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In the Name of God the Most Compassionate

Finally the secret of Chapter An Najm has been written, however it turns out that the revealment of Chapter An Najm verses 1-16 is also followed by the revealment of the secret of other chapters, such as Chapter Ya Sin verses 1-18, Chapter Maryam verse 17, Chapter Al Anbiya verses 91-93, Chapter Al Isra verses 40 and 86, since the chapters that follow the revealment of the secret of Chapter An Najm also have secrets that are correlated to one another.

As for the release of the revealment of the secret of Chapter An Najm, we make it as a serial writing, considering the length of God’s Explanation as well as the Holy Spirit’s in the writing. Thus, the Archangel Jibril’s edict has not yet subsided and until now it is still on going. As the length of God’s Description that will be descended down by Him is unpredictable, hence we release it gradually and serially.

And beforehand, we also release a song under the same title, The secret of The Holy Quran Chapter An Najm and Yaa Siin has been Revealed.

And we also insert the fixed table of content. At this time, the table of content has consisted of 37 subtitles and 140 pages of letter-size paper. And it is still possible to increase. Nevertheless, here are the subtitles that have been written. We thank you for your attention.

Song: The secret of The Holy Quran
Chapter An Najm and Yaa Siin has been Revealed



The Secret of The Holy Quran, Chapter An-Najm and Yaa Siin
Has Been Revealed

 In the Name of God The Creator of All

Theology of Heaven in the World

When it is the time for Chapter An-Najm to be revealed by God, then it is the sign that Heaven in the world should be acknowledged. And how is the way Heaven in the world able to be acknowledged? The concreteness of its absolute truth should be proved. And how is the way to prove the concreteness of the absolute truth of Heaven? It depends on how God involves Heaven of Eden in the Divine incidents in the world. And when does the Divine incident that could explain the concreteness of Heaven in the world happen? It happens at the time when all people are drowned in a strained hardships and the world has been bothered by all the threats and terrors and the nuclear war, which are already near.

Those all provisions have become the principle of the law of Heaven in the world. And if all conditions have been fulfilled, the world war will break out, so there  will be no more impediment to God’s Revelation, since all people need God’s Guidance. However, for the Heaven itself, the urgent need of everyone upon Heaven is not the Heaven’s concern, which is about to be existed in the world. After all, the absolute requirement of Heaven is holiness; hence Heaven cannot be sold off. Moreover, the existency of Heaven worldwidely is about time to be revealed, for it has reached its destiny.

So, if there is no one who seriously purifies himself and carries out Heaven’s mandate sincerely, Heaven is still occupied just by a few people. However, all God’s Testaments for the world public are released by Eden worldwidely. All God’s Guidance unto all parties, we will present them worldwidely, unto those who are being reprimanded as well as to those who receive direction.

As all people should be holy first, then they could be connected to Heaven. Therefore, unto the public who is still unsure to purify themselves, I advise to gradually shun away from any sin or fault. And do not hesitate to do virtuousness through whatever you take care of, at least have intention to always do only the right things and seriously shun away from any sin. For it will keep you away from any massive and hard to handle difficulty.

After all, those who always try to be rightful and always well behave, they are secured from any difficulty as the impact of recklessness or mistake. Nevertheless, all intentional sins and mistakes, certainly have an impact as a result of the negativity of polarisation of all your errands upon that matter.

How all the disorders now could happen because of anything, so as the difficulties. For this is the Day of God’s Reckoning and the Day of His Reversal. Hence, every mistake, moreover the sin, right when it is done, the harm is waiting to stab your guilty self. The harm has a spirit, thus it knows very well when is the right moment to judge the sin.

We have released the Eden’s song ‘the World Has Gone Insane’. It indicates that common sense is already rare in this world. The bombing incidents strike various countries and threaten the battle of power in the world. Hasn’t it been seen as the Mundane Hell? In Hell all people are anxiously in fear, people’s life seems worthless. Truly, when such thing heats up, then the world has entered the critical threat of nuclear war.

Nevertheless, nuclear is better to be affiliated with the beneficial technological segment. Nuclear energy is the only electrical resource that releases not greenhouse gas emissions, which could effectively replace the fossil fuel. Many utmost changes could be achieved if the nuclear is used for beneficial purposes, instead of using it as a weapon for mass destruction.

