Dear Viewer,

In the Name of God The Most Compassionate and The Bestower of Blessings

We, the Eden Community just recently celebrated the 70th birthday of Her Majesty Lia Eden on last August 21, 2017. Unexpectedly by all of us, that on the day of Her Majesty Lia Eden’s birthday turned out God descended down His Words especially directed at Her Majesty Lia Eden, and that God’s Words, which included His Oath, it turned out that it was a special blessing for Her Majesty, since the miracle of the three titles of queenship of Her Majesty was granted on that day.

Surely that incident is immeasurably valuable for us all, how we expect not that Her Majesty Lia Eden’s 70th birthday actually was the blessing of miracle from God, which the value is immeasurable. And we all are grateful, for it means a full protection for Eden from God.

From the meaning of that celebration, then it is the first time that we specially release the celebration of Her Majesty’s birthday. Particularly, what is most important for us is the existence of a very special God’s Oath and His Words on the day of Her Majesty Lia Eden’s birthday, which before the celebration we were obliged by God to take a vow of willingness to be taken our lives by God, if we still make mistake. Thus, Her Majesty was commanded by God to take a vow not to make any mistake whatsoever.

Actually, when we were commanded to take such vow, we realized not that God would take His Oath at Her Majesty’s birthday celebration. And so, we have just known what meant in holding the vow taking on the day of Her Majesty’s birthday.

It turned out that it was a preparation in facing the moments that will come, which is stated by God as the moment where the world will go through the hardest time, since it is most likely that the nuclear war will break out. And it will create a chaotic world. Thereof, we are prepared by God to face all heavy difficulties that will rise later through the procession of the vow taking that we have just performed under His Stipulation.

And for the sake of the tenacity of faith and resilience in purifying ourselves, we recently took a vow unto God through the procession of vow taking on Her Majesty’s birthday, on August 21, 2017.

Thus, we release completely God’s Oath and His Revelation, as well as His Majesty the Holy Spirit’s edict on Her Majesty Lia Eden’s birthday. Nevertheless, we present our release to the public for the sake of showing the official Divine procession, which is obliged by God for us to carry out before the public, in order to provide a teaching related to the principle of God’s Law upon His Heaven.

That on every important step, we are certainly bound by God with our vow and His Oath and the vow of the Holy Spirit together with the entire Angels. After all, our whole journey in carrying God’s Revelations always goes within the corridor of God’s Provision of Law for His Heaven, as what we are presenting now to the world public. We thank you for your kind attention.


And this is God’s Oath descended down on the 70th birtday of Mother Lia Eden:




 In the Name of God
The Most Compassionate and The Most Bestower of Blessings

The world public should know that when I bestow miracles upon your three queenship titles, it is certainly because you have come to the condition that possibly makes you have to face various heavy problems in the world. Meanwhile, each of your queenship titles has different consequence between one and the others. Thereof, I assure that each of your queenship titles has its own primary miracle.

And be the Queen of Heaven whose holiness is absolute, and be the Queen of Eden Kingdom who dares to make a right decision and full of benefit. And be the Queen of Justice who could prove My Most Justice and always be neutral. And be a just peacemaker for all adherents.

And I crown you as the Queen of Heaven and the Queen of Kingdom of Eden, as well as the Queen of Justice, that is when you have gone through My various Trials that I am directed at your three designations. Thus, I consider that you have been succeeded to be holy as the criteria that I targeted on you.

It is better that the world public knows that you have gone through purification that I create for you in the period of 22 years long. And none of My Trials of Purification that is not heavy for you.

And so, today you have proved your endurance in purifying yourself. Hence, you are entitled to receive the miracle upon your three queenship titles. After all, I will not bestow you with all those titles just like that before I see you fully striving without ever imagining what is the purpose of My Trials unto you. So it is, I never promise you anything before the time comes.

And this is the day where I will bring you to your real destiny, that in applying the Day of My Power, I have ascertained that the implementation of the Day of My Power to the world surely will make the world turn to My Revelation in Eden and it will definitely be ensured that you are the only My Messenger whom I trust to receive Revelation from Me, hence, be holy as the angel’s holiness in Heaven, so that My Heaven in the world would be signified completely.

And it is you as well, who will write down My Words, that I intend for My Court of Justice in the world, then I bestow you the title; The World’s Queen of Justice.

