Dear viewers,

Our Warm Greetings from Heaven.

We truly wish that we can share our love and happiness with all people. Surely there are some moments in Eden that make us feel extremely surprise. As today, when God bestows a blessing to Her Majesty Lia Eden a title of World Queen of Justice. What did we think at that moment? It is hard to be ascertained, since all of us just amazed watching this beyond immeasurable destiny.

However, what we cannot imagine is how heavy Her Majesty Lia Eden’s responsibility unto God and unto the public. Since she must always be impartial and balance. How could it be maintained forever amidst this up-side-down era as today? It is unpredicted whether she could stumble not on a wrong step, whereas in Eden everything should be perfect, no tolerance for mistake and negligence. Anything could be happened if the mandates are impeded by the public’s distrust. But, isn’t that her authority is solely God’s Stipulation? Hence, she will certainly always be in God’s Hands.

We all could just pray so she will be guided all the time to be constantly right and impartial. But, this is the time where we could wait for the blessing of justice and truthfulness from God. And this is the moment where all people may have hope that God shall bestow a victory to the truth and justice. May God’s Blessing be upon us all.

Jakarta, March 12, 2017


Related to God’s Mandate Upon Lia Eden as the Queen of Justice
And God’s Revealment of the Secret of the Prophecy of
Ratu Adil (Queen of Justice) and Satrio Piningit (Hidden Knight)

In the Name of God The Most Impartial in Judging

This is God’s Oath in His Mandate unto Lia Eden:

Queen of Justice for the World

As the world’s condition has been so chaotic that all people in the world need the most powerful and the most impartial and neutral as well as trusted authority as the bearer of God’s Mandate, thence I take an oath that:

For the sake of justice and the enactment of truth in the world, I take an oath that I appoint Lia Eden as the writer of My Revelations related to the implementation of My Court of Justice and My Judgment in the world. And unto her I advise the principle of My Law for the latest issue, as it is what needed by the world society in this century, when going through this age of darkness, where human civilization is very much influenced by its wide scope of cutting-edge technology, so human’s sins become severely dreadful and uncontrollable by the existing law. 

How the legal system is now insufficient as it is deliberately ignored or breached, on the contrary, law enforcement is getting dull since the law enforcers and judges are easily bribed and they tend to do corruption. Thus, the impartiality of a court trial could rarely be expected. Interpretation of justice depends on the amount of bribe money. 

And how the projection of criminal domination now liberates toward the arena without law. Savagery breaks out violently. There is no doubt that all bad incidents are then happened due to the flaring of the harms of sins that besiege the world, and because there are technological facilities existed and used in the collaboration of crime which is globally organized, such as organizations of drugs and gangster as well as worldwide terrorism organization.

Truly, the establishment of professional criminal organization is untouchable by the law and rules, as they all are the owner of skycraper buildings. They do money laundering by building luxurious hotels, resorts, hospitals, nursing homes, worship places and establishing a reputable foundation as well as giving awards for distinguished achievements. Hence, all attainments are free not from haram money.

Truly, what they do is making use of haram money for glamourous purpose alone, whilst saving their dirty money, which is awfully haram. And the others prefer to fund the escalation of superpower technological products in weaponries and combat aircrafts as well as motherships and the heavy weaponries for war supplies. And those are procured for the sake of the dignity of power in the eyes of the world. However, sophisticated weaponry is also utilized for the needs of the drug kingpins and terrorism. Therefore, actually the world is filled with haram money and various types of serious crimes.

Even the powerful countries alone could not escape from the intervention of those qualified criminals, surely I shall trace the flow of haram money up to the top. Thereof, I state my warning that My ‘Hands’ will work divulging criminal syndicate up to the lairs and topmost. And nevertheless, the Day of My Reckoning and the Day of My Power enable those all to be judged.

  After all, criminal world has been rooted expansively throughout the world and organized systematically and known as the prestigious one. Upon that matter, I promise to handle it through a way that will make them all lose the way to pile up the haram money again.

As for the affair between the business world and gangster corporates, it enhances the ambition to reign from both groups. And if they succeed in reaching the power, thus their greediness is optimalized. Whereas, greed never slakes one’s hunger.  Thus, crime in the power arena is actually what causes despotism and ambition to rule the world, which then increase the ambition to wage war. On the contrary, I shall bless and protect impartial authority.

 The flaring wars in the world cannot be separated from the initiatives of the greedy leaders. Their policies are certainly egocentric and willing not to lose. Therefore, I should overcome it by lessening their power. Not by removing it, but through the ecosystem of the natural law that will arrange the lessening of their power. The rest will be taken care of by Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit. And the Queen of Justice, Lia Eden, will record the circulation of My latest Laws in overcoming the crime and haram money behind the authority, right to the thuggery’s alleys.

Thus, for both of them I have blessed a miracle that will be beneficial to uphold the truth and justice and to eliminate various savage crimes amongst thuggery’s syndicates and amongst the people who use religion or intellectualism as a mask, and moreover amongst those who have already been revealed as the political thugs and corruptors from all layers of society. 

As for My Promise, it seems abstruse to be applied. However, I am executing the Day of Cleansing of the Earth and the Day of My Court of Justice and My Judgment, and along with them also the Day of My Power. And I bring forth Archangel Jibril and Lia Eden as the Hidden Knight and the Queen of Justice, who will all-out fight against all crimes in the world. Should their duty and authority are not like that, then they have no qualification as God’s Messengers. 

