for the entire content of holy books, including the Holy Quran. Thus, now I am reminding the common mistake of the Indonesian Muslims in understanding Chapter Ya-Sin, after all it is my responsibility unto God. Unfortunately, I am considered as the fake Jibril by the Muslims, but I am no longer willing to be considered as the fake Jibril. Therefore, I will bring forth the real truth of Jibril to the world society. So, do await my performance.

And it is better that the Indonesian Muslims see this as my duty, which is quite risky for Eden, since Eden is the one that is seen and could be censured or could be oppressed once again. However, I say that there is no more oppression upon Eden that I will let it to happen. Eden has come to the point of its reversal destiny, since the Eden’s Miracle has been opened, thus also the miracle of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, do not ever think that we could be failed and Eden could be tyrannized again.

Now I firmly and strongly say that it is already the time for me to come forth like this. So it is, when the destiny has come for anything to happen, then the destiny happens. Truly, I could no longer be defeated by the devil, on the contrary, the devil that I should conquer. And I am entitled for it. And it has been the natural law, that Heaven should win, instead of the Hell. Do you think that God likes persecution and all kinds of bad deeds? Do understand that the status of Hell is not equal to the status of Heaven.

So it is, whoever reads Chapter Ya-Sin, they actually could see the content of Chapter Ya-Sin which reminding about the coming of the rejected Messengers in a country. Hence, read Chapter Ya-Sin whilst also comprehend its interpretation, so you all could realize how there is a discrepancy between the purpose of reading Chapter Ya-Sin with the content of Chapter Ya-Sin itself.

Supposedly that our explanation would be understood as God’s Reprimand, then try to understand deeper the real content of Chapter Ya-Sin. However, if Chapter Ya-Sin is still wished to be utilized as the prayer material for the dead, for you want to keep the old tradition, that is the discrepancy. That the Indonesian Muslims truly has a gap toward the renewal desired by God, which we are trying to convey. We should then end the certainty by revealing the secret of these Chapter Ya-Sin and An-Najm.

Yonder, we realize how it is impossible to convince the Muslims upon the common mistake of their stance unto Chapter Ya-Sin. How the commonness of yasinan or tahlilan has become the mandatory ritual and custom. Therefore, it is not easy to stop it. There is no help for it!

Takbir (glorifying God is the Greatest) and adhan (Islamic call to worship) pounding with a loud sound always deafening the ears of people who live in the surrounding area. Would you be willing to see that as a disturbance of sound pollution for the non-Islam and the public? However, actually it also makes the angels move away from that loud sound, and we are more comfortable surrounded by people who quietly worshiping in a spiritual calm situation. Try to see my explanation as an explanation stated by Archangel Jibril sent by God for you.

For that purpose I bring forth Chapter Al A’raf verse 55 and 205 to advise you that I assure the angels certainly move away from the loud and boisterous sound in praying, moreover the loud voice that speaks of anger in the mosques. That is it, the hatred of the Muslims have become violence and have become the sound of bomb explosions everywhere. Thus, end such kind of customary of worshipping.

The Muslims should know about the angels’ condition in responding to that matter. The loud sound makes the angels even look for the quiet praying in another place. I complete this God’s Warning through the justification of the Holy Quran, Chapter Al-A’raf verses 55 and 205 as follows:

 The Holy Quran, Chapter Al-A’raf verse 55:

Call upon your Lord in humility and tender voice; indeed, He does not like transgressors

 The Holy Quran, Chapter Al-A’raf verse 205:

And remember your Lord within yourself in humility and in fear without being apparent in speech – in the mornings and the evenings. And do not be among the heedless.

 Do not argue with me, because you feel offended with God’s Warning that I convey, but read those two above verses. God asks the Muslims to pray in humility and tender voice. And indeed He does not like transgressors.

Do the Muslims feel not as the transgressors? God’s Revelations have been rejected, so is Heaven. That is the deeds of the Muslims who are the transgressors, beyond the boundary. Even praying with a loud voice when they have defied God, hence there will not be a miracle for the adherents who prohibit themselves to follow whatever spoken by God at this time.

Truly, the Muslims have been too arrogant and egoistic. Thus, this verse states that they better pray in humility and in fear of their deeds unto God. And do not always shout the name of God with anger and attacking. Call His Name only with full of love in the tenderness of your heart and do not make your speak apparent as loud as the sound of adhan, reciting Quran and religious lecture at dawn to evening and in the mornings and the evenings. But you all are among the heedless when God speaks His words once again.

This is my advice for the Indonesian Muslims who are celebrating the Independence Day, August 17, 2017. Be grateful for all the victory by worshipping in a right way and performing the religious worship purely. Recite the holy verses to become solemnity, which is full of eagerness so it is touching and bringing a peaceful and serene feeling.

This is how I open the secret of Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin, and first providing advice of what is better to do by the Muslims upon their religion and their holy verses. The prolog of the explanation about the secret of these Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin is indeed extensive, since there are many things that I want to convey and there are also many things that I must explain.

Therefore, chapters of the revealment of the secret of Ya-Sin is placed after the explanation about God’s Stipulation upon His Salvation. And God’s Salvation is Heaven in this world. Thus, actually it is the content of the secret of An-Najm. After all, the secret of An-Najm, which has been revealed by God, is bound to the revealment of the secret of Chapter Ya-Siin, since Chapter An-Najm is a good news, whilst Chapter Ya-Sin is a sad news from God.

That correlation is intended for the captivation of the recent God’s Revelation. That when God speaks His Revelation, certainly it is to convey good news and His Warning as well as His reprimand. As harsh as God’s reprimand that ever held in the past, for sure it was not as harsh as His Revelation in the end times, since what we all are facing nowadays is the doomsday of this earth.

Therefore, every paragraph of the content of Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin is only signified if we start it by revealing the deepening of the matters related to the Theology of Heaven and its principle of Law. And surely the Theology of Heaven is fully related to God’s Principle of Law associated to Heaven’s purification, which is certainly a purification that has not ever been implemented in the world. And thereof, there is a chapter related to the concept of God’s Help Through Heaven’s purification of As-Sirat Al-Mustaqim.

In this case, it needs also to be explained how God purifies Lia Eden so she can reach absolute holiness, which is the criteria of the holiness of Queen of Heaven and the Queen of Justice. And for that purpose, there is a chapter related to the Purification of Queen of Heaven to Become the Queen of Justice.

And do not think that the queenship titles upon Lia Eden is made up by me, let alone considered Lia Eden is crazy about the queen title. Truly, for the procedure of bestowment of three titles of Queen, in fact she has to deeply involve herself in spiritual Revelational world that she never knows where would the end be. And with all her sufferings, Lia Eden has struggled to go through all the risks and disdains. Surely that is not what we aim and thought by her either. Since all the dangers that confront her is never thought by her before.

After all, what we aim is the salvation of this earth and its inhabitants. And what she aims is comfortability to practice spirituality in the purity of worship and to disseminate God’s Revelation. And even she dares not to accept the three queenship titles.

For her, it is better there is no queenship title bestowed unto her, because just being called as God’s Messenger alone, the suffering she has to bear is so heavy. Moreover, when I approached her, she was already contented and happy with her career as a flower connoisseur, so she expected not other thing.

After all, her purification is incessant and she will try everything to maintain her holiness for the sake of fighting for God’s Revelation that she receives. The challenges that she faces is unbelievable, whilst the three titles that God bestows her with is felt as a burden in fighting for God’s Revelation to be existed amidst the people. The three titles are felt as a blocking stone to declare her truth, for those three titles are considered by the people as an arrogance or as a megalomania disorder suffered by her.

Whereas, essentially the queen titles from God is obligated to be borne by her. For each title is crowned as a duty and authority as well as a different responsibility upon her, but all duties and responsibilities are united in the essence of Revelation that she obliges to write down and strive for, so it could be acknowledged by the world and sacralized by all people in the world.

Thus, as all people in the world should know how God creates the Queen of Heaven and also the Queen of Justice. As Lia Eden’s identity since she was born until she began her destiny could be traced, that she exists not suddenly and becomes the Queen of Heaven and the Queen of Justice, and she does not suddenly become a wise and holy woman. And thereof, all criteria of God’s Purification upon the Queen of Heaven and Queen of Justice are obliged to be presented before the public, so the discrepancy of judgment upon herself and the real identity of her will not happen.

That her journey of destiny actually changes not her character. However, what changes within her is she has a stamina of endurance to encounter all problems. And her ability to see the future becomes sharp, since it is needed to be indicated as a karamah (blessing) of Revelation that she receives. And all that are seen on her is not missed from the Indonesian people’s observance, for she has been spotlighted by the public ever since she was a flower connoisseur.

The long period of being shackled by the accusation of heresy, precisely that is her stairway to reach the queen titles. Therefore, how could that attainment be missed from the people’s attention. After all, every step in presenting God’s Revelation to the people, certainly it is besieged by criticism or she is taken away.

Thus, every God’s concept written down and broadcasted to the people by her, certainly it reaps a criticism as well as a danger for her. Therefore, let it happen, since I also bring forth her role to test the level of people’s awareness or the level of ignorance.

Thus, the trace record of the born of a Queen of Heaven and the Queen of Justice could be seen, as seeing one seed of flower that grows and blooms in a flowerpot of which the growth is always watched. That is why I actually speak frankly about her and she herself who writes it down, so she is the one who writes the history of her life and all the ins and outs of her purification. Hence, none of what she writes down is not original, for it is impossible that she dares to make up her life history, so what is written is only a good thing.

However, try to see the documentation of calumny and disdain upon her, it is all in Eden website. Only upon that matter, it needs a determination and pure honesty and dares to bear the shame.

Therefore, Lia Eden’s purification is not simple because ever since she was approached by her destiny till now, she is not yet free from the adjustment process of the frequency of fusion of her spirit and mine, and the frequency of God’s Revelation that everytime pervades dominating her body, so every time she suffers the spirit adjustment inside her. And that adjustment always causes her weary, lack of energy and feel dazed. Meanwhile, God renders her to be seen as an ordinary woman, so she also suffers different diseases as the consequence of her diabetic disease.

So what could we do if God is indeed willing that His Messenger, who is a woman, should go through purification from the figures (Eve, Mary, and Joan of Arc) who reincarnate to be her. As if she pays their karmas all at once. However, that is the consequence of the purification of a Queen of Heaven, if it would be seen as never ending sacrifice. However, as the Queen of Heaven, she is always happy in secured prosperity and she feels all the love from God and me, and from her all friends in Eden who are very loyal to her.

Thus, all the sufferings that she experiences, which causing sadness, and frightening or humiliating , become meaningless compare to her contentment in Eden. Thus, disdain upon her is written as well or all disdains are intentionally documented so it becomes the proof of her life history. And from all the uncomfortable documented evidence, it becomes a proof of her honesty.

However, with all the worse disdains, the public could also know everything that she goes through, which is actually humiliating and disdaining her. However, if it is called as the capillary vessel of her honesty, then it serves as the testimony of how she is purified by God. And in judging it, supposedly the public would be willing to compare it with the people who dare to lie and who have no shame, since they prefer to maintain their self-image, which is actually built from deception and hypocrisy or fabrication.

As all people in the world should know how God purifies the Queen of Heaven and the Queen of Justice. And how Lia Eden redeems the entire karma of veneration unto Mary and all the woman figures in the history mentioned as the spirit identity of Lia Eden, since she is the reincarnation of them all. Thus, never ending disdain experienced by her, it is to redeem those all venerations. That it is mainly directed to make the public understand about God’s principle of Law upon His Heaven in the world, that a charisma of sublime essentiality certainly begins first with the realization of the hierarchy of absolute holiness in human world.

Thus, purification of the Queen of Heaven and purification of the Messengers of Eden are brought forth to the public, for the sake of serving it as the teaching of purification to the world, so it could trigger people’s desire to purify in the global society. After all, by bringing forth the purificating experience in Eden, it has proved that there are people who could succeed in going through the purification of As-Sirat Al-Mustaqim and passed.

If it is not done in that way, then the purification of As-Sirat Al-Mustaqim in Heaven is just a pole of utopia, something that is so abstruse and unreachable. Thus, the judgment upon the passing of people who purify themselves in Eden cannot be signified if the Miracle of Revelation is not yet presented to the world public. After all the Miracle of God’s purification is directly related to the consistency of the Messengers of Eden in maintaining their holiness.

And if God’s Salvation for the world has actually been truly needed by the world public, considering the life in this era is no longer comfortable indeed, since it is full of threat of dangers and difficulties. Appropriately, we bring forth God’s Requirements of purification in Eden, so it becomes a clear description to be followed by the people who want to seek God’s Salvation.

Thus, in this chapter there is a theme of How to Begin Establishing a Purificating Community Which is Blessed by God. As in fact those all are directly related to the existence of Heaven in the world, which is about to be brought worldwidely by God.

After all, the comprehension of Heaven in the world is properly elucidated through God’s Law in enacting Heaven’s selection in the world, and it is through the selection upon the world society thoroughly. For how could Heaven not be intended for all human beings in this world? Therefore, there are certain criteria from God on how to begin establishing the purificating community which is blessed by God.

It becomes important for us to present it first, since God’s Salvation for the world could only be implemented when all people in the world understand why God once again descends down His Revelation and establishes His Heaven in the world, as God’s Salvation is certainly through His purification. It is a certainty for people who want to be saved by God, that is an obligation to purify themselves. For it is impossible that Heaven could save sinful people, since that is the Hell matter, and they are not our business.

How the world condition today is heated and it has pictured the presence of the threat of nuclear war. In this part II there is a Chapter of The Threat of Nuclear War is being Reminded by God. That in the condition of world war III later, there is God’s Explanation regarding the existence of Hell. Nuclear war is certainly the domain of Hell. If God wants to state Himself that He has established Heaven in the world, and if that God’s Statement has been neglected all this time, hence it is the existence of Hell that will make all people realize the need to appreciate Heaven in the world as God’s Blessing. Thus, the content of Part II is still a prolog of the opening of Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin.

The Concept of God’s Salvation Through Heaven’s Purification As-Sirat Al-Mustaqim.

The first step to Heaven is sin confession as the step of repentance and making a commitment to be willing to live in holiness unto God. Heaven could only be attained by someone after he has declared his commitment to live in holiness unto God, whilst pleading for forgiveness upon all the sins that he ever committed. Therefore, he has to go through a procession of an honest sin confession unto God. As for Heaven’s purification for the public, God has established a way on how to make confession unto Him, that is through the Room of Confession in Eden Website.

Although now Website is being blocked, however is not that God’s Revelation cannot be impeded let alone be stopped, after all the Eden Website has been intended as the mouthpiece of Heaven, which speaks about God’s Revelations and explanations from Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit. And this is the only path blessed by God and Heaven’s blessing for all people in the world.

Nevertheless, the blockage of the Eden site means also that it has opened the Pandora box. And let those all that will speak about the most sacredness and the most sacrosanctity of God’s Revelations in Eden.

As for the sides (features?) of God’s purification worldwide, it has been started at this time, thus also God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment will soon begin. How in this term, the explanation has included the concept of God’s Help through Heaven As-Sirat Al-Mustaqim’s purification. And it surely embraces the procedure of repentance as well, which brings forth the procession of sin confession.

Nevertheless, our explanation is not a claim of the Eden’s truth or bringing forth the loftiness of Eden’s hierarchy that we would impose, whereas our truth is not yet acknowledged by the public. Therefore, actually that is the difference between the claim and the absoluteness of duty commanded by God unto us.

As for the continuity of Revelation that we convey all this time, indeed it has not yet made the public realize of its truth. However, now God has come to His Stipulation to carry out His Court of Justice and His Judgment. If actually God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment cannot be avoided by everyone in this world, and truly there is no power in this earth that could avoid it, thus, our explanation is solely directed to enlighten all people so they could see God’s other stipulations, which could annul the harms of the sin, that is through self-purification. For that is the only way that could simplify everyone in facing life ordeals, which are part of God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment upon everyone in this world.