As for the world, which is in a chaotic state and threatened by the nuclear war at this time, hence I should create the world peace. Thus, I should make My Testaments unto the world, to all parties  whom I give guidance as well as to whom I give a reprimand. Therefore, promise Me that you will always be just unto all parties and bring together all parties in brotherhood even though they are against each other. And be the wise mediator and take sides not with any party, except conveying My Siding unto the truth and conveying My Reprimand unto the transgressors.

Thus, I always bring you to see all the things that I want to amend as well as the things I want to  judge. And be resolute if you are condemned by various censures, for you are spotlighted as the person who is not trusted as God’s Messenger.

However, I will prove your nobleness as My Messenger. And I will assure the world public that you are truly My Messenger; after all, you are the one who is seen by the world as the only human being who could directly communicate with Me anytime. And you are also the one who is seen as My Messenger who could be asked and could answer anytime what is directed toward Me. Thus, you are the Queen of Eden Kingdom who will issue every of My Stipulation upon something. 

Therefore, I bestow you a miracle that will elevate the hierarchy of Eden Kingdom above all hierarchies of all powers in the world. Thus, I take an oath to elevate Heaven’s hierarchy as well as Kingdom of Eden’s as the highest hierarchy in the world. And the world will not be safe without acknowledging the most sacredness and most sacrosanctity of My Revelations that I speak in Eden for the world.

Therefore, I take an oath to make the most sacrosanctity of My Revelations seen by the entire world public, and accordingly I also present the Day of God’s Power worldwide. As I should make it happen, thus I will control the world condition as what I have promised, that My Revelation should be really seen broadcasted worldwide, and it serves as the completion of My Covenant related to the writing of ummul kitab Al-lauh Al-Mahfuz (mother of holy books). At the same time, it is intended to overcome the threat of nuclear war in the world. And to prove the most sacredness of My Revelations that I descend down in Eden, hence the accusation of heresy unto Eden could be ended. 

However, at this time, I also carry out the fulfillment of My Covenants, of which I have stated in the previous holy books.

Thereof, the control of the Day of My Power worldwide is divulged through all My Covenants unto the world, which is officially issued by the Kingdom of Eden. Therefore, all countries and nations in the world could realize that I only channel all My Answers and Directions as well as My Reprimands and My Law Provision  worldwide through the Kingdom of Eden.

Upon those all, it is God’s Judge, Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit, who will always accompany you as the King of Heaven, the King of Eden Kingdom and the King of Justice. And this is the moment that My Covenant unto him and unto you has come to its time, then it is also the time for him to appear as himself, as that is My Covenant unto him and you, which I have already stated a long time ago.

And in your duty and authority at this present time, truly you have your own miracle and the Holy Spirit has also his own miracle. So both of you fill each other and mutually synergize collaborating in one destiny that unites you both.

As for your most prominent miracle, it is the prayer fulfillment upon all good and holy prayers from you. And you are fully protected against all misfortunes targeted on you wherever it comes from, since the oath of protection upon you and the Kingdom of Eden as well as Heaven of Eden has been a protection unto the objects of the real truth that I hold in the world. And My protection is certainly perfect and thorough, as good as the universe and the entire angels in the world protect you, as good as Heaven and Kingdom of Eden is the constitution of the real truth that I establish in the world. Hence, the universe and the entire angels on this earth become the guard of Heaven and My Kingdom and its Queen as well as the Eden Apostolate.

Meanwhile, I have allowed the Holy Spirit to bring out his main miracle. That is to create a reversal and to enact My Court of Justice and My Judgment in the world for all creatures on this earth. As for the entire Divine occurrences in the world, those have been conceptualized for the Holy Spirit to take charge, so it will be applied by him at the right moment. Therefore, he is fully involved in the creation of the Divine occurrences that happen in the world.

Thus, he is fully involved in creating the miracle of Revelation worldwide. However, he will not present himself as God Who applies the Day of God’s Power, but rather as My Messenger whom I oblige to apply his miracle as the Holy Spirit the bearer of My Revelation to human world. Therefore, do not deify him, for he is only an angel whom I send to declare My Oneness and My Mightiness, whilst he is only an angel bearer of My Revelation whom is obliged to redeem all religious deviation and misuse of My holy verses that once was brought down by him.

