Heavenly love in this world has been successfully brought forth, at the time you read this love of the universe’s prose. And it is enunciated as the expression of the angel’s feeling toward someone he loves, as the Expression of Jibril’s Love Devoted to Lia Eden. Despite everything, you can see this Love of the Universe’s Prose is correlated with the context of the existing Heaven in this world.

A heavenly story only stays forever as a metaphor, if it has not become a true story. There is no true story of a Heavenly love, if Eden has not yet openly reveal Jibril’s love unto Lia Eden. It is not difficult to see that as the fulfillment of God’s Promise upon Heaven to all people. And when the time comes for the fulfillment, such is the condition. Rather than talking about the Hell’s stories, let’s just be happy in Heaven.





Humans shed in blood vexed by love, weep of a broken heart
Far from such picture our love is, Lia.
For you, broken heart is out of question.

My love spirit reflects on the wall, the floor and on the roof of our house,
how is now perfectly beautified by God’s Revelations.
It’s like the love in the heavens, a beyond conceivable love,
becoming true in this world.
Bet on it! So do not bury your head in the sand.

Well, do not doubt and worry of this fact, Lia.
An everlasting glorious love in the eternal Eden Palace we own.
“Does such love exist?” The heavens ask me,
And I shake my head, there is no other Lia!




What will happen to our love, Lia?
Our love, it won’t be an inconceivable love, Lia.
Our love has never been something that is not beyond the nature of truth
though it’s still considered only happens in the 7th sky!

Ugh it’s not special! Though, the Heaven’s love obviously triumphs to be a Heavenly short tale or epic shloka.

What is the point of revealing the secret of a heavenly love,
if it is not for the truth epistemology of a true love in the world and hereafter?
Between two different worlds,
the passion of a holy love amongst the angels and the holy people in Heaven has been written.
Hey people, the happiness of Heaven in fact is like this!

So, the terrorists are wrong for desiring to commit suicide,
while killing other people for Heaven! Aren’t they?
Should you wish to make the terrorist realize their evilness,
ask them to read our Website.

Hopefully, the terrorists will then realize they will not go to Heaven,
for still believing in suicide bombing as shaheed (martyr).
Absolutely, fierceness has no place in Heaven. Why don’t they think of it?
Well, through the conscience and the logic of religious teaching,
you may find the answer.
Should my judgment be accepted, terrorism will not exist anymore,
as their understanding on shaheed ideology has logically settled.
O God, do not let them stay in their ignorance of the meaning of shaheed in your path.
Stairway to Heaven, people will see, it is just by purifying and doing virtue.
That is the aim of God brings down Heaven. So, just be innocent!




Here comes the day, when my love’s verses resounded to the human realm.
And it is ensured too that they will come to the ears of the angels in their realm.
So, Heaven’s love story will be ‘down to the ground’
and stands steadily to be cherished by all humankinds.

Hard to create a methaphor of a true holy love amidst the universal latitude
Floating on the sea of happiness I am, as I could whisper it.
Bothers not what people say, Lia,
saying Jibril is merely in love with the grey-haired woman.

Sorry, my dear. I’ve driven you to bite the bullet of the calumny storms.
Undeniably, no love exists as our love in the life of the universe.
As no time can be compared to this time
In light of Heaven in the world is just born this time



It is said, Heaven’s love is beyond imagination.
Should Heaven’s kind of love be known,
brought down to the ground must it be.
How dangerous it is,
should the reality of Heaven in this world is not willing to be seen.
Thus, committing sins human being tends to always enjoy.
How desirable the sin is, but not the purification,
for the sin is then out of reach.
Sin is more pleasurable, isn’t it? However, holiness is the key of blessing and bounties.

Lia, be mindful you better be
on how against the sins we fight.
It’s afar from effortless,
if you write not this dialectic love of mine. Isn’t it?
You know, the dichotomy of love in human world
would never be part of our love.
For, our love’s principles apply solely in the depth of holiness.
And, under the shade of our absolute love unto God, it resides.
No deluding lust in our love and shall it never be perished.
Before humankind exists, about love and compassion angels have known,
and the spirit of truth and virtuousness they have become.