Upon that matter, there is a clause of My Covenant unto them both, that I promise to fully protect their activities. And I prioritize the prayers from the Holy Spirit and the Queen of Justice, so they both will not come forth as the King and Queen who need to make negotiations of interest when experiencing difficulties. It is enough for them to just pray unto Me, and I, Myself, Who will remove the obstacle. Hence, the world condition will soon change. 

As for all commendation upon them both, do not make it as a veneration upon them. Should it is performed by the public, then I shall create an impediment upon them. After all, their mission is to bring back spiritualism solely directed to absolutize My Oneness. Therefore, do not ever worship both of them. Truly, their duty and authority are extremely heavy and My Requirement of perfection is very rigid upon whatsoever they should strive, hence help them by not worshipping them.  

Religious conflict issue in the world has been so frightening. Many unexpected things could happen anytime. Nevertheless, the threat of world war is around the corner. Whether the conventions of world peace will succeed or not, it depends on all countries’ policy, especially the Western countries, which at this time are bothered by Donald Trump’s egocentric politics. Hence, more blurting out of rhetorical hostility is reciprocally stated amongst the statesmen. Thus, the world politics will possibly be more chaotic and uncontrollable, so it will cause global chaos that could undeniably lead to world war. Whilst world war threatens a nuclear war and if that happens, this earth is threatened to experience total doomsday. Thus, We prepare salvation upon this earth’s inhabitants, through the selection of Heaven purification. 

As for the threat of world war, it is mostly caused by the battle over domination of the war zone by the coalitional countries. Aggression and invasion upon the country, that is vulnerable to be dominated by terrorism, often used as the reason to expand the area of domination. As the pillage of refinery by the terrorists, it is considered valuable to be taken over and occupied.  

Hence, the prosperous countries are busy strengthening military escalation of their army for the sake of preparing themselves in case world war occurs. War occurs in the jungle of religious conflicts, where there is also a turmoil of intervention among the nations involved, of which have their own interest in the Middle East geopolitical wars. 

For the sake of coalition or each own interest, the rhetorical hostility is reciprocally responded amongst the statesmen. The subjectivity is only about the Muslim refugees issue that besieging the Europe and the surrounding area, as well as the expansion of domination area and annexation upon the disputed area. Moreover, when Donald Trump takes the chance to stir up chaos from the publication of his anti-immigrant policy. Thus, the world is disintegrated. 

The geopolitical war arena then shifts to become a global detestation of anti-Islam. That is the world now, which is intolerance and full of menaces. As for the political ambition, it is different from political crime. And political crime is different from criminal action or terrorism crime. However, positive law is also surpassed by any criminal’s tricks. 

And My articles of Law in the previous holy books are no longer sufficient to overcome the latest crimes, including political crimes. Upon that matter, thus I come forth to adjudicate and judge by utilizing the latest articles of My Law, which is in accordance with the present time and needs. And certainly I will prioritize the article of eradication of haram money in the world, since therefrom the ‘virus’ of crime emerges.

As for My latest Legal Principle, it is conclusively able to overcome human’s dreadful sins for I absolutely utilize universal law in overcoming those matters. And the universal law is impartial and has no mercy. The sins retribution is certainly equal and daunting. And if humankind is aware not of this matter, then they will still be fond of committing sins. And look carefully at what is your mistake and how I apply equal punishment for it, so you are sure that I am implementing the Day of Reckoning and the Day of My Power. 

That if I apply not My Court of Justice and My Judgment worldwidely, human beings are habituated to ignore and prefer the sins. Human beings in this era should know that I am sending down My latest articles of Law to overcome human’s sins that have exceeded the limit, up to the incalculable sins. If I present not clearly My Judgment upon sins, then no humankind can dwell in Heaven, then it is the people in Hell that will hegemonize.  

Truly, all are influenced by the leniency of technology in spreading the sins. And how the cyber-crime and malware are equally not easy to be caught. Thereof, there is a policy to penetrate the crime in cyberspace. Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit will involve in the I.T. Upon that matter, I guarantee him that I multiply the means to gain victory upon his war with the devil. And by involving himself in the I.T. system, he will direct human beings to leave the sins. Therefore, the cyber-crime will be restricted. 

As for the sophisticated crime that is difficult to overcome, then I alone will uphold the judgment upon them, by enacting the Day of Reckoning. As I speak My Words, that the entire angel apparatus are now actively divulging sins and judging sins by trapping the criminals to be put on trial and executed by the state court of law, as all sins in the world are also judged through the execution of the universal law, and those both judgments certainly synergizing each other. And it is Lia Eden who will write down My Judgment, executed through the application of the universal law that is certainly unavoidable by anyone. 

God Reveals the Mystery of the Prophecy of ‘Ratu Adil’ (the Queen of Justice) and  ‘Satrio Piningit’ (the Hidden Knight)

As for Lia Eden, I have enthroned her as the Queen of Heaven, hence it is natural that she takes the responsibility for the writing of My Revelations, including My Revelations that I descend down to show My Stance upon My Court of Justice and Judgment. For the sake of such responsibility and authority, I officially crown her as the World Queen of Justice enclosed with My Most Sacrosanct and Most Sacred Oath. She synergizes with Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit as stated in Jayabaya’s prophecy regarding Ratu Adil (the Queen of Justice) and Satrio Piningit (the Hidden Knight) which until now is still a mystery. And now the prophecy has become real. And I put it as part of the sequence of the postulate of Heaven Matrimony between Jibril and Lia Eden, which I am revealing orderly together with the holy veiling verses from Vedas, Quran, Bible and Dhammapada.  