There is still a great and promising chance that nuclear is needed for intergalactic civilization. The rest, there is I, Jibril, who could instil trust in the scientists and aeronautical industry, that a UFO-like spaceship could be produced in this world. Since I come for that purpose, in order to prepare the inhabitants of this earth to be evacuated to another planet. And that is the function of Heaven in the world, for it is the only scheme of Divinity in the world that could speak and be asked. And we are the only stairway to heaven. However, before it’s time for my promise to be fulfilled, this is the secret of Chapter An-Najm, which is being revealed by God.

Anyhow, the Time Has Come for Heaven to be Needed in the World

Upon God’s Will, I interrupt all mundane issues that weaken the faith upon the mightiness of God who is The Only One. Now, human beings seem care not that the nature belongs not to them. Exploration and exploitation of the nature have destroyed and defied the nature itself. However, human beings are still greedy and feel that they have mastered science and technology, so they doubt God’s Mightiness.

Everything has a balance scale. And any outrageous act that solidifies and turns into a burden, certainly it weighs on one of the balance module. Thus, also all types of crimes in the world that have ruined the faith unto God. Believe in God is no longer intact, piousness unto God is commercialized and within it there are fraud, deception and there are those who dare to conspire doing corruption in the holy Quran’s procurement. Thus, the worst crime is the one that exists in the religious field, for radicalism and terrorism have truly frightened the world.

The evil spirits in the hereafter heap up becoming a domination that should be balanced with the good spirits, so that the universe not often experiences anomaly, extreme weather, global warming and all kinds of natural disasters. There is no material in the spirit realm, hence the denseness of evil spirits in the spirit realm enhances the natural heat energy as seen in the increase of global warming. As for the consequence of that irregular natural change, it could be equalized with a huge flood of evil spirits in the spirit realm. For if the good spirits are dominating the spirit realm, certainly the nature would be peaceful and stable.

And if evilness is a material that possesses a specific weight, hence the release of evilness in human world now is like the postulate of Archimedes principle, which stated that when the density of water is less than the object’s, then the object will sink.

Thus, the evil spirits are congested in the spirit realm, and it weighs on the life system in the spirit realm. Whilst the equivalence of the creature’s life should always be in equilibrium. In human world, it is now has been filled with the evil spirits of which the viciousness have been extra-ordinary. The same goes for the spirit world. Thus, the equality is seen as in the facts of the world that are full of crimes. The senior devils have been satisfied with their achievements. Ferocious man has also come to the most ferocious cruelty. The evil spirits wander everywhere. Even human now seems crueller than the devil, thus it becomes the wrath of nature.

Thus, it is human being who experiences tediousness of wickedness. Ordinary people have been sick of seeing all kinds of crimes. Unto those kinds of people, harassment of the devil unto human is unavailing. And unto them we hope that enlightenment that we make could immerse in their conscience.

The Law of Nature is Also Valid in the Law of Life of the Spirit’s Nature

That the Archimedes principle has been effective for human being’s heresy, who prefers to be segregated in groups and mutually supportive in wrongdoings, even upon outrageous evilness, rather than fighting to defend the truth. Actually, the weightiness of the massive crimes throughout the world grows simultaneously with the contradictions that match it. The crime is also persistence as the world’s pressure. This perspective has become the world’s tension that has no solution.

All deaths enter the domain of the law of hereafter, and that matter hardens the concretion of the concoction of good spirits in the hereafter with good human beings who are still alive. Thus, in human world there is a decrement of resistancy or disputation against the evilness. Giving in is similar to despair. But it also serves as the domination of evil spirit in the world and in the hereafter. Consequently, the prism of the angel’s light is faded. Thus, the truth seems losing its root so it is weakening. Therefore, resistance upon the conglomeration of evilness becomes powerlessly weak. Even the convergence of evilness becomes a collaboration of crimes without conscience for they stay behind the mask of the holy truth. Religion is paraded everywhere, as if it becomes an elaboration of truth that is well kept and then held to be an imposition. Ugh, religion will not become like that if it is not utilized to dominate or to oppress. Justice has failed! For evilness has a holy face.