And he will not appear as a real human who plays the role to create world peace, unless he is obliged to redeem the karma of veneration upon the Holy Spirit and also because he has to appear to recompense for his responsibility unto Me upon all religious deviation that has happened. Even though it is not his fault since it is the adherents who tend to exaggerate creating bid’ah rituals and has venerated My Messenger and has also misused My Holy Verses, thus I send him down to stop all those things. However, when his presence is not acknowledged and My Revelations are rejected in this country, then I lighten his responsibility by abrogating all religions in order to simplify the unification of all religions for the sake of world peace.

Thus, all people in the world are obliged to know that even the angel bearer of My Revelation could also be in danger of nature’s change if he is venerated as one substance with Me.

Thus, there is none of My Messengers who could be venerated and associated with Me even the Holy Spirit, the angel bearer of My Revelation. Thus, the same goes for Jesus and Muhammad and Buddha Gautama, as well as Krishna, since I am God The Only One and The Almighty in bestowing life and The Most Creator, and there is none of human beings who could give spirit unto anything and could give the life upon it, even though they are My Messengers and even My angel Messenger such as the Archangel Jibril or the Holy Spirit.

Thus, mankind in this century will witness the Archangel Jibril redeeming the karma of veneration upon the Holy Spirit. Thus, deification that surpasses their respective nature will not happen anymore, since I am the Only One and The Bestower of life and death, and the Bestower of spirit to all lives of whatsoever.

And I welcome your vow and the vow of Eden Apostolate by stating that there is no more authority and power in this world that could claim their power to be greater and higher than the authority of Eden. Therefore, I take this oath to make the Eden’s hierarchy is above all existing hierarchies in the world.

And if there is a power that is considered higher than that, then I shall lower and weaken its power. And if My Messenger, Lia Eden, is wished to be disturbed and oppressed once again, then I release the harm of My Oath unto whomever wants to disturb and oppress her.

And I state that do not ever defy Me and My Guidance conveyed by Lia Eden, for it means that you have denied My Oath, whereas My Oath is the most sacrosanct and the most sacred. My Revelation is the most holy and My Oath which I mention in the room of absolute truth, is the most sacrosanct, and which cannot be known by anybody in this world, supposedly there is no Lia Eden who becomes My Messenger delivering it to her fellow human beings.

After all, Our oath has never happened before in the world, since My Oath is only taken in the end times, and at the time when the doomsday process is flaring on this earth. Nevertheless, it is the correlation and the bound of Our Oath that will change the condition in the world. Therefore, do not ever deny Us.

Thus, on Lia’s Eden birthday, today, I bless her with three kinds of prominent miracles, in which each miracle is useful to protect and facilitate all her duty and authority, so I ensure that she will be acknowledged as My Messenger whom I glorify.

There is no human being in this world who owns a destiny such as hers. And unto her I trust a duty and authority to save and purify all people who are willing to be holy for the sake of My Salvation. And unto the world public, I state that she is the only person who could be asked and answer anything that is directed toward Me, for she is the only My Messenger from human race in this end times.

For all people in the world, there is no certainty that is more certain in this world more than My Guidance that is written and said by her. Therefore, respect her and do not ever disdain and calumniate her again. And do not detest her, for I shall absolutely defend her and will judge whomever wants to harm her.

After all, now she can no longer be harmed nor prosecuted nor judged. And she cannot be killed  because of her existence that is wished to be ended. Since how could a Queen of Heaven and a Queen of Eden Kingdom as well as a Queen of Justice for the world  have no thorough protection.  However as the Queen of Heaven, the Queen of Eden and the Queen of Justice, she is a person whose protection is the strongest. And after all, I command the universe and the entire angels in this world to protect her thoroughly. And I will not ever forgive the people who want to harm her, for she is My Only Messenger. 

And I take an oath to soon demonstrate to the world how I make Heaven and Eden Kingdom exist, so all people in the world will sacralize My Revelations conveyed by her. And therefore, I shall ensure the enactment of the Day of My Power and God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment worldwide. Upon that matter, I bestow a power unto the Holy Spirit and Lia Eden to declare My Court of Justice and My Judgment for the world. And I have announced My Stipulation since August 21, 2017.