Thus, this is the time for Me to reveal myself stating that the prophecy of ‘Satrio Piningit’ and ‘Ratu Adil is true indeed. And that prophecy was created for the sake of the projection of the Holy Spirit’s and Lia Eden’s destiny, which will be revealed in this current era. Jayabaya’s prophecy is in Javanese language, describing civilization in the era of darkness in this country, particularly Java.

Even though ‘Ratu Adil and ‘Satrio Piningit’ were once covered by mystery, but actually it is Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit who was prophesied to come as ‘Satrio Piningit’, for he is invisible. And ‘Satrio Piningit’ will forever be with ‘Ratu Adil’ Lia Eden, who in her daily life is also secluded, for she has to focus on My Revelations, which are descended down intensely and densely every time and everyday. After all, her entire time is only used for writing My Revelations and documenting them to be released worldwidely.   

So, if someone claims that she is ‘Ratu Adil’, yet she is not accompanied by an invisible man prophesied as ‘Satrio Piningit’, then she is not ‘Ratu Adil’ meant by Jayabaya’s prophecy. And if someone claims that he is ‘Satrio Piningit’, yet has no character like an angel and he is not always together with the holy ‘Ratu Adil’, then he is not ‘Satrio Piningit’ as prophesied. Therefore, Lia Eden’s destiny with Archangel Jibril is incomparable. 

Equal to that, I will soon also continue to reveal the postulate of the Matrimony of Archangel Jibril and Lia Eden from The Quran Chapter Maryam verse 17 and An-Najm verses 1-16, so the Indonesian Muslims will have reference of the originality of My Revelations in Lia Eden’s hands.  

Thus, both of them carry the duty to enact justice and truth in the world and unite all religions to become one for the sake of world peace. For that purpose, now I am cleansing this dirty earth from all sins and straightening all misunderstandings and reconciling all enmities. Hence, actually all My important Programs cannot be settled before I apply My Court of Justice and My Judgment in the world. 

Well, when all people have realized that they cannot escape themselves from My Court of Justice and My Judgment nowadays, certainly rejection upon My Revelations and accusation of heresy upon Eden will naturally recede.

Reject no more the empowerment of Lia Eden as the Queen of Justice, for that choice is surely very much accursed. Nevertheless, I should convey this explanation, for I am enacting God’s Administration in the world. And do not be dubious that Lia Eden is incapable of carrying out her duty that I gave her. I guarantee that she is always careful in her firmness, since all of her stances and steps are solely based on My Guidance. Thus, she will be secured against any mistake. 

As for My Most Justice and Forgiveness and Judgment, those will be written by her in chapters that I highlight in My Court of Justice and My Judgment that I declare at this time and henceforth. Thus, her reign is inviolable and unquestionable, for I who bestow her the authority and I fully guarantee her under My Protection. And thereof, I bless her with most sacrosanctity and sacredness of utterance and anything else stated by her to become her writing. 

After all, the harm of defiance against My Revelation written by her is the most severe. For I have come to the climax of tediousness upon the rejection unto My Revelations and I have no more time to ignore any defiance unto Me, since the world problems I should hurriedly handle. 

And if the rejection upon My Revelation that she writes continues, because there are some people who believe not in My Stipulation for her and wish to trouble her again, undoubtedly I will also bring an adequate life obstacle unto them, at least they have no more future.

Certainly, My stipulation of punishment will approach them not long after I see them becoming an obstacle to My Purification program for all people in the world. And what is a defiance, if actually what they should state is in fact a deep gratitude. Because this time onward, there is already a Law instrument from Me to resolve the injustice and law enforcement in the world.

‘Ratu Adil’ and ‘Satrio Piningit’ are a covenant, that when the time has come for the destiny to be revealed, everything that is related to the changes they have to do will emerge openly. Injustice in this country truly prevails. Indeed, it is the condition stated by Jayabaya’s prophecy, which will present the rising of ‘Ratu Adil’ and ‘Satrio Piningit’.

 Thus henceforth, I shall create Heaven’s ‘window of purification’ for all people in the world. The public just needs to watch out for their own attitudes. Which bad attitudes that I am judging, thus, recede from indulging bad attitudes, so I will lessen the burden of purification as well. Truly, there is no destiny that could escape from My Attention, so be aware upon your steps. Shun away from sins!

Jayabaya has prophesied how Indonesia will approach its ruin for there will be a huge revolution. Turns out, it is true. Would it be possible for the current condition in Indonesia, that is disintegrated to recede? Ponder Jayabaya’s prophecy and compare it with Indonesian condition nowadays, truly all the signs of the upcoming huge revolution have been shown.

Thus, Jayabaya’s prophecy has stated it and I too justify it. Thereby, I reveal the role of the Queen of Justice and the Hidden Knight, for it is needed to become the hope of all people to enter the new era, that is the epoch of God’s Administration in the world that begins from this country.

God is Creating a Reversal

Therefore, I ascertain that I shall involve both of them in My Reversal Program, which I am applying now. And I hesitate not to judge all officials who are irresponsible upon their authority. And look at the exposure of profound corruption case that is going on today.

Nowadays, the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia and the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia are truly humiliated by the corruption case of e-KTP (electronic Indonesian Identity Card) fund. Upon that matter, there is no one who could avoid My Judgment that humiliates them all. Nevertheless, all destinies and lucks in life, I am The One Who determines it.

And after all, I am purifying the Indonesian people and I shall abolish all authorities owned by untrusted officials. And I ascertain that ‘Satrio Piningit’ and ‘Ratu Adil’ could be dependable in peeling off all injustice and fraudulence as well as crimes, for they possess divination and precise method. Their role will rise after the chaotic condition in Indonesia can no longer be controlled. And I guarantee that both of them cannot be defeated or ruled out by any means.