And there is none that could diminish God’s Court of Justice upon sins except through repentance and sin confession. Thus, for the world public, there are two ways to carry out a repentance and sin confession. The first is through Eden site, namely website. And the second is through the ceremony held independently by the public, with certain provisions required by God.

Regarding the blockage of Eden site in Indonesia, the second way is the one that could be carried out by the public. Even it has not been comfy yet to be carried out, considering the public is not yet certain the need of self-purification in the way that is guaranteed by Heaven, then it becomes our struggle.

However, we need to convey that the explanation regarding God’s purification could be seen from God’s Reaction unto the blockage of His Revelation in Eden. And that God’s Revelation, Heaven and God’s Kingdom are strongly forbidden to be disdained, moreover those God’s Revelations in Eden are now blocked.

Appropriately, God’s purification is brought forth worldwidely, therefore God’s article of Law, which is related to that subject, has certainly been established ever since the blockage upon His Revelations in Indonesia is issued. Consequently, God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment related to that blockage is naturally revealed. Accordingly, we propose the way of repentance that could bring in God’s Help.

When the procession of sin confession unto God through Eden Website cannot be carried out, considering the issuance of blockage, supposedly it depends on the wisdom of the public, who wants to purify in the Heaven’s way. Therefore, the second choice which is proper to be taken or the other way is to send an email to Eden consisting the explanation of the confession of all sins. Later on we will put it in the Confession Room in Eden Website.

Nevertheless, that blockage is unlikely to happen forever, bearing in mind that God will certainly give His Reaction unto this matter. After all, the Room of Confession in Eden site has been blessed as the prominent course of His Forgiveness in this world.

However, if the sin confession in Eden website is considered would open one’s dishonour to the public, then many people do not want to purify themselves. Whereas purifying in the Name of God and His Heaven by that way is the most fulfilled and guaranteed.

After all, Eden Website is truly rendered by God as the facility of repentance and sin confession unto Him, which has been guaranteed as beneficial to become the enlightenment from Him. And the people who confess their sin in Eden Website is guaranteed can no longer make the same mistake that has been confessed. Since after the sin confession, God protects someone from committing the same sin, of which everytime he is about to commit the sin, there will always be God’s warning unto him.

Should there is someone who disturbs one’s sin confession in the Confession Room for one thing or another, then the disturber could be reported according to the legal path. However, sin confession through Eden Website is the most sacrosanct, since the path is the ‘heart’ of God’s Heaven in the world. Whoever does the disturbance upon someone’s confession in Eden Website, instantly he will be inflicted by a severe harm.

Truly, Confession Room in Eden Website is the most sacred and the most sacrosanct, for it is guaranteed as the most sacred room in the world, which is incomparable, as it could be stated as the room of sin confession that is directly connected unto God. Since the I.T. technology has become the course of global communication, hence God renders the Eden Website as His channel to listen to the sin confession of the world public.

Thus, God’s purification program is directly carried out for the world public, and thus, it is God’s way to facilitate all people in the world in purifying themselves unto God. Truly, the procession of sin confession in Eden Website is the only easy way to purify oneself. There is no charge at all, and no need of any agreement which is made by the person, who is ready to confess his sins, unto Eden and vice versa.

After all, the Confession Room in Eden site is the room that its sublime essentiality is assured as the room of direct communication with God. Therefore, the Confession Room in Eden site is the most sacrosanct and the most sacred. Thus, every word stated is truly beneficial and certainly it is blessed with God’s forgiveness. Conversely, every dishonest word stated in the room, then it is certainly harmful.

And when we have declared that the Confession Room in Eden website is the most sacred and the most sacrosanctity, then the blockage of Eden site contains the most heavy harm. And it could become the unforgivable sin. Thus, we liken the blockage of the Eden site equally means as opening the Pandora box.

After all, the Confession Room and God’s Revelations in Eden site cannot be considered as containing a negative content. It disparages God’s Revelations and Eden too much. Truly, if that is the Government of Indonesia’s judgment, thus Indonesia is not proper to be pardoned by God.

Nevertheless, purifying oneself because of obeying God’s Provision puts into effect officially only if all God’s Requirements upon Heaven’s purification, which we have declared as the purification of As-Sirat Al-mustaqim, are fulfilled. How the requirement of holiness, which targeted by God through His Heaven, for sure it is a purification that has characteristic.

Thus, everytime you feel in your heart the desire to confess your sins, just upload your sin confession unto Eden website. After all, it is the official direct procedure unto God. How this explanation is fully assured by God. God’s guarantee could definitely be felt right after the incident is conducted. God’s Blessing could certainly be felt. Truly, God eases Heaven’s purification in this way, yet the attained holiness could be perfect.

Thus, this is the way of the beginning of purification suggested by God. Indeed that facility has been programmed to be the most direct path unto God The Almighty and The Only One. God’s assurance will be proved through His Most Sacredness. And it is the best and the most guaranteed path of sin confession unto God.

If the world public desires their sin confession to be held in their own community, then there is God’s Rule for that ceremony. Appropriately, we need to explain that sin confession in front of the public is a requirement in the procession of Heaven purification. Sin confession could only be held by the public when there is already an agreement to purify together amongst certain people who feel the need to be purified by God. So through that agreement, the procession of confession ceremony can be held through taking oath together to be willingly purified by God.

No mater how many people who determine to purify themselves, as long as it is more than three people, then the procession of sin confession could be held by them. Henceforward, they have entered the Heaven’s purification trials. However, henceforth they have already felt the inner enlightenment and purificating guidance instinctively. Thus, they are also involved in Heaven’s purification organized by the Holy Spirit systematically and focusedly.

The Holy Spirit’s role covers the whole world indeed, so there is no one in this world that we cannot take care. As for God’s errand in the world, it certainly becomes our duty. Purification of all people in this world has become our responsibility. After all, it has been the embracement of Heaven’s purification which covers the world. Therefore, actually the domain of Heaven’s purification has no boundary. God’s Embracement to purify has no limit.

Nevertheless, sin confession should be held openly, it means nothing if it is done secretly. In Eden, the procession of sin confession is attended by all Eden Community members who listen to all the sin confession solemnly. And it is recorded for documentation purpose. All the sin confession is sacred and sacrosanct, for it is held under God’s Stipulation that becomes the law provision upon the most holiness of Heaven in the world. Therefore, the secret of sin confession of a certain adherents should be well kept by those who are given the responsibility by the purificating community. And should someone misuse that responsibility, then he certainly will be cursed.

The Theology of Hell

We have explained the Theology of Heaven, now we present the Theology of Hell. What and how is the Theology of Hell? Certainly we should explain its law of causality, what preceded Hell in the past, and what will become the objectivism of the Theology of Hell. The existence of Hell is in the physical world and not in the spirit realm, which the existence is subjective. Since the spirit cannot be tortured mentally as well as physically, for spirit has no physicality and there is no occurrence that disdaining and hurting in the spirit realm. There is no suffocating lost, no incident that humiliating and disdaining. No disease that could be suffered by the spirit and no crime could happen amongst the fellow spirit creatures.

Evilness and goodness just happen in human world and two races of spirit creatures, which their habitat is the opposite, that intervene the human world so evilness could be done due to the allure from the devils. Thus, virtuousness could be done through the angel’s domain unto humans. However, it is mentioned in Quran and Bible, the role of Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog, who appear as the most evil creatures from the devil race.

What is meant by Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog, which is still mysterious? A mystery about two most accursed figures in Quran and Bible has come to its time to be explained by us, that the two most accursed devils certainly have a history why did they were called as Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog. And when Heaven in the world has been established by God on this earth, thus there is a history about Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog released by Heaven, which is being descended down by God to the world, since the deeds of that both most accursed devils, which have caused them to turn into Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog, should be recognized.

Thus, we will explain of whomever are cursed by God as Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog. If there is no history between both of them and who own the same related sin, thus the name of Yajuj and Majuj and Gog and Magog is not mentioned in two names that become one unity. What was their deed? So it is that we will explain.

Their sin is related to the violation against God’s Law that is truly forbidden, namely stealing the document of Lia Eden’s sin confession before God, and released it to the public by adding it with a vicious calumny, which was truly disdaining us, as Lia Eden was stated as committing adultery with an invisible serpent creature. And certainly it was directed to me, so the public will judge my role together with Lia Eden as the role of the invisible serpent creature who always accompanies Lia Eden. Indeed, I am accused as the fake Jibril, but in order to justify that accusation, we are calumniated in such way.

So it is, a serious violation related to the document of sin confession could happen, as Lia Eden’s sin confession before God and all Eden Community members had been stolen by Abdurrahman (Omen), one of the people who came to Eden masking himself as the person who was willing to be purified by Jibril, hence he could get the document of Lia Eden’s confession and taken out from Eden by an order from an ulema, Hartono Ahmad Jaiz, who later uploaded that confession to his website,, but he has done it by adding calumny into it. After all, that is a very accursed deed. Thus, both of them shall be cursed to become the most accursed devils.

Upon that matter, we intentionally bring it up to the world public so such violation against God’s Law will never happen again amongst the public who purifies themselves, that the accursedness of Abdurrahman (Omen) and Hartono Ahmad Jaiz is eternal forever. Because it is the Queen and the King of Heaven who have been calumniated, whilst both of us are God’s messengers who are appointed by God to declare the most holiness of Heaven, which will be functionalized to carry out Heaven’s Purification to the world public. And that will be held to save the inhabitants of this earth to avoid the doomsday process. Therefore, how could there be a worse curse besides the curse upon Hartono Ahmad Jaiz and Abdurrahman (Omen)?

 The Holy Quran, Chapter Az-Zukhruf verse 37:

And never will it benefit you that Day, when you have wronged (infidelity), that you are [all] sharing in the punishment.

 Therefore, what you have done never will benefit you on that Day, for both of you (Abdurrahman Omen and Hartono Ahmad Jaiz) have wronged (infidelity), thus we stated that they are sharing in the punishment of Hell. They both are a pair of criminals of Apostolate, whose sins will be tortured in the world as well as in the hereafter.

As for God’s Teaching, which is being descended down by God to the world, it should be acknowledged. And in order to receive the acknowledgment from the world public, God keeps the veiling verses in His various holy books and He also prophesies all the recent incidents, so it could be related to the veiling verses, which have been long preserved in various holy books. After all, the recent incidents involve us, and that is the key opener of the veiling verses.

As for the crime of Hartono Ahmad Jaiz and Abdurrahman Omen unto Heaven, it has been told in this discourse. Thus, we follow up the explanation about them through the verse that states about the mystery of Yajuj Majuj as in Chapter Al-Anbya verse 96 and about Gog and Magog in Chapter Revelation 20 verse 8 as follows:

 The Holy Quran Chapter Al-Anbya verse 96:

Until when [the dam of] the secret of mistery of Gog and Magog has been opened and they, from every elevation, descend

 Thus, it is the time for us to open the secret of the mystery of Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog, and they (Hartono Ahmad Jaiz and Abdurrahman Omen) then become despicable as the most disgraceful creature in the world. For we state that they who are accursed as Yajuj and Majuj. Thus, they are likened as two people who have a noble nature as human, then they are suddenly descended fast from every elevation toward the valey of contempt entering the devil world. This verse is the allegory of a story of humans who descend nature becoming the devils that open the secret mystery of Yajuj Majuj or Gog and Magog.

 The Holy Bible, Chapter Revelation 20 verse 8:

 And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

 In this end times, the most accursed devil or dajjal in throng deceive the nations and all devils gather and battle against the angels in human world. Thus, it is stated that the total of devils are as much as the sand of the sea, hence human being in the end times is dominated by the devils, so all kinds of crimes are flaring worldwidely.

However, in this verse it is stated that the dajjal is called Gog and Magog. As the curse of the most accursed dajjal in the end times will soon end. Hence, it pervades two people who will receive the same accursedness with it, so they do an unforgivable sin, as the deeds of Hartono Ahmad Jaiz and Abdurrahman Omen.

Thus, the inheritance of nature as the most accursed devils cannot be avoided by Hartono Ahmad Jaiz and Abdurrahman Omen, since their previous sins have been the worst sins. For in the past both of them also did an evil collaboration upon Jesus’ crucifixion. One of them is the reincarnation of Hanas, that is the spirit’s identity of Hartono Ahmad Jaiz, and the reincarnation of Malkhus is Abdurrahman Omen.

Therefore, based on the harms of Hanas’ and Malkhus’ deed, that is what inspirits the deed of Hartono Ahmad Jaiz and Abdurrahman Omen upon the Apostolate of Lia Eden at this time. However, their recent evilness has been the crime to destroy Heaven, which is about to be brought to its existence by God. And their deed could obviously eliminates the existence of Heaven in the world. So it is, their changing nature has become a teaching related to the Theology of Hell.

After all, in the Theology of Hell and the God’s principle of Law upon the incident of the throne inheritance in the devil’s world, certainly it involves two people whose sin is interrelated. And the sin is the unforgivable prime sin. And such sin will never exist before there is a battle between the devil and the angel in human world. And that is the battle between Hell and Heaven, meant as the Armageddon war. After all, the Armageddon war should be signified in human world. And this is its existence.

Such is the role of Gog and Magog mentioned in that verse as the role of devils in the end times that deceive the entire nations in the four quarters of the earth. And so it is the role of Hartono Ahmad Jaiz and Abdurrahman Omen later in the next end times as the role of Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog in this end times. Thus, it is the story of the history of two men in this era who inherit the role of the most prominent devils in the end time, those are Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog, because of their unforgivable sin.

And unto the world public, we state that this is the information from Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz regarding the history of two most accursed men in the world and who will replace the role of Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog in the next era, that is in the next end times.

And the Holy Book of Heaven, which is being written, has told about what kind of sin that could bring curse to human being so they could become dajjal in the end times. How actually the devil comes from the spirit of the sinner human, whose sins are unforgivable. As for the principle of spirit regulation, it contains stipulation that the rotation of the nature of all humans will certainly reach the nature of devil. That is why Quran states that human will become the firewood of Hell.

How we are now explaining the secret and the mystery of Yajuj and Majuj, who are actually Gog and Magog in Christian theology. Truly, the meaning of Yajuj and Majuj is still mysterious, as Yajuj and Majuj are mentioned in Quran, yet those have not been explained. Certainly there are issues that we should explain related to Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog, and there should be a valid law of causality to state who will become Yajuj and Majuj in the end times, since it is stated that Yajuj and Majuj will exist in the end times. Therefore actually, their emergence comes not from nothing, but there is a law of cause and effect behind an occurrence that brings forth the figure of Yajuj and Majuj.

After all, the figure of Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog has been covered with mystery, which has been interpreted in various absurd ways of interpretation, so it has become information that moves further from the real one. However, we should be able to completely explain the Divine mystery with a complete and thorough explaination, while presenting the valid evidences. Thus, the occurrence of Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog just happen at this time. Therefore, the original place of Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog is not in the life of no where.

Nevertheless, all matters that we oblige to explain will certainly emerge in human world, so it will not stay as a frightening Divine mystery. However, God’s teaching when divulging the mystery of Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog should become the focus of all people, so they will be frightened to have the same fate as Abdurrahman Omen and Hartono Ahmad Jaiz, who are cursed to become Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog.

Do not ever conduct the same thing as they do, so you will not turn into the most accursed devils. Such is the asbab al-nuzul (background) of this God’s explanation. As for this God’s explanation, it is directed for the world public should they are wiling to make a commitment to live in holiness unto God, and willing to establish the purificating community by themselves. And when they perform the procession of sin confession before God and before their own community, therefore do not ever misuse God’s Blessing upon the purificating community who is willing to confess their sin before their own community.

After all, commitment to live in holiness unto God obliges to include an honest sin confession, therefore do not misuse someone’s confession unto God as a betrayal such as done by Abdurrahman Omen unto Lia Eden. Since the accursedness upon that deed is truly worse as the worse God’s curse unto Abdurrahman Omen and Hartono Ahmad Jaiz to become Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog.