How if I inevitably should explain the law of hereafter in this way? Thus, I use the postulate of the principle of Archimedes. That the properness of the postulate of Archimedes principle receives justification from the law of hereafter, which is stated that the spirit realm could not necessarily accept human being’s ferocious act, for the piling up of evil spirits in the spirit realm have caused the equilibrium in the spirit world to become imbalance. However, it causes the compound of spirit of nature is also imbalance once again.

The Postulate of the Law of Hereafter Needs to be Known by Mankind

If the weight of Hell has burdened all creatures in the world and in the hereafter, then a revolution of purification in both realms of life will take place. Angels in throng destined to be born as super-intelligent children in human world. And it is surely saddened the angel race. After all, we prefer to stay as an angel. Whilst the natural law is also ready to carry out retribution of sins through the wrath of nature. Tragic deaths tend to choose people who have lots of sins, who are unconsciously gathered in the same place that will be hit by an accident or disaster.

As for the magnetism of sin and its harm, that is what makes people, who should be judged simultaneously, are gathered in one room at the place of a tragedy. And the one who is calling them to go there is their own harm of sin. Whilst the nature just reacts to bring about a tragedy because it is also forced by the pressure of natural anomaly, it is some kind of persecution by the nature. Thus, actually the negative energy in human world and the negative energy in the universe are tugging each other. Such is the legal principle of God’s en masse Judgment.

The fact that the earth is already damaged and that damage is the result of humans’ action themselves, therefore actually all tragedies that strike the world is the  cleansing of the earth. Thus, when human beings have been weary facing the natural disasters, unavoidably they wish to be saved by God. And unavoidably they are willing to be holy so God will heed their prayer. Thus, it is the Heaven’s opportunity to be functionalized.

Truly, the good spirit’s concentricity can only be created when Heaven exists in this world, for how could Heaven in the sky or Heaven that is considered exists in the death realm could fix the condition of habitat changing on human at this time? Thus, only Heaven in the world that could explore purification for good people, in order to accompany the angels restoring the balance of the nature and the spirit realm.

For how could the angel work alone without being seen? We could only make human enlightened, but they work according to their own interest. As for Heaven in the world, there are people whom we have purified could communicate directly with us, so all prospects of recovery and salvation, we ask upon them, to be conveyed to the public so those prospects assigned by God unto us could be carried out.

Although there is another law of spirit realm, which is considered quite effective to hold the acceleration of human’s changing nature to be a devil, that is the spirits of angels who are born as humans. That is why a new generation brings up children who are vigorous and extremely intelligent, their utterance is wise and accurate. However, they are born amongst limited circle in the whole world. The birth of children who own the angel’s spirit is limited because there are limited numbers of couple as parents which are good and have less sins. Surely, we prefer to be born in a harmonious and righteous family.

Whilst the overflowing of sins creates a generation of drug users, haram money flows drug seduction to the children of the corruptors. Therefore, the equilibrium between the good spirit and the bad spirit still cannot fulfil the target. Hence, God creates Heaven and His Kingdom in the world so that real work of the angel, wherefrom its ‘chamber’ could be found. Not in the sky in the middle of nowhere.

Heaven is now very much needed by human beings in this world, however Heaven that exists in this world is still shackled by the accusation of heresy that has also globalized. The Eden Discourses that were sent to the world receive not any response, for the accusation of heresy upon Eden has been established. That is the impact of national mass media coverage upon Eden, whom never broadcasts any truth conveyed by Eden. If a correction is not possible, then the truth of God’s Revelation in Eden should be tried to be uplifted, for the sake of muffling the situation and for the sake of reducing the harm of mass media’s accursedness upon us.

Heaven then cannot be soared up due to the accusation of heresy. Who is wrong, if Heaven that we carry is the Heaven, which its truth is absolute. Do not ask us, for all of you also know which party rejects Heaven, thus it is them who are seen going through a Hell. Heaven and Hell are like a garden and a septic tank. Heaven and Hell have their own role. Human is consoled by a garden, but they also need a septic tank. And those two have been established, and it serves as the completion of God’s Promise for the entire human being. And this is Heaven that I bring down.

