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The perfection of genetics should involve the knowledge of law of karma that is fully related to the law of reincarnation and the law of spirit regulation. That in our explanation now there is a subject need to be heeded, that is the natural changing of human nature related to the genetics law by God’s Side. The sins of a mother and her husband have caused them to have children who are naughty and have bad characters. While the righteous and prosperous parent have children who are good and easily to be taught. The accursedness of a nation unto God could change the habitat of that nation. Such is the flow of genetics law by God’s Side always considers the law of karma and the law of reincarnation.

The perfection of the astrophysics is not contradictive with exploration of genetics. And the perfection of genetics is being revealed by God in deeper path by explaining better about the spirit world, whilst conveying the controversy of spirit communication between jinn or devil with human. By elucidating the real matters related to pure communication with angel and God, then it could explain how to respond to the real truth. That is because the manipulation upon the truth has dispersed into legal domain. Whereas, supposedly legal institution becomes the protector of the truth and the criminal punisher.

If law enforcement officers and law practitioner alone have already involved in manipulating the law and trading the justice, then truly they are under the influence of  ‘god’ of darkness who are actively blurring the certainty of law and truth. Their trap that succeeds to grasp law enforcers and court officers as well as law practitioners could be stated as the success of the devil in subjugating human being. If the Perfection of the legal world is chaos, such is the devil’s success.

For truly many jinns or devils who like very much to be idolized and praised, thus he tries to find a way to be a king or queen in human’s world. However, without human is aware of it, their misleading is highly risky.As worshipping the queen of the south sea Nyi Loro Kidul in Indonesia, certainly will snare her devotee to go along with her facing the judgement of God. Many people amaze and trust her, whereas she is dajjal or lucifer that we meant as the most powerful devils and the most determining of the fate of Indonesia nation. Her perversion has caused idolatry spread in the society and it is a betrayal upon the absoluteness of the Oneness of God.

As for the influence of idolatry, it is gluey with the sins, because from idolatry, human beings are easily trapped to do sins. Thus, someone who is idolatrous could stand not the devil and worldly temptation. It is due to his weak faith. The structure of pure spirituality inside oneself is covered by the sin of idolatry which each day is getting thicker. Thus is how someone changes attitude to be spiteful.

When idolatry is believed by the society, then the habitat of their nation changes to be spiteful. Thus, it influences the genetic changing of a nation.

Imagine if idolatry has dominated a nation, whilst idolatry sin is stated by God can influence genetic changing. The regeneration of that nation experiences putrefaction, criminality in teenage then will increase. Don’t be surprised by the flaring up of the motor vehicle robberies that involve teenagers, drug addicts in the early teen age and young killer and prostitution among teenagers.

After the gene of devil dominant in one society, then marriages among them roil more the gene, children born from the marriage of people who heed not moral norms, truthfulness and virtuousness will surely protract in character deviation. Without being realized the unity of two low quality characters will descend a black generation, such as drugs generation or harrier or autistic children.

By this explanation the genetics scientists will to think about the salvation of human’s nature by trying to separate the good gene and evil gene through a suggestion for a couple of the future bride and bridegroom to test their DNAs before they get married.

Preventing the spread of evil genes into good and righteous people should be started, for who will protect the contamination of evil gene into good gene if not the expert alone? The segregation can be done through DNA test prior to marriage. And if it is found that one of them possesses evil gene which is dominant, they should be given a reference to cancel the marriage.  But it has a risk for those who already deeply in love.

However such reference could be put forth through the pre-marriage covenant, which is required by the constitution intentionally enacted for that issue.  If a nation wants to prevent the habitat changing among their people, and also want to extinguish the surge of devil domination amidst the nation, then the cautiousness in choosing a partner needs to be made. If it is disseminated seriously by the government as what have been done by family planning program, we think that all people in the world surely don’t want their good gene to be contaminated just because of love.

Love could be gotten again from other people who is proven as having good gene. Therefore love should be put forward to become a choice of generation improvement. Having a partner who is also good will create harmony and prosperity. On the other hand, maintaining love unto the one who possesses evil gene will only cause disharmony, quarrel and agony.

Thus, the holder of good gene wills not be polluted by the evil gene from their spouse, so that the anticipation could hamper the spread of the devil’s gene to the next generation.

This separation could also simplify the public to get a reference which can guarantee they are indeed good people. Thus, the path to Heaven is not as hard as the people who are tough to be purified for the access of devil’s gene is more dominant. Whereas, such people prevail amidst the society, thus they should be disaggregated.

However, unto the people who are tough to be purified, we convey that Heaven could still accept them as long as they will to purify, and just to inform them that the way of purification they will go through will be heavy and might be very arduous. But if he is serious and steadfast and strong to endure the purification trials that they will face, why not? All people have the right to dwell in Heaven, except they are who are not willing to be holy or could not bear to go through their purification trials.

People who are good in keeping their feeling and hide their evil character, still cannot deceive the selection by DNA and genome test, for the result of DNA test cannot be cheated, as for, a spot of taint inside oneself could be detected by a genetic test.

 Afterwards, the world society who are aware that they are not the type of sinner, they will soon also try to have the DNA test. Thus, the world society will be more easily filtered and that will simplify the process of Heaven’s selection and purification, for people with good gene will be easy to be purified. And by possessing the reference of DNA test result, it will be beneficial to accelerate the selection process. And normally, they are amongst the people who are easy to be purified.