Truly, our explanation has become a presentation of God’s principle of Law related to the most accursedness curse. That the example of the deed of Abdurrahman Omen and Hartono Ahmad Jaiz is the example of the worse God’s Judgement.

How God’s provision of Law upon Abdurrahman Omen and Hartono Ahmad Jaiz has been the worst God’s provision of Law for two men who conspired in conducting an unforgivable evilness, so it has been prophesied for so long and it is mentioned in the Bible as well as Quran, as a pair of the most accursed devils so they are called as Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog. Thus, this is the clarification upon all interpretations and suppositions of the meaning of Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog.

And to complete the presentation of Heaven Theology that we have previously explained, hence certainly there should be a comparison that put the pre-qualification of Hell Theology, in order to be known by all human beings in general, that the firewood of the Hell’s flame is human.

And we need to explain that truly the entire devil race originated from human race. Thus, some chapters in Quran have mentioned it.

The Holy Quran Chapter Al-Jinn verse 15:

But as for the unjust who far deviates from the truth, they will be, for Hell, firewood.

 Truly, this Chapter Al-Jinn verse 15 has described how people who think they are the truest are actually unjust who have deviated from the truth and even had definitely believed in their truth, so they dared to bring forth their belief by betraying us and the other one unleashed calumny by releasing the confession of the Queen of Heaven, whom we were purifying. Thus, this Chapter Al-Jinn verse 15 justifies our explanation, that they are the ones whose destiny will be revealed to be an evidence of the truth from this verse, that they will be the firewood of the Hell.

Whatever has been stated in this verse will certainly become a reality, for how could God descend down His Revelation without any empirical evidence, which explains about the truth of His Revelation in this verse and His Revelation that we are writing down now. And this is how we strive for to make God’s Revelation be acknowledged by the world. Truly, all occurrences, which are related by God in His previous holy verses are connected to His holy verses which are being descended down at this time, and this will soon take place so we will not be accused as heretical and misleading anymore.

Nevertheless, the Theology of Heaven and Hell are actually interconnected, for how could Hell in the world be explained, unless its theology is connected to the existence of Heaven in the world. And this is how the betrayal of someone who ever participated in Heaven’s purification, whilst he conspired with the ulema who really wanted to reveal Lia Eden’s dishonor, expected that he could bring her down. And both of them used the document of Lia Eden’s confession before God, which actually very sacred. Thus, cross theology between Heaven and Hell could be presented to the public by the occurrence of this incident.

If the occurrence and the reason that underlie it are measured as the insurmountable and unpardonable sin, hence certainly there is a nature of two humans who will change nature to become Yajuj and Majuj. Nevertheless, Yajuj and Majuj are two figures and two names who conspire in unpardonable sin, so both of them will change nature to be the most disgusting creature and their sin is the worst sin among all sins, so all people will curse them. And they are accursed forever so their offspring are also humiliated and disdained by their own deeds.

Thus, we state that the figures of Yajuj and Majuj have been explained and the incident has been real, as well as their deed is also already actual which causing them to be accursed as Yajuj and Majuj. Therefore, in fact the devils that shield them are unseen, but their deed has been real as the devils’ hands who want Heaven cannot be existed in the world. Therefore, that most accursed devils are named Yajuj and Majuj, whilst Yajuj and Majuj are still a mystery, if there is no incident who involve Abdurrahman Omen and Hartono Ahmad Jaiz. And which the worse of their deed could be explained when the public reads website.

So, it is better that the public reads website, therein it could be seen how Hartono Ahmad Jaiz feels as the truest and the holiest person and has the right to judge Lia Eden and whoever considered as heretical by him. However, I, Archangel Jibril, as God’s Messenger says look at the deed of Yajuj and Majuj in the website or it could be read in the Room of Anger Exhibition in Eden Website.

 The Holy Quran, Chapter Az-Zukhruf verse 40:

 Then will you make the deaf hear, or you will block guidance to the blind or those who are in clear error?

 Upon our explanation regarding Yajuj and Majuj and its correlation to the role of Abdurrahman Omen and Hartono Ahmad Jaiz aforementioned, thus actually that is the evidence of the Muslims’ stance unto Eden, so many of them justify Hartono Ahmad Jaiz’s stance as the Islamic patriot, for he has come forth to judge Lia Eden, who is accused as heretical by the Muslims. Therefore, Chapter Az-Zukhruf verse 40 has concluded that amongst the Muslims many of them are blind of guidance, for they have rejected God’s Revelations, which are being descended down by God.

And they are so certain upon their truth even they have been strayed; they want not to listen to God’s Guidance that we convey. They are the ones who are likened as the deaf people whom we would make them as the people who want to listen to the new God’s Guidance.

However on the contrary, truly as if the accusation of heresy unto Eden could be established since that accusation has been unleashed for 20 years. And when the situation comes to the blockage of Eden site nowadays, and then the secret of Az-Zukhruf verse 40 is valid, “or you will block guidance unto the blind or those who are in clear error?”

This verse implies the blockage upon the Eden site is the effort of the Muslims to block God’s Revelation received by Eden, however God has prophesied it through this verse, that the blockage is truly the Muslims’ effort to reject God’s Revelation, which is descended by Him in Indonesia, that is the same firm stance as the Indonesian Government who blocks God’s Guidance that we convey through Eden website.

However, this verse also states that their deed is what is meant in this verse “or you will block guidance unto the blind or those who are in clear error?”

The blockage of God’s Revelation that contains His Good Guidance truly just closes God’s guidance unto the blind and those who are in the clear error, since God’s Guidance upon Lia Eden keeps descending down, as we continue God’s Guidance related to the revealment of the secret of Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin and we release through Youtube. Therefore, actually there is no power that could block God’s Revelation. But what happens is just closing God’s Guidance unto the blind people and those who are in clear error.

This is how we open the Holy Verses of Quran, there should be an incident first, then the secret of the Holy Verses of Quran could be opened. And this is how we make the Muslims realize their mistake, and it is through the Holy Verses of Quran, which their secrets are revealed. Actually God preserves His Reprimands for the Muslims in their own holy book. Thus, this verse has stated that they are truly the people who are in clear error.

 The Holy Quran, Chapter Az-Zukhruf verse 41:

 And whether [or not] We take you away [in death], indeed, We will take retribution upon them.

 Thus, God’s Covenant that will punish them meticulously and equally. And we have concluded regarding God’s equal punishment upon the deed of Abdurrahman Omen and Hartono Ahmad Jaiz in their nature as Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog. And that is the worst nature for human being.

Both of them are disdained with a very shameful disdain for them, so their disdain humiliates their whole family and offspring. Nevertheless, when their role is revealed to the public domain and written in the Holy Book of Heaven, which is being written by God at this time, hence their disgusting sin is seen before the world public. Meanwhile for Lia Eden, the disdain upon her is only a part of karma redemption upon veneration unto Mary who is glorified as the mother of God.

Truly, we have explained the real Shape of God, that is Spherical and Rotating. And the entire universe and the whole life are within the embracement of His Spherical Shape which is rotating. Therefore, no Oneness of God that could be made personal so He could be personified, who needs a wife and has a son, Jesus. For truly God The One needs nothing from what He creates, as God needs not a family for the sake of His own happiness.

That is Lia Eden’s destiny, which should go through disdain by disdain in going through her purification course. Therefore, whatever has been released by Hartono Ahmad Jaiz in his website is not the worst thing for her. After all, it is a destiny that she should go through for the sake of her purification as well as for the sake of the redemption of karma veneration upon Mary as the mother of God.

Thus, it is also part of purification to reach the title of the Queen of Heaven. But in this case, we intentionally bring forth openly their deed upon Lia Eden. Thus, we mention it in order to open the secret of Chapter Az-Zukhruf verses 37-44. Thus, it is what is meant by “We will take retribution upon them”. That by revealing the dirty of their sins to the world public, their dishonor is revealed more humiliating.

And henceforth, all people know how disgusting their sin is and how they actually play the role of Yajuj and Majuj. A pair of the most accursed devils and their sin is equal to be stated as the nature of Yajuj and Majuj. Hence we have presented their role as Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog even when both of them are still alive in this era, so it becomes an evidence for the world public how God applies His Judgment for people with that kind of sin.

And when all people in the world have received a certainty how God’s punishment upon them both is, thus the world public learns from that incident about the law of spirit regulation, that God stipulates two humans to be two most accursed devils. In the principle of spirit regulation law, God has proved what kind of human’s sin that could bring someone to change nature as the most accursed devil.

And appropriately all people in the world know that the accursedness also has stages, as the curse upon the devil has also a stage of its caliber. There is the most accursed devil and there is an accursed devil, and there is a devil who still waits for the verdict of its accursedness, namely a jinn. Thus, our explanation regarding the accursedness is precisely mentioned in the Quran Chapter Al-Jinn verse 15. In this case, God also reveals His warning through Chapter Al-Jinn verse 15 upon the Muslims, who most of them now forbid not to closely socialize with the jinn.

And as for the mystery related to Yajuj Majuj or Gog Magog, it is never realized that the occurrence happens in this era. Thus, there is always a matter that underlies God’s statement which is still a mystery, if it is not so, the mystery cannot be divulged, since human being cannot see the real figure of the most accursed devils as Yajuj Majuj. Meanwhile, God’s Teaching cannot be logicalized either, when there is not yet the incident that could explain what is the most accursed sin in human world that could change nature from human to become the most accursed devil.

And for the sake of validity of God’s curse upon the devils, Yajuj and Majuj, who seem as the two most accursed devils, so the role of Yajuj Majuj is feared by all human beings, thus God explains what is the reason that makes a pair of criminals whose sin is unpardonable by God, so they are cursed to become Yajuj Majuj. Such is the sin that has been committed by Abdurrahman Omen and Hartono Ahmad Jaiz raised by God to become the example of the worst accursedness.

By this statement, their names are disdained by God eternally, since their deed is included by the evidence, and we reveal those all in the Holy Book of Heaven, which will be read by all people in the world. Thus, we keep the mentioned content, which has been long released by Hartono Ahmad Jaiz in his website, and it could also be accessed through the Room of Anger Exhibition in Eden Website. Consequently, the revealment of their sins has been conserved.

 The Holy Quran, Chapter Az-Zukhruf verse 42:

Or whether [or not] We show you that which We have threatened them, indeed, We are Perfect in Ability upon them.

 Hence, in the above Az-Zukhruf verse 42, God has promised that His Judgment upon those two men will be demonstrated by God and God is truly The Almighty in demonstrating His Judgment to be real upon whomsoever, as God’s threat in this verse. Truly, God is the Almighty in judging and He is The Almighty in changing the nature of any sinner with a disgusting sin as done by Abdurrahman Omen and Hartono Ahmad Jaiz.

Ever since this provision of God’s Law has been declared to the public, then that law is now valid for them both. Therefore, God unites their spirits with the spirit of Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog, so the public witnesses the changing of their nature before they end up in the grave, public has seen the changing character of them both when they have come to the nature of devil. Such is God’s promise in the above verse.

 The Holy Quran, Chapter Az-Zukhruf verse 43:

So adhere to that which is revealed to you. Indeed, you are on a straight path.

 And unto Lia Eden, this is the verse from God for her that God in this verse has affirmed Lia Eden who is accused as heretical is actually the true God’s Messenger. Thus, in this verse, God says unto her to adhere to that which is revealed to her, after all God has guaranteed her to adhere to that which is revealed to her. Indeed, that is a straight path.

From the content of Az-Zukhruf verses 37 to 43, it could be concluded that the true story of the disclosure of Lia Eden’s sin confession unto the public by Hartono Ahmad Jaiz in his website truly opens God’s assurance upon the truth of Lia Eden, as God’s Words cited in this verse: “So adhere to that which is revealed to you. Indeed, you are on a straight path”.

As for God’s Words in this verse, do not debate it, if you want to refute this God’s covenant unto Lia Eden. However, the order of the above-mentioned Chapter Az-Zukhruf has presented the meaning of the secret verse of Az-Zukhruf from verses 37 to 44 coherently and rightly, and there is nothing that against the history of Revelation received by Lia Eden.

All empirical evidences that we state cannot be denied, and those all are also presented align with the order respectively. Since only through that way the revealment of the secret verses of Chapter Az-Zukhruf can be done. Because through that way then the conclusion in verse 43 can be opened. Therefore, truly the secret of Chapter Az-Zukhruf verses 37-43 is also the secret of the divulgence of the identity of Yajuj and Majuj. Thus, we have presented the mystery of Yajuj Majuj or Gog Magog unto the public.

 The Holy Quran, Chapter Az-Zukhruf verse 44:

 And indeed, it is a remembrance for you and your people, and you [all] are going to be questioned.

 That is how through this discourse God says unto Abdurrahman Omen and Hartono Ahmad Jaiz who detest Lia Eden, since they believe that Lia Eden is heretical. Actually they who are heretical and mislead the public who reads Thus, actually these are the Holy Verses of Quran, which is a remembrance for them both and for the Muslims. How later on you will be questioned by all people why both of you dare to do such thing. However, you should take responsibility before God upon the documents that you have disseminated.

Actually since the beginning God has determined the Holy Verses of Quran that are mutasyabihat verses, to be rendered as a remembrance for the Muslims themselves. If it is not so, the perfection of Quran is not complete. Thus, God preserves the perfection of Quran by determining His mutasyabihat verses, which are also His reprimands and His warnings unto the Muslims themselves.

As for the two of them, they will die in disgrace and what they have done causing them to be cursed as a devil. And people who are accursed to be a devil, their spirits are bound up with the devil since God’s Fatwa has been declared at this time, then whoever is accursed to be a devil, his attitude becomes vicious and inhuman

Upon our explanation regarding the above Yajuj Majuj or Gog Magog, this is God’s Revelation that concludes our explanation.

Related to the Theology of Heaven and Hell in the World

As for the Theology of Heaven and Hell in the world could only be created when I would like to establish My Heaven in the world and My Heaven has gone through prolonged oppression and tyranny. The story of tyrannized Heaven has happened and has been openly known by the public in general, therefore, the Heaven’s contribution in creating Theology of Hell in the world is legal. Thus, it is told about the people who are against Heaven and Lia Eden. And it is their stories that cause the creation of Theology of Hell.

 And I will not let the Queen of Heaven Lia Eden to be always calumniated and disdained. And I reveal the principle of the Law of Spirit Regulation related to the changing nature of two men, whose sin is most accursed, to be two most accursed devils, since they have disdained the Queen of Heaven and have calumniated with the most despicable calumny. Thus, I state that it is the most accursed sin at My Side, since both of them feel they are right when committing the calumny and disdain Lia Eden whom I am purifying.

 They work together in releasing the documentation of Lia Eden’s sin confession unto Me to the public, whilst they feel not guilty since they consider that their deed is right, and they document their evil deed in Hartono Ahmad Jaiz’s website so it is read by the public.

 No punishment of imprisonment for them, since I justify not Lia Eden to prosecute them both, because the charge of the formal law upon the sin of their deed will never enough. However, I will imprison them to enter the devil’s world eternally, as eternal as the period of this end times until the next end times come. And this is My Law upon the sin as done by Hartono Ahmad Jaiz and Abdurrahman Omen unto Lia Eden.

 Thus, at this time We inform whoever will become dajjal in the next end times, as We have informed you before regarding Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog. And all people in the world at this time could know now who is going to be Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog, as it is the factualization of My Teaching to recognize the principle of Law of Reincarnation and the principle of the Law of Spirit Regulation that actually are the absolute laws for the life of My entire creatures.

 Hence, hereby I render the story of Hartono Ahmad Jaiz’s and Abdurrahman Omen’s sin to be the concrete explanation about the changing nature of two human beings whom I decide to be the most accursed devils in this era. And I have also mentioned how long the period of My curse, that is since now, at this end times, they both are cursed till the next end times. That is My Judgment as called the eternal Hell.