And along with it, I include the most sacrosanctity and most sacredness of My Command, which is related to their duty and authority, how actually all that they take care is the stipulation from Me.

Therefore, in the future, what will happen is already within My Stipulation, that I directly control the world, so the world will see the battle of evilness with evilness, so that they destroy each other. Thus, the tussle of evilness in the world will fully appear. Nevertheless, the nuclear war will definitely happen. So it is, the happening of World War III is terrible. But, that is also the Hell of the world.

And so in the end, all people will need My Heaven, but I shall not move to lessen the Hell, before My Heaven is glorified. After all, it happens because My Heaven in the world is never willingly acknowledged. And thereof, I blame the rejection upon My Revelations and My Heaven as well as My Kingdom on the Muslims. Hence, those who taste the most of the world’s Hell are the Muslims.

And when all crimes should be displayed completely, hence, all extra-ordinary crimes in the world  emerge, therefore all kinds of crimes become difficult to be overcome, since the formal legal instruments are not sufficient to capture the extra-ordinary crimes, except by means of annihilation. Thereof, My Mightiness is needed in overcoming the extra-ordinary crimes. Thus, We let the crimes and extra-ordinary crimes destroy each other. Hence, the world now is experiencing the battle of all evilness. However, that is how I perform the cleansing of this earth.

And during the cleansing of this earth, all crimes will emerge upfront and threaten one another harshly and attack and destroy one another. And I let those all happen, for My Heaven has not been able to be functionalized. And I will not functionalize My Heaven before the Hell makes the world public realize.

Thus, it is good that all people in the world know My principle of Law related to the functionalization of Heaven, which is also related to the role of Hell in the world, that when My Heaven has been clearly rejected because it is considered as not true, and because My Revelation is also considered as not true, then it is the Hell that has big role and dominating. When it is not even realized as My Judgment upon the rejection unto My Revelations, thus the devils in Hell flare up as much as they could, making all the tempests to become a nuclear war. Supposedly My Explanation wants to be regarded just as an allusion, then I state that this is how My principle of Law is related to the annihilation of evilness.

When all people in the world no longer feel peaceful and serene and they all are tedious already to see the domination of crime and misery, I state that if you all want to escape from that condition, hence,  be My one unified adherent, therefore, be peaceful with your own fellows. Do not ever wage war against each other because of your religion, for if you think that it is right, then you can never be free from your own confusion. Since the sin of rejection upon My Revelations is actually unforgivable, whilst My Heaven is the one that sounds My Revelations all this time.

Supposedly from this time onwards, those who reject My Revelation will realize how it is only My Heaven that could secure the world, and only Heaven that could save human being.  Think about it, after all, they all have been exhausted covered in blood searching for Heaven through their own way.

Thus, today, on the Queen of Heaven’s birthday, I absolutely ascertain that the rise of truth and the world peace could only be accomplished through My Heaven. And there is no initiation whatsoever for it, wherever it comes from, which could be sufficient and could lessen the flaring up of Hell and war, since what I sincerely bless is only the involvement of My Heaven accompanied by the entire angels in the world.

And if My Call would be referred as the utmost solution from Me, then afterwards the believers will be separated from the people whom I throw into the Hell, until this earth becomes scorching by the Hell. However, after that time, My Heaven will then be expected. And afterwards, My Heaven is then functionalized as it should be.

God’s Oath and Revelation,
descended down on August 21, 2017
And completed on August 23, 2017




In the Name of God The Most Compassionate and The Bestower of Blessings

This is the Holy Spirit’s vow and edict:

I, Jibril the Holy Spirit, take a vow unto God and before the world public that in carrying out the duty as God’s Messenger from the angel race, I take a vow to state that I am merely the servant of God, and I am the command of God, whom we worship, and as God’s Command, I will not violate God’s Provision of Law and His Commands unto me.

I am God’s servant, whom bestowed an authority by Him to be present on this earth, becoming the most trusted God’s Judge, for I convey the most recent God’s Provisions of Law. As I am also the King of Heaven and the King of Eden Kingdom and the King of Justice who is obliged to demonstrate or prove God’s Teaching about His Most Justice. Thus, I take a vow to become a just judge and king and become a just peacemaker for the world.

