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Dear Viewer,

A glimpse of the future outlook that will come soon, the song about it has been composed by His Majesty Holy Spirit. According to him, Indonesia’s destiny has been written, so the revolution of taking over the throne will definitely happen and succeed. How God is actually the One Who blesses the leadership of Jokowi and Ahok. And therefore, God commands us to compose a Warning song from Him. And this is the song that describes the later condition, entitled the Wind Blows the Barren Land.

How our homeland will be severely arid and the weather will be extremely scorching which is unbearable, so we will be lack of clean water. And the crops also suffer, of which causing crops failure. Moreover, it is added with the pest attacks, which will strike the paddy fields and other fields. Even though the indications have long been happened, but the next dry season will be severely tormenting and the pest attacks will also be extremely harmful.

As for that condition in the future, it will instigate various bad impacts, serve as a domino effect of overthrowing the throne, which is loathed by God. Thus, we all will experience tension and panic. Truly, that condition is added more with various riots and mass rampage of which indicate that there is no more trust unto the government. And that future condition could only be very much regretted, with endless sorrow, for Indonesia will go through an unforgettable shocking period after the overthrow of sovereignty happens. Truly, that is the sign of God’s Wrath upon the attempted revolt unto Jokowi, who is blessed by God.

After all, Jokowi has been stated by God as the reincarnation of Krishna, hence his winning election as the seventh president of Indonesia, undoubtedly it is God’s Will, Who wishes the existence of a role model leader in this country, after God is furious because His Revelations have been rejected in this country. So He wants to state His Most Justice by positioning Jokowi as the President of Indonesia, as the balance of His Justice upon His Wrath unto the Indonesian people who reject His Revelations.

Thus, it is God’s Right to select and position Jokowi as the President of Indonesia, however, it is also His Right to state His Wrath upon the infidelity of the Indonesians. Thus, God makes Jokowi and Ahok as the model of God The All-Wise in His Disappointment and Anger upon Indonesia. Hence, Indonesia possesses two prudent leaders who are loved by their people before God maximizes His Wrath unto the Indonesians.

And their defeat is just showing how the raging anger has embraced certain adherents who disrespect God’s Blessing. Whereas the Muslims and the Indonesians have long  rejected God’s Revelations which are descended down in this country, as well as Heaven and His Kingdom. And God has also given two of the best leaders as a role model and who are intelligent and swift in prospering their people, who love their nation as well as showing good achievements. Therefore, after the throne overthrown, God’s Reversal which tormenting all people will happen.

As for the revolt and overthrowing the sovereignty, it has been stated as the destiny of Indonesia, so it is unavoidable. Thus, this song describes it. That is it, we just conveying whatever that we should convey, thus what we have written down is not to disseminate a hoax, but rather a God’s Mandate that we should carry out.

In the name of God, we release this song to be rendered as a consideration and as an encouragement for all of us in surrendering to God. We just compose and release this song by God’s Command, whilst we also feel the pain. And in the Name of God The Only One, let us pray unto God so He is willing to shortly end our suffering. And this is the song “The Wind Blows the Barren Land”, inspired by His Majesty Holy Spirit, on May 3, 2017. We would like to thank you for your kind attention.

The Wind Blows the Barren Land