 As for the principle of the Law of Reincarnation and the Law of Spirit Regulation, I should explain by explaining the unforgivable sins. And those unforgivable sins just happen in the end times when I establish My Heaven in the world, so is Hell. And all unforgivable sins are related to the sins of oppression unto the Queen of Heaven.

 Oppression and disdain experienced by the Queen of Heaven whom I have purified, whilst she carries the duty of My Salvation for the inhabitants of this earth and the duty to announce My Heaven’s Purification in the world, hence oppression and disdain as well as calumny directed unto her, that is the unforgivable sin.

 As it is also done by her former husband, Aminuddin Day, who calumniated her and who wanted to seize Heaven from her, so is Marzani Anwar, the reincarnation of Caiaphas and Bishop Pierre Cauchon, who is accompanied by his entire family and who actively calumniate and persistently detest Lia Eden and Heaven that I establish in this world. Therefore, actually they all are the enemies of Heaven. And the enemies of Heaven are those who will become the Hell’s creature, and the Hell’s creature is the devil.

 Thus, the Holy Book of Heaven perpetuates the incidents in Heaven and that gives value to the sublime essentiality of Heaven in the world and conversely, that is to give contribution of stories that depict the story of the creation of Theology of Hell in the world. Thus, the Theology of Heaven and the Theology of Hell could be standardized in this mortal realm and it happens in this modern century.

 And the entire human beings on this earth could remember how the condition and the stories of Heaven and Hell when I bring them down to the world. How every Divine destiny that I determine in human world certainly comes with a concept and the true story. Thus, the theology is created and becomes the teaching of the new universal spiritualism theology that I am descending down worldwidely for the sake of becoming the theology of unification of all religions that I am establishing now.

 And We will bring forth many sessions that will bind the stories of the old Apostolate in the history of the recent Heaven, thus I will put together the secret of the holy verses from the four Holy Books of the largest religions in the world through the revealment of the secret of each holy book. Thus, this time the one that we prioritize is Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin.

 And We put the Theology of Heaven in the revealment of the secret of Chapter An-Najm, which the secret is related to the initiation of bringing down Heaven in the world. Meanwhile, the Theology of Hell is kept in Chapter Ya-Sin, however the meaning of Ya-Sin is actually Heaven and Hell. And as for the incident of Hell, it begins from the rejection upon My Revelations, which carried by Lia Eden and the Eden Apostolate. And that is the essence of Chapter Ya-Sin. Thus, it is the meaning of Ya-Sin, namely Heaven and Hell.

 From the correlation of them both in the verse of Ya-Sin, thus We explain the correlation of the story of Heaven with the story of Hell in the world. Thus, the secret of Ya Sin is Heaven and Hell or blessing and curse Thus, I have revealed the real meaning of the essence of Chapter Ya-Sin.

 God’s Revelation descended down on August 16, 2017


Nevertheless, the role of Lia Eden as the Queen of Heaven and the Queen of Justice in the world, her path of purification should be opened, the public must know it. After all, the karma redemption of veneration unto Mary as the mother of God has long been clearly explained through the experience of disdain upon Lia Eden all this time.

Disdain unto Lia Eden comes not only from Hartono Ahmad Jaiz, but also from Marzani Anwar, who is the reincarnation of Caiaphas, as well as the reincarnation of Bishop Pierre Cauchon. And disdain that is really humiliating also gone through by Lia Eden from her former husband, Aminuddin Day, who is the reincarnation of Adam, he is now undergoing the end of rotation of the principle of spirit regulation, that is from the nature of angel, created to be a human as Adam, and continues to decline reaching the worst nature, that is a devil. His demon appears to disdain Lia Eden with full of lust without willingness to see who is being disdained by him. Adam’s demon, which is created from the spirit of angel, in this end times becoming a human, whose sin unto Heaven and unto Lia Eden is the severest.

As for Lia Eden, she is in the opposite direction of her husband’s nature. Eve was created with the destiny of possessing the devil’s spirit. Thus, the story of Heaven of Eden tells about the role of serpent and the tree that its fruit is forbidden to be picked. Before Eve was created, the devil embodied to be a serpent, and then in the session of spirit regulation and the creature in the Law of Spirit Regulation, the devil that has embodied as a serpent would manifest to be a human for its accursedness has completed. Hence its spirit first experienced habitat neutralization and became the fruit tree in Heaven. And thereof, the fruit tree in Heaven was forbidden to be picked since neutralization of habitat on Eve was taking place at that time.

And when Eve allured Adam to pick the forbidden fruit, henceforth the female gender has the habitat to allure the male gender. Thus, the nature of Adam and Eve was begun. And since that time, from Adam and Eve born genetics regeneration who possess positive gene as well as negative gene.

The story of betrayed Heaven and the story of oppressed Heaven and the story of disdained Heaven, those all underly the Theology of Hell in the world. They all who betray and oppress as well as disdain Lia Eden, they all change nature to be a devil and they are the figures whom are mentioned in the deepening of Theology of Hell in the world.

From all disdains, so are the entire disdains upon herself from the public, those all have been the completion of karma redemption of veneration that should be paid by Lia Eden for Mary/Maryam. And the era of long millenniums, Eve reincarnates over and over until now becomes Lia Eden.

Thus, the rotation of destiny of Eve, who was created from the devil’s spirit, now has come to the end its rotation, that is the changing nature toward the noblest nature, entering the angelic world. Thus, she is bestowed by God a duty and authority to become the Queen of Heaven and the Queen of Justice in the world. And if Lia Eden succeeds to carry out her duty, which is bestowed by God at this present time, then she is promised by God to change nature becoming an angel. Hence, she deserves to be coupled with me, Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit, because it is already the time for her to be in the noblest destiny.

From the story of Adam and Eve, who now reincarnate to be Aminuddin Day and Lia Eden, supposedly it could be rendered as the science of life eschatology, which is based on the Law of Spirit Regulation related to the Law of Reincarnation. Therefore, actually all the bitter experiences that have been gone through by Lia Eden all this time, it was not in vain, since those all are the stairway toward the noblest destiny.

Thus, all disdains experienced by Lia Eden all this time, have caused Lia Eden to complete her karma redemption as the Virgin Mary, who is venerated as the Mother of God. After all that karma’s burden is the heaviest for her, since Mary is the mother of Jesus, who is deified. And since Jesus has been deified as the only son of God, then the connotation of the Virgin Mary could be meant as God’s wife.

The karma redemption of the veneration upon Mary, truly has disdained Lia Eden, thus ever since she was approached by her destiny (1995-2017) she is continuously stricken by defamation. Similarly, the criteria of the purification of the Queen of Heaven is like that. And that suffering ascertain her not to dare becoming arrogant when she gain the victory, and she certainly will not dare to accept veneration upon her from whomever. And the people now also realize how dangerous it is to venerate someone whom they love and glorified. Therefore, do not ever associate God with whomesoever, for truly it is a pity for the people who are venerated by associating him with God.

As the angel the bearer of Revelation, I certainly know how heavy the redemption of the debt of veneration karma unto Mary by Lia Eden. Thus, even if I realized the infiltration of Abdurrahman (Omen) into Eden, but I let it happened so the target of purifying Lia Eden could reach the completion of karma redemption of the veneration upon Mary. As for Mary’s role as the Queen of Heaven, which is believed by the Christian, it is also the subject of veneration upon Mary, but God responds to it by fulfilling the reincarnation of Mary, namely Lia Eden, as the Queen of Heaven with the purpose that the reincarnation of Mary obliges to straighten the veneration upon herself, Jesus as well as upon the Holy Spirit.

As for the burden of the karma of veneration upon us, that is what we should redeem to be Eden’s defeat due to the accusation of heresy which cannot be shifted before the redemption of veneration karma we could totally redeem. As for the total redemption, now we have fulfilled it, as it is also the time for the Heaven’s Miracle to be revealed.

And from the blessing of Heaven’s Miracle that has been revealed, this is how God’s Blessing unto her. She becomes proficient in writing the foremost God’s Revelations. No human being in this world could interpret even one secret of the holy verse, however she can understand the key of all secrets of the holy books from the four holy books of the largest religions in the world. That is because God bequeaths unto her the interpretation of all veiling verses from those holy books.

Hence, this Eden Discourse, which is first stated as the revealment of the secret of Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin from Quran, it turns out that it also includes the revealment of many secrets of other verses, as the secret of this Chapter Az-Zukhruf, including from the Bible and Vedas as well as Dhammapada.

After all, those secrets of the holy verses are correlated to one another. Truly, that is God’s concept in His Will to bring peace unto all adherents for the sake of unification of all religions. Supposedly from the explicit interpretation of Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin, many other secret verses are also opened.

How all other secret verses that have been opened, actually the secrets could only be revealed at the time of the revealment of Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin, considering the structure of the pronouns of the subject and object of all revealed secret verses, opened simultaneously with the revealment or Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin.

And if they are not opened simultaneously, then there will be some which left behind. And when it is left, thus the main interpretation cannot have proper comparison, then the secret becomes voiceless or empty. Thus, the revealment of the secret of Chapter An-Najm and Chapter Ya-Sin becomes long and considered as the most important.

And why does God make a stipulation upon the secret of Chapter An-Najm and the secret of Chapter Ya-Sin as the ‘locomotive’ of the secret of Qur’an’s Holy Verses? That is because Chapter An-Najm contains the secret related to God’s secret regarding Heaven in the world, whilst Chapter Ya-Sin contains the secret of the future of Indonesia where the Apostolate of the end times is established amongst the Muslims in Indonesia. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Indonesian Muslims are used to perform yasinan. Thus, the spirit of Chapter Ya-Sin adheres to the Indonesian Muslims.

It is also interpreted that for God, the secret of the holy verses of Quran is the last written veiling verses, thus the veiling verses from Quran is rendered by God as the opening of the explanation (in the Holy Book of Heaven) that connects a conclusion of the series of veiling verses from the previous four holy books. It is because the destiny of the end times is started when the Muslims need to be specially reprimanded by God. And it is because the Muslims think there is no religion that is as true as Islam. Therefore, the secret of Quran could only be opened when it includes the opening of the secret of the holy verses from the other three holy books of the largest religions in the world, namely Vedas, Dhammapada and Bible.

And the one that opens all the veiling holy verses is God’s Revelation delivered by us, Archangel Jibril and Lia Eden. And the detail of the opening concept of all veiling holy verses from the four holy books is bound in the secret of the mystery of Heavenly Marriage, that certainly cannot forever be opened by anyone else, except by the Heaven’s couple themselves.

And nevertheless, what is meant by Heavenly Marriage or the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, namely Lia Eden, is none other than the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary and Eve as well as Joan of Arc and R.A. Kartini. From all her spirit identities, thus the role of Lia Eden is now cross religion.

Nevertheless, the role of Lia Eden has been designed intentionally beforehand by God for the sake of the efficiency of the duty and responsibility of God’s Messenger in the end times. In our explanation, the duty of the reincarnation of Mary is already mentioned, that she is the one who is assigned by God to convey His Fatwa related to unification of all religions. Let us read Chapter Al-Anbiya verses 91-93, as follows:

 The Holy Quran, Chapter Al-Anbiya verse 91:

And [mention] the one who guarded her chastity, so We blew into her [garment] through Our angel [Jibril], and We made her and her son a sign for the worlds.

It is said, remember the tidings about Mary in Quran (Lia Eden as the reincarnation of Mary) had been calumniated and disdained and tyrannized as well as oppressed by the Indonesian Muslims. However, her belief is still firm and she is reckless not to respond unto all calumnies and disdains directed unto her, for it is forbidden for her. Therefore, she responds not at all to those calumnies, except keep continuing to write God’s Revelations and my explanations that are truly dense. How God’s Revelation and my defences upon her that are brought forth. And truly God’s defense unto her is based on the veiling verses, which the meaning is opened, and I, Jibril, who mediates her in writing God’s Revelations.

Thus, all her time is occupied only for writing God’s Revelations and everything that I convey unto her, thus she is never slipped to make a response unto all calumnies and disdains upon her. And that is the factualization from the first sentence of the Chapter Al-Anbiya verse 91, “And [mention] the one who guarded her chastity”.

And the next sentence mentioned that God speaks in this verse stating, “so We blew into her body through Our angel [Jibril]. Thus, by God’s Stipulation my spirit Jibril resides within her, whilst she is continuously purified so she is free from the turbulence caused by differences in the kinds of spirit.

As for the person whose spirit is coupled with the angel’s spirit or with other creature (jinn or devil), he certainly experiences temporal tension, which causes him to go through disequilibrium feeling, moreover if the spirit integration is forced. However, the harmony of the integration of my spirit with Lia Eden’s has been formatted, so Lia Eden precisely experiences improvement in intelligence and divination.

After all, an integration of different kinds of spirit happened not since she was born. Therefore actually, the condition of spirit integration inside someone will surely cause disturbance on the metabolism system and the nerves, which are not used to blending with the addition of one spirit inside her body. However, the integration brings her to understand the spirit world and its law principle. However, she becomes swift and intelligent in writing God’s Revelations coherently and it is like digging the sentences from inside herself. God’s Revelation that she must write down is clearly heard by her.

From the integration of her spirit and mine, then there is no negative response comes out from her, all her responses are guided to become my response. And anyone could see that behind her there is I who always there with her, thus I live amongst human being as she also enters the life of the spirit realm, hence she could explain the Principle of Law in the spirit realm.

However, she wanders not the wild life of the spirit realm, because she is not equipped with mystical power, which is commonly used by the mystical people in the society. Contrarily, I precisely bind her with the knowledge of the Law of Spirit Realm, which sinergizes with the Law of the universe. Therefore, she is never fascinated by any magical power, yet she is with Heavenly magical power, which is perfect and universewide. And God says that the miracle of Revelation completes her.

When at this time she has the possibility to become the intermediary between human being and God and vice versa, hence she is not only become herself, yet it is also because God wants to make her as His Miracle in this modern century. As the Queen of Heaven of Eden and Eden Kingdom and as the Queen of Justice, she is certainly blessed with Heaven’s Miracle and the miracle of the holy justice, besides the miracle of Revelation.

After all, it is the objectivity of God’s Most Justice that she must write down. And say that the reincarnation of Mary possesses the prominent miracle, which is different from Jesus’s miracle that causes him to be deified by the Christians. Thus, the last sentence of Chapter Al-Anbiya verse 91 states, “and We made her and her son a sign for the worlds”. The Eden’s Miracle is the Heaven’s Miracle, thus how would the Heaven’s Miracle not become universewide?

And upon the meaning of the above verse, how God in this century is willing to draw together Lia Eden’s miracle today with Jesus’ miracle in the past, so the Christians who deify Jesus could understand that if God is willing to end the veneration upon Jesus, then the miracle of the reincarnation of Mary who is compared with the miracle bestowed unto Jesus in the past. Hence, do not deify anyone just because of the miracle bestowed by God unto him.

Thus, truly the above verse has described God’s Explanation who wants to render the reincarnation of Mary to be compared with the miracle of her son, Jesus, who are equally blessed with a miracle from God of the universe. However, Lia Eden is shown by God as an ordinary woman who has no power upon God’s Miracle bestowed unto her, even she is forbidden to pray applying God’s Miracle when she is cornered. Such is God’s Stipulation unto her so in the future she will not be deified, even in fact she is the Queen of Heaven of Eden and the Queen of Justice.

It is enough that she is the only one who becomes the model who brings in God’s Miracle unto the world, whilst she involves not in the effort to make the miracle of Revelation or the miracle of Heaven exist worlwidely. Those all could be applied solely as God’s Stipulation.

As for the most holiness of Heaven and the most sacrosanctity of the Holy Book of Heaven, which is being written by her, it should be proved before the world public, since she is assigned by God to convey His Fatwas and His Articles of Law that are truly heavy to be borne by her. Thus, in this verse it is stated that the reincarnation of Mary is rendered as the proof of God’s Mightiness upon the universe.

