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autisThe world once surprised by a bloody incident that killed 26 innocent people who averagely under 7 years old. This incident happened in Connecticut, United States. After had been investigated, the culprit was 20 years old and suspected to suffer autism.

This horror story describes how the autistic person is able to become sadistic murderer beyond his consciousness. This is different with a murderer who are possessed or massacre by inhuman cruel persons. As for, the animalistic instinct of his type of spirit is being awakened influencing the autistic person, such as aferocious tiger that is starving. Such kind of horror incident, it is unpredictable could be done by autistim sufferer. However, the calculation of karma upon the doer will ensure that he is heading for the destiny to be a ferocious animal. And that is the cross-road of autistic. There are those who are being undergone a destiny from an animal to be a human, and from human to animal. It is the transition of nature that is suspected as autism.

Autism sufferer faces social interaction problem and communication difficulties as well as experiences imagination syndrome that cause difficulties in bringing them up by their parents. The role of parents which is full of love and patience is very much needed to appease autistic children. However, occasionally autistic children are very naughty and hard to manage and sometimes dangerous, so they cause severely distress on their parents and family.

The transitional nature from human to be an animal is seen as autism sufferer. The behavior of this kind of nature is bad, annoying and likes to destroy and bite or even kill. This kind of mental disorder can’t be cured, for the tendency is difficult to be overcome through any treatment, as the nature transition to be an animal is already certain.

Thus, parents who have such autistic children could only take their troubles by self introspection and start to balance their misery by approaching God and pleading unto God to be given an easier way to raise their autistic children patiently. And also they should balance it by doing virtuousness and charity and willing to understand the condition of the child as karma for both the child and parents. So that, they would be willing to focus in redeeming the karmas to ease the life of their autistic children and their family.

Actually the ease of life could always be reached after a person realizes the need of redeeming karma. Thus, if you want to redeem the karma, remember all sins that have ever been done and ask for forgiveness unto God and states it in your prayer that you are willing to redeem your sins and plea unto God that he will take you into the path of sin’s redemption. And plea unto Him to give you the capability to redeem your sin.

If you are really sincere in your praying, then God will take you to undergo the redemption of your sin. And do it solemnly with pure sincerity for the sake of redeeming your sins.

As you finish redeeming one sin, then plea for another prayer to redeem your other sins. Thus, do it for the next until you feel that all sins that you remember have been redeemed. However, state unto God that you want Him to remind you for the sins you have forgotten, and surely God will remind you upon that matter. Then, redeem it immediately. It is possible that through such way your autistic children are able to control themselves more easily and consequently you could educate them more easily.

It is not difficult for God to declare His Blessing unto the parents who have autistic children, and have already made introspection and have realized that by the karma of their sin, God compensate them by giving autistic children. Such is our suggestion, that autism is more easily to be overcomed through introspection and redeem the karma of sin seriously.