And if that God’s Promise is rejected and not the least of our truth is ever being heeded, thus do not ask, when we cannot give you a chance to come closer to Heaven.

Is Heaven that we bring down is genuine, or just a fake Heaven? If it is fake, how is it possible that the Revelation that we convey could have a perfect concept and keep going on unceasingly? As for the concept of God’s Solution is surely always tremendous and could solve the problem. And who does expect that the solution for the world issue stated by God is even the Abrogation of All Religions and the Unification of All Religions?

Actually the belief upon religious pluralism needs not to be questioned any longer by those who cannot tolerate, since all religions have been abrogated by God. How religious conflict nowadays cannot be tolerated anymore, for the negative impact has been tremendously frightening. All adherents from different religions are now uncertain on how is the way to create religious peace. Whereas, many adherents feel that their God is different with God from the other religious adherents. Whilst God is The Only One for all religions and their adherents. Rather than disputing about religion and each one’s God, thereby the religious belief is abrogated by God. However, the Figure of God is presented even clearly through His Revelation, which is complete and qualified as the utmost solution.

What is intended to be abrogated is the institution of religion that has been overlapping and tremendously frightening. Religion has changed function due to groups’ interest on behalf of religion. Thereof, the existence of Heaven and Kingdom of God is needed as the constitution that is responsible for conveying God’s Fatwa and His Guidance. Thus, it is our role.

Thus, this is our explanation which is targeting on the rejection upon Revelation by the Indonesian Muslims, which influences all layers of society and their government. That according to them, there is no more God’s Revelation following the Revelation in Quran. If Revelation is restricted by a certain adherent’s belief, who understand not the law of Revelation, certainly the most sacredness and most sacrosanctity of Revelation is processed to apply the harm of rejection. Whereas when God is descending His Revelation to human world, His Blessing is infinite. Therefore, actually that is what is rejected by the Indonesian Muslims. God’s Blessing is then closed. And it is scorching and troubling.

After all, they accuse that Archangel Jibril, whom is declared by Eden, is a fake. And if I am a fake Jibril, how could Lia Eden never been stand still in the absence of Revelation?

Explanation of the Secret of Chapter An-Najm Needs to be Preceded by Revealing the Secret of Chapter Maryam Verse 17

Hey, all people who reject God’s Revelations, this is the Chapter Maryam that explains the destiny of Lia Eden with me. Truly, before I continue explaining the secret of Chapter An Najm, first I have to explain the secret of Chapter Maryam verse 17, for the sake of the clarity of the destiny of Lia Eden as the reincarnation of Maryam.

The Law of reincarnation should be able to be proved through Lia Eden’s role as God’s Messenger in the end times, after all we have declared her as the reincarnation of Maryam or Mary. And Chapter Maryam is not a fairy tale that mentioned about Maryam “took, in seclusion from them (her family), a screen and Jibril represented himself to her as a well-proportioned man”, for regarding that matter, there was none of Mary’s history that is related to the content of this Chapter Maryam verse 17. And that explanation is not found in Bible’s literation. Thus, that verse could be aligned to prove the law of reincarnation through Lia Eden as the reincarnation of Mary.

After all, since the early time of Lia Eden’s destiny, God has mentioned her as the reincarnation of Mary. But not until now we present the explanation related to the reincarnation through the Holy Verses of Quran, for there is Lia Eden, whose role is mentioned in Quran as Maryam. Maryam experienced not a life condition such as mentioned in Chapter Maryam verse 17, but the one who undergoes it is Lia Eden.

As for Lia Eden, ever since she received her destiny, she has lost all her family who shun away due to accusation of heresy upon her. And that condition has been mentioned in Chapter Maryam as follows.

The Holy Quran Chapter Maryam verse 17:

  1. And she took, in seclusion from them (her family), a screen. Then We sent to her Our Spirit (Jibril), and he represented himself to her as a well-proportioned man.

As for the entire family of Lia Eden, they seemed to agree making a restriction toward Lia Eden due to the accusation of heresy thrown unto her. However, actually it is God Himself Who created such restriction, for God wanted to isolate Lia Eden from her family’s pressure, which certainly could accept not Lia Eden to have another belief besides Islam. But in fact, it is her family who decided to stay away from Lia Eden due to the issue of heresy as if its truth is already established.