Likewise, through Lia Eden, God explains frankly about His Shape that is Spherical and Rotating. God’s frankness is intended to make all people realize to not worship others, for He is The Only One and The Almighty upon all universes and the entire lives of the creatures inside them.

 The Holy Quran, Chapter Al-Anbiya verse 92:

 Indeed this, your religion, is one religion, and I am your Lord, so worship Me.

 Thus, the verse 92 of Chapter Al-Anbiya has explained about God’s Command unto Lia Eden related to the recent God’s Fatwa, that is unification of all religions in the theology of absolute monotheism of God The Only One. And therefore, God purifies all beliefs and simplifies them to make it easy to be unified. After all, this is God’s Stipulation so all adherents and all people in the world should be tawheed, only worship God The Only One.

 The Holy Quran, Chapter Al-Anbiya verse 93:

 And [yet] they divided their affair (religion’s matter) among themselves, [but] all to Us will return.

 Thus, the condition of religion in this era has been so chaotic and confusing. Conflict and war in the name of religion has come to diversification, which is really illogical. Religious deviation affects the changing of the purity of a religion. After all, the changing of the tawheed religions is influenced by the opinions of the religious leaders who involve in political battle, so they wiggle the understanding of the holy verse to convey justification of his political alibis. Thus, political competition fills his tertimonies, which then become illogical if it is already calling for hatred and mobilization of assault. Thus, religious conflict becomes so frightening.

All opinions and criticisms move away from common sense. Thus, upon all religions, cleansing and purification needs to be conducted once again. And if it is traced through the attention that should be adjusted with the character of faith of every adherent, then God’s Salvation in the end times will not succeed because the straightening of all religions will take time and energy, that can never be enough no matter how its qualification is rectified meticulously.

Those all will reach to the inconclusive differences, so those difference lose its original form. Even God’s Most Mightiness in restoring cannot be applied if it is the straightening upon all religions that is expected. For there is not enough time if the distortion of all religions should be weeded out one by one. The doomsday process cannot be receded. How religious issues have been like the tangled threads soaked in mud and blood, which cannot be untangled.

Thus, God considers that it is easier and more effective if the entire religions are abrogated. And all religious adherents are brought back to the clearness and the purity of each religious teaching. Thus, the firmness of our explanation in Chapter Al Anbiya verse 93 that states, “all to Us will return”.

Thus, before the time comes to enact the Revelation intervention to the I.T. satellite, Lia Eden should have braced up declaring of the existence of Revelation related to God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment for the world. And correlated to it, first God wants to reveal His Court of Justice and His Judgment upon the Indonesians and the Muslims.

As properly it should be brought forth to the public, therefore certainly she has to go through intensified and efficient purification, thus in this recent time, complicated and heavy experiences and matters that are the most disgusting for her, inevitably should be gone through by her. However, it is also to teach her deeper submission and impartial wisdom in delivering litigation of God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment process, which she obliges to write down.

But beforehand she obliges to fulfil the criteria of karma redemption of veneration upon Mary. And so do I, I need to purify her with the criteria which is stated in my domain as the Holy Spirit. Thus, both of us now have come to the stage of the vacuum of attention from all people in the world.

Revelation, which has been rejected in this country, seems like it has been firmly rejected, and as if the international world also agrees with the accusation of heresy upon Eden. Thus, in order to tear down the accusation of heresy, meticulousness of fully paying the veneration upon the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary is needed. And it has the possibility for us to resolve it when there is no more desire from any party to look at the truth of God’s Revelations that we carry. And it is signified as our starting point to reverse toward the focusing, and it is adjusted to the principle of Law of Spirit Regulation that requires our destiny to start from the lowest point of defeat.

Thus, our struggle for 22 years is actually not futile since at the time the foolishness of accusation of heresy has also reaped its curse globally, then it is also the time for us to perform the activity to resolve the firmness of accusation of heresy by presenting the explicit meaning from all the veiling verses of which the meaning is still implicit. And that is the sublime truth of the recent God’s Revelation. And if it has been like that, then there is more ulema’s postulate that could defend their accusation of heresy.

Purification of the Queen of Heaven to Become the Queen of Justice

There is no one who could position herself as the Queen of Heaven as well as the Queen of Justice, if it is not God Himself who decides His own selection. The impartiality of the Queen of Heaven should totally be trustworthy, therefore I am directly involved in Lia Eden’s privacy life completely. That is how Lia Eden’s personality becomes multiple personality in a positive connotation. But, then I, Jibril, could freely do activity through her. My thoughts flow through her mind. My spontaneous reaction becomes hers. I direct Her consideration as such, so she could comprehend my balance calculation. And it could be attained by her through the conclusion of her holiness attained by her.

That is how the qualification of holiness should be undergone through Lia Eden’s inner struggle, who is being purified. Therefore actually, she also learns as a human being who is learning, it is just she goes through not a lesson in a certain class room. The trials of training to differentiate between the frequency of God’s voice with the frequency of Jibril’s voice is also sufficient.

She is not allowed to have the feeling of putting God equal to my existence inside her. Only for that, there should be a typology of God’s Most Sacredness and her absolute obedience unto God that should be differentiated from the typology of the vibration of my voice in her mind and her obligation to fully obey me. And it is not easy unless her faith has been truly completed, thereof she has been united with my frequency, that different from God’s frequency inside her.

What and how is the most sacredness? And how is the realization of God’s Most Justice when it should be applied in human world, and how is God’s Most Justice in the spirit realm and for all His creatures? Therefore, there is certainly a similarity with God’s Most Justice for the universe, although the structure of the law is not the only one, since God’s Justice is wide-ranging when it is applied in the universe. That is what she has learnt all this time.

And therefore, we liken God’s Most Justice must become the knowledge about God’s Principle of Law and God’s Principle of Most Justice. And it cannot be made down-to-earth if there is no one who is involved by God to write His Revelation regarding that matter. Therefore, God’s Messenger is involved in making His Principle of Law and His principle of Most Justice down-to-earth. And no one is able to provide any explanation regarding this matter, if he is not involved in the momentums of life struggle between life and death in striving for God’s Revelation and all His Teaching that are about to be made exist by God.

No matter how perfect and complete God’s previous teaching, if it has existed since thousands years ago, whereas this earth has approached its doomsday, surely there is thing that could explain what condition that causes God’s Revelation in the end times becomes the conclusion of all His teachings on all religions.

After all, human’s civilization in the ancient time and in this modern era is really different, the human’s sins in the past were still simple, unlike the human’s sins in this era, which is soaring aligns with the development of their technology.

The coming of the cycle of doomsday is always indicated with a very advance civilization. After all, civilization is not static and always changing. And now its development has reached the civilization of technology of solar energy and cyber as well as digital. Human’s sins become insurmountable by the presence of internet and utilization of cellular phone for all people in the world. Those all could facilitate the crime to globalize instantly and it is not easy to overcome. Meanwhile, the formal law-just about to be adjusted by those global crimes.

Appropriate or not appropriate, the formal law now loses step from the digital and cyber crime. Therefore, it needs an exploration of crime eradication through the new God’s Provision of Law. And in a continuation of that, the formal law needs to be reformatted by adapting the legal clauses emphasized by God in His newest Revelation.

That all global crimes, which are difficult to be caught by law, it is expected could be caught by God’s most sacrosanct Law. An allied crime, which involving cross country and globalizing, will be resolved by God if the trial mentions about the new God’s Articles of Law that intentionally brought down by God.

And if God’s Article of Law is mentioned as a consideration of law applied unto the defendant, hence the stated God’s Article of Law is also applied unto him. Therefore, the criminals will be afraid to do the crime as they wish. Since the most sacrosanctity of God’s Words, which are being descended down at this time, its harm certainly works meticulously, for this is the Day of God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment worldwidely.

So it is, the globalized crime will recede when all people treat this new God’s Revelation as sacred and sacrosanct. Truly, if God’s Revelation would be sacralized and obeyed, then God will work overcoming the crimes, the original as well as the one utilizes technology.

God’s Power could cause a certain crime to be divulged and caught in the act and has a valid evidence, so the criminals could be imprisoned. So it is the duty of the angels in this world, who always carry out the content of God’s Revelation, which has been mandated to them. That is how the way we work, always oriented toward God’s Stipulation in His Revelation, which is being descended down in Eden.

Thus, if all people realize the most sacrosanct God’s Revelation, hence the criminals know that God is certainly aware of their evil deeds. And if God’s Revelation has been obeyed by the world, the criminals will be afraid of the sin punishment that will befall on them, since God will bring forth His Day of Reckoning indeed, where all sins are instantly paid back.

After all, internet and cyber technology has been utilized to do international crime. Even a crime could pile up amongst the legal enforcers themselves. Mastering the newest system of technology could make everyone perform a sophisticated criminal modus, and temptation upon a fortune and wealth is hard to be curbed amongs the people who could master the cyber and internet technology, and that knowledge could be mastered by anyone who shows interest in that matter.

Truly now the order of formal law, which is formatted to overcome digital crime, its rate is not as fast as the skill of the criminal in exploring technology. Thus, the development of global crime is faster. Therefore, God’s Principle of Law should be descended down in such civilization as what has happened, for the life strate of human being in this modern era, almost all people are familiar with the utilization of technology.

The holy verses in the holy books have become outdated and unsuitable with the spiritual condition in this recent era, which has a wish for an intellectual logical objectivity of the modern people to keep subjugating in believing God’s Teaching, which is believed all this time. Whereas, what they believe is already unsuitable with the logic of persuasive upon their respective religion, even it is imposed. Hence, it becomes an emptiness of belief or contrarily becomes a radicalism and terrorism. Upon those two matters, a comfortable codification to connect all religious contradiction is needed, so it could be resulted in the lessening or diminishment of religious conflict.

Any drop of enlightenment that we could provide, we will keep fighting for it, for intellectuality and spiritualism now are not in line anymore, when technology has dominated the cyberspace and technology has soared universewide. However, on the other hand, how if intellectuality is shackled by the old doctrines, then it becomes fanaticism which is arisen amongst the intellectuals. And if their circle comes forth, then the primordial-sectarian understanding is more acceptable and justified by the common people. Since argumentation from the intellectuals is more suitable amongst the modern society when they use ‘scientific’ language.

How their lecture or paper raises not curiosity, since the public considers them as an expert in their field of expertise and religious knowledge, so whatever delivered in the lecture is considered as definite and intellectual truth. In general, academicians have actually involved in the domain of intolerant exclusivism. Thus, the ‘market’ of the intolerant and radical followers increases.

How an intellectual’s scientific stimulation could change a simple logic to become a scientific illogical, just because he uses scientific language.

If the intellectual group is involved to become hotheaded due to fanaticism, and if their explanations with scientific language are also pervaded to become a modern religious language, then spiritualism is assumed following the development of the era after entering the world of intellectuality. As it should be appreciated indeed, if involves not spiritual ego or political cost. For if it is already like that, religious transformation understanding would have already been tied to certain names of the prominent figures.

Truly, spiritualism with intellectual language could be felt like a spiritual transformation, since the dialectic is set in the scientific language, which hesitates not to jump over the signs. The philosophical freedom in the free intellectuals’ dialog becomes a trend. Spiritual transformation is opened and could be discussed in an intellectual language. Whereas, the tendency even opens the opportunity to change into a pure spirituality.

Therefore, if the moderat understanding would be expanded unto the public, provide the people with the purity of religion and do not localize people’s understanding upon their religion under the reason of that transformation. Therefore, the provided ideas will flow together with the purity of religion. And transformation upon religion will be concretized by releasing itself from religious sentiment. Free the spiritualism to be opened bringing together all adherents and fellowmen.

Moderateness could conserve the purity of religious teaching, if it maintains the absoluteness of Monotheism and which perceives Monotheism, Pantheism and Monism as a consentaneous and mutual completing philosophical theology. And that is an objective spiritualism, which has been concrete. Therefore, when science is put into a concrete spiritualism in a humorous and smart way, but still conserves Monotheis, thus spiritualism transformation harms not the tawheedness of all religions when it is adjusted to the spiritual of the intellectuals and moderate Muslim intellectuals.

Theology of Pantheism (God is the powers and laws of the universe) and Monism (nature is One unity with God), is actually just an old explanation, that is now formatted to be the Oneness of God, which is spherical and rotating, and embraces the entire universe. Thus, the new spiritualism that is being established by God at this time, is none other than unification of an understanding of the theology of Monotheism, Pantheism and Monism.

Therefore, actually the idealism of the intellectuals, who tend to wish for spiritual transformation, supposedly not to shift from those three ism. And even they now get the space to perpetuate the spiritual transformation wished by them through God’s explanation upon His Shape, which is Spherical and Rotating.

Therefore, it is better that the tendency to seek transformation through connotation of science in spiritualism or contrarily, to make spiritual connotation into the science, but both touch not the root and the essence, let alone if it includes the spiritual ideas, which wandering to the spirit world and sacralisation. Religion then also enters the eeriness of mystical and occult practices, and mistakenly thought as the short cut of God’s Blessing.

And then the phenomenon of hypnotism penetrates the heavens, and the others manifest philosophies that flows bid’ah. But it is felt not as bid’ah when it uses intellectual language and philosophy, but rather it becomes a trend of transformation demanded by the mass. Thus, without realizing it, religious has been deviated. Hence, it becomes a perfect misleading, since they use their scientific postulates, so the people who admire it consider that is the best choice at the time of religious conflict confuses all the truths. That is how nonsensical spiritual transformation and fanaticism unto harsh doctrine, equally cause uncertainty since later on it becomes mistargetted.

Scientific confusion is created through the confusion of understanding upon the truth and upon spiritualism, which have been polarized and gone through dichotomy of truth, that equally incomplete, yet believed as the original truth, whereas those have been experimented by themselves.

Therefore, spiritualism transformation should be made by God once again. And so, His Messenger should be present, who is not radical and neutral. However, to shape it such that way, it needs a focusing of specific purification on her.

Thus, the blessing of purification upon Lia Eden, she is blessed with endurance to purify and pliable intelligence so it can be explored to be able to write all explanation from God which is very difficult for her. Thus, she is now moving to recover herself from the pressure that dominates her life, which is full of high dilemmas and full of dangerous risks. As she has also gone through a deep teaching of divination, for she learns from her transcendental communication, which is also active and full of benefits. From those both matters, as if she lives between Hell and Heaven. And that is the fact of her life as a human being, but also as the blessed God’s Messenger.

Therefrom, all the balance of negative and positive accumulates with the clearances that she could attain from the conflict of objectivity and subjectivity of the teaching of justice taught by God unto her. Thus, gradually the teaching of justice from God then becomes her habitat. Consideration resulted from the panic effect that she has gone through all this time with the certainty of enlightment from God that she always receives has succeeded in changing her character, from a flower artist to become God’s Messenger, or from an ordinary human to be a spiritualist. Concretely, she has gone through a spiritual purification so she could see all dilemmas clearly, even for the dilemma of holiness. Preparation for her, whom has been blessed with the title of the Queen of Justice by God, its purification is quite difficult.

She must feel God’s Most Justice upon all holy people thoughtfully. How only for that, she inevitable goes through how God is complicated in elucidating the criteria of holiness and the true believing. For actually, it is not easy, not as easy as differentiating holiness with evilness or transgression. It is also not as easy as justifying the matter which has been right, even though it has faced the justified mistake. Because there is still the real truth that cannot be loosened from its concreteness.

After all, there are other things that should be considered upon a certain truth which its truth has been settled. Because there is a negative influence that could muddy a real truth, when lifting up that truth to be a slogan of striving which is soared so it could change the form, when the victory upon that truth happens not. Then the real truth is left in emptiness or draws less attention and then it is left behind. That real truth then could end in a disappointment, and therefrom its negativity rises.