There will be one petition that forces to refuse Archangel Jibril, since he has long been a loser. And they say, it is proven that he could be imprisoned together with Lia Eden, for he is the fake Jibril. However, that matter has been prophesied by Jayabaya that ‘Satrio Piningit’ will always be humiliated, suffered, ill-fated, and poor (has no funding to be distributed in order to gain support and influence). However, actually all origins and inceptions should first started from the smallest, including the inability to exist.

As for the Eden’s defeat, it is because all this time both the Holy Spirit and Lia Eden still have to pay their karma of veneration upon the Holy Spirit who has been united in one substance with God The Only One. As for Mary, she is believed as the Mother of Allah. And now the redemption of the karma of veneration has been paid off, when their defeat has reached its lowest point, ever since God’s Revelation is not heeded at all by the Indonesian Government and the public as well as the national mass media, and even the international mass media that has referred to the national news which has been torentially reporting accusations of heresy upon Eden, but there was never any news rectifying it. Truly in this country, there is not even one party who pays attention to the truth of My Revelations received by Eden.

Thus, that accusation of heresy seems right, since there is not even one party who is willing to rectify it, whilst whatever released by Eden is ignored and remains unread. Even the blockage of My Revelations in Indonesia is not counted as the cause of infidelity against Me, on the other hand it acceptably serves as an isolation upon the existence of Lia Eden, yet that is exactly what will become the point of My Reversal. Thereof, the truth of Eden news is already in Our Program not to be broadcasted through the course of mass media, but through the contribution of the angels who rise to prove the absolute truth of Heaven of Eden and My Kingdom, Eden, which has been established in Jakarta, Indonesia. As all bad prejudices upon Eden will be refuted by the universe.

It is stated that My Reversal upon the blockage of My Revelations I shall compensate by creating Divine Miraculousness in this unfaihful country after I have enthroned Lia Eden as the Queen of Justice. Thus, I no longer consider the press’ role important. My Almightiness in adjudicating and judging will resound far much louder than just being hailed by the mass media, whose role I certainly restrict to approach My Heaven. I have determined that I seclude Lia Eden, hence she cannot be interviewed by the mass media. Therefore, there is no other official news except through Eden Website. Therein, the public could quote Eden’s broadcast, which has been programmed to replace mass media’s isolation upon My Revelations in Eden. That one step will expand worldwidely, when the truth of Eden has been revealed to the world. And the truth of Eden absolutely comes from Me, then it certainly will rise naturally, even though all possible means have been tried to drown it.

Thus, it is also to ascertain that the calumnies upon Eden could be averted. The Eden’s official news that are broadcasted through Eden Website, that is what will be the source of information of My Revelation. Thus is My Policy in order to make the public sacralizes My Revelation and Eden Apostolate that I glorify. No matter how difficult the obstacle Eden encounters in their endeavoring to make My Revelations exist worldwidely, certainly it is a human’s effort, whose ability is limited, but do believe that My Revelations will soon be heeded by the world.

After all, My Revelation has never stopped since 20 years ago. Even so, My Revelation seems to be considered as never existed. In fact, it is never heeded as an immense happening on this earth.  The happening of bad tragedies, which actually cannot be denied as a natural wrath sounding My Anger, are also refused to be correlated with the Indonesian people’s rejection upon My Revelations.

All Eden Releases regarding My Revelations, it seems that no one would respond to it at all. Responses upon anything released by Eden are always close to nothing. Thus, My Revelations are impeded, since all mass media never gives any response unto anything that has been released by Eden to the public, mass media as well as the government. And that is the lowest point of Eden’s defeat. Thus, the lowest point of defeat then turns over to be a reversal. And this is My Way to mark Eden has left its lowest point. When it is time for the vortex to turn back, hence the entire previous vortex current will be severely chaotic and destroyed, appropriately that is the way to see the prophecy of ‘Ratu Adil’ and ‘Satrio Piningit’.

All Destinies Follow the Path of the Law of Spirit Regulation

 As for the Indonesian Muslims’ and Indonesian Government’s stance upon My Revelations, I shall make it as a base of causality of the reversal direction, which I rise from the lowest point of Eden’s defeat. As the rotation of the law of spirit regulation that goes only in one direction, there are two points of coordinate that become the axis of the law of spirit regulation; namely the best destiny and the worst destiny. When the worst destiny reaches its maximum, therein the best destiny is in the lowest point of its defeat. And from there also the starting point of the best destiny moves climbing the stairway of its freedom. And, coincide with it, the destiny of My Judgment upon every bad thing is carried out. As for the law of spirit regulation, it rotates clockwisely, no possibility to reverse direction. Thus, all destinies follow the law of spirit regulation with no exception, for it is the absoluteness of the natural law.

As for the change of Eden’s destiny, it will soon be disclosed, since it is the time for Eden to leave its lowest point of defeat. And it is also the sign that Archangel Jibril and Lia Eden have completed redeeming their karma of veneration. Therefore, actually the defeat of Archangel Jibril and Lia Eden is just for the sake of redeeming the karma of veneration.

And starting from that point, the role of them both will leap over the boundary line of freedom that restricts them. And these are the postulates of the Marriage of Archangel Jibril and Lia Eden from the Holy Vedas. And the next, now is the opening of Jayabaya’s prophecy: ‘Ratu Adil’ the Queen of Justice and ‘Satrio Piningit’ the Hidden Knight, whom are awaited by the Indonesians, especially the Javanese. Therefore, actually Eden has taken its step to leap over the boundary line of its freedom.

