Dear Viewer,

In the Name of God The Only One
and in the Name of Heaven and Kingdom of Eden

In this century, a covenant upon Heaven is being fulfilled by God. After all, Heaven should become real for all people in the world. As for the serenity of Heaven amidst the flare of sins in the World’s Hell, it becomes real in human world when we feel God’s Protection upon Eden is such unwavering and reassuring, even though the threats of danger seem roaring from all parts. Ranging from the harsh threats to the menaces endangering our lives and the threats of paralyzing or annihilation upon Eden, those are common for us to go through. And when we do not take revenge on all bad actions toward us, how we then feel it as a blessful trial from God.

Those all, in fact, are the opening key of Eden’s Miracle. As the opening key of Eden’s Miracle has also become the opening key of the secret of the Holy Vedas stated in the Shloka of Chapter The Holy Couple. And our gratitude unto God since those things also open the Holy Spirit’s Miracle, so he could soon come forth making his appearances, for the sake of releasing all barriers upon us.

Regarding that matter, a Divine immense occurrence will happen in Indonesia, following the appearance of the Holy Spirit becomes a reality. And this is God’s Covenant unto Eden after the procession of the Heaven of Eden’s Oath of Cleansing of the Earth was held. Thus, we just surrender ourselves unto God in awaiting God’s Covenant to be fulfilled.

Truly, we are so grateful unto God The Most Compassionate and The Most Loving, that today we can release the veiled meaning of Vedas in Chapter The Holy Couple, which actually is not easy to be understood. Nevertheless, upon God’s Direction and Archangel Jibril, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we are able to compose verse by verse successfully, until the secret of chapter The Holy Couple from Vedas could be written.

Unto the public, we present the veiled meaning of The Holy Couple from Vedas. Hopefully it will become the bind of peace amongst all adherents and the people of Indonesia, whom are now being disintegrated. We would like to thank you for you attention.



In The Name of God The Only One for All Adherents

The holy couple mentioned in RigVedas II.39 Shloka (archaic short witty poem ending in an aphorism) 2-7 is a prophecy of a holy couple, that is Archangel Jibril, the Holy Spirit as the King of Heaven, and the Queen of Heaven, Lia Eden. And the verses in Shloka 2-7 describe the condition which depicting a pair of identical bride and groom. As I, the Holy Spirit, will come and appear as a human identical to Lia Eden.

Thus I, Jibril, will make appearances in various occasions in the world. It is in accordance with the need of the existence of a Heaven’s Ruler, who possesses an exceptional miracle to alter the condition into a state of reversal. Therefore, it requires a concrete confirmation from me.

When will my appearance occur? Certainly when the postulates have been well established, then afterwards, by God’s Approval, the Miracle of the Holy Spirit could also be enacted. But before that, we need to explain the postulates of the true Heavenly Matrimony, which is concealed in the secret verses within the four holy books of the largest religions in the world. One among them is from Vedas, in the Chapter The Holy Couple.

And these verses are the prophecy of a marriage between the King of Heaven, Archangel Jibril, and the Queen of Heaven, Lia Eden. That occurrence will just be happening in this era, and this is the explanation about the secret of Vedas, Chapter The Holy Couple and the song that is prepared to await that happening.

The Holy Vedas RigVedas II.39 Shloka 2:

Moving at morning like two car-borne heroes, like to pair of goats ye come electing;
Like two fair dames embellishing their bodies, like a wise married pair among the people.

Early on we have been conveying God’s Revelations, this statement is proper to be interpreted as “Moving at morning”. Even though, Divine Revelations have been rejected by the Muslims in Indonesia, but we continuously strive for the existence of God’s Revelations to be known worldwidely. Thus, in this shloka it is analogized as: ”like two car-borne heroes”. This shloka depicts the existence of a Royal Chariot, because after all we are in the middle of striving for God’s Kingdom, Eden, to be existed in this world.