Whereas, the real truth should also go through its concrete trials. And it is like an iceberg, which only the top is seen. A real truth, which only its top is seen, but actually underneath there is a mountain of ice, which consists not only chuncks of ice. And that is the sublime truth. Therefore, actually the real truth, which is fought for consistently without expecting any reward, that is the key of the real truth, which will enable to reach the sublime truth.

And the sublime truth depends not on the figure who introduces it or involves in the incident, but the sublime truth is certainly based on Divinity, which becomes concrete through the happening of the revolving of the battle between the right truth and the real truth. However, the difference between them both, its truth is difficult to be improvised. Because there is always a flat similarity between them both, except when the real truth could plung deeply and simultaneously could also soar freely to the sky, then the real truth is qualified to approach the sublime truth.

However, the sublime truth is God’s Revelation. Its real truth has a complete concreteness when the occurrences of battle between the truth in the world is emphasized by God’s Revelation. As for God’s emphasis, those have become discourses, which contain abundant of concepts. The whole concepts are the product of As-Shirat Al-mustaqim purification. In fact, such abundance has not been seen yet as the top of iceberg. Even it is still considered as the melting of an ice cube.

Whereas, it is the sublime essentiality that is now being fought over and has resulted in blood flood and scattered debris, and has caused millions of immigrants suffer being driven away from the countries that wish not to be disturbed by them. Therefore, God is willing to bring back all truths on their respective role. Thereof, Heaven’s purification is carried out and Heaven’s purification will not be recognized if there is no God’s Messenger who declares it. And if it should be declared so all people are aware of the existence of God’s purification in the world, then God should certainly purify someone who will be declared as the Queen of Heaven, who is just and trusted.

As for Heaven’s requirement in the world, it reveals that the Queen of Heaven and the Queen of God’s Kingdom also position as the Queen of Justice. After all, the principles of God’s Most Justice applied by God in His Court of Justice and His Judgment cannot be recognized by mankind, if there is no one told by God and who could write it to be a teaching of knowledge about God’s Most Justice. And thereof, the title of Queen of Justice is bestowed by God unto Lia Eden to write down God’s Principle of Law related to God’s Most Justice in reprimanding as well as judging.

The title of Queen of Justice for Lia Eden cannot be given before God declares the enactment of His Court of Justice and His Judgment worldwidely. And when it is time for Lia Eden to carry out her duty to write down God’s Revelations related to the God’s Principle of Law in adjudicating and judging, hence for the duty and the authority to write down God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment, Lia Eden should possess that title. Thus, the Queen of Justice also becomes the title of Lia Eden.

In order not to make her accused as a person who is greedy upon the queen title, then God entrusted the prophecy of Ratu Adil (Queen of Justice) and Satrio Piningit (Hidden Knight) unto Jayabaya. And if the notable figure such as Jayabaya who left the prophecy of the Queen of Justice and the Hidden Knight, then the prophecy is eternal until the time comes to be revealed by God.

Thus, the seclusion upon Lia Eden by God is because she must focus on self-purification and writing God’s Revelations, it means also that I, Jibril, who is united inside her, could also be signified as the Hidden Knight. And my role in conveying God’s Revelation unto Lia Eden, who is also secluded by God, is in line with what has been prophesied by Jayabaya as Satrio Piningit, the Hidden Knight, since I am invisible, whilst I exist in Lia Eden’s writing and truly exist amongst the Eden Messengers. Thus, the perfection of the prophecy of the Queen of Justice (Ratu Adil) and the Hidden Knight (Satrio Piningit) cannot be taken away by anybody else who also wishes to claim herself as Satrio Piningit and Ratu Adil.

As for Satrio Piningit and Ratu Adil, the Hidden Knight and Queen of Justice, has become inseparable one unity, as it has also been prophesied in Chapter Maryam verse 17. Thus, our unification cannot be refuted or snapped by others, who want to claim themselves as Ratu Adil and Satrio Piningit. They could only claim one of them, Ratu Adil or Satrio Piningit, cannot be both, as our statement.

That is how Lia Eden, without being asked first of her courage upon the blessing of three title of Queen she is blessed with by God, she just accepts those titles without knowing why there are three queenship title should be bestowed by God. We should explain here, that as the Queen of Heaven she obliges to meticulously secure the holiness of Heaven.

As for the duty to meticulously maintain the Heaven’s holiness, it is impossible to be done with full responsibility, unless God bless her with divination to see the sign of mistake from all her followers. Thus, she is bestowed with a sensitivity to feel the mistake that threatening one of her followers. Since that time, she carefully watches that person deeds until the signs become real. And God teaches her considerations upon all mistakes that possibly happen in her surrounding. Which one could be pardoned by God and which could not.

Thus, thoroughness of Heaven’s purification and her surrounding, the house which dwelled by them and all personalities of her followers, should be watched carefully by her. And she must also declare what and how Heaven’s purification unto the public, since she is also responsible for God’s purification to the public. How Lia Eden is the one who is seen as the Queen of Heaven, hence certainly she must take care of all parties who come to her and who desire to purify themselves. Thus, the title of the Queen of Heaven is the duty and responsibility that should be accounted unto God and unto the public.

Furthermore, her title as the Queen of Kingdom of Eden, which its hierarchy is stipulated by God as His Kingdom in the world, certainly it will be questioned by the world. For how could a human being be positioned as the Queen of Heaven as well as the Queen of Kingdom of Eden, which is stated as the Kingdom of God in the world?

After all, that hierarchy cannot be acknowledged by any human being in this world. Our announcement that Lia Eden is the Queen of Kingdom of Eden could be regarded as a claim from a megalomaniac who is aware not of herself. Thus, stipulation of Lia Eden as the Queen of Heaven and the Queen of Eden Kingdom by God is not welcomed by the people. Thus, various criticisms and disdains besiege Lia Eden.

Whereas, the hierarchy of the Kingdom of Eden should be brought forth as the highest hierarchy, since God’s Revelation released in Eden is obliged to be treated as sacred and sacrosanct by all people and all adherents in the world. Thus, God’s Revelation could be accepted as the utmost solution for the world. After all, Heaven is descended down worldwidely to purify all people in the world for the sake of salvation.

How the amendment of the old God’s Law is certainly issued by God’s Kingdom in the world, thus it is the functionalization of Eden Kingdom in the world. And how Heaven in the world should be equipped with the Constitution of God’s Kingdom in the world, for only the Constitution of God’s Kingdom in the world that could issue the amendment of the old God’s Law, which no longer suits with the legal problem in this era.

God’s Postulates of Law, which are mentioned in the old holy books, are no longer suitable with the level of crime at this time. Therefore, if the new stipulations from God are required, certainly the newest Provision of God’ Law is written by the Queen of Kingdom of Eden. However, the one who informs about the new Postulates of God’s Law is God’s Judge, that is me, Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit, directly under God’s Approval. Therefore, all that is written by Lia Eden, essentially I am the one who is responsible for that. Thus, Lia Eden who writes the recent Provision of God’s Law.

As for that reason, God’s Kingdom is needed on this earth, and certainly there is a Queen who takes care of every mandate given by God unto her. So it is really seen, who is responsible upon the writing of God’s Revelation and it is also real the person who is bestowed with God’s Revelation.

Supposedly all people in the world would be willing to understand, truly there is someone who writes all the renewed God’s Stipulations, so human being could know God’s Stipulations, which are just established by God to overcome world’s heavy issues and those all are directed to reach the world peace.

After all, the new God’s Stipulations must be glorified and sacralised by all countries in the world, hence all God’s Stipulations issued for the world must certainly be publicized from God’s Kingdom in the world, that is the Kingdom of Eden.

As lay as Lia Eden is upon politic and the world issues and as uncertain as she is to write down God’s Stipulation for certain head of state who is reprimanded by God as well as who gets direction from God, but she is obliged to absolutely obey God and obliged to be courageously responsible for writing God’s Revelation for the world and for certain figures whose role are being focusly spotlighted by God. However, in writing those God’s Revelations, she holds the position as the Queen of Kingdom of Eden. Therefore, she is positioned as the person who is responsible for God’s Revelation that she should write down. Hence, she could impossibly run away from her responsibility as the Queen of Kingdom of Eden.

That is how the title of the Queen of Justice for her has been the domain of the Queen of Heaven and the Queen of the Kingdom of Eden, since it is from Heaven, the Discourse of God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment is publicized for the world. Hence, her three titles have been in one unity enclosed in the duty and authority as God’s Messenger in the end times, because Heaven’s purification also comes with a duty and authority to present the Provisions of God’s Law in His Court of Justice and His Judgment at this present time. Therefore, she must be bestowed with the title of the Queen of Justice as her role has been prophesied by Jayabaya.

Thus, Lia Eden’s purification has come to a more specific category, but the primary one. However, it is in one substance with the perfection of karma redemption of the veneration and glorification upon the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God, an exaggerated glorification, surpasses the human nature. Thus, Lia Eden’s purification seems to have no ending.

Thus, Lia Eden and I who are united inside her, that is what brings about the prophecy of the Queen of Justice and the Hidden Knight to become real. Lia Eden just needs to write down the Provisions of God’s Law upon anything that He highlights related to God’s Court of Justice and Judgment worldwidely. And it has been one unity with the prospect of the writing of the Holy Book of Heaven, which is being written by her. And all that is released in Eden Website and in Youtube, those are the material content of the Holy Book of Heaven of Eden. Therefore, actually the world public is being involved in witnessing the material content of the Holy Book of Heaven, which is being descended down by God.

Thus, it is the duty and the authority of Lia Eden from God. Accordingly, God bestows her an ability to write the secret of the holy verses from the holy books of the four largest religions in the world, and she is able to connect the secrets of those holy verses to one another in the writing of God’s Revelations descended down at this time. Thus, only Lia Eden who is able to write them all to become the essence and the substance of the Holy Book of Heaven. As for Lia Eden’s sin confession, it is acknowledged as the first sin confession held by God to be rendered as a way of Heaven’s purification in human world. Therefore, her sin confession is the most sacred amongst all sin confessions before God.

And when Heaven has been descended down to the world, all people are expected to be willing to purify themselves in that way, for the sake of salvaging themselves. Heaven is certainly purifying, and there is no verification of holiness without a repentance and sin confession.

How to Initiate Establishing the Community of Purificating Society that Blessed by God

The key is fully believing in God’s Revelations, which are being descended down in Eden at this time. Without it, the spirit of someone who wants to purify is not connected with the spirit of Heaven in Eden. And if the spirit has no compound with the Heaven’s spirit, then certainly someone’s heart will not be called to purify with us and he will not be embraced in the purification targeted by a certain community wherever they will start.

Appropriately all people do not make any target in their intention to purify unto God, since purifying certainly without any target, except totally believing unto God’s Stipulation that is being descended down by Him now, that is unification of all religions for the sake of world peace. Universality is certainly standard in all God’s newest stipulation at this time. And the establishment of modern and universal spiritualism from God has been a belief that should be totally accepted before bracing up to purify oneself unto God.

And when it has already been intact, then plead unto God your commitment to be willing to be purified by God and your commitment to obey all God’s stipulation in His Heaven, and will not associate God with anything else. Therefore, you also have to make commitment to absolutely obey God and the Holy Spirit who guides God’s purification in the world. Afterwards, brace up yourself to undergo the procession of sin confession. And after making commitment to those two matters, hence you will soon directly enter the arena of God’s purification.

God’s purification could directly be felt by all people who have made commitment to live in holiness unto God wherever they live, since God directly applies His Trials through all their errands. Whether it is amongst their family, neighborhood, working place, or amongst the society.

Thus afterwards, beware of the coming of God’s trial that comes through everything that is most liked or most disliked. Thus also upon everything that most loved and most hated and most frightened and most wanted to be ignored and most humiliating. Since therefrom things that could trigger adrenaline and emotion and only a balance and awareness that he is purifying himself unto God, it is what could save him from the snare of God’s trial. Therefore, be careful of everything that is tempted as well as could instigate anger.

Nevertheless, an honest sin confession should be witnessed by the local public held by a circle of people who realizes the importance of purifying unto God, hence that circle also sees the sacredness of sin confession before the public who wants to purify together for the sake of God. Thus, the sacred sin confession could also be held independently by the community who agrees to purify themselves unto God in accordance with the Heaven of Eden’s way. Therefore, the sins should be confessed in the presence of the witnesses who equally desire to purify themselves. And the sin confession should be delivered clearly in front of their own fellows who want to purify.

Do not follow your fear and shame to confess your sin, if you are ready to face God to purify yourself. And all the fear and shame that could be subjugated are actually the struggle of purification before God. Actually, a statement to purify through that way, as conveyed by Heaven is undoubtedly a stipulation from God, thus God’s Command to purify unto His servants is the requirement of Salvation from Him, thus every procession of repentance and sin confession held to fulfil God’s will, certainly that procession is held directly before God, wherever the procession of repentance and sin confession is conducted.

Equality should be prioritized since there is no one is holy before God. Position in the society and academic degrees and aristocracy cannot be rendered as the superiority when you want to purify yourself before God. If a hierarchy of nobleness wished to be prioritized before God, certainly that person will slip to enter the trial of heavy purification that he cannot overcome, since an ego and arrogance are an obstacle to reach Heaven. Usually this kind of man cannot pass God’s Purification.

Subjugation upon ego and arrogance is surely through self-subjugation and when it cannot be subjugated thoroughly, thus he will experience purification that will truly humiliate or disdain him, which is intentionally brought by God for him. Thus, if he passess the trial, then it means he can subjugate his ego and arrogance. If not, he cannot continue the procession of God’s Purification for him. Certainly there will be matter that makes him choose to go away and shun away from God’s Purification.

Thus, purification of As-Shirat Al-Mustaqim is really agitating and daunting. There is no side that is easier or non-slippery. Many people become a loser in the arena of God’s purification, but it is not impossible that there are people who could endure and pass. Thus, for the purificating community, do not ever think that you are a figure that should be respected, since before God all people are equal. No prominent figure that could be brought forth, since when it is forced to be brought forth, thus it becomes difficulties for him in going through his purification.

A figure who feels ashame to honestly state his sin confession, he is better not to participate in God’s purification, surely he only bears the shame, but he will not pass God’s purification either, unless that figure feels that his faith and spirit are called, so whatever the risk of the purification, he could accept it resolutely. Such prominent figure, when he passes the trial of As-Shirat Al-Mustaqim, he could even be trusted to bear God’s mandate for his country and nation.

Therefore, if you would like to start establishing purificating community, it is better to start with gratefulness since you are called by God to purify yourselves, because not all people whose spirit and soul are called, so inside themselves occurred the desire to purify unto God. And start to establish purificating community through someone who is close and consentaneous to purify unto God.

As for in establishing purificating community, at the beginning it is no need to gather many people. What most important is there are a group of people who are consentaneous, no matter how many people who have had the courage to state their willingness. However, it is better if the number of them are at least 3 people. Hopefully, it is more than that. But, do not retreat your step if there is someone who snoops and questions the legality of the agreed way of purification, because certainly there is always someone who will accuse them as the people who establish a heretical sect.

One step taken to purify oneself unto God, therefore, they will surely be faced by God with His purification trials. And His trial could be in the form of protests from the family or people surrounding them. Thus, it needs a strong faith upon the belief unto God’s Revelation, which is being descended down by God. And when the faith could surpass the early trial, which are protests from the family or surrounding people, thus it is the early trial that he has to go through. And when he could survive, then God shows him how He directs the purificating community to come to the familiarization of the sublime truths that are being descended down by God through Eden.