Thereof, the word order of this verse is a little bit odd. And try to heed the odd structure  “and she took, in seclusion from them, a screen”, here the seclusion should have come from Lia. For actually, it is God who makes Lia’s fate in such a way, thus the verse is supposed to be connoted that she makes seclusion toward her family, but the conjunction in this verse is not ‘toward’, but ‘from’. Therefore, there is a contradiction from the word ‘from’ with Lia Eden’s condition now, since it is not her who decided the restriction upon her family, but rather the restriction came from her family, but actually it is God who wants it to happen.

Thus, the seclusion destined by God unto Lia Eden, in fact it derives from an agreement of all Lia’s family, not from Lia Eden herself. And the destiny of Lia Eden to be secluded from her family is applied so she will not be disturbed by the intervention from her family when she has to focus on Eden’s purification. And as for the disturbance from her family, it is due to Lia Eden’s belief conversion, of which she neutralizes her belief by God’s Command, so she is considered by her family has converted from Islam. Thus, she is secluded by the entire members of her family, but then she becomes independent when she declares Heaven in the world, so she cannot prioritize her family when they wish to be accepted in Heaven. Moreover, the right of nepotism is not valid in Heaven.

Thus we have explained God’s Stipulation upon Lia Eden to perform seclusion from her family. The defamation incidents upon Lia Eden by her former husband, Aminuddin Day, could be assumed as part of the explanation of this verse. Upon this matter, there is a separate note in Heaven related to the purification of God’s House dwelled by Lia Eden and Eden Apostolate. And it is related to the other chapter, which is still waiting for the right moment to be revealed.

In this verse 17 of Chapter Maryam, there is an explanation of how Archangel Jibril will appear in front of Maryam (her reincarnation) as a well-proportioned man. This verse is God’s Covenant unto Lia Eden that I shall appear to be a perfect human, not merely an apparition.

Nevertheless, when all countries are in turmoil due to the world war, I shall be in charge to restore the condition. Whilst to restore the condition, there are many issues that I myself must handle directly. And how Lia Eden cannot handle my affairs in terms of performance in providing verification and elucidation as well as deduction upon all difficult questions involving science and Divine matters that I should explain. And she cannot appear before the public, except by God’s Permission. For she has to take care of Eden’s internal matters and the release of God’s Revelation that continuously pouring down unto her. Thence, who will appear before the public is Jibril.

When that incident has come to its time, there will be no more people who want to reject Heaven and that is the timing of Heaven’s Victory. When the chance to fight against Hell is only through Lia Eden’s writings, hence my chance to be a human is not yet to come, thus actually it is Lia Eden who is struggling by herself to be able to reach  the destiny of my appearance. Therefore, she has to go through heavy trials. When she passes, hence the certainty of my appearance could be achieved by her. Thus, actually all progresses that will be achieved by Heaven should be strived for by Lia Eden wholeheartedly and with a sincere sacrifice from her. And the public is now witnessing those Lia Eden’s struggles.

And this is her writing product, which is the result of her struggle to purify herself. However, there is no topic in Eden Discourse that is valuable, if she has not yet passed the trials. Thus, when the public reads the special Eden Discourse and it is unusual, it indicates that Lia Eden just finished her trial for that special Discourse. Thus in the past, I made many trickery explanations for her, so that she would be humiliated in front of the public. And if she was patient enough to go through that trial, then she has succeeded in overcoming her trial. Thus, actually there is no absolute truth that reaches her before she knows well all her shortcomings and mistakes. Such is the purification for the Queen of Heaven I have elaborated some part of it.

And it has been explained that Lia Eden is the reincarnation of Mary or Maryam. And that provision has made us comfortable to explain the secret of this Chapter Maryam verse 17, that I, Jibril, will appear to be a human identical to the figure of Lia Eden.

The identical twinning of both of us has also been affirmed by this Chapter Maryam verse 17 in a sentence, “and he represented himself to her as a well-proportioned man”. Thus, compare it with RgVeda II. 39, Shloka 2, which says, “Like two fair dames embellishing their bodies, like a wise married pair amongst the people”.