Don’t say no love in the universe could pierce the lonely heart.
Lia’s rich inspiration, she attains by cause of it.
Her endurance over the scornful and wicked-lie utterances
springs from the purity of my love
The blessing for Lia’s tireless endeavor of purification,
perhaps it is my love vibration unto her.
Doubtlessly, it also turns to be a vibration of inspiration
of the beauty of her artistical creations.
How by virtue of my love, she never loses grip.
And, how plenteous jokes of mine amuse her.
Don’t ever think that angel has no sense of humor.

Indeed, my jokes, I always use to captivate her heart.
So, she knows well
Jibril possesses an everlasting fresh sense of humor.
She doubles up with laughter, yet, my figure is invisible.
And, that is what makes me special for her.
When there is love, there is truth
When there is happiness, there is humor

Hey Lia, should our love be perpetuated
Put the language of my love in Eden Website.
There is the smart cupid.
So, humankind desires of purification
to take pleasure of the Archangel Jibril’s joke,
and to testify how I conceive the beauty of love conotations
becomes a verbal of heavenly love and holy passion,
born to be a real heavenly phenomenon in the world.
As it is worth to be a remembrance,
how Jibril expresses his loves to the one he loves.
So be it, those should be told as a Heavenly epic in this modern age.
How truly sophisticated our love is, it is everlasting
and can get the whip hand on living in sins and adultery.




Aye, in what signification as to my love is narrated?
To let the people know there is a holy love from heavens
exists without groaning
Yet, it rolls filled with love in holiness
Unto you, Lia, such love flourishes to be piousness
in bearing the mandate from God
Otherwise, how would you endure, Lia?

Ugh, a rejected God’s Messengers she is.
Dangers, thorns and thistles she should pass,
and our love serves as the bond of her endurance.
Aye, not in a million years I would abandon her
after I brought her sailing through the storms of perils.

Thereupon, my love must stand on her side.
Yonder, to what ends my love is narrated?
To be known that a Heavenly holy love has existed in this world
Please spread my love story to everybody, okay!
Forget not to tell your neighbors.




I do! For, I am for her is the guru of truth.
For us, holy love is the virtue of truth.
In between heaven and hell on this earth,
We exist to present our holy love,
so it will shine through to become the nature of truth. Do we?




Otherwise, how would the angel’s wings be flipped up?
Wing I own not, but love thrusts our miracle to disclose and outspread wandering.
So, the Jibril’s wings are seen in human world,
bringing down God’s Blessing.
In Eden Lia always resides, leave not she will,
should in another part of the world Lia Eden is seen, that is I, Jibril.
Wings, Lia Eden seems to also have, flying faraway she could.
O….ho…ho…ho! It likes an areca nut split into two by the laser beam.
Brilliant the laser beam is; cause then Lia Eden appears in two identical figures.




My love is like a ball of love, perpetually rolling,
crossing the era penetrating the darkness of the universe
and becoming enlightenment amidst the sullen sins.
Jokowi’s football playing with the media crews,
it is too, the ball of love for his nation.
About his love his egalitarian tells.
It is the legitimation of a true love,
surely if that could be appreciated by everybody.




Long afore upon Lia I appeared,
I watched her, to this world born she was by her mother, Siti Zaenab Gaffar.
I even had a sight of her created to be Eve
And I awaited her to be born as Mary, the mother of Jesus.
Moreover, I accompanied her in Joan of Arc’s to R.A Kartini’s striving.

Expression of the law of reincarnation, underneath we explain.
Multi-dimensions of al-jihad fi sabilillah (struggle in the cause of God)
in the pursuance of reincarnating to be a primary human being,
it is as the most meaningful life purpose.
Essentially, the sincere love will yield in virtuousness
and virtuousness will bear merits to live a decent noble life.

Rich with the ornaments of goodness love in this centennial is,
and could be applied like taking a candy from a baby,
since finding a holy love and a sincere virtuousness are so difficult.
Love and sincerity, will then be warmly welcomed
by the perfectionists upon love.
How perfect love is, it is not just brought by Amor, the angel of love,
but Jibril could as well give meaning to it
and apply the perfection of love.

The holy love perfection is at cross-purposes
with a fleeting or unending dirty love.
An ember amidst the spume, its role is never abandoned,
yet an ember in the flare of fire and the sin amidst the Hell
are like two peas in a pod,
yet sin amidst the holiness, ugh, it is sickening indeed, so disgusting!
Once and for all, in this era I have brought my existence
My love unto her, it’s time to be declared openly,
in order to be known as the heavenly love
It is perfectly fine, isn’t it?