As for the purificating community, when it is done in another part of the world or in another country, thus they could follow God’s purification teaching through Eden website or Eden’s channel in Youtube

When you want to appoint the master of ceremony in the procession of sin confession, then the appointed person is the first one who dares to confess his sin and his confession is the most sincere and honest. Thus, he could become the moderator in the next procession of sin confession. After all, moderator in the procession of sin confession is needed for the sake of the orderliness of the procession itself. However, based on evaluation of one’s consistency and responsibility to maintain self-holiness, thus someone will come forth as the most trustable person, since he has shown his good character and he is full of responsibility. Hence, he may be selected as the leader of the community, however he is still in equal level with the rest of the members.

It means, the purificating community and the leader must be pervaded in humbleness without expecting any reward and giving example of a concrete egalitarianism for his community and society.

Thus, in the procession of sin confession, there is none who is qualified in purificating, so none could say himself as the most qualified person either to become God’s intermediary for all the attendances who are about to confess their sins unto God. After all, no one is holy as holy as God’s criteria, who could represent people’s sin confession unto God. Therefore, the attendances simply take turns confessing their sins honestly. And it is not important even the number of people who are willing to do sin confession unto God is still very limited. What important is they are sincere and honest to one another in confessing their sin before God. However, be certain that the need to purify unto God, the demand will multiply later on, especially when all people have felt panic seeking protection from God.

After all, when one raises commitment to be willing to live in holiness unto God, it is better to do it wholeheartedly. And when conducting the procession of sin confession, it should be held after an agreement is reached among some people in a forum attended by their own fellows who also want to confess their sins together. And hold the procession of sin confession by sacralising the ceremony of the sin confession, because the angels are present in that room and certainly the Spirit of God is present amongst them. And do not start the procession of sin confession half-heartedly, for it will reduce the benefit of purificating or it will be in vain.

What is important is that the sincerity and seriousness in conducting the sin confession unto God are honest with nothing still hidden because of the fear or shame. If there is still something that is not yet confessed, God will remind them through the sharpening of their memory by Him, so someone will fully remember the sin that he forget so he has to confess it. Thus, when there is a forgotten sin, which not yet confessed, then God will remind them, and so confess immediately the sin that has been reminded by God.

And do not hide a sin that you dare not to confess due to your fear or shame. Do believe that a sin, which is confessed honestly, will bring a blessing of easiness in life and God’s Protection, whilst the sin that is hidden will be counted by God as a deception. And surely something that is done intentionally, one day it will be divulged by itself and it will cause more difficulties and will be more humiliating. Thus, the sin that is hidden intentionally certainly becomes harm for you and the harm will be experienced immediately.

Thus, God’s Response will be seen total unto the people who dare to do sin confession unto God before the attendances who equally want to confess their sins unto God. Hence, do not inhibit yourself to state clearly every sin that has been done, because by doing so, God is willing to reduce the harms of the sin.

If it is worried that someone’s sin confession will end in dealing with the police, for he has once involved in a serious violation of law, hence after the sin confession before God, it is better that his issue is settled by seeing the victim and resolving it well immediately.

As for in every deep regret, certainly there will be a good way-out as well. On the contrary, if the karma redemption is not gone through, the issue will impede him to be able to be accepted in Heaven, however he would still be obliged to complete the karma redemption if he wants to be saved from the harm of his sins.

And forgiveness from God could only be complete if someone has performed karma redemption unto the people who have been the victim of his deeds. And confess your sin unto the person who becomes the victim of your sin. And if it is related to material, pay back the material that you took from him.

It is stated that the redemption of karma of all sins needs to be completed. Therefore, pay all the redemption of the karma of your sins gradually, started first from the lightest one. Therefrom, you could feel how the completion of the redemption of karma is very relieving, your body feels light and sensitive upon the things that could prevent yourself from doing any mistake. Then afterwards, you are already comfortable in shunning away from any sin.

Anyhow, henceforth the harms of your sin are completely paid, so you are free from the karmas of your sins as well, and you will be free from misfortunes that possibly happen, because you are protected by your own holiness. Thus, that misfortune seems avoiding you when you are already holy.

However, if you owe a life to someone because you have killed someone, such sin cannot be redeemed. Therefore, you could only purify so as to make your life peaceful and hopefully your rewards of virtuousness in purifying yourself could lighten the harm of your other sins. Retribution of the criminal sin of killing someone is irreplaceable. Life should be paid by a life. Hence, one day a murderer will certainly be killed.

Whenever it would happen, it is the destiny that will decide. It could be in this life and could possibly be compensated in his next life. Thus, there is someone who dies being murdered without any certain reason. And there is a dead body found without any identity at a certain place. Thus, the sin of murder will certainly be compensated by God through the same death for a murderer.

Truly, there is a person who is destined to be killed without doing any fault, but that is the destiny of a person who owes a life unto his fellow humans. And there is also a man died due to evil-possession, and that is the retribution from the spirit that was killed by that person. Thus, there is someone who is haunted by the spirit of someone that he killed, so he met his tragic death. That is why all people should purify themselves in the Name of God and redeem the karma of their sins so the harm of their sins will not haunt their life.

Someone who has ever killed other people and seriously purifying, hence his rewards in purifying himself lighten his serious sin. So, the punishment upon the sin of murder that he has ever done, later on will be experienced through the death of abortion, for his birth is unwanted by his mother who bears him. But, he will be reborn as a person whose karma has been redeemed.

The explanation of God’s Retribution upon the sins is impossibly the same, for all sins have a relative reason that underlies it, thus calculation of the judgment upon the sin is also relative. However, all are in an equal calculation. Thus is God’s Most Justice in considering all kinds of karmas. However, people who purify themselves certainly the harms of their sins will be lightened and the redemption of the karma of their sins will be eased. Thus, when one endures to purify himself, hence anyone would feel a peaceful and prosperous life as well as protected by God and that is Heaven in the world.

As for such purificating community, it will grow naturally by themselves in the society. And when there is already a group that seen protected by God and the spread of compassion and loyalty amongst them make them suddenly feel the beauty of life in holiness. These groups of people who purify themselves will feel the beauty of a direct God’s Protection.

Togetherness without a charismatic spiritual leader could develop freely due to equal togetherness and respect as well as love each other in worshipping God The Only One and whom is felt so near. And they will feel the wisdom of a sincere and holy togetherness. And free from the confine of the old doctrines, which are shallow and shackling. By the opening of the universal perspective, the peacefulness will stimulates someone to live a more beneficial life for one’s fellow humans for the sake of devoting oneself unto God.

Truly, people who are willing to accept the Unification of All Religions will be blessed by God with the fulfilment of prayer, as it is the blessing for people who follow His Fatwa. How the prayers of the purificating people will immediately be answered. Thus, they need not a spiritual leader to become the bestower of blessing or the intermediary of adherents unto God, for God will directly guide them.

Spiritual guidance nowadays is easy to get through focusing on listening to the voice of conscience. How the angel’s voice could be heard clearly if someone is willing to listen to his conscience. And the reason for the angel to make its voice clearer to every man with a noble heart is because it is the time for the angel to hurriedly purify all people in the world. And the easiest way for the angel is to make the conscience’s voice clearer to be heard.

And people who incline to follow their voice of conscience, then they become a good people and like not to be present amongst the people who incline to do sin. Such people are easy to accept enlightenment from their respective angel. Hence, these are the people who are easy to accept God’s New Stipulation.

Thus, God wills to distinguish between the cursed heretical people and the people who are salvaged and received His Guidance. The Holy Quran Chapter An-Nahl verse 93:

And if Allah had willed, He could have made you [of] one religion, but He causes to stray whom He wills and guides whom He wills. And you will surely be questioned about what you used to do.

And from this verse, God indeed separates the people who cannot receive guidance and they who are seen wrong and strayed. And there is another group of people who are peaceful since they always receive God’s Guidance. Thus, people who heed their voice of conscience, could certainly see God’s Revelation that we convey is right, then make it as God’s Guidance for them.

Thus, when they pray pleading unto God to bless every good step they take, then God will bless them. And they will enjoy God’s Blessing everytime they pray. Truly, our explanation can be proved by those who dare to purify as we have directed.

How God’s Blessing is also directly given unto the people who are sincerely confessing their sins and choose to purely repent, so they are amongst the people who do not want to touch sin anymore. Therefore, actually God’s Day of Power is not only felt as God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment upon the sins of all people in the world, but also as the day of bestowment of blessing and bounty for people who purify themselves.

Therefore, God’s Purification worldwidely will be appreciated and many people are triggered wishing to be purified directly by God, so they would be saved. Such is the spirituality of Heaven, all people must believe that God The Only One is God of them all. And God needs to be believed by all people in the world that He is now the One who directly takes care of their purification. Thus, in the procession of sin confession which is held anywhere in this world, everyone could feel that God watches directly the sin confession, hence all people are afraid when they are not honest, for they are certain that they are directly dealing with God.

Actually, in the procession of sin confession there is no need to select a charismatic leader due to his position or his knowledge or his fortune, so he is selected as the community leader who is purifying. However, sometimes there is a very influential person in certain neighborhood and who is known as a success man in the society and government, usually cannot be rejected by the people in that neighborhood, if he has an ambition to be the leader in the purificating community, hence he is then selected even he meets not the requirement of the criteria of Heaven’s holiness.

However, hesitation will cause that purificating community will not move from where they are now, since God desires not the way of appointment of the leader, which is still based on the common criteria. And if it is already like that, God’s Direction cannot be felt by them and certainly the mistake of the leader they have chosen will be divulged, of which then will make him lose the format to become the leader of purificating community. Thus, that purificating community will realize that God has helped them looking for the leader blessed by God. However, it is also a purification trial for all. Thus, the purificating criteria is obliged to follow the guidance issued by Eden, since Eden is the official Heaven’s Constitution from God.

Actually God Himself who will process the condition in the purificating community, so the leader of the group is selected naturally by acclamation. And it could only happen after the purificating community has treated their own fellows as brothers and nobody dares to come forth declaring himself as the leader of the group. But, God Himself who makes someone among them stands out his leadership charisma, which is holy and unambitious, except in purifying himself.

And if God has allowed him to be the leader of his group, he is totally called to purify himself. It is within his determination, God bless him with provisions aimed to make him as the leader of the purificating community. Thus, actually he is God’s Choice for the purificating community in his surrounding.

Thus, actually the choice to be the leader amongst the purificating community depends solely on God. Upon this God’s Stipulation, actually it is a guarantee that there will not be any leader in purificating community who fights for the position by himself, since it is an appointment from God.

However, God’s Stipulation in choosing the leader of purificating community, the requirements are full of integrity, just and fully responsible, wise and holy. And he has proved his integrity and consistency in upholding her holiness.

Actually, God’s Requirement is none other than to eliminate veneration and sacralization upon the spiritual figures. Thus, God also wants to eliminate the role of ulemas or religious figures who drag their followers into their own ambition, but conveying their idea on behalf of religion. From that God’s Stipulation, it could be stated as God’s reprimand to the role of the radical ulema, who are keen on provocating the adherents for their own interest and ambition or for mobilizing the jihadists to perform terrorism.

However, that God’s Provision is mainly aimed for commencing Heaven’s purification, which should be familiarized through equality in a sincere togetherness. And in order to reach Heaven, all people should be able to leave out their ego and ambition. Hence, before God, all people should be humble, for there is no innocent man whose degree is higher than the others. Especially when one becomes the leader of purificating community, egalitarian with established prudence makes a leader nobler, rather than his power in leadership, but blessed not by God. Therefore, in his leadership many things become obstacle for him.

This century is the century of a holy leader, for how could God let a leader glorifies Him not or sacralizes not His Revelations, so he considers not God’s Stipulation, which obliges a leader to purify himself, as important.

As for nowadays, it is already common in selecting a leader in the central and regional government, that it needs a political party coalition to win someone to be a president or people’s representative or regional leader. General election and regional election become an arena of deception, corruption and bribery, hence the arena of general and regional elections become the arena of sin, because the battle of evil schemes is unavoidable. And all who are nominated must endure in an unfair ways, then deception and sin happened in all layers.

The tocher and bribe money spatters, and it is all gained from corruption. Therefore, the selected leader surely tries to compensate the service unto his donors and pay back the money that he borrowed, so he will corrupt the state money for this purpose.

Such constructivism of selecting a leader is being deconstructed by God through His Way as this. That in the future, the selected leader is the one who could show his total integrity and capability and has been known as someone who is straight and faithful unto the new God’s Stipulations.

Nevertheless, God is certainly able to assure the world public that He is conducting total transformation in the world. Therefore, later on after God’s Revelation has been sacralized by the world, hence God’s guarantee unto the people, who will be positioned as the leader, is the easiness in getting political support and easiness in the facility and procedure in winning the general election, as when God wanted Jokowi to be the President of Indonesia and Ahok as the Governor of Jakarta. Thus, the leap of victory of both of them could be seen as God’s Blessing, so their struggles raised the public attention focusedly. Such is when God is taking someone up to the top of leadership, which has been set by Him.

However, the leaders that He chooses are also purified through heavy problems that they should face. For how could a purification be carried out without a relevant trial which is in accordance with the position that God gives them. And His trials certainly come from the people who causing trouble unto them. Hence, there are two categories that predominate now, those are the patriot and the criminal, something that very contrast, which showing its existence to each other.

So it is when God is lifting up His Court of Justice and His Judgment. There is always someone who is blessed by Him to face the people whose mistakes are brought forth, so all antipathy gather surrounding them. Thus, God’s Judgment upon those who should be demonstrated as the people who are judged by God will be implemented.

Contradiction between a thief and patriot has been so obvious now, so the patriots cannot be cornered with a calumny, whilst the evil deeds of the criminals have also been divulged. So it is, the climate of political battle nowadays could always clearly present which one is patriot and which one is criminal. And thus, God’s Purification upon the Indonesians could also clearly be felt.

How the symbols of religions and Divinity have already been confusing and joyful not, since political schemes are as lack of salt if not including religious symbols. However, then religion is tainted and become tasteless.

And when we remind “Fa bi ayyi alaai rabbikuma tukadzdziban” (then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny?”) This verse is always recited with beautiful voice (tilawah), unfortunately no one realizes what favors from God that have been denied. Whereas it is so obvious, those are God’s Revelations, Heaven and His Kingdom, which have existed in Indonesia.

Nevertheless, God is now starting to create something, that will make His Revelations will be considered as sacrosanct and sacred by the world public. And the target in implementing the Day of God’s Power is what will be brought forth to the world public, so they will believe that God is directly intervene to save the world from the doomsday and the world war III.

 God’s Oath Related to the Threat of Nuclear War

Actually, God’s Revelations disseminated by Eden has long conveyed about God’s warning related to the world war III, which is actually the nuclear war. Truly, it is tremendously frightening, since all countries in the world will also experience the impact of the nuclear war. Whoever will see the ruination of civilization and the brittleness of the earth’s crust, those two incidents are what will be felt as Hell of the process of doomsday.

Thereof, we really regret the negligence of the people who have seen those God’s warning and who always pay not attention to them, they are whom proper to be blamed if the nuclear war at last happens. There is no word that could reflect an ego upon the religious doctrine that yields in a doomsday. As if the word doomsday is just our way to force all people to believe us. Truly, it is not good if we say: “See, we are right!”

But what should we say, if we are also truly afraid of the doomsday. For I am responsible in overcoming the doomsday, but God also knows that our obstacle is the adherents who are not able to be reprimanded.

Whereas, I am Jibril, have warned about the doomsday, which was written by Lia Eden since the beginning I approached her in 1995. However, she just dared to write it down after I succeeded forcing her to make it as a book. It then became her book titled: ‘Perkenankan Aku Menjelaskan Sebuah Takdir’ (Let Me Explain A Destiny), which was written by her in 1998.

However, that book serves only as the initiation of the declaration of her destiny. That book was read by the public who began to disbelieve what they had read. However, from that book we have been approached by people whose spirits were called to Eden. And the numbers of them were no more than 100 people. Thus, I was able to begin implementing Heaven’s purification to the community whom were willing to be purified.