This is I, Jibril, who will give in no more and cannot be defeated anymore, for I have redeemed the karma of veneration upon me for being stated as the Holy Spirit who is associated in one substance with God.

And I have also fulfilled my responsibility upon religious deviation and the misuse of holy verses spoken by God in which it is my responsibility unto God.

After all, God’s Words that we convey and Jibril’s explanations that have been released by Eden, still unwilling to be acknowledged and believed, even though we have long offered to the public with all kinds of the essential truth formats of God’s Revelation.

So it is, when the society is the one who is ignorant, unaware of the truth of God’s Revelation, at last we have come to the momentum of God’s Reversal.

And I forbid not stating myself as the Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit who carries out God’s Command in implementing God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment on this earth.

It is unto me God trusts the concept of reversal and His Day of Power on this earth. And it is unto me God trusts the restoration of the purity of the holy verses that ever spoken by God. For it is my responsibility as the angel bearer of God’s Revelation for all religions.

Truly, thereof I impossibly lessen or increase God’s torment unto the adherents who are guilty unto God. Nevertheless, I am always impartial, not differentiating my stance upon all religions, since I am obliged to save all religions and the adherents.

I only deliver all God’s Stipulations upon religions, for all religions come from God.

Nevertheless, I am the one who should be responsible for God’s Revelations intended for all religions, when the holy verses have been misused or religion has deviated. That is why, all religions are contradictive and against one another. Religious conflict is unavoidable. However, that is the harm of religious deviation.

In taking responsibility for all religions and the purity of God’s Revelations that I have conveyed and have become the holy books of all religions, that is it, I have been defeated by the devils for the last 20 years, and the ones who defend me all this time are only Lia Eden and her community.

And certainly, if now is the time for me to rise, then I am the one who will free Eden from the shackle of accusation of heresy all this time.

Thus, now I have to lift up the Heaven’s and Kingdom of Eden’s hierarchy according to its highest hierarchy. And I then become God’s Judge in the enactment of God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment worldwide.

And I am not alone in implementing God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment, I am with the entire angels on the surface of this earth, we together uphold God’s Fatwas upon the stipulation of His Court of Justice and His Judgment.

Thus, the execution of God’s Judgment is implemented meticulously by the universe and the divulgence of sins in the world is done by the performance of the angels throughout the world.

And we together will present Divine occurrences, which intended to make all people in the world realize the implementation of the Day of God’s Power.

As it has become the official God’s Command, hence we will soon create Divine occurrence by using the Miracle of God’s Revelation.

And before that incident happen, this is how we announce beforehand to the world public through our announcement broadcasted from Eden.

And we choose the momentum precisely on the Queen of Heaven Lia Eden’s birthday, it is also because she was celebrating her 70th birthday, as it is already in God’s Testament, that at her age of 70, Lia Eden could be blessed with  divination and primary miracle.

Therefore, simultaneous with it, the miracle of Holy Spirit could be fully utilized, since Lia Eden, who works together with me, has been holy. Thus, it is the principle of God’s Law upon the utilization of His Miracle.

Thereof, it is the time for both of us to appear together in one unity of responsibility and performance, yet we equally have our own role, which has been divided in accordance with our respective obligation, which is different between the angel and human as God’s Messenger.

By the existence of God’s Miracle that is already with us, hence we will catch up the time that falls behind. Since this last 20 years we have been shackled by the accusation of heresy, so that God’s Revelation is blocked in Indonesia and ignored.

Thus, we catch up the time that falls behind by carrying out the completion of the entire God’s Covenants inside the previous Holy Books.

Through the completion of those God’s Covenants we perform our duty, so the world public knows that Eden is truly God’s Heaven and God’s Kingdom in the world.

And it is from Eden, all God’s Revelations are written and broadcasted. And await the performance of Jibril together with the entire angels in the world, who will carry out God’s Reversal and the Day of God’s Power.

In the name of God The Most Compassionate and the Bestower of Blessings, we ask for permission to implement the Day of God’s Power and the Day of God’s Reversal as well as the Day of God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment.

In the Name of God the Only One, we state ourselves, here we are, God’s servants who are upholding God’s Oneness, so that all people in the world will no longer worship other gods besides God The Only One.