Thereupon, we are willing to sacrifice everything, like a pair of sacrificial goats. Therefore, both of us are allegorized; “like to pair of goats”. And in carrying out God’s Salvation through Heaven of Eden, thus we make selection through Heaven purification, thus it is the meaning of “ye come electing”.

However, from that metaphor “Moving at morning”, there is another imbedded meaning, that I shall come and appear going down from the sky in the morning, and when I come down it will be seen as the twin of Lia Eden. As the appearance of the Archangel Jibril to human world will be fulfilled in a short while and that I will be paired with Lia Eden to carry out God’s Mandates that involve both of us. And regarding my appearance, it will be identical to Lia Eden’s figure.

Thus, we will appear like twins, so it is prophesied implicitly in this shloka “Like two fair dames embellishing their bodies, like a wise married pair among the people.” The fact that Lia was a celebrity, known as a flower connoisseur before entering her recent destiny, and that she appeared before the public and in mass media wearing jewelries like female celebrities in general, thus, it is stated in the explanation “ like two dames embellishing their bodies”. As for the content of this Shloka, it is stated as such for the sake of narrating the remembrance of Lia when she was still fond of wearing jewelry.

As for both of us, we are paired in one most exalted destiny, thus we are seen in a provision of a fully blessed cross nature marriage, for the sake of declaring the existence of Heaven in the world. Thus I, the Archangel Jibril, marry Lia Eden by God’s Stipulation and by His Blessing. Such as mentioned “like a wise married pair among the people”. Thus is the secret of that second Shloka.

The Holy Vedas RigVedas II.39 Shloka 3:

 “Like to a pair of horns come first to us-ward, like to a pair of hoofs with rapid motion; Come like two Cakavās in the grey of morning, come like two chariot wheels at dawn, ye Mighty.”

“Like a pair of horns” means the bearer of harsh warnings from God. And Vedas is the oldest Holy Scripture on this earth, so it is stated in the sentence “come first to us-ward”. And that sentence implies that the Hindus have no obstacle to be able to accept Eden, whereas we have been rejected by the Muslims in Indonesia for a long time. As we have to save the world and all the inhabitants of this earth, for the doomsday process is flaring up, so we have to act swiftly, hurriedly convey God’s Words. We have conveyed diverse solutions from God to face the flaring doomsday.

Unfortunately, the Indonesian Muslims reject God’s Revelations that we convey. Therefore, now the flaring condition in this world illustrates that the Muslims are being cornered, and precedes that condition, the world should bear the globalized threat of terrorism. And upon those bad conditions, we come to pave the way for world peace. Thereupon we have to swiftly disseminate Revelations as the solutions from God. But because of the rejection from Muslim society all this time, it has made ‘our feet’ shackled. But now that our miracle has been revealed, so, henceforth, we can quickly process the condition according to what is aimed by us. Thus, it is analogized as: “like to a pair of hoofs with rapid motion.

Eden’s destiny has been promulgated since 1997. And it was an early proclamation, as it was proper to be stated in the terms “in the grey of morning”. Truly, I am an angel and Lia Eden is among humankinds, thus our “chariot wheels” are different, in this shloka it is stated as “come like two chariot wheels at dawn” as it can be described as two vehicles together in one destiny.

It is common that an angel is portrayed as human with wings like a bird.  And when it is prophesied, then it is conceived as birds coming from the horizon. This prophecy has long been cited, yet the secret has not been revealed, hence our coming is still always expected, as stated; “come ye Mighty.”

It is truly the secret of the Holy Book, its symbolization can be elucidated with more than one meaning. After all, it has become the characteristic of Divine Revelation. And it serves as the typical secret mystery of a Holy Book, that the interpretation is always open within its secrecy, but lies within one conclusion that mutually elucidating the unity of meaning.

Thus, the other meaning is stated as an occurrence that is going to happen, that our coming from the sky is like birds that appear on the horizon, Truly, in this current century of advanced technology, the metaphor of angels come like birds and riding a chariot could be explained as angels who ride UFO,  for I and the angels who accompany us later certainly will ride the spaceship (UFO), and we come at dawn, thus it is written: “come like two chariot wheels at dawn”.