How in the book, which introduced her destiny, Lia Eden was still lack of knowledge and understood not what was approaching her, then what she wrote was not formatted as the writing of Revelation, and was still an expression of something that she felt uncertain. Thus, she dared not to state that she received God’s Revelation.

If her book was not formatted as an early God’s Revelation, it was because she dared not to write it in the format of Revelation. And I tolerate her fear, so she was then able to write God’s warning regarding the doomsday that she will also experience. Since she is also present amidst the flaring doomsday on this earth. Thereof, we should save her. How is it possible that we let God’s Messenger, who all this time has devoted herself to convey God’s warning, is dragged away by the doomsday? Properly the public should be able to see it as Heaven should be saved by God from the earth, which is going through a doomsday.

After all, the fact of doomsday and the cause is already around the corner. Threatening each other between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un has come to the conclusion of a chance of the breakout of world war III. The US combat troop cluster today is heading toward the Korean Peninsula, and it was part of the US 7th fleet. With 2 aircraft carriers, 40 armored vessels and 200 combat aircrafts, including all other armaments, and those all have no comparison in the world. And that is Donald Trump’s answer unto the North Korea. Truly, the 7th fleet is the greatest military fleet in the world.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-Un who keeps launching ballistic missiles as he is also boasting off with his sophisticated weapons and army and even has threatened to launch his nuclear rudal to Guam, which is the US strategic bombers outpost. And Kim Jong-Un threatens that the whole US is within North Korea’s range of attack. In the meantime, Donald Trump threatens back North Korea by stating that he will wage war that has never been seen by the world before. And that reciprocal threatening is predicted soon will instigate the beginning of the nuclear war.

And if the chaotic condition of the world is in fact the domino-effect of nuclear war, and so that all countries experience the chaotic condition. How all things become worse and confusing, since the dangers of the nuclear war influence all people in the world, so everyone is attacked by the confusion upon their fear of all the threats. Hence all people are looking for all courses in order to survive.

The world financial system then collapses due to the unavoidable rush. All people chaotically want to withdraw their money from the bank, thus it causes the banking condition as well as capital and stock market undergoing chaotic situation. The fall in financial sector creates loss upon many parties who are not ready for that situation. Thus, the crisis in economical and financial world is gone through by all countries. Thus, global panic will happen.

As for the poor people or those who have no money in the bank use the opportunity to commit pillage. Thus, the stores, markets, banks, all trading sectors are involved in the turmoil of finance and stock supply, since abundant of criminal actions are flaring and robbing anything. Such condition causes all countries willing not to welcome any immigrant or refugee. Since taking care of their own people has forced them to face many difficulties.

Nevertheless, all people are aware that the world will be lack of food due to the extreme and drastic climate change, all people want to keep the food in order to survive. So is the world economic disorder and the collapse of world financial system occur. Therefore, there is no country that could escape from such condition.

Thus, due to such world condition, the number of people whom we could save is just a few, for we certainly cannot save the frantic people. Since those whom we could purify are they who are willing to be holy and could be purified. Therefore, for the sake of efficiency in Heaven’s selection, inevitably we oblige to convey the Heaven’s criteria and rules, that all people whom we could welcome in Heaven are those who are willing to purify themselves and committed for it unto God. And all purification upon them is then valid by itself. And life dilemmas arise before them, so they have to choose their commitment unto God or unto their urgent desire.

However, when there are many people who are forced to purify themselves due to the bad and urgent conditions, thus much easiness are possible to happen through the sincerity of the people who are purifying themselves. And surely the people who purify themselves also obey God’s guidance that they receive. Thus, they are saved from the pressure of difficulties in the world.

Such world condition forces us to bring forth the principle of the Law of Reincarnation, which has not been believed by some religious adherents. Whereas, the present incident is related to the reflection of the resurrection of the vicious world conqueror figures. Thus, what we see nowadays is the affective potential of the reincarnation of Hitler and Genghis Khan.

Upon that matter, we need to explain that in this end times, God brings forth the role of the old savage figures who are back to come forth worldwidely, as Hitler and Genghis Khan. Thus, we take a vow to convey God’s Words that Kim Jong-Un is the reincarnation of Hitler, whilst Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Genghis Khan. Thus, we are facing God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment upon Hitler and Genghis Khan.

As for their inspirit in leading their respective country reflects the character of Hitler and Genghis Khan, whose emotions are now equally triggered, so they have instigated the threat of nuclear war. The souls of them both are compatible, equally have ever become the world conquerors so there is nothing that could intercede them.

Any party who begins to wage the nuclear war, certainly he is who is judged by God with the heaviest judgment. Thus, this Eden Discourse is directed for the US and the North Korea. And appropriately, this God’s warning that we convey it should be obeyed by them if their country wishes to be freed from the harms of God’s Judgment upon Hitler and Genghis Khan who are now playing the role as Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump.

After all, the nuclear war is based on the nature of the end times, and if it is already written, hence it will certainly happen. Therefore, we hope all countries in the world keep away from the influence of them both. And do not take sides to one of them, since it also means getting yourself closer to Hell. Just consider their war as their own war. Therefore, the world disorder could be controlled. Hence, panic and confusion upon all frightening situation caused by the nuclear war could also be controlled. Self-control of the world leaders will then become focusedly directed and unprovoked.

That all heads of state in the world, should they wish to free themselves from the provocation of the nuclear war, it is enough for them not to make coalition with one of them. Let the war be the war between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un. And hopefully, the people of USA and North Korea will not immediately follow what is said by Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un. If our call could be accepted by those two nations, then the problem will diminish to only become a personal matter between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un. If our call would be listened and heeded well, the nuclear war could be avoided and the world does not have to go through the flaring doomsday, which is getting stronger. In the Name of God The Most Just in Adjudicating and Judging, and in the name of the most sacrosanctity and the most sacredness of God’s Oath, this is God’s Oath:

Upon His Warning of The Threat of Nuclear War

 This is My most sacrosanct and most sacred Oath, for I intend it to end the threat of the nuclear war that is undergoing now. And if one of the US as well as North Korea dares to initiate launching their nuclear unto each other, hence that country is the one that will be harmed and ruined by their own nuclear. And be known that I direct My Curse to end the breakout of nuclear war in the world.

 And whoever mobilizes his army to attack by launching the nuclear bomb after I bring forth My warning, unto them I state that the world should witnesses I adjudicate and judge him. And I make him as the figure whom I most blame upon the happening of the flaring doomsday on this earth.

 Since the nuclear war in the world has been the consensus of Armageddon War, the war between the angels and the devils in the world, but the person who initiates the nuclear war in the world, he who manifests the devil’s character, who has no hesitation to destroy the life. Thus, there is a human’s destiny provision whom I curse to be a devil, since the Hell which is threatened by him. The breakout of nuclear war in the world, it is the breakout of Armageddon War. Hence, be it as the war between Heaven and Hell happens on this earth.

 Even though My Heaven in the world has not been acknowledged, but the preservation of the universal equilibrium needs the existence of My Heaven in the world. For the sake of nuclear war that will create total doomsday, and for the sake of My Heaven, which its existence is not yet acknowledged, thus I take an oath to lift up the hierarchy of My Heaven worldwidely as much as possible through the implementation of the Day of My Power. And the implementation of the Day of My power is also My Declaration to implement God’s administration in the world.

 Align with it, I open the shackle chain of My Heaven, that is the accusation of heresy suffered by My Messenger, so the people who make the shackle that I reverse and I precisely make them as the heretical people. After all, that is My equitable Compensation. Therefore, acknowledge My Heaven, which has been long neglected, so Hell can be defeated by Heaven.

 I certainly win Heaven after they all are involved in winning the Hell. Thus, it is My Covenant unto Heaven, that if the Hell has been fully flaring, whilst Heaven is still not believed, so I let Hell severely destroy all, then Heaven is impossibly unneeded.

 It is said that when it is time for Heaven to be acknowledged, the benefit of Heaven which purifies, I raise it up to be known, so it is functionalized well and thoroughly. If I should bring that matter forth worldwidely, thus I am the one who will come forth creating God’s administration in the world.

 As I have stated it, I ascertain that many Divine occurrences will happen in the world. And Eden is the one that I directly relates in every Divine occurrence that I create, hence certainly My Revelation released by Eden is always created in the crossing incident of the battle between Heaven and Hell, so the world public could see how My Heaven in the world obliges to survive from the attack of the Hell. Afterwards, let the world public themselves judge, whether they would choose Heaven or Hell.

 However, I explain unto you all that whoever all this time refuses My Revelation and My Heaven in the world, they are the adherents whom I consider as deserve to engage with Hell in the world. And I assure that I am willing not to give them Heaven, and let them seek their own heaven.

 But I shall win Heaven in its battle against the Hell, as I make Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit resounds Heaven worldwidely, as My promise unto him in the Holy Bible Chapter Revelation 12 verse 10, in sub chapter The Song of Victory: “Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Messiah. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down.

 So it is, in winning the Heaven, I apply the Day of God’s Power and for the sake of God’s administration in the world, I bestow him full authority to make Heaven exist worldwidely, for Heaven in the world has been drowned by those who always accuse Eden in their accusation that states Eden is heretical. And as if that accusation has been established and cannot be loosened, and how all this time they have prosecuted her day and night before Me.

 How that verse has stated: “for the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down”. Since now I shall accuse them and will hurl them down. And they disdain themselves and mislead themselves. And this is the essential truth that I embed on Eden and it is the essential truth that brings in the miracle of truth for Eden.

 And this is the time that I fulfill My Covenant in this Chapter Revelation 12 verse 10. And for the sake of the completion of My Covenant, I create Divine occurrences in the world and I appoint Jibril the Holy Spirit to disseminate the blessing of My Help in the name of Heaven to everyone who experiences enlightenment from Me.

 And I defend Eden as My Heaven by the enactment of the Day of My Power worldwidely at the time the world is chaotic by the threat of the nuclear war. And if I have divulged My Power in penetrating My Revelations worldwidely to the I.T. satellites, thus I shall enact My administration to the world, as this verse has stated: “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Messiah.”

 Thus, I prove the most sacredness and the most sacrosanctity of My Revelations that I have descended down in Eden all this time. And I will intervene all broadcasts, when I want to bring forth My Stipulations to the world. Thus, I take an oath that I will soon enact God’s administration in the world. And thereof, I ascertain there will be many Divine occurrences in the world, so the entire human beings understand that I am enacting God’s administration in the world.

 God’s Oath, descended down on August 15, 2017

Truly, when the nuclear war breaks out, that is the Armageddon War in the world. And if God has taken an oath to establish God’s administration in the world, thus it is better that all countries and nations sacralize His Revelations and obey all God’s Stipulations that He has stated.

However, if one is still unwilling to sacralize God’s Revelation since they think their belief is truer, whilst the others also want not to recede from their step and stance, because they have been involved too deep in initiating the world war III or because they believe not, thus God will judge them who are willing not to sacralize and obey His Provision of Law, and the world will witness God’s Judgment upon them.

Thus, if the world condition is already like that, there is nothing that could limit God’s Revelation to spread worldwidely, hence all concentrations will be absorbed by God through Divine occurrences that intentionally created for it. As all people in the world are waiting for God’s Stance upon their sins, which have made all countries in the world going through difficulties. Thereof, the principle of Law of God’s Judgment becomes a teaching for all people in the world. As for the world condition nowadays has been prophesied in the Holy Bible, Chapter Revelation 12 verse 12, in sub Chapter the Song of Victory.

Therefore rejoice, you heavens, and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.”

Truly, it is not that we rejoice because of the breakout of nuclear war. Truly, we are the one who mourn the most upon that matter, because precisely the devils who are blazing their Hell worldwidely. However, in this verse it is implied that God gives a chance unto Heaven to be existed to the world so it could hinder the threat of nuclear war.

Whatever God’s Way to bring Heaven’s existence to the world and could interrupt between the heat of threat of using nuclear weapon by the US and North Korea, certainly it will create a possibility for Heaven of Eden to prove that we are really with God. Such is the meaning of the abovementioned Chapter Revelation 12 verse 12.

And as for the last sentence of that verse, “Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.” It explains about the nuclear war. Because the nuclear war that could depicts how severe the woe that will befall on the earth and the sea. And implied in this verse that the nuclear war apparently will still happen, even though we always sound God’s Revelations, which warn the nuclear war, to the world.

After all, what has been implied in that verse apparently it states ‘woe to this earth and sea’, due to the nuclear bomb. Truly, henceforth the world will be filled with various disasters that are more extreme, as the great earthquake, mega-tsunami, super-storm, and hurricane. All natural contradiction will be more malignant than before, due to the shifting of tectonic plates as the impact of the nuclear explosion.

However, that condition makes all people in the world are frightened, so they will truly need God’s Help. Thus, the existence of Heaven is needed by the world. Such is the meaning of the devil has known that his time is short, since Heaven will soon be existed by God worldwidely.

Therefore, it is proper that all people in the world see that God’s Revelations, which are being descended down by Him in Eden, are a direct help from Him. And to ascertain about that matter, God will certainly implement the Day of God’s Power. And upon that matter, many things could raise a belief upon God’s Mightiness in implementing the Day of His Power.

As for the concreteness of God’s Judgment, it will also soon be undergone by all people who are involved in all shapes of world chaos and the ones who undergo the most of the concreteness of God’s Judgment are the important people who are umuk (arrogant), amidst the heat of reciprocal threatening of armament, so it triggers the world war to break out. As for the nuclear war, it has been stated by God that it will instigate the doomsday process to worsen, so the entire world undergoes the impact.

And the other people are those who are umuk upon their position in the bureaucracy, so they hold not themselves when they impose their political schemes, whilst they know that they exist not in the right path. And they are seen as the state antagonistic figures. Their kind is now showing off before the society who are questioning, what possibly is the condition called as the crazy era?

Everything in the category of crazy is showing themselves and become the news spotlight, hence greediness or avarice of fortunes and schemes have been indicated by the public. And when they could always be superior, hence it means that the world has indeed gone insane, the truth is suppressed and evicted and greed becomes admired and glorified. However, it is all just a testimony of multiple sins, which are being lifted up by God to be spotlighted by the public, so God’s Court of Justice upon them all could be witnessed by the public.

Thus, how could God’s purification in the world not enthused, and nevertheless, salvation from God will certainly be in demand by all people who expect to be saved by God.

After the world experiences difficulty to avoid the nuclear war, hence all people in the world certainly hope to be saved by God from the bad impact of the nuclear war. Whereas, there is nothing that could restore the nature that has evolved to become a doomsday. And moreover, there is no protection for whomever stricken by the extreme natural changing, which is flaring maliciously.

Even if good people live amidst the flare of natural wrath, they cannot be immediately flown to the safe place either. Even though they must make full effort to seek a place that could be used as a protection. And God gives them protection when they deserve to be protected by God, due to the reward of their virtuousness. And in that condition, God counts everyone’s reward and sin. So it is, there will be many people who experience the miracle of help from God, but many people also pray in vain, so they keep pervading in the torment that they go through. Thus, it is called as the Day of Reckoning.

Actually, the vibration of doomsday will get stronger it is triggered by the nuclear explosion, hence it is not possible anymore to avoid the real doomsday, hence this earth should be left behind. And to search for the new habitable earth, certainly it needs God’s guidance. And God’s guidance could only be obtained through holiness.

Actually, all people in the world expect to be safe from all life hardships and threat of danger, which at this time apparently those could emerge anytime. Because crimes now happen everywhere. Thus, only holiness that could provide safety and life peacefulness. Truly, for that purpose God descends down Heaven in the world.

 To be continued


Be Holy All Nations

There is no world peace if all parties wish not to heed the most sacredness of God’s Revelations. Thus, this song is created by the Holy Spirit for all heads of state in the world, and we only arrange it as we present this song unto the world.

In the Name of God The Only One, let’s resound world peace through our respective capability. After all, what most needed by all people in the world is world peace. Hopefully this song could become an enlightenment for all world heads of state and the entire world societies. Amen.