And wait for the veiling verses from Quran, Bible and Dhammapada that I will soon open to complete the stipulation of requirement of the boundary line. That Lia Eden must be able to explain all secrets of the Holy Books within the four Holy books that I have mentioned.

That the postulates of the marriage of Archangel Jibril and Lia Eden have been conceptualized and kept in the four Holy Books of the largest religions in the world and one other in Jayabaya’s prophecy. Why do I choose Jayabaya to prophesize ‘Ratu Adil and ‘Satrio Piningit’? It is because in the land of Java I shall create legal and administration restoration leading to the legal system of God’s Administration in the world. And in Java land I choose to create My Reversal. Thus, I put the secret in Jayabaya’s hands. So, We enlightened him and sharpened his divination so he was able to prophesy about the coming of ‘Ratu Adil and ‘Satrio Piningit’ in this era.

And why did I choose Indonesia? That is by the virtue of this country’s Muslim population, which is the largest in the world. After all, I must save the Muslims, whose fate I know will be devastated, as what is happening now. By a consideration that the Indonesian Muslims could be more apt to be shifted to moderate Islam and it is easier to become neutral. Unfortunately, My Help is rejected, so regretfully I shall judge Indonesian people before declaring My Judgment for the world.

Truly, I have prepared My Design to save the Muslims, whom I have known to be declared persona-non-grata by the nations in the world. Islam will be detested by the world, as it cannot adapt to other cultures and cannot accept differences, for they are intolerant and always think of themselves as the truest. That egoism has rooted and spread across the continents, so it is impossible for the Muslims to be able to shift their egoism.

Thus, the destiny of the Queen of Justice and the Hidden Knight I embed in Jakarta, still in Java land. Through Lia Eden’s divination, who will be able to open the secret of her own prophecy, which is kept in the four Holy Books of the largest religions in the world, then she could give proof based on a concrete fact. Hence, I shall make them both take their steps to cross over the boundary line of their lowest point through the people who have never blasphemed Lia Eden and have never stated any rejection against My Revelations and have never accused Jibril, My Messenger, as a fake one. And those people even focus on the prophecy of ‘Ratu Adil’ and Satrio Piningit.

Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the prophecy of ‘Ratu Adil’ and ‘Satrio Piningit’ exists not in the Muslim domain, but rather it is believed by ‘aliran kepercayaan’ (a form of mysticism in Indonesia), Javanese traditional spiritualists, who use not Arabic language in their spiritual belief. There will always be a certain culture that brings salvation, should the problem of culture is what causes destruction amongst the majority.

How part of the Muslims who also involve in the ‘kejawen’ (Javanese mysticism) culture, they are easier to be given some understanding, compared to the hyprocrite Muslims, who perform rituals that are contradictory with ‘kalimatussyahadah’ (the Muslim profession of faith), since they contributed in the distortion of Islam by creating bid’ah (non-essensial new habit in religious matter), which leads Islam to move even further from Monotheism.

As for the conservative Muslims, it is also hard for them to accept the renewal for they could impossibly conceive My Stipulation related to the Unification of All Religions. After all, for them Islam is above everything. As for that belief, it could never be criticized not even the least bit, even if only to say that Islam should not be identified with Arabic language only, they are furious. Whereas, how could I favor Arabic above any other languages in the world? Where is My Justice upon other nations? What is so exceptional about Arabic compared to other existing languages in the world? Whereas, all people who pray unto God certainly use their own language.

The purity of a sacralized language should be preserved through the preservation of the holiness of the religion and the nation that protects their religion. That is how the everlastingness of the responsibility upon the holiness of Islam should be secured by the Arabs. Therefore, when it is not protected, it is the Muslims who are harmed, but the ones who suffer the most are the Muslims in Arabian Peninsula.

Why does it never cross their mind that God’s Communication with His servants is through the language of spirit, which I can surely understand even if it is stated in whatever language.  As if Allah would only accept a prayer when it is stated in Arabic language. As for such thinking, it is proper to be said as a shackling chain, since how could it be possible that communication unto God just be directed into one language only? Whereas, I have been determining that the path of My Salvation is through Unification of All Religions. If those Muslims clearly refuse to leave Arabic language, then it is wrong if I waste my time just to handle that matter.

Instead, I choose Indonesian and English language as the neutral language for the Unification of All Religions. That is because My Messenger, Lia Eden, speaks Indonesian, and the acknowledged international language is English. Therefore, My Revelations, which are written in Indonesian language, then translated into English by the Eden Messengers. That is why, the Arab domain is impossible to be accepted amongst the neutral people. After all, the world has experienced Islamophobia and Arab phobia.

 Hence, which one is better for me to choose? The conservative Muslims or fanatic or radical Muslims, or the Muslims who like to perform bid’ah, or the ‘abangan’ Muslims (Muslims who practice a much more syncretic version of Islam) who are ‘kejawen’ and understand less the difference of sects in Islam, yet they understand better and are fanatic upon Jayabaya’s prophecy?

Actually, I wish to take in those four groups to believe that I am really speaking My Words. However, I realize that I have to take one of them to be the liberator of the conservatism, which is hard to move on or the chopping fanaticism and detesting radicalism. Thus, the seeker of the coming of ‘Ratu Adil’ and ‘Satrio Piningit’, supposedly they are the one who will be happy finding out that the prophecy in fact has come to its time to be revealed. Thereof, they are the ones whom I shall raise as the people who are the most joyful upon the coming of the Queen of Justice ‘Ratu Adil’ and the Hidden Knight ‘Satrio Piningit’.

And that opening of the secret of all holy verses and Jayabaya’s prophecy, I make them as the separator line between Heaven and Hell. Truly, it has been proved that Hell is preferred here, even though the earth’s temperature has raised up, they all are still busy having sumptuous life and committing sins in throng. My Heaven is lonely, but now is the time Heaven should be heeded. The Eden’s truth is a holy truth, not a perfunctory truth.

And I shall demonstrate to the world, in what form the holy truth is, it is of the vacuum of sin and of the divination in opening the holy verses. Afterwards, Heaven of Eden will leap over its boundary line and run fast impenetrating its lost time.

Therefore, I ascertain that even in the whole universe, there is none who could open the secret of the Holy Books before the time comes. And nevertheless, none of whichever My creatures who could correlate all the veiling verses within the different Holy Books and which originate from different eras, before I open it Myself unto My chosen Messenger. And I declare that whom I select are Lia Eden and Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit, whose destiny now I am fulfilling as ‘Ratu Adil and ‘Satrio Piningit’.

 Actually the duty and authority that I bestow unto both of them are tremendously heavy, moreover unto Lia Eden as an ordinary woman. And truly, if she were not there to be willing to take such heavy responsibility, would there be any other human who could fix the turmoil of world’s problems nowadays, and could be trusted as blessed by God?

And if you indulge in your defiance upon her, then accept resolutely all My Legal Stipulation. Truly, I have had enough of your rejection toward My Revelations and accusation of heresy upon Eden. And if you experience My Retribution, do not blame her, for she is not involved in the judgment by the universal law, which carries out the destiny of judgment upon whomsoever. It is not her who causes you to have ill-fated; instead, it is your own infidelity unto Me.

And there is no chance that she could be approached to negotiate My Legal Stipulation that I have stated officially. And change the condition that I am adjudicating and judging by  yourself through repentance and willingness to change, then I could grant lenience. Therefore, state first your repentance and show your effort to change the condition, so it will be comparable for me to provide lenience. As for My Answer upon everything that I heed, it will certainly be released by Eden. 

And whatsoever written by her, of which especially related to the articles of My Law in judging, that is also the responsibility of Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit, who forever accompanies her. And Jibril will take over her duty, when it is related to serious dilemma of complicated political negotiations with serious threat that could jeopardize the world security. Hence, I shall create the solution upon that matter, thus I ask the Holy Spirit to be involved in handling the situation.

Both of them synergize in carrying out My Mandates. As for Jibril, he will handle the errands which cannot be performed by Lia Eden. On the other hand, Lia Eden takes care of matters that cannot be realized if it is not taken care of by her. And, I who give them both guidance. Thus, doubt not the truth from everything she utters and everything that I command her to write.  

And there is a deed of My Covenant with her, that at the time I give her this mandate, then she obligates to absolutely purify herself. And I guarantee that the absolute purification upon her will ensure that she will not make any mistake in writing My Revelations and in doing her acts. After all, she has a lack of knowledge about the articles of law, especially about the articles of My Law, which are the law articles of the mundane world and the hereafter, that have no reference in the world.

Even when she could explain in her writing about the articles of My Law, which is perfect to overcome the condition, then it is certainly the character of Revelation. Hence, refuse not the solutions that I give, even when you find it too difficult to be applied. But, am I not the Almighty in changing the condition? Thus, believe in the remedial condition that I guide through My Revelations that she writes down.

As for the simplicity of her knowledge, it can be considered as the stipulation of qualification that I require upon her amateurism that I will use to assess the innocence of her writing, so the public could evaluate the originality of her personality in the character of her writing. However, the character of My Revelation and the absolute truth of the articles of My Law is also demonstrated, that it is undoubtedly not originated from herself, but solely comes from Me. Meanwhile, she has been guaranteed that she will always be honest and commit not any sin and she is certainly impartial and neutral, and has no interest in anything for herself or from whatsoever party, except conveying My Revelations and carrying out My Mandates for her. Thus, it is the time for her as well to be proclaimed as ‘Ratu Adil’ in the world, who is always accompanied by ‘Satrio Piningit’, that is Archangel Jibril who does exist though invisible.

And await the performance of the World Queen of Justice that I am directing unto her. And accept this as My real Blessing for all people in the world, who are expecting the enactment of justice and truth in the world. And My Hands can be indicated not upon the enactment of truth and justice in the world, if there is no human whom I bless to declare My Most Justice and who could mediate the Revelation of My Court of Justice and My Judgment for her fellow human beings. 

As for Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit, he becomes My Judge for all creatures on this earth, but in his unification with Lia Eden, thus it is Lia Eden who is seen writing the Revelation of My Court of Justice and Judgment. 

As for My Stipulation, it is a blessing for all people in the world. Do accept My Blessing, for I have appointed a woman whom I have purified to be the Queen of Justice in the world. After all, from this time onward the performance of Queen of Justice could directly be seen in establishing the truth and justice in the world. Thereof, the Queen of Justice is not merely a hope anymore, at the time of no justice and truth today.

And I shall soon involve her in the prospect of the Day of My Court of Justice and My Judgment in the whole world. And by My name, I shall apply the Miracle of Eden to be integrated into all her acts and utterances, so she could be signified as the Queen of Heaven who is also the Queen of Justice, the bearer of My Mandate and who receives My Protection.