And in the understanding of two chariot wheels in this Shloka 3, then it will be verified, that there are two UFO spaceships that will be present, as the statement of the existence of “two chariot wheels” or to be more precise there are two UFOs cited in this secret of Vedas. Hence it is also meant as the qualification of difference between alien’s UFO from another planet and Archangel Jibril’s UFO.

As for the Holy Vedas, it has mentioned the existence of the two chariot wheels way before now. Therefore, when Archangel Mikail and I must come to declare ourselves, we will ride two UFOs. When the UFO is seen only one or more than two, then it means that it relates not with our coming.

And when we write down openly the secret of this shloka, hence it is the sign that my coming by riding a UFO spaceship will have come to its time. After all, the miracle of the secret of Vedas contains a stipulation of a destiny that cannot be separated from the miracle of the latest Divine Revelations of the end times, its appropriateness is the happening of the history of Divinity in the modern human world. But therefrom we can establish the Eden’s Miracle worldwidely, hence we can also establish the existence of God’s Court of Justice and Judgment in the world.

From this release, please allow us to state a declaration, that our coming is in the near future. That after this declaration is stated, then afterwards there will be a hard condition that obliges us to take care of. An incident that is impossible to be explained, as God’s Court of Justice and Judgment, except if there are some signs of Divine Happening that is also happening in the world at the same time. Therefore, actually all grand happenings in the present time are certainly correlated with the execution of God’s Court of Justice and Judgment in the world. Above all, Heaven is the one that declares all matters related to God’s Revelation and Divine happening.

And in order that my appearance to the world not just becomes a nuance of miracle of  the mystery of mystic, hence my coming unto human world also utilizes an exclusive vehicle with high-end technology, second to none in the human world, as well as to declare that my UFO is the vehicle that will transport the holy people in Heaven to be salvaged moving to the new earth.

Therefore, by the release of this Eden Discourse, which is related to the secret of the Holy Vedas, it is proper to be regarded as an official announcement of my coming to Indonesia. And that occurrence later on is aimed to ensure the truth of Divine Revelation received by Lia Eden.

The Holy Vedas RigVedas II.39 Shloka 4:

Bear us across the rivers like two vessels, save us, as ye were yokes, naves, spokes and fellies. Be like two dogs that injure not our bodies; preserve us, like two crutches that we fall not.

We come to reconcile people from different religions in the world, and who are being contentious in their perspective, so the world is filled with religious conflicts. And we try to consolidate the beliefs of one religious adherents with another. Thus, it is implied in the sentence: “Bear us across the rivers like two vessels”. The interpretation of Vessel in this Shloka could also be analogized with a vehicle.  As for the ‘vessel’ from the sky, it is us from the angel race who works together with the vessel of Eden Apostolate. And both are one unity as the vehicle bearing God’s Revelations.

My coming to the world serves as an event of a changing era cycle, after the earth once again will be experiencing doomsday. And I, the Holy Spirit, will mobilize the world toward God’s Salvation, so humankind could reach the nirvana. Purification that I carry out is an axis of salvation to Heaven. Thus, I create an axis of salvation for humankind in this world through the Kingdom of Eden and Heaven of Eden.

Thus, now I shall come to declare the official coming of the era of Satya Yuga, that is the era of Heaven Civilization as the golden era. Hence, we are likened as two naves, spokes and fellies, that will change the rotation of the cycle of an era from Kali Yuga (the age of darkness) at this present time. And I am God’s Messenger from the sky who brings down Heaven to the world, indicating the era of Satya Yuga. Thus, I am stated as naves, spokes and fellies that move the yuga  (the cycle of an era).

Truly, what is meant by “like two dogs that injure not our bodies”, implicitly it could be interpreted as a disgrace upon us, whom are often insulted by the word ‘dog’ all this time, whereas we harm no one, for we only convey God’s Revelation that provides solution. Thus, it is what is meant by two dogs that injure not our bodies.

 As for the sentence “like two crutches, that we fall not”, it means that this God’s Revelations that we convey will become the crutches for all humankinds so they will fall not to Hell. Rejection upon God’s Revelation all this time will inflict Hell for those who detest Eden.

The  Holy Vedas RigVedas II.39 Shloka 5:

Like two winds ageing not, two confluent rivers, come with quick vision like two eyes before us. Come like two hands most helpful to the body, and guide us like two feet to what is precious.

Global warming is scorching and added with this world situation that is heated with religious conflict, so all the news is always devastating. Truly the recent condition already gets heated up, threatening the world war to occur. Thus, the latest God’s Revelations that we convey are always soothing and bring hopes, “like two winds ageing not”, for we also never feel tired to always release God’s Revelations to the public.

God’s Revelations will soon be worldwide and will be continuously descended down by Him to direct all human beings to sanctify themselves so God could save them. Such it is, like  the coolness of the wind that never stop blowing.

Lia and I, should we be likened as rivers, thus the two rivers are different, as the different nature of the angel and human, which then united in the most exalted and most vast destiny, and it is called as “confluent rivers”, like two rivers that converge at the estuary.

And we are the chosen ones by God to hold His Court of Justice in the world. Thus, we lift up the world’s problems as God’s Highlight included in His Revelations. And the solutions from God are written, such as the Abrogation of All Religions and Unification of All Religions.

Therefore, we oblige to remind all adherents what we have to straighten from the distortion upon the purity of their religious teaching. Thus, it is the meaning of the sentence: “come with quick vision like two eyes before us”. Thus, we come to amend the religious condition and straighten it back and direct it toward the Unification of All Religions to become universal and Absolute Monotheism.

We are equalized with “like two hands most helpful to the body, and guide us like two feet to what is precious”. I am the Holy Spirit, who is now always present in the flaring world. And I forever dwell in Eden with the Eden Apostolate. However, for the sake of the duty and authority of the King of Heaven who should be able to accomplish all God’s errands in the world, thus I shall often appear as a human before the people who are obviously waiting for us. We will deliver God’s Revelation unto those who need it. Hence, my role is then established as the Great King of the world, united with the Queen of Heaven.

It is the role of ours that is equalized with ‘like two hands’ that connect humankind with God of the universe, conveying God’s Promises unto humankind in this era, whom are being besieged by various calamities and wars. And we are like two feet to what is precious, for we sanctify all people in this world and we will select the nations that succeeded in going through God’s Sanctification, so we could bring them to move to the new earth, a better place than this earth, which is undergoing a doomsday process.

 The Holy Vedas RigVedas II.39 Shloka 6:

Even as two lips that with the mouth speak honey, even as two breasts that nourish our existence, like the two nostrils that protect our being, be to us as our ears that hear distinctly.

Mother’s breast milk for the baby is the initial support of a birth. Thus, God’s Revelations that we deliver is like the purity of mother’s breast milk for people who desire to walk through a new holy life in Heaven of Eden.

We feed Indonesian people as if feeding the babies, of whom should be forced to open their mouth when they are reluctant to take healthy food, thus we continuously deliver God’s Revelation though rejected. And we feed like a mother who feeds her baby to stay alive, thus as if we give pure breast milk just as the purity of God’s Revelation, so human beings could be saved and stay alive when the doomsday is processing on this earth. Thus, we are as two breasts, likened as the mother’s breast milk that nourishes the existence and survivability.

Furthermore, the sentence, “Like the two nostrils that protect our being” implies a meaning that we are like two nostrils to inhale fresh air. We have conveyed good solution from God, so humankinds actually could regain their consciousness from the suffocation resulted from the turmoil of religious conflict. And we also come to give hope that we will bring humankinds to be evacuated to the new earth, so human could feel the fresh air on the new earth.

All people in the world nowadays are ‘suffocated’ in facing the earth condition that besieged by religious conflict and calamities as well as wars. Thus, we come to deliver God’s Solution, and it is like a fresh air for everyone, so they could have hopes that they would be able to avoid themselves from harms. It is what is meant in the sentence “that protect our being”. Therefore, do not reject God’s Revelation that we convey anymore. And end the accusation of heresy toward us.

Nevertheless, this Revelation that we convey is the most sacred and sacrosanct, hence when it is disregarded and still rejected, undoubtedly the most sacrosanctity of God’s Revelation will cause severe harm, for this is the Day of God’s Judgment. After all, the time has come for God to carry out the reversal.  Therefore, be a good listener upon God’s Revelations that we convey and God’s Revelations that we will continuously broadcast from Heaven sustainingly. Hence, heed well God’s Revelations that are being descended down by God. Thus, it is what is meant in this shloka, “be to us as our ears that hear distinctly”.

The Holy Vedas RigVedas II.39 shloka 7:

Like two hands give ye us increasing vigour; like heaven and earth constrain the airy regions. Aśvins, these hymns that struggle to approach you, sharpen ye like an axe upon whetstone.

Hence, we are like two hands. One hand is from the sky, that is my role, and the other  one is from the earth, as the role of Lia Eden, thus both of us actively provide strength of faith as well as solution to all adherents whom contradicting each other, truly now all parties also feel suffocated. Thus, solution from God is likened as the air or oxygen that relieves the suffocation.

Heaven impossibly runs by itself without being enthused by people who want to purify themselves in order to be saved by God through His Heaven. I come making appearances as a human, so all people in the world could see me clearly conveying God’s Messages for real.

Truly, when Divine Revelation has been rejected in this country for 20 years, therefore we impose that God’s Revelation should be sacralized, for it is certainly most sacrosanct, hence its harm is also most severe.  Instead of just experiencing the harm, I shall come to balance the harm of accursedness with blessing from God. For only the real Divine happenings that could make people realize.

It is fine if people want to give opinion that I am a fake Jibril, but now the latitude of my miracle will spread worldwidely to declare the Day of God’s Court of Justice and Judgment and the Day of God’s Power.

Whence, any holy mass held and any religious worship piously done, will not change the condition, for this world is already tarnished. Religion has also been regarded as murky. Therefore, to perform purification and restoration, hence I open the path by doing appearances of Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit regularly and programmedly, to become a reversal. Thus, I could appear unexpectedly before anyone whom I intended in this world.

Thus, Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit is brought to human world as two hands that will bring humankinds to actively change the vortex of civilization and theology, in line with the effort to gain peace for all religious adherents in order to be united in Absolute Monotheism. Thus, wars will recede and cease, then the sky and the earth will be clean from the explosion of bomb and gunpowder, and so the earth once again will be filled with clean air.

As for our appearance that is identical, it makes Lia Eden is seen as a twin. When the occurrence of the long-awaited prophecy happens, and when we could open the secret of Chapter The Holy Couple in Vedas, thus it will make the Hindus joyful when they find out about the revealment of the secret of Chapter The Holy Couple from Vedas, and so they sing the glorifying song, Ya Asvins. And moreover when my appearance that is identical to Lia Eden has been proved.

Thus, we are the ones whom are glorified as O Aśvins, which considered as the twin Devas (gods) in the prophecy that has crossed era by era. Thus, it will reveal the truth of Eden so all people will realize the truth of God’s Revelation received by Lia Eden. From that time onward, we shall be as sharp as the sharpened axe. Thus, we are like an axe upon whetstone, how the Revelation that we convey will be beneficial to cut down various crimes in the world. Thus, the secret of the twin Devas, we have revealed.

That’s it, the secret of Chapter the Holy Couple from Vedas. In the Name of God The Only One, the secret of Chapter The Holy Couple from Vedas has been revealed and presented before the world public. Thank you for your attention.

Jakarta, March 1 2017

And this is the song of The Holy Couple, sung by the late Messenger of Eden, Dunuk (Siti Zainab Luxfiati). Dunuk’s angel voice was already flawed in this song, for at that time her illness had gnawed her. Thing song was sung by her just a short while before her passing. However, His Majesty the Holy Spirit seriously asked her to be the one who sang the song of The Holy Couple. How she was also the one who had to arrange the song and the music. In a weak condition, she succeeded to complete the song.