Jakarta, August 21, 2017
Completed on August 24, 2017



 In the Name of God The Only One and The Almighty
And In the Name of The Most Holy Heaven and Kingdom of Eden

 God, the Most Holy, I take a vow before You that I am willing that You make me contemptible  at Your Side and before You and before the world public, if I am unjust and imperfect in carrying out  my duty and my authority that You have blessed me with.

God, bestow me perseverance in facing all heavy problems, and make me always able to face  and overcome all heavy problems that we should take care. And please make me able to always make the fairest decision upon all decisions that I have to make under Your Name and in the name  of Your Kingdom and Heaven.

God, I take a vow that I shall always hold my pledge unto You, and to all people whom I have promised something or whatsoever. God, make me able to always fulfill all my promises perfectly  and full of benefit.

God, please bestow me calmness and enlightenment in my mind, when there are some urgent matters  and when facing the most frightening matters. And I will not recede my step even when having to face terrifying condition or because of facing serious threat wherever it comes from.

And bestow me an utmost perspective for me to hold on to in order to overcome that problem. Nevertheless, the most frightening matter when I face it, please You loosen it and make me able  to go through it well and right and holy.

God, truly You are The Most Knowing of every incident. Please brace up us all to be able to go through  all heavy incidents and all world disorders, which will surely befall on our country, especially at the time the nuclear war breaks out, should it become unavoided anymore.

God, please bestow us the ability to stay stable and always be secured in that uncertain condition.  And make us able to constantly survive in encountering all difficulties. Please help us all the time  in every problem that we face during those difficult times.

God, we will not have the best protector as good as Your Protection unto us. Please protect us thoroughly, since we do not have any power to protect ourselves from the danger or misfortune that comes to us  as the risk of what we are doing in carrying out Your Revelations. Truly, whatever that we state  all this time, it is still considered as a religious blasphemy or misleading.

How all procedures of Revelation and Your Revelations that we receive, until now there is no party  who is willing to believe us, thus we plead unto You dear Lord, open the heart and eyes and mind  of all people in the world, so they could see the truth of Your Revelation that we receive.

O God, please make all the procedures of Your Revelation could be seen by the world as the truth  of Your Revelations in Eden, and please free us from the accusation of heresy and religious blasphemy. And please make us capable of not doing any mistake when encountering any incident that You create,  for the sake of the most sacredness of Your Revelations. And make us able to adjust to anything  that will happen in the future, in joyful condition as well as when there is something that complicates us. Make us able to stay in a balanced and neutral condition.

And render us all as Your servants who are always able to do salvation for whomever we should save. And please bestow us the guarantee of being a peacemaker, so we could work perfectly as the peacemaker that You wish upon us.

And bestow us the ability to fulfill all good hopes, which are expected by whomever puts hope upon us. God, please bestow us all the good sides that we could render as the guarantee of the holiness  of Your Heaven in the world.

And please bestow us all Your Stipulations, which we could use to save anyone whom we have to save. God, teaches me the most perfect Principles of Your Law of Justice, so I will not be wrong in writing it  as well as in taking a stance and saying the words in conveying the principle of Your Most Just.

And please do not let me be negligent, because of my forgetfulness. God, please bestow me a good memory, so I will not make mistake because of my forgetfulness. God, please bestow me health endurance, considering my old age. Truly, I need physical endurance and good health to focus on all Your Mandates and in facing difficult conditions in the future, as well as in facing the changes that You create later on.

God, please make us able to keep all of our promises and make us able to take care of the mandate that You give us and the entire responsibilities from You, rightly and perfectly.

And please bestow us capability to fulfill all people’s hope upon Your Heaven and whom expect  Your Most Justice and Your Help. God, please bestow us an easiness in taking care of all Your Mandates.

God, bestow us all the ability to dedicate and devote perfectly without any mistake. God, please accept my vow.


Jakarta, August 21, 2017

The Eden Messengers’ Vow

In the Name of God The Bestower of Blessings upon Vow

Today, we, in the name of Eden Apostolate, take a vow unto God The Almighty, that today we state our willingness to be executed, our lives taken by God, if we still make mistake. And we are willing to die in accursedness if we fulfill not our promises unto God.

God, please bless us with protection of faith and fortitude so as not to make any mistake whatsoever. And bless us with a faith that is fully intact forevermore. Please accept our vow, amen.

Jakarta, August 21, 2017