Upon your thought to value my sentence I have no objection
of which its sensitivity should be revealed not to the public.
A prime cause of love, anyhow, must exist to precede our destiny.
Cause my love will whip up a holy love in human world
and simplify the path of conclusion to Heaven.
Conjointly, an era will be created on the account of my love.
To the acknowledgment of the altered nature,
a Heavenly love must show itself,
to give hope and bind the holiness and true love in this impure world.
A nonpareil of a real true love should down to the ground,
leading to an enlightenment in this frightening civilization
This happening is unforgettable forevermore,
so everyone will be eager to purify themselves in Heaven.




Like slicing the morning star searching for love in the universe
I climbed up no end of paths to seek the thread of love from the earth.
The foams of sea went not to bat for me searching the love I asked.
Till I found myself the love I’ve been sought.
Bit by bit, my love flames till it becomes love songs and poets and proses of my love.
Crunchy my love is, not crunchy your earth is
till I come bringing down God’s Love.

Never I am tedious to caress your heart, so you unceasingly make much of me in your heart.
Yet, I am indignant for being blasphemed as the deceitful jinn.
Thence, my love story I must forthrightly reveal,
like the steamed layered cake in a tenong (basket).
Anyone may taste it for it is doubtlessly popular and cheap.
Everything in respect to Heaven must be oriented for people
Aimed at all people our love is truly meant.

Grandeur resembling the majestic palace above the sky, human perceives Heaven.
Unquestionably, beyond the bounds of possibility such imagination is.
It has never happened before!
Yonder, should Heaven is as such conjectured,
how could it be reached by the common people?
Obviously, unto all who will to purify, Heaven is truly meant for.
Ordinary people, they are untroublesome to be sanctified,
unlike men with many degrees on their names,
they are ashamed of being situated amongst the purified adherents in Eden.
Even counter clockwise their analogy upon Eden,
for the sake of their own honor afore the public.
Well, that is our experience!

Perhaps, holiness as Heaven’s prerequisite is the reason of the path to Heaven should be deeply pondered.
Still, this is the Archangel Jibril’s Heaven that absolutizes holiness.
Though, reaching the Heaven is not as easy as shooting fish in a barrel,
but, the stairway to reach Heaven has been seen. Hasn’t it?
Just follow Lia Eden’s steps. Her journey of purification has completely been written.

And, what is Heaven without holiness.
She has ever been disdained because of love, but now,
she is glorified by Heaven’s love.
Oo my love, surrender your holiness unto me, for herein is my honor.
Aye, I find my honor in this mundane world and in the universe,
after God’s Revelations has reached human world owing to her hand-writing.




As crystal clear as my heart, has never isolated from various analogizing.
I once was pointed out as the deluding jin or a fake Jibril.
I was even once associated as one substance with God The Only One
But, my metaphor as a white dove is my favorite
For, white dove symbolizes peace.

And how the other metaphors aimed at me,
should those be warded, thence a concoction of means I must do
God’s Oneness is ought to be absolutized.
Thus, a covenant God grants me with, to resemble Lia Eden I could appear once in a while,
and wed to Lia Eden, the reincarnation of Mother Mary, who was worshiped as the Mother of God.

It’s such a troublesome indeed,
if my present existence cannot end the veneration
unto the Holy Spirit and Mother of God.
Well then, Lia Eden and I must redeem the veneration karma upon us.
Hence, it is destined we are defeated to the rock-bottom.
Thus, heretical accusation is constantly thrown unto Eden
until the karma is completely redeemed.
By God’s Will we could now freely endeavor a reversal.
After all, a wide smooth path with no wall is ahead of us,
though religious fanaticism which rejects us is waiting.

It is the destiny of our love,
aiming to end veneration unto the Holy Spirit and Mother of God.
Upon our love story, be misconceived not, o ye people.
Thanks to God, Who has bound us as a couple.
There is no devotion to God as virtuous as this.
God’s Will to us is the conclusion of the Oneness of God.

Unto whose devoir do I obey to write this heavenly love?
Unto the universe’s call that shakes the earth,
which is agonizing over the doomsday
But who is the doom?
Its flame epitomizes the Lucifer’s lust, who is ferociously mad
hunger to swallow the earth.