The explanation from the two Holy Books is elucidated bluntly. We disclose the secret straightforwardly and literally interpreted, thus my coming in the shape of Lia Eden’s figure actually God will make it as a miracle, because Lia Eden will just become a twin after she is 70 years old.

And our encounter in our old age counted by God to signify the Eden’s Miracle. That it is not easy to attain the Eden’s Miracle. Lia Eden has been fighting for it until her old age through all her sufferings from God’s Trial for 22 years, since the beginning of my coming unto her in 1995.

That Jewel of Heaven undoubtedly contains miraculous things, which is most desired by human beings. After all, the Eden’s Miracle should be interpreted as the result of a long and hard struggle that has caused tediousness amongst the angels and humans. Heaven’s trial certainly should come to the quality of tediousness, of which usually in such condition someone has started to feel weak and desperate. However, if she is still firm in her faith and still carrying out God’s Mandates unto her sincerely, thus she comes to the trial that could open the Eden’s Miracle.

Whilst the tediousness felt by the angels is in the continuation of accusation of heresy all this time. And there is not even a party who understands that the accusation is wrong, thus there is not even one party who is willing to remind that mistake. MUI’s fatwa has become an assurance of truth that must be obeyed by the Muslims throughout Indonesia. And broadcasting of accusation of heresy upon Eden by the national mass media has also caused that accusation to be established worldwidely. That is what makes me tedious.

Nevertheless, the accusation of heresy still cannot be ended. The Muslims are over confidence upon the truth of that accusation. Thus, the orientation of our fighting is no longer waiting for the revocation of that accusation of heresy, but rather I am reactive to reveal the secret of holy verses. And the first to be opened is the secret of holy verses related to the postulates of my marriage with Lia Eden, mentioned in the Holy Books of the four largest religions, Hindu, Buddha, Christian and Islam (Vedas, Dhammapada, Bible and Quran). Because in those holy books also exist God’s Solution for all main problems in the world. Thus, God’s Guidance for the issue of the end times is kept in all the secret verses of the holy books.

Lia Eden has also come to her destiny as the writer of the Holy Book of Heaven. Thus, the most important schedule upon both of us has come. And I have started it through this way, revealing the secret of the postulates of my marriage with Lia Eden orderly and mutually connected to one another.

Heaven in the World is Truly Full of God’s Blessing

The fact that Heaven is comfortable and blissful, then certainly there should be a miracle and karamah (sacredness) as well as an assurance of eternal prosperity. All people understand that Heaven is like that. And actually that is the Heaven felt by Lia Eden and the Eden Messengers. If what they feel is not like that, they will not endure being purified thus far, but they are still willing to be purified forever.

And if the qualification of Heaven should be proved like what is imagined all this time, hence all provisions in Heaven should come from the same chamber, that is God’s Rules and Laws for Heaven, which is certainly different from the rules applied in the world. That difference is what we need to explain through theology aligns with the theology from other existing religions. And the difference should be explained through the difference of structure of the hereafter law and the law of spirit realm with the law applied in human world.

That the sin has its spirit, so is virtuousness. Thus, all the creatures’ life should certainly be arranged through the effective rule in line with the habitat of each creature. And that legal provision upon each creature is equalized in a single essence, which is summarized in the law of reincarnation and the law of spirit regulation.

The system of the law of spirit regulation takes control over the life of all creatures in the universe. And the system of the law of spirit regulation rotates just in one direction, from one coordinate point to the other coordinate point. From the point of the noblest coordinate (angel), moves down to the point of the most despicable nature (devil). And what mediates the two poles of the noblest and the worst nature is the nature of human.

That is why human is the medium of the battle between the angel and the devil . And that is why human’s nature is the possibility of angel’s destiny to gradually moves down, up to the nature of devil. And the opposite, it is the possibility of the devil’s destiny to gradually reach the noblest nature, to become an angel. Therefore, it is in human world the battle of angel and devil is processed, because ever since the creation of human, God has instilled the spirit of angel and spirit of devil into human beings as the Most Justice of God upon all His Creatures.

