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Don’t be easily conducting sin for sin contains harm.  And karma of the sin undoubtly is troublesome and harmful or embarrassing. This time God is holding a reversal upon sin. And his reversal is surely tormenting and humiliating. The sin caused from corruption is countless and like a proverb say, one fall and another thousand will grow.  God’s Court of Justice has to be held, no sinner will be left out by God.

How could the Path of Human’s Destiny be Changed Nature to Become an Animal?

When a country faces law impasse, whereas its nation is losing confidence in law and truth, then the persons who are doing a violation of law by the name of law, whereas they are entrusted as law enforcers, whilst their people are very much longing for the truth and law enforcement, then unto them who have done violation of law in the name of law, the condition of law impasse in the country is accounted to.

Thus, God’s Judgement unto them is the changing nature of cross-creatures.  For their sins are multiplied as much as people inflicted by that law impase and who regret the injustice, whereas they longing for the truth and law to be enacted. The despair of all people upon law impasse has made them proper to be punished by God with changing nature.

Law enforcers who conduct arbitrariness on behalf of law, whilst the public watch their deeds and he is being confronted yet he doesn’t want to change his attitude, whereas he is clearly doing violation upon the law. And when the pre-trial hearing justifies it and the Supreme Court is powerless to act justly, thus is the law enforcers are threatened by changing nature to be a wild animal.

Law enforcer who is entrusted as law protector, but his deed is exactly against the law and has proved to be the law impasse and public’s distrust upon the law, and has made the public desperates to struggle for the truth because they always hit by law confusion and injustice, thus his destiny has been estimated will change nature into an animal.  It is in accordance with God’s Consideration that if the law enforcer himself who causes law impasse in one country, then it is proper for him to be retributed by changing nature to be an animal.

And people who would like to enact law enforcement but are oppressed, they will be granted an honour by God through that oppression. And they will be placed by God as a group that will renew the law and enact law enforcement again.


How the crime of corruption now has become populist. And the corruptor in power has able to do impairment toward the Corruption Eradication Commission. Systematically the power of devil dominates the legal institution and its leaders. The rubbishes that are resulted will increase the thickness of the sins of crime and politic in the official milieu, and that increase the interest toward idolatry.

Since people no longer believe in law, they seek for a way out through mystics. The mystic which is prevailing among honored people is no need to be doubted again, for General Election and the Regional Election of Head of District have been suspected to be the field that brings fortune to the shamans and supernaturals.

Because to maintain their power, it is common that they use talisman which is now more transparent as such by the widespread of agate ring’s admirers amongst functionaries and celebrities. From that idolatry, then it becomes the changing character and habitat of a nation, thus the genetics changing also happens. So hinder idolatry, fight corruption and fight drug’s criminality.

Drugs generation is the biological children of corruption and those all derive from the concentration of the sins of idolatry that strikes humankind. However, the channel of all sins is derived from the devil’s misdirection and idolatry is a highway (toll-road) for devil. That is why God has stated that one of the sins that God could not forgive is the sin of idolatry, but why does man still violate it deliberately?

And this is the backbone of science of a spirit and genetics, that the science of human’s genetics could be explained surpassing the strata of biological science. Indeed, we also include that it is better to possess knowledge of spirit that is related to genetic changes.

Scientists should also take into account the law of karma while deepening genetics. Infiltrating the law of karma into genetics and DNA could facilitate the identification of the character of positive or negative gene. Thus, reproduction through the effort of in vitro fertilization could utilize genetics selection by gene and DNA identification.

Thus, it is the utilization of science from God regarding the connection of kind of gene with karma that need to be noticed. As now Heaven has already established and Heaven purification has already produced few people who become holy, then it is better if science also considers about this matter, that to develop angel’s gene in human could be done through the holy marriage of people who are willing to make commitment to live holy, and who are able to maintain their sanctity so that their gene will renew the next generation. If scientist will to attempt regeneration of angel’s gene in humans, then this is the time.

In the era of Heaven that God descends down, humankind supposedly could breathe with relief since there is a chance to purify the habitat and genetics. How Heaven’s purification that I am applying now is appropriate to be the main goal for everyone in this world. For actually the domination of the devil’s gene on human is already outrageous. Mostly human will change nature to be a devil for human’s viciousness has been surpassing the limit, moreover crimes of drugs and the viciousness of terrorism has been flaring up, even both have been united due to the need upon the smoothness of funding.