Dear Viewer,

Our house at Mahoni Street no 30 was nearly burnt by the fire on Sunday, May 28, 2017. The fire blazed right behind our house. Dozens of houses have been burnt.  We were busy pouring the houses close to our house with the available water. Upon seeing such huge flaring fire, we almost felt hopeless. But, I prayed unto God, asking for His Protection from the fire disaster. And God answered me:

Heaven will not be engulfed in flames, and I render this incident to raise your confidence that you certainly will always be safe whenever you face such a huge disaster as of today. And this is My Way of bringing you to encounter the great danger that will happen in your country and in the world.

And when you are already confident that this is how I save you, then you will never be afraid of anything. Thus, learn from what you have been through today and be always surrender to Me when facing whatever danger, for surely I will always help you and get you out of that danger. And awaits My next Stipulation after you are holy from the most dreaded fear and the most dangerous danger.

And you are being purified from anything that is most frightening for you, since you have to take care of the world from all the dangers. Therefore, be certain that I will always save you from any kind of most frightening danger. Truly, you must show the world public that I am always with you and always take care of you and always fulfill your prayer.”

This assurance from God made me resilient and I asked not the Eden Messengers to evacuate Eden’s valuable belongings, especially the computers and servers as well as all technological equipment used for the Revelations. And I render the incident happened that day as God’s Trial upon our firmness in believing the truth of God’s Answer unto us. Thus, we held ourselves not to take the valuables out of our house.

And it is proven. Right before the blazing fire was reaching our house, the firefighters arrived. Hence, the blaze began to recede.  Thanks God for protecting us. And we then gathered in prostration unto God, expressing our gratitude upon His Protection. And this is the video of that fire incident.