Thus is the creation of Adam was instilled with the angel’s spirit, and the creation of Eve instilled with the devil’s spirit, which later on when it was already the time for her to be released from the shackle of the curse of the devil’s spirit, she manifested to be a snake so the devil’s spirit has a physical body. That is one step of destiny leaving the nature of devil. However, before she became a human, Eve went through a neutralization of habitat and her spirit then became a spirit of fruit tree in Eden Garden. So it was said, that fruit tree in Eden was forbidden to be picked, for that tree was in the process of habitat neutralization underwent by Eve.

Thus, it is written that the fruit tree in Eden Garden is the forbidden tree to be picked. After that habitat neutralization, then Eve was created to be Adam’s spouse. But before that, Adam was tempted to eat that forbidden fruit, and that is the perspective of man’s libido, who is easily seduced by woman. Thus, the story of creation of Adam and Eve in Eden Garden is revealed.

However, the story of Heaven is aimed to state that human’s regeneration from Adam and Eve naturally owns a positive gene and negative gene. Thus, the rotation of the law of spirit regulation could be reviewed through the life of human being in general. There are people who are sent to go down the ladder of the spirit regulation law and they are seen as the vicious cruel people. And on the other side, there are wise people who live in harmony and actively fighting for truth in their own field, and they are people who are sent to undergo the ladder of nature rotating up to the noblest nature or as a human who just steps down from the habitat of an angel. Both are in the corridor of the noble nature.

Upon my explanation, I hope it can be used as a guidance to amend the attitude and behaviour, that devilishness comes not out of a sudden and owned not by someone merely because of mistreatment or environmental influence. But rather inside himself, there is already a seed of devilishness so he involves himself in the same surrounding or he has been destined indeed to live amongst the vicious neighbourhood due to similar destiny.

God will not sacrifice good people to join the devilish people, unless he has a sin of his own. And that sin brings him into that circle. Therefore, actually it is the holiness that will prevent someone from the life style of the devilish people who like to go on a spree with haram money.

In the structure of the law of spirit regulation, human being cannot survive to be a human if they are commiting sin arbitrarily. The changing nature will certainly be encountered by them. This era is the era of God’s Court of Justice and Judgment. Thus, in the principle of God’s Judgment there is a provision of changing nature. After all, nowadays human being talks not like a human anymore. Many of them talk like the devil’s talk. Thus, I explain once again, because of that, Heaven is needed in human world.

I, Archangel Jibril, now pair up with Lia Eden who is already old. Carrying out Heaven’s mandate in the old age, for Lia Eden is not easy, moreover she still has to go through her own purification procedures that never stop or temporarily cease. However, therefrom her soul endurance leads her to the achievement of spirit’s purification, thus the spirit purification then becomes the blessing of improving her intelligence, which is needed in writing God’s Revelation.

And when she later on declares God’s Kingdom and Heaven in the world, it is because her achievements should be equally qualified as the excellence of Revelation that she bears, hence for sure she must continuously go through heavy incidents and defamations that humiliate her from all people who are hostile unto her. Then it is able to be equalized with the assignment that should be conveyed, that is declaring Heaven and God’s Kingdom in the world.

But after that, naturally Lia Eden’s reputation, which has been able to declare Heaven, she is then blessed with the joyful life in Heaven, just like a happy life with her spouse in the Heavenly Marriage in her old age. As it also becomes the promise of blessing for the old people who perform good achievement filling their life with virtuousness.

The validity of Heaven’s purification could only be felt if the one who experiences the purification is an adult. Thus, if there are children and teenagers in Heaven, they are children who were born in Heaven from the Eden Messenger’s couple. Since they were born, they have been raised up to be holy.

Thus, the first time Heaven is introduced to the world, the adult people whom we have purified intensively will be seen, so that Eden’s purification is known by the society. That is how God purifies the sinners whom are selected to come to Heaven. Thus, actually Heaven is indeed a purpose, not just a presentation of people who wish to be in Heaven. That all people may have a wish to dwell in Heaven, but only a nurtured holiness that could bring people closer to Heaven. And after reaching the Heaven, ones should be willing to live in holiness forever.

So that is Heaven, as a guarantee of old age, for it is a long journey that must be taken to struggle in order to attain Heaven. And it must be through a purification that tears down all egoism and pervades in complete sincerity and willingness to suffer  from being purified. Thus, actually those who could reach Heaven are only the adult people who succeeded in being purified.

to be continued