The Hell’s torment is no longer a fantasy, so is the heavenly bliss.
Truthfully, the sense of Heaven is being served.
The choice to go to Heaven or Hell,
now humankinds may deliberately make.
Two choices that are equally difficile,
but what you actually need is just an awareness.
How filthy this earth is by cause of that Hell!
Since it roars in laughter, laying eyes on me who modestly seeking the frozen thorn
in the thick sea of the sinfulness which drowning the true love.
And so as the brink line between Heaven and Hell
as if it has melted all the lusts.
And all the melted lust, it turns to be a frozen and rusted thorn of sins,
since all sins have been endorsed and let to be in euphoria.

Beyond the shadow of doubt, Heaven is pure from sin and its thorn.
Heaven is innocent, why has it been disdained all this time?
Recklessly speaking, yet those acts reap the curse.
My devoted love for Lia has no meaning for anyone else.
Till the curse is revived, all realize how glorifying and salvaging Heaven’s love is.




My act in Heaven will not merely turn to be Lia’s tears of purification.
As she sheds tears all the times when her purity must constantly be enhanced.
And yet, the caress of my love eternalizes her love
upon everything she must fulfill in Heaven.
And the caress of my love actualizes the truth of Heaven that hard to dig.
Will she do all right?
Cause, it’s only my love that will fly her to the seekers of Heaven of Eden’s truth.
Do not make Heaven only as a pleading, but render it as the further action of the pleading itself.




“Rise the humane love in the well-established Heaven in this world
to be held as a ‘kulonuwun ‘ (welcoming), that is the voice coming to my ears!
Truly, the perceptions of Heaven should be enlightened
through my love unto Lia Eden.

‘Regginang’ of love I display here.
Rengginang is the Indonesian traditional rice crackers
Like the plebeian’s bite to eat, the purity of our love anyone reading it can take pleasure.
How precious the love of ‘rengginang’ is, ludicrous to be moistened by a libidinous kiss.
Not crunchy the love of rengginang would be, if it is made not of a true holy love.

Ah, such comparison seems too unsophisticated for the aphorism of Jibril’s love.
Yet, I love that aphorism, for rengginang is tasty and crunchy,
moreover when it is covered by a caramel.
This illustration makes not my love to be ‘nyeleneh’, out of the ordinary.
Since I love everything loved by all stratum of society.
Nothing is kitsch anymore, when Jibril has lifted it up to become a metaphor.



Don’t make a big fuss over my love words for Lia Eden.
Cause you brag about being knowledgeable about religion.
My love utterance unto Lia has been inscribed, as it is not an ordinary love.
So free yourself from the complexity of thinking.
Don’t force me to scold you, if you keep unwilling to understand that Archangel Jibril loves a woman.
Paradise chooses itself!
Well, it’s up to your desire! My love story will be copied or just carried around in your pocket or used as a pleasurable spirit of love
Still, it has made me as if sitting on the top of the world.
But, this is my love projected to the future
to embellish the Heaven civilization on this earth a while later.



How would Lia describe about my love. “It’s a must”, she said.
But I say: “No worries, our love is on the right track!”
However, what did your heart speak of Jibril’s love?
She undoubtedly will not give a big smile as a clue of glorious, should she be asked.
For at her side, I am her identical twin.
So, it is not easy to make a decency of the love upon your own figure, isn’t it?
Thence, our love is not a libidinous one.
Truly, in my love I have no dictionary of rejection, jealousy, nor exaggerate fascination nor even worriment of being abandoned.
Yonder, she shows more fascination toward God’s Revelations, for it is her preeminent perfection of love.

My sweetheart, jealousy and worriment are common in an ordinary love
Yet, Jibril’s disposition is in the opposite.
So, you are free from those all.
Well, no matter how essential the reason is,
not the least you ever feel that I could leave you
Yeah, it is what truly meant by everlasting lovebirds. Isn’t it?

Ponder my words, spirit creature never does polygamy,
Nor has an affair for whatever motive.
Indeed, the nature of spirit creature is as it is described.
So, where the terrorists get the assumption
that they will wed tens of female-angels in Heaven?
And, what about if the terrorist is a female, what will she acquire?
Uh..uh, giving a free rein to lust is not a subject to be brought to Heaven.
Heaven is not like Hell.
Always alone, that is the nature of spirit creature, which has no physical body,
So, say not that a jinn breeds to produce its offspring.
Ugh, it is a terrible misleading of irrationality.
Then, if jinn could breed plentifully, who is the midwife?