Therefore, do not ever disdain and calumniate her again, let alone if you wish to harm her, for Heaven that is with her is the opposite of Hell. And Heaven that is with her is My Salvation for human being in this world at this present time.

Be Cautious Because Now is The Day of Sin Retribution

Thus, after this My Promulgation, I shall soon apply My Stipulation, that from now on all mistakes and sins are directly compensated and all struggles for the truths and virtuousness I directly bless. And it is valid for all people in the world with no exception.  Therefore, the official deed to functionalize the Queen of Justice to be worldwide I have stipulated and blessed since the day of this stipulation is promulgated and released by Heaven of Eden.

In the name of My Court of Justice and My Judgment, which will cause many sins to be judged, hence there will be many people who suffer in hardship. Therefore, shun away from haram money and evilness. Nevertheless, there will also be many good deeds that I bless, so remedial condition will rise and make improvement. Hence, hereby I declare that henceforth there will be many Divine occurrences happened on this earth, for the sake of stating that I have enacted the Day of My Power as well, so My Court of Justice and My Judgment could be interpreted correctly.

This God’s Oath was descended down on March 10, 2017

Thus, we have conveyed God’s Oath of His Mandate unto Lia Eden as the Queen of Justice, ‘Ratu Adil’.


The Vow of ‘Ratu Adil’ (the Queen of Justice), Lia Eden

In the Name of God The Most Impartial and Most Judicious

God, today, March 10, 2017, You bless me with a mandate to become the World Queen of Justice. As for that mandate, it absolutizes me to be constantly right and perfectly impartial. And how such responsibility is the most enormous and the most difficult and the heaviest for me who possess not any legal studies and I am not conversant either in explaining the articles of law.

However, You trust me to bear justice and truth from You, The Most Impartial and Most Judicious and Most Forgiving. Please God, protect me from any concrete mistake. Thereof, o God, please purify my soul and spirit, so my heart and mind are always clear.

And please bestow me intelligence so I could convey all matters proportionally, hence nothing is missed out from all judgment upon the truth as well as the judgment upon the mistake that must be thoroughly considered, for the sake of the perfection of my responsibility.

Upon Your Blessing, God, I take a vow that You may adjudicate and judge me before the world public, if I tolerate any mistake or defend not the truth earnestly. O my God, please accept my vow as my absolute devotion unto You forever.

And I take a vow that I would be willing to be accursed if I make mistake intentionally for the sake of an interest that I heed or for the sake of the interest of other party who is having the case, as I am in fear due to his powerful position or because I prioritize people whom I love or respect.

God, please bestow me an exclusive thinking that could make me reach things that has never been thought of by anyone, so I could bring the best things for all people.

And do not let me surpass the limit that You have stipulated, because I get carried away as the person whom You choose and as the only person that You trust. Remind me all the time upon this matter, o my Lord. Make me Your servant who needs nothing but Your Love and Protection.

My God, nevertheless, I oblige to absolutely obey You in accepting this most heavy responsibility. Bestow me a capability to fully bear this responsibility that You bless me with. And please bestow me a clear and explicit guidance upon every legal stipulation that I oblige to state to the public.

And do not let me make mistake even the slightest one. Hence, please light up my mind and heart as clear as possible, so I am able to see sharply the possibility of me making mistake, before I do the act. And bestow upon me an ability to always make a balance consideration. And put me always in neutral position, even when there is something that disturbs my position, of which must constantly be neutral.

God, I am really afraid of making mistake for whatever reason, please bestow me a divination, so I could feel the threat of mistake from inside myself as well as the unintentional mistake, especially upon the mistake that I consider not as one because I cannot see it.

God, please make me truly sensitive upon the spirit of mistake, so my soul is always clear to feel the presence of a hidden mistake within the truth or when I should face the mistaken truth. And please bestow me an ability to cleanse that truth so its mistake will be uncovered. Truly, I beg You to bestow me a sensitivity upon a mistake that comes skulking or under-wraps, so I could save the truth and justice, moreover when I must convey Your Stipulations in Your Court of Justice and Your Judgment.  O My God, please perfects my knowledge upon anything that I need to carry out Your Command.

Guide me to always be exact and accurate in considering the principle of truth and mistake. Please open as wide as and as deep as possible my understanding upon those two matters, so I could implement it in my writing, and consequently I could present the shape of truth or mistake perfectly without any fault.  Hence, I will not do any mistake in stating justice from You before the world public, o My God.

And do not let me be reckless and unmindful upon everything that I oblige to consider. And bestow me judiciousness in considering all matters. God, please make me able to strive for justice and truth in this world, no matter how hard is the impediment or danger that I should face wherever it comes from.

My Lord, please accept my vow, that I take a vow for the sake of the heavens and earth that You wish to save, and for the sake of Heaven and Your Kingdom, which is the most sacrosanct and the most sacred, and for the sake of Your Fatawas and Your Revelations, which are the most holy and the most rightful, I promise in this vow of mine that no matter the condition is, I shall always be right and meticulous in judging everything related to the consideration of justice and right decision. Thereof, please bestow me an inner strength and acceleration of active reasoning as well as meticulousness in seeing the depth of the problem that You highlight and please always bestow me a full courage as well as a prime health.

And I take a vow that I shall not be neglectful in carrying out my most heavy responsibility. God, please protect me from any mistake and negligence that are unthinkable by me. Please guide me to always be in the right path and always be impartial. And please do not let me fail in carrying out Your Command.

And please let me live long in my elderly years, so I could completely serve You. And truly I wish that I will always be healthy, and please heal all my illnesses, so I could actively work for You without being undermined by the diseases anymore.

