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People often assume that autism is a disease, however autism is a symptom of limitation on the development disorder. The autistic sufferer has difficulty in communication and understanding other people’s utterance and feeling. Thus they have social interaction problem.

In our opinion, autism is not a disease or a disorder, rather as the nature intrusion of jinn or animal into human.  Would human admit that matter? Psychologists may not agree with our statement, for they prefer to acknowledge psychological science they possess.

Researchers estimate the combination of gene within the family that has caused subtype of autism. And one cause is chemical materials or drugs that were intake by the mother during her pregnancy which was assumed as having a role to the autism symptoms. And autism is also suspected as having relation with the rate of phenylketonuria, metabolism disorder which is caused by lack of certain hormone or because of rubella virus and celiac disease or one is unable to tolerate gluten inside the flour.

Researcher considers that autism is caused by the abnormality of part of the brain in interpreting language. The brain chemical unstability influences the occurence of autism syndrome, children disintegration disorder. But until now the causes of autism are not yet acknowledged definitely.

However, our statement is an explanation of God’s Judgement as well as to explain the law of karma in the law of reincarnation within the embracement of spirit regulation. That in fact, autism is difficult to overcome, like a permanent psychological problem. That is because the kind of spirit borne by someone is impossible to be changed or replaced. Anything related to spirit is unable to be handled through medical treatment.

It is up to you, whether you would agree with it or not, but we state that God has given unqualified spirit unto the autism sufferers align with their own karma consideration, and that in the coverage within the compensation of karma unto both parent and their autistic children.

templeFrom the spirit regulation, there are two crosses of nature’s rotation as a cause of autism in human race. Firstly, it is the path of heading for a noble destiny, namely from animal into human. Thus, there is an autistic person succeeded in passing through her critical moment as such, so she is able to become a professor, such as Temple Grandin, the autistic person who become a professor in zoology.

Teenage Temple who lived in her aunty stock husbandry in Arizona, US, found that the missing of humane empathy within herself was balanced by her extraordinary understanding upon livestocks in her auntie’s husbandry. The husbandry became a turning point for Temple, and she felt a special binding between her and the animals that made her feel more peace rather than if she had interaction with humans. She found as if that cattle as similar as she. Lots of her discoveries have made her well known and considered as one of the most 100 influenced persons in the world under the category of Heroes by the Time magazine. Her inspiring life story was filmed by HBO entitled the same as her own name “Temple Grandin”.

dawnThe next is Dawn Prince-Hughes, an anthropologist, is an expert of primates and ethologic. She received her Magister and Doctoral degree in the field interdisciplinary of anthropology from Herisau University, Switzerland. She suffers autism of Asperger syndrome.  Her deep concern and comfy feeling being in primates’ surrounding support our opinion that she is a person that has an incline destiny from primate into human. The intelligence she possesses signifies that she has surpassed her karma redemption, so that she is blessed with high intelligent by God.

That in the wheel of life rotation upon God’s creatures exists the law of spirit regulation that also rotated like a wheel. Temple Grandin and Dawn Prince-Hughes are among those who are fortunate in their transition phase of destiny from animal to become human.

Dawn Prince-Hughes has written many books: The Archetype of the Ape-man: The Phenomenological Archaeology of a Relic Hominid Ancestor, Gorillas Among Us: A Primate Ethnographer’s Book of Days, Aquamarine Blue 5: Personal Stories of College Students with Autism (editor),  Songs of the Gorilla Nation: My Journey Through Autism,  Expecting Teryk: An Exceptional Path to Parenthood,  Passing As Human/Freak Nation: How I Discovered That No One Is Normal. 

There are many successful autistic persons such as Temple Grandin dan Dawn Prince-Hughes that have been recorded, namely Daniel Tammet, Matt Savage, Satoshi Tajiri, Tim Page, Donna Williams and John Elder Robinson. They are autistic persons who are successfull and honored by their masterworks.

The real success stories of autistic persons, supposedly could present the law article of the Most Just of God unto all creatures. And sad stories of parents, who have autistic children, supposedly could also be understood as a sadness of those who are reprimanded by the karma of their sins. Hopefully our explanation related to autism is able to connect God’s Revelation that is presented through testaments He created for human being, that within God’s Court of Justice now, there are things that already proved His Judgement.  Truly, God is Most Just, Most Wise and Most Compassionate upon all of His creatures. Thus we could see some of autistic sufferers could reach achievement through their great works.

The stratum of God’s Bounty unto human beings who have ever been in a bad fate is God’s Helps to make them intelligent so when they become humans, they become humans who have achievement.  In general the one who gains such bounty is a useful animal for human, such as horse, buffalo, cattle and dog.