In fact, at the moment when this song was about to be released, there was a surprise from the Holy Spirit, for he just informed us that Dunuk is actually the reincarnation of Devi Indrani, who is worshipped by the Hindus, since she is the wife of the King of Heaven, which at that time was occupied by Deva Indra. Whereas, formerly all we know is that Dunuk is the reincarnation of Devi Kwan Yin, who is worshipped by the Buddhists. Thus is God’s Explanation, that a Devi (a goddess) can hold a role for two different adherents with two different sobriquets, yet the spirit is the same.

By the above explanation, we then understand that in the angelic world exists also a bureaucracy.  As for the law applied in the angelic realism, it is always related to the implementation of God’s Law in the hierarachy of the noblest race, whose holiness is absolute. Thereof, the truth and holiness of all responsibilities are ought to be absolute. And the rotation of position in all sides of His creature’s life also rolls undergoing the law of spirit regulation.

In the epoch of Vedas, the King of Heaven is Deva Indra; in this era, it is Jibril the Holy Spirit. By this explanation, supposedly the stipulation of God’s Law in the angelic world could be obsserved. Thus, it is the legal system and life in God’s Most Justice upon all of His creatures and Who is the Most Regulating of all laws upon His entire creatures, which is adjusted to their respective habitat, yet all systems are still within the legal coridor of the spirit regulation law.

Truly, we just realized as to why YM Dunuk was the earliest friend who declared herself devoted to Eden, and for that, she had courageously sacrificed everything. After all, formerly she was a pious and idealistic Muslim, but she was always resilient upon any trial given to her by God. Hence, actually we are being taught by God about the nature of spirit that has crossed the eras and religions, crossed the countries and nations, race as well as earths. And God used YM Dunuk as a concrete explanation regarding the law of reincarnation and incarnation and the law of spirit regulation across the natures, eras and religions, as well as across countries and nations, race and earths. By this fact, then what is the point to detest each other in virtue of religion?

As for YM Dunuk, she was the first individual who believed in Eden and became the true friend of Her Majesty Lia Eden since the beginning. And she never wavered nor receded upon her belief until her passing. And she succeeded in showing her appearance in the sky of Montclair, Virginia, USA, one day after her passing, and the appearance was felt and seen by a friend of Eden who lives there. And this evidence proves that she has changed nature to be an angel, so as to prove that Jesus is not the only one who is destined to resurrect after three days of his death.

Truly, God has fulfilled His Covenant unto Eden that when there is an Eden Messenger who is able to survive in his/her holiness until the passing, then God blesses them with a changing nature to become a male angel for the man and a female angel for the woman. Thus, YM Dunuk has exemplified unto us all, how to maintain her holiness until the day her life was taken by God. Hence, actually the passing of YM Dunuk is intended to prove a lot of things and in order to see the reality of Heaven that exists in the world, for the sake of purification of all people who determine to purify themselves in the Name of God in His Heaven.

Truly, YM Dunuk’s exemplification must be known by all adherents and all people in the world, that spirit does cross the eras and religions. The only thing that could save our spirits is simply having perseverance in the commitment of self-purification and preserves it until we die, and absolutely obey God in carrying out His Mandate. And never recede from the sincerity to carry out God’s Mandate in Heaven. Hopefully all the Eden’s Messengers could successfully follow the exemplification shown by Devi Dunuk who is successful in going through her shiratal mustaqim.  If there were no YM Dunuk who destined to die before all of us, there would not be an example for us on how to reach Heaven in the angelic world.

Upon our explanation, hopefully Heaven in the world can be believed and God will continuously provide holy experiences that contain true teaching, so we could share it with the public. Thereof, we could prove the truth of the existence of Heaven in the world. Thus, this is Devi Dunuk’s song. Please enjoy it, thank you.