In Your Name, Who is The Most Impartial and Most Judicious, make me the Queen of Justice, who is prudent and wise and sharp-sighted and meticulous in seeing and judging all problems that I oblige to handle. And please bestow upon me a complete resoluteness in deciding the matters that You bring unto me. And please always direct me through Your Guidance.

God, please grant my prayer and accept this vow of mine. Amen

Jakarta, March 10, 2017


The Vow of the Messengers of Eden and Community of Eden


 In the Name of God The Almighty

In the name of Heaven of Eden and Kingdom of Eden, we the Messengers of Eden and Community of Eden also take a vow in the official inauguration of the Queen of Justice for Her Majesty Lia Eden. We all prostrate ourselves unto God, The Most Compassionate in creating all destinies. And we truly thankful and grateful upon Your Stipulation for Her Majesty Lia Eden as the world Queen of Justice.

And before God as well as His Majesty the Holy Spirit ‘Satrio Piningit’ the Hidden Knight and Her Majesty ‘Ratu Adil’ the Queen of Justice, Lia Eden, we take a vow that we will forever devote ourselves and absolutely obey God’s Legal Stipulation, carried out by His Majesty the Holy Spirit and Her Majesty Lia Eden.

And we all want to be embraced in the absolute purification held by God in Eden. And we surrender ourselves to all God’s Stipulation within His Absolute Purification.

And there is nothing that could make us be honored and glorified except for the absolute holiness that has been initiated by God, for it is the absolute holiness that could change our nature to become an angel. Thereof, we take a vow that we are willing to be perfectly holy and able to reach the absolute holiness.

Thereof, we plead unto you God that You would be willing to forever embrace us all in the struggle of ‘Ratu Adil’ (the Queen of Justice) and ‘Satrio Piningit’ (the Hidden Knight). In the name of God Who bestows blessings, please accept our plea and vow. Amen.

Jakarta, March 10, 2017

The Song ‘Ratu Adil and ‘Satrio Piningit’, The Queen of Justice and the Hidden Knight

Actually, this song is the prophecy of His Majesty the Holy Spirit, for the lyric and the song have been announced since 1998, but in fact God’s Blessing upon the Queen of Justice Lia Eden was just bestowed on March 10, 2017. Praise the Lord Who bestowed the blessing.

Truly, the sentences written in this song align indeed with the condition nowadays. At the beginning, we sang the song without knowing why we were given such song. However, Yanthi and Lala often sang it around those years.

We just understand it now, what is actually intended by the Holy Spirit upon his song. It turns out that it is utilized to complete the revealment of the mystery of Jayabaya’s prophecy regarding ‘Ratu Adil’ (the Queen of Justice) and ‘Satrio Piningit (the Hidden Knight).

Jayabaya’s prophecy is well known indeed in Java, as in the land of Java this destiny is opened by God. The destiny of ‘Ratu Adil’ and ‘Satrio Piningit’ is now already concrete; the public could judge the concreteness of this prophecy through the role of Her Majesty Lia Eden and His Majesty the Holy Spirit.

As for this song ‘Ratu Adil’ and ‘Satrio Piningit’, it just needs a small adjustment to be perfect. Thus, this song was perfected on March 11, 2017.

The Song Be Holy All Nations

The citation of several prophecies about the Rising of ‘Ratu Adil’ and ‘Satrio Piningit’

In the prophecy, the knight will not only lead the Java land but will also lead the world. However, he will only rise when severe calamity and tribulation have already happened. It is written that in his course of life, he always experiences miseries, he is continually humiliated, ill-fated and poor. Therefore, he has a sobriquet “Satrio Wiragung” (the Noble Knight).

Polahe wong Jowo koyo gabah den interi, endi sing bener endi sing sejati, poro topo podho ora wani, podho wedi ngajarake piwulang adi, salah-salah anemahi pati.

The attitude of Javanese is like paddy grains on a rotated tray, where the grains roll here and there colliding each-other, which one is right, which one is true, all hermits dare not, all are afraid of expressing the true teachings, for they might die.

Banjir bandang ono ngendi-endi, gunung njeblug tan anjarwani, tan angimpeni. Gehtinge kepathi-pati marang pandhita kang oleh pati geni, margo wedi kapiyak wadine sopo siro sing sayekti.

Flash floods occur everywhere, volcanoes erupt unexpectedly, without showing any sign beforehand. The hatred is so deep toward the priest (a person with clear divinatory vision) who practices high-level ascetic action, for they are anxious that their true identity will be divulged.

Selet-selete yen mbhesuk ngancik tutuping Tahun, sinungkalan dhewo wolu, angasto manggalaning ratu, Bakal ono dhewo ngejawantah, apengawak manungsa, apasuryo pindho Bethoro Kresno, awatak Bolodhewo, agegaman Trisulo wedho, jinejer wolak-waliking Zaman, wong nyilih ambhalekake, wong Utang ambhayar , Utang Nyawa bhayar nyowo, Utang wirang nyaur wirang.

At the latest, before the end of the year, dhewo/deva (angel) would come down to the world, in human figure, his face is like Krishna (Hindu’s Deva), his character is like Baladeva, his weapon is Trisula Wedha (Sudarshana Chakra). Align with the reversing era, people who borrow will give back, people who are in debt will pay back, blood for blood, shame for shame.

Explanation about Jayabaya’s prophecy is available in great numbers in the internet. We present only some of them as a reference for those who wish to see the figure of Jayabaya’s prophecy, which is now being completed by God. In the name of Eden Community, we would like to thank you for your attention.