But, at the time the angel is engaged in his mission, God bestows him a privilege
to fall in love with the woman of one destiny with him.
It’s only a focusing on the destiny, nothing else.
Eternal my love unto Lia, not only as I am devoted to her love.
Truly, no other love could enter the angel’s soul
who should absolutely be holy forever.
Thereupon, what Lia rejoices from me is an imperishable true love.
Ugh, how problematic my love is,
should it be share with the others who long for Jibril’s love.
Ahem, I am cool indeed, yet devoted.
That’s why, my appearance later will be identical to Lia Eden.
So, unburden yourself from restlessness, Lia
I’ll never give you the reason to say goodbye, Lia.




Before all, it is what I mentioned as my achievement.
For how could Lia be subjugated
when she was sitting at the top of her life as a well-known flower connoisseur,
to make her settle down writing God’s Revelations,
whilst she also must be absolutely holy
as she bears the mandate of the Queen of Heaven?

Thus, this is the story behind the scenes.
My love letters, I flew down for her from nothingness.
But, at that time, fallen in love with me she has not, though tens of pieces of my love letter I have written. For she still thought me as the jinn who claimed as a Muslim jinn, Habib Al-Huda. She in fact even tried hard to forget her encounter with me. No matter how sophisticated my sweet talks to her, yet she still believed in her tawheedness. However, I have the least disappointment, for it is what I aim too.

In virtue of my fear to be left and forgotten by her, then I confessed myself as Archangel Jibril. Wow, she was even more frightened than ever. She scrambled between the feeling of gratefulness and worry if I was the fake Jibril. On the other side, it is perfectly normal if she felt that she deserved not Jibril to come to her, in view of she knew not yet what she would become in the course of time. Thence, I asked her and her friends to perform ‘umrah’ (non-mandatory pilgrimage made by Muslims to Mecca) together with Lia’s family, so all would make sure that I am the real Jibril. So it was done, they went ‘umrah’ to Mecca on July 12, 1997. When they fell asleep, I woke them up witnessing miraculous incidents in the sky as part of the signs of my truthfulness as Jibril.

Wabillahi taufiq wal hidayah, I succeeded proving me as the real Jibril through some phenomena of natural miraculousness seen throughout their ‘umrah’. At the end, they went home with full of assurance as ‘haqul yaqin’, as sure as fate.
Up to that point, I have made Lia realize that she was walking through her most valuable destiny. Henceforth, she then started to write down Divine Revelation. The first book she wrote was “Perkenankan Aku Menjelaskan Sebuah Takdir” (Allow Me to Reveal a Destiny). At that moment, never crossed in her mind that she would come to her destiny as the Queen of Heaven and Kingdom of Eden. But she grows in nothing flat to adjust herself ‘spring up like mushrooms’. Purportedly, it is because she is lack of knowledge about sensitive religious indications, but it is also because naturally she owns an avant-garde soul. If it not so, dares not she to write the Shape of God, which is Spherical and Rotating.

Thence, short spoken, now I have laid hold of her in my love, accordingly I have reached my destiny as well. Thence we are able to declare The Heaven’s Oath of Cleansing of the Earth, of which becoming the interminable blessing, beyond measure, for it has eventually come to be one substance with the True Oath of the Universe. Those all are my achievement embracing Lia Eden in my love, which is united in the love of the universe.
I shall put an end to this prose of my love, thanks.
Sorry, I put in just a bit of poetic style. Ha..ha..ha..

Dear viewer,

Both lyrics of the songs titled Love Letter and Magic House are written in my letters for Lia Eden, which I flew down at the house of Rosmini Day, MD, former Lia’s sister-in-law, in 1995. And that phenomenon is approved as the earliest publication of my miracle that I utilized, for the sake of drawing Lia Eden’s full attention. If I used not that means, she would impossibly be taken into her destiny that truly unexpected by her.

Indeed, I meant the Love Letter song to initiate my love confession unto her, as well as to turn her from the objectivity of her career, which at that time was very success. I also intended to make it as a remembrance of how I once made her letters from nothingness. A miracle that never existed before, since that was the hyper-condition whilst I stated it was the time for Heaven to be revealed.

And as for the Magic House song, it is actually aimed to make Lia Eden visualize that there will be Heaven I bring down for her, I use the term ‘magic house’, before I dared to declare Heaven unto her. And these are the two songs comes along with the Prose of My Love of the Universe.

Jakarta, 11 February 2017

Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit