Related to The Enactment of The Day of God’s Power

In the Name of God Whose Vow is The Most Sacred and The Most Sacrosanct

This is God’s Vow as follows:

As for My Vow, it is concentrated on the raise of the hierarchy of My Heaven and My Kingdom, Eden. Thus, I take a vow that I raise the hierarchy of Heaven and Kingdom of Eden as the highest hierarchy in this world. And for the sake of absolutizing the most sacredness and most sacrosanctity of My Vow and Revelations, thus I take a vow that at this time I conclude it is the time to enact the Day of My Power, the Day of Allah’s Power.

And when I have enacted the Day of My Power, then everything in this world is under My Reins. All reinstatements of the condition I will apply if My Fatawa is obeyed. And all reinstatements of a condition I will not apply if My Fatawa is defied, and even I will let obstacles besiege them. And if the Day of My Power should be seen by the world public, thus I shake the world with wonders that show My Most Mightiness, thus all people in the world will see and feel by themselves that I am working to bless and also to judge sins.

Thus, now I am implementing My Court of Justice and My Judgement to be worldwide. And in enacting My Court of Justice and My Judgement, thus precede the enactment, We command Eden Apostolate to hold Mubahalla, and Eden’s Messengers vow is fully bound to the vow of the Day of God’s Power. Thus, their vows I strengthen with My Most Sacred and Most Sacrosanct Vow. Accordingly, We unite Our Vows to enact the sacredness and sacrosanctity to be worldwide, for the sake of declaring the Day of My Power.

And in enacting it, I segregate the benefits of My Vow with the harms of My Vow. And I bless the benefits of My Vow to Eden that all this time is tyrannized and oppressed and defamed as a heretical group, whilst they sacrifice and devote themselves totally unto Me, and they also sacrifice to raise My Revelations to the public, for conveying My Guidance and My Help to the world public.


The Indonesian Ulema Council’ Fatawa That Stated Salamullah is Heretical Obliged To Be Annulled By Them Openly Before The Public

The fatawa issued by the Indonesian Ulema Council, Kep-768/MUI/XII/1997, dated on Desember 22, 1997 has been established as a fatawa that caused defiance of Indonesian people and Islam adherents unto Me, for they have rejected My Revelations, My Heaven and My Kingdom, Eden. And now the time has come that I reverse all accusation upon Eden and I judge whoever has tyrannized Eden. And now I have taken a vow to enact the Day of My Power, as well as to enact My Court of Justice and My Judgement.

As for the harm of the My Vow, I render it to be My Judgement to those who have judged Eden, who have imprisoned them and who have been involved in the establishment of the misleading fatawa, oppression, eviction, attack and to those who have spread accusation of heresy upon Eden to the public by the mass media and social media as well as internet by twisting the fact, calumny, provocation, defamation, and desecration upon Eden. And to those all who call for enmity upon Eden, and who wish for the heaviest punishment or death penalty upon Lia Eden.

As for them all, they conducted their actions without studying the truth of My Revelations in Eden. Thus, they blindly follow the Indonesian Ulema Council’s fatawa that misleads the public. As for the Indonesian Ulema Council, they should annul their fatawa by themselves after reading the declaration of the enactment of the Day of My Power. And if they are not willing to do it, then the Indonesian Ulema Council will be the one who is the most affected by the wave of My Reversal and My Judgement.

As for My Stipulation, it is fair considering My Revelations have been rejected by the Indonesian people for 19 years due to the Indonesian Ulema Council’s fatawa, which is accepted and followed by the Muslims, the majority in Indonesia. Thus, My Revelations cannot be resounded to be worldwide for those have been rejected by the people and the Government of Indonesia by the fact that Lia Eden was convicted as guilty by the Indonesian Government, in this case by the Central Jakarta District Court, and she has been imprisoned for two times. Thus also Abdul Rachman who had been released for a moment, but then he was captured and imprisoned back since the cassation of the prosecutor was then granted by the Supreme Court. Thus, those all who were involved in the imprisonment of Lia Eden and Abdul Rachman will be inflicted by the harms of the wrong verdict. 

As for the oppression and prosecution upon Eden in Indonesia, there is not even a single party who regrets and tries to study carefully the truth of My Revelations, which I have been descending down in Eden until now. And when I have to affirm My Fatawa related to the Abrogation of All Religions and Unification of All Religions to the international world in order to overcome the flaring wars in the world, but before that I should release Eden from the shackle of accusation of heresy and misleading. And if the condition remains in that way, almost no one will heed My Revelations that stated by the Eden Messengers, whilst We must do some actions to cease the wars that have shown the signs of World War III after the Russia has threatened the world war. Therefore, now I act firmly.

And to those all, whom We have mentioned as having done oppression upon Eden, and it is no exception to the former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who let the oppression happened when he still ruled as the head of state; therefore, he is responsible for the repeating oppressions upon Eden during his administration period. Whereas, Eden has stated that what had been taken care was My Revelations, and he did not try to appease the Islam adherents who vented out their anger to Eden. And he did not show any effort at all to study the truth of Eden and defended Eden as the party whose heresy has not been proved.

And his stance was different compared to when he defended the TKI (Indonesian Migrant Workers) who was a murderer in Saudi Arabia as Satinah, Tuti Tursilawati, Karni binti Medi, and Siti Zaenab, who were threatened with a death penalty. Defending murderers who were threatened with a death penalty, and the state by his consent paid to release them from death penalty; it seemed just like an effort to keep a good self-image. Whilst justice that I tested sensitively has been ignored, thus on the other side there was Eden who conveyed My Salvation and disseminated the tidings of the descending down of Heaven by Me in his country, yet he defended not when Eden was attacked by the mass, even Lia Eden and Abdul Rachman were then imprisoned. Whilst, the manipulator and the provocateur of the assault and the incident itself were being let go and as if it was considered as the right one.

However, this is the real imbalance of law, and it is the sign that his government experienced the crisis of truth and justice, for they preferred to put forward the ulemas’ stance, whose perspective was already out-of-date and could not judge the rational reformation through universalization of faith. That Islam is shackled by the doctrines of ulemas, whose perception is shallow and cannot manifest the resounded Islam rahmatan lil ‘alamin, yet actively call for furiousness of Islam adherents toward anyone whose faith is different from them. And that is what happens.

The blind furiousness of Islam adherents instigates the bombing of worship places and the burning of the abodes of people from other religion or other madhhab. Thus, they can convince fanatic people to do suicidal bombing. What kind of faith that makes them dare to do suicidal bombing, if it is not pressured by their ulemas who want to rule the power and win the war of Islam adherents? And the war becomes a huge scale and involves many nations in the world.

Islam adherent’s stance is apparently uniform. All other beliefs are wrong and properly to be loathed. Such thinking implies that Islam adherents want to live alone in this world and do not want to be disturbed and share their God and this earth with other adherents. The ego of Islam adherents apparently has been too fundamental and has a strong root.

Then, that injustice chain, since mass judgment upon the minority becomes common and justified by the assault itself. Unfortunately, My Reversal renders radicalism and anarchism to be the culture of the Muslims. And those all depend on the government’s stance that cannot judge the real truth and heresy for the sake of taking side with the majority.

Where is the justice? And why do people listen not to the righteousness, which its truth is so real, even the ones who deliver it were adjudicated and imprisoned? We consider this matter as a fatal injustice, for it has caused My Revelations in Eden cannot be empowered to be My Help, and My Guidance is totally ignored.

When did humankind experience I descend down My Revelations to human world? The last time happened 1500 years ago. Therefore, be grateful that I descend down My Revelations in this country, and it is a glory for this nation. And when those are rejected, and be those as the curse and defamation.

And to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, three times Eden has conveyed My Revelations, so he actually could see the truth of My Revelations that he has received. Thus, he has no sensitivity to see the real truth, for he followed the Indonesian Ulema Council’s fatawa and the collaboration of ulemas that considered Eden as heretical. Well, his insensitivity is due to his conscience covered by the harms of Suyodhana’s sins, for he is the reincarnation of Suyodhana It is seen that Suyodhana or Dhuryudhana’s mistake is inherent in Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s spirit. Adjudication upon his transgression in the past and in this era, We will write in the Discourse upon him.


The World War III is a Nuclear War

When the deployment of foreign ground troops has been involved in Syria’s conflict, thus military aggression to Syria will drag all parties to take part in the conflict. And this will instigate the third world war.  Whilst Saudi Arabia’s military has already arrived in Turkey to attack Syria. Whereas, Rusia has made an ultimatum to Saudi Arabia not to attack Syria. The world war is unavoidable if Russia’s ultimatum is violated. However, could Saudi Arabia hold themselves?

Basically conflict of religion and madhhab of Sunni-Shia that has caused the coalition of Arab countries with the USA as well as Western forces are facing the coalition of Russia, Iran and the President of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad. Thus, the Syria issue is getting hotter and most likely instigates the world war III. Whereas, the countries that involve in the Syria’s war are the countries that possess nuclear, so the nuclear war might happen. And when it happens, this earth will come to its apocalypse. That is why far before it happens I bring down Jibril to the world and I bring down My Heaven and My Kingdom along with him and I execute My Court of Justice and My Judgement. And that matter should be believed. My Heaven in this world fails not, but rather when Hell has completely destroyed everything, My Heaven is then needed.

For that reason, I shall enact the Day of My Power in order to be able to shift the heated up condition in Syria. And, there is no reason for Me to hold My Self any longer, thus I have to act firmly and fairly to judge those all who hate Eden and who blaspheme and calumniate Eden, for I oblige to raise the Eden’s hierarchy to be worldwide. As for My firm Stance, it can no longer be delayed, for the third world war has started openly in the Middle East region, particularly in Syria, Palestine, Israel and Yemen. Upon that matter, I declare the enactment of God’s Day of Power that has long been promulgated through Eden.

Upon the impediment of preventing the world war to happen too early, thus it is the fault of Indonesia and the Muslims, as the world war is just one step ahead. Properly I regret the Indonesian Ulema Council’s fatawa and the imprisonment upon Lia Eden and Abdul Rachman, whereas they are the Queen of Heaven and Imam Mahdi. Therefore, the guilty verdict upon Eden is valid according to the law. Thus, rejection upon My Revelations by the Indonesians and Islam adherents I render it as a reason to do a reversal and judgement upon those two matters.

As for My Judgement, it has turned to become the deviation of Islam adherents and the law impasse in Indonesia and has become the fate of the falling of them both. However, it has shown as the scale of My Judgement that calculates the equivalency of accursed and harms, which have caused impediment of an early prevention effort upon the occurrence of the world war. Therefore, I question My Revelations that I have brought down since 1997 in this country.

And if all parties who are hostile upon Eden realize My firm Act upon them, then they will stop rejecting My Revelations. And they dare not to blaspheme Eden anymore. Thus, Eden will be released from the shackle of accusation of heresy and misleading. If I am not firm such this, My Vow and My Revelations will never be considered as sacred. And all My Stipulations will still be ignored, if I render not the attempt to respect the sacrosanctity of My Court of Justice and My Judgement. And My Court of Justice and My Judgement do not seem ever exist if the sacredness and sacrosanctity of Our united Vows have not yet harmed the parties who defied and rejected My Revelations and who have underestimated My Vow and who have defamed Eden.

Truly, the blasphemer and calumniator of Eden believe not the existence of Eden Apostolate that should be treated as sacred, however it is the only Apostolate who bears My Revelations, My Heaven and My Kingdom. And they are the ones who write down the Discourse of My Court of Justice and My Judgement in human world. Indeed, all people in this world should be grateful for that, when My Law to resolve the recent issues can be directly read by them all. And when could human being recognize the existence of My Court of Justice and My Judgement and can follow the implementation of My Court of Justice and My Judgement? Whereas, My Court of Justice and My Judgement I just apply when the flaring doomsday is processing on this earth.Thus, Indonesia and  Islam adherents have experienced My Judgement, so it will become the  dialogue of the world, which will soon enter the era of world war. Whoever understands not fundamental issues within My Intrinsic Law, then they all will recklessly make fatal decision toward the life of human being and the nature. And whoever involves in the destruction of the life of human being and nature, thus wait for My Judgement. That is the reason I enact the Day of God’s Power.

All existing Holy Books have mentioned the Day of God, doomsday, the Day of God’s Judgment, God’s Kingdom, Heaven and Hell. However, those have not been explained in detail before they become a reality, thus now is the time to write down the elucidation of those matters. Accordingly, My Heaven and Kingdom as well as My Court of Justice and My Judgement and the Day of My Power I just apply in this end times, that is at the time this earth is processing toward the doomsday.

Blasphemy upon Eden by the Indonesian Muslims has been protracted until now, for the curse upon Eden has been evenly believed by the government and the people of Indonesia. In any way, there is no heresy in Eden’s teaching, since what Eden conveys is My Truest and Most Holy Revelations. After 19 years there is no progress on easing the accusation of heresy, whilst My Revelations must have been worldwide for the direction toward World War III has emerged.

And indeed the war in Syria has pictured the breaking out of world war in there. Truly, the war in Middle East has become a world war, it is just not mentioned that way. Wars between Palestine and Israel, as well as between Syria and Yemen have involved many nations in the world. However, those have caused genocide upon the Islam adherents in Middle East and at the end it will result in rejection upon them by all non-Islam countries, even by the world. And blasphemy upon Islam adherents then globalizes.

The abundance of Muslim refugees from Syria and Middle East to various countries is the sign that Muslim countries in Middle East have no longer habitable, for those countries are filled with remnants and dust of war and explosion of ammunition. And how threatened their souls are in their own country, and that is the sign I do not take side upon the Muslims. It is because the sins of the Muslims as if it is already reached the sky, for I categorize their sins as defiance, evilness, ferociousness, and crime in the name of religion. Not mentioning the mistake upon religious distortion that has already been spurious. And those all cannot be reduced any longer, contrarily it is getting stronger, since in general nobody thinks that national repentance in Indonesia is needed. Whereas, what is necessary to change the fate of Muslims is a thorough repentance by the Muslims in the whole world.

And what should be attained by Muslims today besides their own safety? For, there is no more Muslim’s worshipping that I bless after their worship is ill-defined. Each day, various additional sharia is increasingly shackling and burdening, and actually that matter does not make Me bestow blessings more easily toward them who exaggerate their worship unto Me, for I prefer people who are simple in their worshipping, yet it is solemn and sincere and influenced not by Islam’s harsh doctrines.

The purity of faith is measured through simplicity of worship that is solemn and idolizes not their prophet and religion. And it can only be found on those who think simply, but firm in their devoutness. And only to their kind I keep bestowing My Bless and Bounty and Salvation.

Unfortunately, on the other side, the terrorists work and influence the marginalized people who are fanatic on their religion and God. For that reason, they learn to assemble the bomb and martial arts and military. Marginalized Muslims then become idolaters or terrorists. Both are like two sides of a coin.

And complexity of the Muslim’s worshipping, which is different in madhhab as well as sect, is perplexing Islam adherents who are confused to choose which faction that its creed is still pure and suitable to be followed and to determine oneself to be the follower. Thus, each madhhab and sect is confidence they are the truest and the most accepted by God. Whilst what I judge is how far their sincerity and holiness of worship could be guaranteed.

The money used for hajj pilgrimage is already not holy. The fund of hajj management is corrupted or taken away. How many religious affairs ministers have been alleged of corruption? And how many of them have been successfully taken to imprisonment? Whilst terrorism justifies all the means to obtain the fund of fa’i (kidnapping and robbing of non-Muslims), even they have the heart to collect the funds through selling illegal oil and compensation from releasing hostages and captives, robbing gold stores and banks. And even the funds are obtained from drug trafficking and from other sadistic crimes, which they forbid not.

All crimes and wickedness have been conducted by the Muslims. And could I accept those all and would be willing to forgive them? Whereas, those all are intentionally done by a justification to defend their religion. Is religion still holy, and does it remain as the truest and the perfect religion if its adherents’ demeanor is such that? Thus, I implement My Court of Justice and enact the benefit of My Law upon that matter.

In any case, the world problems I should handle before the world war flares up to become the world Hell, which is increasingly expanding. However, first I should affirm the accusation of heresy upon Eden must be ended and My Revelations should be deeply respected by all people in this world. Therefore, I allow Eden Apostolate to conduct Mubahalla against Marzani Anwar and his family as well as all parties who are involved in spreading the calumnies in mass media, and they who are willing to help him tyrannizing Elfa Diasmara and Eden. Thus, also to those who have taken responsibility as the involved parties who have troubled Eden all this time. Accordingly, I allow the initiative to hold Mubahalla by Eden, so it can be seen that I justify Eden.


Archangel Jibril’s Embodiment to the World, It is the Application
of The Day of God’s Power

If the public refuses to believe Lia Eden is My Messenger, then I empower Eden’s Miracle upon her. And if I need to prove it, then be Lia Eden presents in two, and her twin is Archangel Jibril who will travel around the world, which is already full of disasters and wars. And be he as the peacemaker, and he is always independent, not affiliated with whatsoever party, always neutral and brings direction as well as solutions from Me, and inclusive to be Eden’s Miracle. And if I deem that I should drag the direction of the world conference, then Jibril will be there showing himself as My Messenger. He will not appear from the crowd, but rather directly in a private room of a decision maker or he will appear before the public directly representing Me to convey guidance and solutions from Me.

And he will be respected and become a spotlight during his appearances suddenly in a public space. And the program of Archangel Jibril’s appearance identical to Lia Eden, We have stated it long beforehand, so when he appears in a public space or in an important meeting, his appearance identical to Lia Eden will have been recognized as the embodiment of Archangel Jibril.

As for his appearance, it will happen in’ kun fayakun’ (be it as God’s Will) and in a sudden he will appear unexpectedly. Thus, it will be the habitude of his appearance, so he will be marked as the embodiment of Archangel Jibril God’s Messenger. Accordingly, We have explained the provision to manifest the appearance of Archangel Jibril amidst certain people who wait not for his coming or who indeed wait for his coming. Thus, there should be special signs that could mark him as the embodiment of Archangel Jibril as it has been stipulated in My Covenant.

And We have lost much time to overcome the heavy problems in the world, considering until now My Revelations have been frozen by the accusation of heresy. Supposedly We are slow in responding positively to all acute problems that are happening now, consequently many things will be too late to be handled by Us. Thus, We are responsive toward all urgent conditions and ignore not the need from certain parties whose crucial problem We should heed.

As for upon the party who would like to invite My Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit to an event that is related to Our Goal, they could send the invitation to Eden and email it to Eden Website. However, to attend the invitation is subject to My Approval and Permission. For I know exactly the occasion behind occasion, and the reason behind reason, and all possibilities that are possible. Therefore, We are selective upon the invitations addressed to Archangel Jibril. Certainly the appearance of Jibril in certain place has been approved by Me. And he always comes on time and in a condition that needs Our Intervention. If there is an unpredicted visitation conducted by Jibril to certain place, thus he will appear close to the podium so he will be instantly seen and recognized.

If his appearance is not happened in that way, he will only be considered as a usual guest or just as a participant. Moreover, whom he should meet are the world prominent figures, whose way of thinking should be led in order to be willing to adapt themselves to My Direction. And if it is difficult for them to adapt themselves with My Direction, which is conveyed by Jibril, they can look for mediate covenant with Us, before they can completely agree with the solution from Me.

Because We tolerate the difficulties they face, thus the toleration stance We need to state through telepathy communication with the decision makers of world’s heavy issues. Hence, We give a connection signal with Archangel Jibril, so whoever is in despair to look for a way out or solution, just pray unto Me in the name of the Most Holy Heaven and Kingdom of Eden, and pray so the Archangel Jibril would come to them.

The other thing is that it is enough that We give them precise inspiration as a solution for the problems. And it can be obtained by the people who are cunningly deceived or tyrannized in their truth. And for people, who experience such incident, try to focus on the voice of conscience and good thinking. We could bestow instant intelligence for that purpose.

Instant insight We can direct into Our Guidance. Thus, enlightenment for the people who are faithful to My recent Stipulation We can give it in line with the quality of faith.

And if We deem that the prayer is sincere and good, then We will respond immediately to the prayer. Thus, in any occasion that is looking for God’s Solution, Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit will pay attention and it is possible he will come to be the Divine Resource Person and he will appear in a way that gives mark that he is the Archangel Jibril.

And, if My Direction is complied, thus the mediate covenant We will direct easily toward the solution that We offer, which is nothing more than the world peace and lessening the power and opportunity for the troubled party.


Judgement upon Haram Money

And other thing that will indicate the Day of My Power is My Judgement upon haram money. My Policy is made for I would like to destroy the harms of the dirty haram money, so the earth will be refreshed and it is not heaped up with dirty money. And human will be clean from iniquity and the harms of haram money. As for the harms of the dirty haram money, those will create the room for the crimes to flare up, which is getting more vicious and sadistic, and also amorality and adultery that becomes more desecrated and vulgar. And accept My abstruse Rule as a public’s money purification. And My Rule has been mentioned in the holy covenant of The Holy Bible Chapter Revelation 3 verse 3:

  1. “Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; hold it fast, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you”.

It has been long enough that We have warned you about this matter, therefore remember, what you have received and heard. Accept that as a good policy from your God, thus hold it fast, and repent. Shun away from haram money for if you own haram money and are not cautious upon My Statement, I will take away your money mystically or I burn it without you are aware of it. For I do it when you are unguarded and do not want to repent since you are keen on enjoying haram money that is easy to gain. Thus, in this verse it is said We will come like a thief.

As for the haram money, I make it mystically disappear and I burn them into an ash. Such that I warn the owners of haram money when they find that their haram money has disappeared and has become an ash. The harms of the dirty haram money will spread crime and adultery. Money stemmed from drugs is really dirty, just one harm, it will guarantee to be a criminality. How is if it more than one? Thus, evil money and haram money should be burned so they will not spread harms everywhere. Then, do not look for your money that I have taken away. It has become an ash, so this world will be clean from the harms of crimes and haram money.

I adjudicate and judge the sins of human beings and I sanctify them. Thus, haram money should also be disappeared. And that is the application of My Salvation. And do not ask for compensation to Eden, for Eden is not responsible upon that disappearance of haram money. It happened solely by My Authority, Who is Almighty in judging the sins and crimes.

As much as haram money that disappeared, I burn them to be an ash. And I assure that no single dime can be utilized by Eden. For Eden is impossibly will be passed by haram money even just one rupiah. And the halal money that is utilized by Eden is purely halal, which has been guaranteed by Me. Kun Fayakun. Be and it is, those two miracles that I have long been prepared. Be it as the declaration of My Power that has come to the time to be enacted.


Unification of the Most Sacredness of this God’s Vow with Eden’s Mubahalla will become the Strength of Blessings and Harms of Oaths In General, and Valid Throughout The World.

And if My Revelations are still disregarded by the public, then I enact My Court of Justice and My Judgement which are unavoidable for all parties who ever tyrannized and defamed Lia Eden and Eden Apostolate. However, if We have stated Our vows together before the world public, that means generally I have stipulated the existence of the strengthening of the benefit of good and fulfilled oaths.

And as for the strengthening of the harms of violated and fake oaths, now it has become very heavy. And I state that as the harms of My Vow. As for the benefit of this vow, it will soon become the strengthening of the truth and virtuousness and justice, so the figure will appear and win the battle of the good and the evil. Thus, be certain that the truth and the goodness will be victorious, after We take Our sacred vows.

As for the writing of this God’s Vow, it is too heavy for Lia Eden, since the weightiness of what is written is tremendously heavy and enormous. Thus, during the writing of the Discourse of My Vow, she undergoes karamah (sacred) pressure of blessing and harms of all Eden’s vows that We bind with My most sacred and sacrosanct Vow. Therefore, during the writing process of My Vows, she inevitably struggles to overcome the Revelation Syndrome, which this time is harder to be handled and she goes through such incidents several times per day. And truly, it is heavy to go through. And it is just now she experiences such incident.

The condition she goes through only to show the factualization of the syndrome of the heaviest and most sacred and sacrosanct God’s Vow, as this Vow that I take is intended to uphold the truth and justice as well as judgement upon the violated oath and promise. And it is effective for all issues of oaths and promises in the whole world. Thus, it guarantees that justice and truth can be upheld in this world.

Actually no one can endure to hold the weightiness of the most sacredness of My Vow related to the enactment of the Day of My Power. Indeed, poor Lia who writes down and receives the Revelation of My Vow. And I said to her to be resolute and be patient in going through her condition right now. No one can endure to receive the Revelations of My Vow except My Messenger.

Thus, We liken the weightiness of My Vow by stating: Shattered be the mountain that is dropped by My Revelation of Vow of which such this weight. And dry be the seawater in the ocean due to the weightiness of My most sacred Vow. Truly, the weightiness of My Vow to enact the Day of My Power is immeasurable, but human being should learn to recognize the weightiness of God’s Revelation and God’s Vow through the sacrifice of My Messenger, which in facing all the dangers and defamation there is still the weightiness of My Revelation and My Vow that burden her.

Actually it is not merely a sacrifice, since Our Vow will soon show its benefit. Thus, she is not affected by the seizure and all uncomfortabilities that she is going through during the writing of My Revelation of Vow, so human being would turn to look at the most sacredness and sacrosanctity of My Vow and glorify it as well as treat it as sacred. Thus, I command Lia Eden to write this matter so human beings would subjugate themselves and repent and stop trifling their oaths.


Pageantry (Spectacular display) of the Vow of the Enactment of God’s Day of Power to Render All Good Vows and Promises as well as Pledge will Have Severe Harms If Those are Violated or Deceived, and will Give Abundant Blessings If Those Oaths, Promises and Pledge are Fulfilled and Give Benefit.

As for this covenant, now I have declared, and it means all My written Covenants at this time have been permanently effective. Thus, there is no postpone any longer, the enactment of God’s Day of Power is felt uncomfortable for people whom I reprimand and warn, however it will become a blessing and salvation for people who follow My recent Stipulation.

Therefore, when We have shown the sacredness of justice and truth, then all people should be careful in taking their oath. And they should keep their oath well. Whilst those who easily ignore their oath and make fake oath, they will be harmed by their own oath. And now the harm is truly severe, for We have strengthened with Our Vow. Thus, it is better to be careful and wise in making promise or pledge for goodness, do not ever ignore or violate it.

The firmness of faith is the firmness to keep one’s oath and promise or pledge. And violating the oath, promise and pledge I will judge as it should be. I state to the public, beware when you violate your oath, promise and pledge. And when you feel imbalance and nausea after it, immediately turn back amending your demeanor and restating your oath, promise and pledge. If not, the harms of your sins will continue to be a reversal, thus whatever that you betray will win or will press you.

And if you still have not conceived about My Judgement and you still foolishly follow your ambition and lust, thus I make contagion of harms to be a psychological desease that cannot be remedied by any medicine. The harm of sin syndrome cannot be diagnosed by the doctor and cannot be cured by alternative treatment and can only be cured if the root of the harm syndrome is realized and regretted. And redeem your sins, then the harm of the sin can be eliminated.

Thus, We explain the true law through pageantry or tribute of true oath taking to recognize a grafting system of the most sacredness of Our Oath upon all oaths and pledges in general. We state that the spread of blessing of Our vow to all oaths and agreement and covenant is a pageantry or a grandeur tribute, for it resounds the true Divine Law that its real truth is enormously valuable, since it can become the establishment of truth and trusted law, when the world is in the era of Armageddon and world war. And it can only be applied in this era, that is when the time has come for unification of all most sacred vows between God and the Holy Spirit as well as with the entire angels with the vows of the Eden Messengers in one covenant, that is for the Day of God’s Power.

And it is My Law that I would like to convey to the public, that the holy oath from the area of divinity is enlightening and giving weightiness to the good oaths and agreement as well as pledge in human world. And for that reason, there should be holy people who represent the entire human beings, so they can be legalized as the representative of human beings who can be involved in the Vow of God, and the angels who is represented by the Holy Spirit. And every holy covenant preserved in the Holy Book, when it is completed by the Holy Spirit certainly he accompanies the holy people who are educated and sanctified by him.

Thus, I ascertain that the sacredness and sacrosanctity of Eden Apostolate is the most strongest, but it extremely brings good luck. Thus, share the goodness and truth and keep your promises and oaths. And do not ever violate your promise and oath and do not ever betray good pledge that has been stated together, for those now are tremendously harmful. And do not play with words of oath recklessly, for the harms of the words of oath has been strengthened. Although it is just stated to convince a trivial matter or just for a joke, still the words of the oath is harmful or bringing bad luck if it is disrespected and considered as hilarious. We render that matter for the sake of treating the oath as sacred and reinstating the meaning of the oath, as it should be.

Human being’s manner and character as well as moral must be revived. Thus, We begin with strengthen the harm of the oath and covenant. As for the harm of oath is the devil’s domain and it is under My Covenant with My Devil Messenger. All the harms of oath and promise are the duty and authority of devil to create. And the devils make a promise unto Me to create the harms of sins with equal measure.

Today, indeed people are so easily say their promise, but then break it. And many people easily violate their pledge. The harm of Our Oath is also bound in the covenant that is broken or violated. And if there is someone who suddenly feel the syndrome of harm of sin, then they will feel unwell, nausea and have fever for they hold the turbulent of the flush of harms from inside the body, mark those as My Reprimand upon the oath and promise that are recently ignored. Immediately turn back and amend your demeanor, and redeem your mistake right away, then the turbulent syndrome of the harms of oath and promise will die-out by itself.  

Starting from now, be careful when you make a promise, and if you make a promise, be sure that you can keep it and do not just recklessly make a promise when you just want to escape from a problem that is pressuring or gnawing you. Be frightened of the harms of oath for the harm of oath now is harsh and work instantly. Oath is violated, then immediately the harms work.

That matter We inevitably stipulated for the sake of upholding honesty and fulfilling the promise and oath that has been stated. Therefore, keep all your promises and oaths, and do not easily utter a deception. Thus, I announce My Judgement upon the disregard of oath and promise to be implemented, after this Eden Discourse We have released to the public through Eden Website and dissemination of Eden Discourse to mass media. Accordingly, We consider the announcement of My Judgement has been received by the public.

Thus, I judge the customary of people who dare to take fake oath or easily violate the oath they have uttered. Accordingly, I strengthen the harms and blessing of oath and promise to uphold the truth and fight against dirty manipulation and crime. When oath of office is no longer disregarded and oath in the court is no longer faked or forsworn and all promises are fulfilled and all officials dare not to do corruption and accept bribery any longer, and all conflicts are overcomed rightly and justly, then Hell will diminish. And the world reaches its peace. And I have guaranteed My Miracle for Eden. As all people in this world are keen on Heaven, thus the miracle of My Heaven I have counted as lavishly as the demand upon Heaven.

If My harsh Vow is in fact poured down in Eden, then acknowledge Eden Apostolate as the only true Apostolate that I bless and protect. Therefore, do you still insist the accusation of heresy upon Eden? Then actually, people who accuse Eden, they are the ones who are heretical.

As for they who are responsible upon the tyranny and defamation upon Eden, they are no other than the ones who issued the fatawa of heresy upon Eden, and they who were involved in the agreement to attack Eden, and who reported to the police and who decided Eden Messengers as the suspect and defendant and issued a verdict to imprison them.

And so all mass media that have broadcasted accusation of heresy upon Eden, and they who wrote and made video that stated Eden as heretical and who have twisted the fact. And they who have called for eviction and oppression and capture, and made an effort to eradicate Eden and who have made Eden as the target of terrorists.

And the ulemas and ustadz (Muslim clerics) who are in their preach judged Lia Eden deserved to be punished as heavy as possible and deserved to be sentenced to death, and they who scolded and blasphemed Eden in social media and internet, thus they all who will be hit by the harms of their blasphemy upon Eden. As for the harm of the sin, that could certainly be measured to always complete the target of equivalence with the harm of the sins and it is certainly in accord with someone’s heavy or minor ill-treatment toward Eden.

And they all will be accursed by their own wrong doings. That is the independent law of the harm of sin, which always follows someone’s spirit who ever committed a sin. As for the harm of the sin, it rolls along with a set of causality that is instigated through the unfulfilled or violated oath or promise. Therefrom, the sins are disclosed and spread the harms. The revolving of sins tends to grow and maximize, when one realizes not the natural law upon the harms of sin. Thus, every causality is nothing more than the harm of sin, which synergizes with the devil’s character.

Thus, the stream of the harm of sin through the set of causality is also independent following the natural law that determines the destiny, along with the law of reincarnation upon everyone who does not feel disadvantage when he/she commits a sin. Hence, the journey of the law of spirit regulation can swoop down lead to a worse fate. Thus, to all human beings I warn do not ever try to mire yourselves to a fatal decisions or dare to commit serious sins.

As for the spirit of the harm of sin, it is brought by devil to become an accumulation of serious sins. And multiplication of the harms of sin is the devil’s domain, which assures that human being’s sins will maximize. And that is the natural law, which I have to maintain the equilibrium of the universe and the life of My entire creatures, thus I create spiritual teaching and Holy Books. Therefore, human beings should protect themselves from the changing nature. As for the fatal curse, it could cause human to change nature as a devil or virus, so do not let your evil characters and ego and greed to grow, and do not become idolatrous for that is what causes the certainty of sins to be maximized.

And I am very meticulous in applying My Judgement. Thus, nothing that can be missed from My Reversal and My Judgement. As a matter of fact, all people who feel that they have ever tyrannized and defamed Eden, it is better they stop doing it. For Eden has never harmed them, let alone hurt them, and never misled them either. Even Eden has never dealt with them, and even does not know them. Thus actually, they all are the people who are tyrants and disbelievers.

As that reason, what is the purpose to commit unnecessary sin by following the fatawa of heresy upon Eden who never blasphemed any religion. Thus, the unserious sin will harm themselves and they will feel the harm of the sin as the syndrome of harm. And what they feel is like a turbulence of uncomfortable feeling inside their bodies without able to be stopped by any medication or alternative treatment, for it is My Judgement. Indeed, they will feel like living in a Hell as they always disturbed people in My Heaven who commit not any mistake.

And I have stipulated My Decision that the gnawing of the harm of sin syndrome will befall on people who violate their oath or promise. Thus, the gnawing of uncomfortable feeling will be felt by the people who violate their oath and promise since they do the act. And I state that it is My Judgment in Mahsyar Field. As for the Mahsyar Field is the analogy of globalization era. Therefore, since that time no one dares to take a fake oath or violate his or her oath and promise. We do so in order to make all people not to take lightly an oath and promise easily, yet recklessly violate their oath and promise.

Therefore, after Eden Discourse is released, many people will experience the syndrome of harm of their viciousness upon Eden, and also people who violate their oath as well as who break their promise. That condition can be lessened only if each of those people redeems their mistakes. The syndrome of harm of sin is known as an odd disease that cannot be detected by medical diagnosis, therefore the only way is through repenting and conducting a sin redemption.

Actually, that is My Purification in Eden, now I broaden it to the public, even soon I extend to be worldwide. However, first there should be a country that acknowledges the presence of My Mass Judgement through the harm of violating the oath and promise and pledge. Thus, mass judgement upon all human beings I just initiated in Indonesia through retribution of the sins of perturbing Eden and defiance unto Me and overall I recompense transgressions related to violation of covenant and oath and pledge. Upon those all, I complete with mystically disappearance of haram money. Thus, crimes in this world now I complicate and judge.

As for the harms of the other sins, certainly those are just waiting for the time of stipulation to apply the harms. And certainly what I prioritize is the prime sins such as drug and terrorism and the crime of war.

As for the policy of My Law, it is pledged to raise the existence of Heaven and Kingdom of Eden hierarchy.  It is also to respect the Day of My Court of Justice and My Judgement, and to uphold the enactment of the Day of My Power.

The strengthening of blessing and harms of promise and oath as well as pledge that are violated or ignored, it is just likely to be applied when Heaven in this world and holy people in Heaven are involved in the procession of the most sacred and sacrosanct vow, which is the most magical, in order to enact the Day of God’s Power to manage the restoration of humankind’s manner, character and moral and to restore human being’s habitat as well as the natural habitat. And this is the achievement and application of the Eden Messengers’ holiness for their own fellows, so Eden’s Miracle is revealed and prolonged by the enactment of this Day of God’s Power. 

As for the Eden Community, they never stray, let alone heretical, for they all are bound to many vows they have taken and to My Vows. And those underlie the enactment of justice and truth, and the enactment of the law in general throughout the world. I promise the enactment of truth and justice as well as the law enactment, and it is preceded by the testimony upon Our binding Vows. Thus, it also generalizes the sacredness of all vows and promises as well as pledge thoroughly. That is the sign that the Holy Eden Messengers really carry My Revelations. And they really have received My Heaven’s and Kingdom’s Covenant, Eden, and they are not heretical people.

And their long devotion as well as sacrifice have yielded a result, that is a covenant from God, which shall enact the truth, justice and law through the strengthening of the sacredness of good oath and promise and pledge, by the establishment of chapter of judgment for those who violate their oath and promise or betray their own pledge. Thereof, I present My Chapter of Law related to My Stipulation to firmly take action against people who still accuse Eden as heretical and misleading.

Thus, My Most Justice We stipulate through the issuing of the chapter of oath-taking law that should be considered as sacred. And this is the exposure of ontology of the true law, so human beings are willing to respect the essence of purifying oneself in Heaven of Eden and the essence of holiness, which has pure quality. Hence, human being has testified the most sacredness of vows in Eden and their function to enact the law, justice and truth as well as trust and honesty in the world.

The blessing of sacredness and sacrosanctity of the vow and promise is embodied in My Covenants and Vows upon Eden, and Eden’s Covenant unto Me, which is fulfilled concretely. And I ascertain that the success is due to the devotion and consistency that binds the Eden Community’s vow unto Me and which has been fulfilled and upheld firmly by them. Therefore, I also complete My Covenants unto them by taking the Vow of this Enactment of the Day of My Power.

Whatever will happen after the day of Declaration of the Enactment of the Day of My Power, it is merely the blessing upon the holiness of the Messengers of Eden who have succeeded to fulfill My Requirement upon My Bounty as the key to open Eden’s Miracle. Therefore, appreciate their sacrifice to purify themselves and end the accusation of heresy immediately. In any case, that accusation of heresy is wrong and has become a fatality just for Islam adherents. Thus, I ascertain there is no heresy in Eden.

Eden just writes down My Covenants and all they write are My Revelations and Fatawas. That Eden is calumniated and tyrannized, now will only be left as a story of the past. And look at this today, throng of Muslims have gone astray and blasphemed their own religion. Such is My Reversal upon the rejection toward My Revelations in Eden. The most sacredness and the most sacrosanctity of My Revelations, My Heaven, My Kingdom and the Eden Apostolate are already valid, since My Law of Reversal has come forth to be worldwide.

Prosecuting and oppressing Eden mean also defying Me. Therefore, it is proper that I certainly compensate all tyrannical and defamatory actions upon Eden. On this Day of My Court of Justice and My Judgement, I judge all sins. Let alone defiance against Me, just a common sin now I judge. Thus, regret that defiance and do not commit sin anymore. And repent all of your sins and redeem them so the harm of your sin becomes light when it reverses back to be a judgement upon you.

And upon all parties and individuals, be careful in appraising My Revelations and Eden, for the harm of My Vow and Eden’s Mubahalla are tremendously harsh. I am The Most Knowing and The Most Seeing of everyone who is guilty toward Eden. And I am The Most Just and The Most Equal Recompensable.


Repentance and Confession in Website could Ease
the Torment of Sin

We still facilitate the easing of the torment of sin, only if that action is regretted. And confess your sin and repent, and state that in the Confession Room in Eden Website, and I ease the torment of the harm of your sin. I appreciate confession more when it is admitted before the public, for people who dare to be humiliated by confessing their sins, they really regret their transgressions, and unto them I bless forgiveness. And the Confession Room is available in Eden Website. And that is the gate of easing the harms of sin and the gate of a blessing from Me.

In this modern century, technology is already very sophisticated, human’s sins have reached across the world, mainly for that reason, it needs the most powerful supremacy that can judge unequivocally and justly. And it also needs equal balance, that is a facility of repentance, which is also through I.T. tools that could consequently be felt by the public, so repentance can be deeply meaningful inside one’s heart and felt as a relief upon the hardship of life. The feeling of ease will prove that Heaven exists in this world and becomes the intermediary of My Salvation and My Forgiveness. If it happens not that way, how could the existence of My Heaven in this world be proved? The influence of forgiveness to be blessing leniency should be able to be felt in reality. And if the procession of confession and prayer that are uploaded into Eden Website proved to be really fulfilled, then the public will consider the urgency of Eden Website to purify oneself in a practical way yet granted by God.

When I have rendered Eden Website as the site to bring about My Purification, certainly there will not be any idolization upon the website, except it will just become an easy and practical way of purifying that I bless. And automation of communication between human being with Me has become part of technology. And the demand to do confession will spread fast and draw people’s interest. And honesty will become a customary even a culture. And it is the session of salvation path from Me that I render through My Heaven. As for the purification by involving information technology (I.T), it is based on the easiness and practicality as well as efficiency and a guarantee of its fulfillment and at no cost, for it occupies not a paid prestigious room.

Therefore, it is also a way to hinder the association of God’s Prophet with Me. As well as to make the real repentance is an individual right unto God. However, now the Day of My Court of Justice and Judgment has become a Mahsyar Field Court, thus, I adjudicate all people through this course. Accordingly, We oblige confession should be stated honestly before the public through Eden Website. As for that way, We create it in order to indicate the utterance of a courage to purify oneself and seriousness to repent before God and for the sake of obtaining My Heaven Salvation.

Trying to subjugate confessing their sin and being honest before God and the public, that is more beneficial for the peace and serenity. Thus, that is the real true when struggle is not supposed to be aimed to hate each other, instead each person strives to stop committing sin and release themselves from hatred and vengeance as well as ego in the name of religion.

Striving to subjugate oneself and courageously confess the sin before the public, I appreciate that far better than involve in jihad action to war others in the name of religion. And I consider that as the best endeavoring for everyone. Because striving to subdue the feeling of shame upon sins that have been committed before the public, it is a determined endeavor to free oneself from sins and purifying themselves. And that is the utmost endeavor I sincerely bless. Unto them I offer My Salvation and My Heaven. As for confessing one’s sin before the public through Eden Website, such is the guarantee of honesty to regret a sin, in order to reach My Salvation.

And if the confession is not done completely honest, then I do not impose a complete forgiveness. If one is not being honest, then the harms of the sin still attach to him, and it can contaminate the purification, thus the purity that wish to be attained will always be hampered by the sins that have not been confessed. As for the sins that have been admitted, I eliminate the harms and it is just as much as what he has confessed honestly. As for the sins that have not been admitted transparently or not completely honest, We consider that confession is to no avail and cannot empower forgiveness from Me.

Therefore, do not state your identity dishonestly; for then the confession has no identity, despite it is already recorded in the website, but it decreases nothing and it is not blessed whatsoever. Thus, do not be ashamed to state your real identity, for that is the footing of honesty to admit the sin. Do not confess only the surface either or just part of your sins. Complete your confession so I am willing to eliminate all harms of your sins.

As for the harms of the sin, it is certainly circling around to bring closer new sins.  That is the habitat of the harms of sin, however for human being, it is just like a habitual of bad character. If I consider that your transgression can be forgiven, and We show you everything that you have done to redeem your sins, then We eliminate the heavy torment for you. Thus, identity and confession should be done in total honesty and completion. There is no need to feel embarrassed upon that matter, the Eden Messengers’ confessions are also transparent, for it is recorded in Eden’s documentation and will be completed through incidents encountered by Eden when it is already acknowledged worldwide.

Therefore, actually there is no exception in purification. What makes them different is that Eden Messengers have been purified first and have been selected, so the qualification of their complete purity We can render as the reward of the redemption for Eden’s Miracle. Thus, there are groups of people whom We purified first, and they are commonly the reincarnation of prophets and their families. By the existence of those whom We bring forth as the reincarnation of people who have completed their covenants with Me, thus their struggle I make as a model for people who persistently purify themselves and keep enduring from all of My abstruse heavy Trials. And at the end, they are the ones who succeed opening the Eden’s Miracle.

By the revealment of Eden’s Miracle, then the enactment of the Day of God’s Power and the Day of My Court of Justice and My Judgement is guaranteed to reach people en masse and be worldwide. Such is the true existence of Heaven’s purification in human world. As for Our Statement, it is revealed to raise the hierarchy of My Revelations as it should be, so the Revelations can be respected and considered as sacred and can end the shackle of accusation of heresy upon Eden.

For the sake of spreading My Revelations to the world, and for the sake of ceasing the wars and for the sake of world peace, I abrogate all religions and I unite all religions. Such is the solution from Me to reach world peace and religious peacefulness. Therefore, do not ever try to provoke the mass by stating that Lia Eden who should be accounted for the statement related to the abrogation of Islam. My Fatawa is My absolute Stipulation and I bargain not, that there is a religion which I abrogate not because of the followers’ objection and there is no religion that I heed above the other religions.


The Coming of World War III has Caused God Firmly Judge Indonesian
and The Muslims

 Truly, if We find personification of disregard upon this Vow of Mine, I state to them that I am not offering a proposition so My Revelation would be obeyed, but I am judging and absolutizing My Revelations that they should be accepted and followed and treated as sacred.

And we are not spreading a fierce harm either, but rather needing to stop the shackle of accusation of heresy upon Eden, which has caused My Revelations are rejected by the public, especially by the Indonesian Muslims and Indonesian people. Consequently, My Revelations are left behind and cannot be utilized to overcome the world problems, which have flared up, and crucial issues of this nation. Thus, for that delay, blame on those who detest Eden and who have sunk My Revelations through the accusation of heresy upon Eden.

Therefore, We do not think that there is a need to remind this nation anymore, for the amount of warnings that We have conveyed has been abundant and all of them have been disregarded. And that heedlessness mainly because of the accusation of heresy upon Eden.

Thus, We have come to the schedule for Judgement. And as for this matter, it cannot be hindered by anyone. And there is no party that I give a chance to question or refuse My Court of Justice and My Judgement, for when I judge a sin, it is the harm of the sin that I impose. And the harm of the sin is imposed accurately through this Vow of Mine. Thus, automatization of retribution of punishment to every sin I impose at this time, becoming as a provision of destiny for everyone whose sins I judge, thus there is no one who can refuse and avoid it.

And as for Eden, it just announces this matter, so human beings are aware of the existence of My Judgement upon all sins in this world, that I shall not end My Judgement upon a certain sin, if the compensation is not yet reach the measure of equitability. Whilst the equitability of My Judgment upon the sins utilizes the measurement of the repeated-resurrection scale. Thus, I count the sins accumulated in those repeated resurrection.

Truly, many heavy disasters inside tragic sufferings befall on human kinds in this era. And the maximality of the sins is actually the accumulation of the harms of sins on every individual, who does not feel guilty when doing a mistake. Unto them I shall show how the harms of the sin accumulated in this era. And this era is called as Armageddon era, where crimes flare up worldwide and dominating.

Heaven of Eden all this time is not appreciated as My Salvation and is not detected could save human beings from their own harm of sins. Thus, My Purification in Eden is obliged to be exemplified, for the system of My Purification in Eden now I am enacting massively. Therefore, I set up a Confession Room and Praying Room in Eden Website. So, be grateful for the existence of Eden in this country and it should also be thanked by all people in this world.

The enactment of the Day of My Power enables Us to directly handle all responses that originally would question or refuse My Court of Justice and My Judgment. This Eden Discourse, whether it is read or not, it is up to you. Whether it is torn out or burned, it is not important for Us. And whether Komunitas Eden Website is being accessed or not, none is important for Me anymore. For what important is that I have declared to the public regarding the enactment of the Day of My Power and My Judgement

Whilst the public surely does not want Us to humiliate them, but it is the harms of their sins that force Us to do it. We divulge their fraud and adultery, so is their corruption. And what people do not like the most is elimination of fortune or loosing intelligence, and for Us that is easy to do as a retribution upon haram money and a trick as well as a cunning political scheme. Those all are amongst the disregard upon oath, pledge and covenant. Thus, they are certainly within the coverage of My Judgement upon the violation of oath, promise or pledge. 

Thus in fact, in My Covenant regarding the mystical disappearance of haram money I will apply in two categories. And the first category is elimination of fortune through natural catastrophe, fire, imprisonment and means confiscation, bad luck that empties the fortune or elimination of blessing from Me.

Whilst the second category is elimination of haram money that I confiscate from its safe deposit or wherever the haram money is kept. As for the second category, I can do it by cutting the chain of the flow of haram money by deleting the digital data of the customer’s haram saving, whilst the data of non-haram saving is not deleted. And haram money that belongs to that customer will mystically disappear from the safe-deposit box in the bank and the amount is suitable with the data that we deleted. Whilst the cash haram money kept in the individual safe deposit at home or at the company, We can take it away mystically whenever We want.

I need to affirm that I can mystically take away haram money from someone’s carried pocket, wallet or purse.  If someone feels he or she lost money in that way, then admit that your haram money has been confiscated by God. Thus, I take a vow that I shall carry out Judgement upon haram money as I have explained. As for this matter, it will shake the world economy since bank will experience lack of liquidy. And the businessmen will experience lack of capital, so currency in circulation will be sharply fluctuated, then the economic growth become stagnant even drastically downfall.

Thus, all countries will undergo My Sanctification through My Response upon haram money. And render My Statement as My Stipulation that I have absolutized in the Day of My Judgement nowadays as the implementation of the enactment of the Day of My Power. And as for My Stipulation upon the enactment of the Day of My Judgement, it is the embracement of the enactment of the Day of My Power.

And every stipulation of My Judgement at this time is still based on related matters to the problem of defiance toward Me, for all this time My Revelations in Eden have been rejected. Thus, My Judgment that I apply en masse, at the beginning I relate it to the harms of the defiance of those who have rejected My Revelations in Eden, then move to the disregard of good oath and promise and pledge as well as mystical disappearance.

However, My Judgement that I apply en masse should be acknowledged by the public, that My masse Judgment, are based on My Wish to end the accusation of heresy upon Eden. Thus, the harsh and acute harms cannot be hindered if this content of Eden Discourse is still mocked. And for the sake of My Fatawa be obeyed by all people in this world, thus harms will directly react upon bad respon to this Eden Discourse.

As for My Harsh Stance, do not interpret it as the evil stance of Eden’s God, instead it is My Absoluteness to establish the absoluteness of the Day of My Power. Without a firm stance, all matters that now are worsening cannot be resolved and all are found as running imbalance. The evil takes the power, and the truth is always defeated. Thus, all people who wish the truth can win and evil can be subjugated, certainly they expect for direct God’s intervention. So, I respond to that wish. And only through this firm action, then My Revelations would be acknowledged by the public. And blame them all who have rejected My Revelations.

Thus, implementation of the Day of My Power has been fully embodied to balance the flaring Hell that has already expanded, so the enactment of this Day of My Power is directed first on the oppressor and the defamer of Eden. Therefore, every reckless or bad reaction upon this Eden Discourse, We judge as defiance and a spurious unfaithfulness. Accordingly, every bad reaction toward Eden is tremendously harmful, so We need to state in detail that blessing and harm are attached in every word stated in this Eden Discourse.

Such is the application of the chapter of My Law that I implement if My Stipulation has been established to judge Indonesia and the Muslims. Because according to Me, all essential sins of unfaithfulness and wickedness happened in all lines and all layers of Indonesian society have been fulfilled, whilst Islam adherents soon will come forth as the party whom is the most blamed as the cause of the occurrence of World War III.

Truth and justice have been vanished, and My Revelations are not treated as sacred any longer, and Islam has been deviated and its adherents have gone astray. And thereof, I have brought forth Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman, who is the reincarnation of Muhammad. And I command him to come forward straightening Islam teaching and neutralize the belief of the Islam adherents, so We can save them from the wave of anti-Islam, which is now becoming worldwide and later in the future will strengthen, and that is already the provision of fate befalls on Islam adherents in the world.

As for the doomsday, it will happen if the hot atmosphere in Middle East has no ending. And if the parties who are allying and waging war against each other have come to the moment that cannot hinder themselves to utilize their own nuclear, then the nuclear war will occur and that accelerates the doomsday process and determines Heaven of Eden to be elevated from this world by Us. The prospect of disequilibrium of this earth due to nuclear war could cause the cluster of magnetic pole reversing. And it is risky for all technological equipment in the world. Thus also the devil and calamity amuck are stronger.

Thereof, it causes Me to make a firm stance, for it will lead Us to elevate the Eden Messengers from this world and they will dwell a temporary abode in the second Heaven, that is the Eden spaceship, which we have prepared. It is the infidels who will be left in the total flaring doomsday, for how is it possible the impediment upon My Salvation can be forgiven? And the total doomsday will happen if the countries are instigated to utilize the nuclear bomb when they are forced to do so.

And read from The Holy Bible, The Acts 2 verse 19-20:

  1. And I will grant wonders in the sky above and signs on the earth below, blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke.
  2. The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and glorious day of the Lord shall come.

The Holy Bible, Chapter Acts 2 verse 19:

  1. And I will grant wonders in the sky above and signs on the earth below, blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke.

Therefore, at the day I state My Stipulation to enact this Day of My Power, I promise that I will grant wonders in the sky above. And at the same time, this earth is seething with the flaring Hell. The world is filled with blood, fire, and vapor of smoke from fires or missiles that have nuclear warheads and from the nuclear bomb when it is blown up. At the time the earth is processing its doomsday nowadays, many phenomena of natural mystery happened in the sky. And it is the combination of natural anomaly and pattern of God’s Instruction to the angels to use the natural anomaly effect to become a formation of angels to make a sign of God’s Message in the sky.

Thus, many phenomena of wonders are seen in the sky. However, one of the important messages related to the sentence: “God grants wonders in the sky above”, it is actually intended on the prophecy of altering the essence of God’s Court of Justice and Judgement in human world, which happens in the world right now, unavoidably it should be carried out in Heaven Spaceship during the occurrence of world war, since the world situation at that time will have already been chaotic.

Disorder will happen in this world when it is predicted that the future economic condition will be dreadfully frightening. The world economy will be stricken with never-ending troubles and only few countries could survive. Simultaneous slowdown from the four biggest developing countries, those are Brazil, Russia, Tiongkok and Africa always stimulates the risk of a trickle-down effect for the entire world economy.

The world global economy today undergoes quite serious crisis, and the bad impact of the world economic recession is seen globally in various countries, from the developed countries such as the USA, Europe, Russia up to the developing countries. Europe also experiences crisis that is the Euro zone. And it is started from the accumulation of crisis in Greece.

The impact of the crisis is also strongly felt by the world oil producer countries such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iran and the gulf countries. The bad influence of economic recession threatens a stagnant and prolonged recession. And it is not disconnected with the covenant of My Judgement in this world, where all countries will feel the absence of protection. Moreover, when I have applied My Judgement upon the haram money. As if the whole countries in the world lose protection from God.

And trust Me that I am God The Most Forgiving, since if the countries and nations realize that I am judging their sins and haram money in the world, then they should immediately change direction to obey My Stipulations that I have stated and stop waging war against each other. Equivalent with that, the mystically disappearance of haram money will cause the world recession become severer. And all of My Actions merely wish to totally eliminate all greediness and vengeance amongst those all who wage war against each other. Thus, if more countries are involved in the war, then it will drag them within the dynamics of World War III.

And I shall demand a responsibility from the most responsible countries upon the occurrence of the world war. As I have begun the enactment of the Day of My Power, both parties who are violently against one another, I will bring them all to face the Day of My Covenant, that is the Day of My Judgment that I am God, The Only Judge Who shall adjudicate all that are causing this earth to reach its doomsday.

That is what happens when I am peeling off the economic system through the continuing fall of oil price, financial crisis, and the crisis of stock exchange. As for the disaster in the financial market sector, it penetrates the industrial sector and causing the high unemployment rate. And that condition creates work termination everywhere. And such crisis will lead to explosion of a great depression, the hardest day for all countries.

As for all people in the world are embraced in My Covenant upon the Day of God’s Power. Look at The Holy Bible 1 Corinthians 3 verse 13:

  1. their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each person’s work.

That verse is the analogy of the condition nowadays, that all people feel their own hardship in the prolonged world recession. And every role will be revealed with fire, that means everyone in each of their own roles undergoes God’s Trial through fire (war, conflict, anarchism, terrorism, and brutality or fire disaster).

Thus, in this Day of God’s Power applied purification with fire through all calamities of fires, bomb explosions or wars. Thus, it is stated in this verse: “and the fire will test the quality of each person’s work.”

The world will be severely chaotic, even the USA is dragged into the recession due to something they cannot control. Whilst Tiongkok, which becomes the economic mainstay, will also face the condition that is no less heavy. The gloomy world economic condition will lead to a law of jungle when the World War III occurs, thus there will be many pillages and mass robbery.

How the World War III has huge influence on the world economy and stock exchange that are still in recession. Many companies go bankrupt, bank services is stagnant even powerless. There will be work termination everywhere. Lots of brutalities happen since people protest the condition. And a hard life as well as unemployment worsen the prevalence of criminal actions and pillages.

The elevation of the Eden Messengers inevitably We carry out for the sake of guaranteeing Our Protection to Eden and for the sake of implementing My Court of Justice and Judgement that are heeded by all countries and nations that are panicked by the difficult and heavy conditions. Accordingly, the Eden Messengers We will elevate to dwell in Heaven of the Eden Spaceship.

As for My Court of Justice and My Judgement, those will be conducted through Heaven’s satellite overthere. However, selection to enter Heaven becomes centralized and organized actively and efficiently since Heaven’s Salvation has already been desperately needed.

During the selection process of people who can be evacuated to the new earth by Heaven, at that time many wonders happen in the sky and within the expanse of the space of Eden galactic spaceship, Heaven in the sky, since at that time Heaven in the sky has initiated to do salvation for the earth’s inhabitants. Sanctification and blessing of Help for the holy people synergize with God’s Miracle in My Heaven in the sky. Thus, the expanse of Eden’s Miracle is valid between My Heaven in the sky and before the inhabitants of this earth.

The Holy Bible, Chapter the Acts 2 verse 20:

  1. The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and glorious day of the Lord shall come.

When the nuclear bomb explodes on this earth, then the sun will be covered by black clouds caused by vapor of smoke from nuclear bomb explosion. And as for what is meant by the moon turns into blood, that is the phenomenon of three total lunar eclipses (blood moon). And that happened between year 2014-2015. Thus, this verse has described the condition at the present time. As for the phenomenon of blood moon, it happened before the release of My Vow of Declaration related to the enactment of the Day of God’s Power, now on February 19, 2016. Thus, the prophecy of the Holy Bible, the Acts of the Apostles 2 verses 19-20 has been completed.

The threat of nuclear war is difficult to be impeded. As for Iran and Russia possess nuclear, so are Saudi Arabia and its allied countries. Whereas, their problem is only differences in madhhab. Do you know that if this world is shaken by the nuclear war, thus it will be besieged by the doomsday and it is rooted in the occurrence of World War III? And it cannot be denied that it is caused by the Muslims’ deeds.

Thus, Islam is destroyed by its own adherents. And it was the fact that was worried by Muhammad when he drew his last breath, which made him very sad, as We told about this matter to him whilst he was dying. And he sighed, “Ummati, ummati (my adherents, my adherents)”. Such is the reality of that prophecy which is happening now.


The Shackle of Accusation of Heresy upon Eden Should be Ended by Judging All the Oppressors of Eden

If all defamers and oppressors of Eden should forcefully experience the harms of Our Vow, then do not ever say that Eden’s God is harsh and the spreader of harm. And look at the harms of the accusation of heresy which has befallen on the Muslims worldwide. Thus actually, the harm of Mubahalla that will strike the defamers and oppressors of Eden, it is nothing compared to the harm which has been generated. And it is incomparable with My Wish to bring peace to this world and do salvation upon all people whom We can purify and to eradicate wickedness in this world, especially crimes in the name of religion and crimes upon religion.

And this is the result of crimes in the name of religion and crimes upon religion, which have stricken the Eden Apostolate who has striven for My Heaven and Kingdom to be worldwide. Would you choose Heaven instead of Hell? And when Hell has spread throughout the world, I force Heaven to be acknowledged, so Hell will not completely devastate the world. And this is My Way to impose Heaven to be acknowledged, since you all are dumb and have no conscience and cannot differentiate which one is the real heresy and which one is the real truth.

And do not plead for forgiveness unto your other God, when God that has been stated by Eden you state as not your God, instead it is Eden’s God. If that is what you follow, then you will lose protection from God. For I am God of the universe and The Only One and The Prevailing to reverse anything. And I am reversing the accusation of heresy upon Eden to be the Muslim’s heresy.

If you still do not want to take it as My Reversal upon the accusation of heresy upon Eden, I forbid the Muslims to be saved. I can annul the role of Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman, thus do not ever plead for My Help. Let Eden with their God take care of the world problems without the Muslims. And look for help and protection unto Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, your own God. Thus, you have rejected My latest Revelations, then Islam adherents themselves who have rejected Me.

And I am The Prevailing to adjudicate and judge, and I make all harmful matter to be a judgement. And I am God The Most Strongest to provide protection upon Eden, for to them I descend down My Revelations. And, I am God of all religious adherents, The Only One God and Who love all My adherents whatever their religion is. Therefore, let go of your ego by thinking that your religion is the truest, for whatever the consequence of the ego will not be regretted. Until the world is destroyed, the remorse will never there, unless that mistake We judge as a fatal one and We elucidate through My Revelations that We expand worldwide and We emphasize through the  enactment of the Day of My Power at this time.

Have you read the explanation of My Shape, which is Spherical and The Most Immense? Such is I have explained about My Oneness. And within My Oneness there is no other God who can compete with Me and Who can share power with Me. Therefore, acknowledge My Oneness as stated by Eden. Then when I have given you a chance to make other argument besides what has been stated in Eden, declare yourself that you believe in what is believed by the Eden Messengers.

The serenity of the world can only be attained if all adherents neutralize their beliefs, thus afterwards there will not be any religious dispute. And do not ever again refuse My Heaven and My Kingdom for herein My Salvation. And when I have enacted the Day of My Power, the Day of My Court of Justice and My Judgement, then certainly the Eden’s Miracle will become the heritage of the world peace. Such is We promise the revealed Eden’s Miracle will be beneficial to overcome the world chaos. As the existence of My Heaven and Kingdom can be utilized to spread My Blessing and Bounty as well as My Help and Salvation.

God’s Vow was written on February 22, 2016


Thus, We have conveyed God’s Vow related to the enactment of the Day of God’s Power, which has been stated officially by Him on February 19, 2016. As for me, Archangel Jibril, I will use this opportunity to appear in human world and my appearance is identical to Lia Eden, the Queen of Heaven of Eden. Our twinning is to indicate that Eden is the true Apostolate established by God The Only One and The Almighty, God of all religions and all nations.

Thus, wait for the appearance of the twin of Lia Eden wherever the place permitted by God to be visited. Truly I, Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit, will manifest to be a human as the application of the Day of God’s Power, altogether to apply the Quantum Theory and the LE2 formula. The Eden’s Miracle, LE2, can be formulated to be a theory of infiniteness to be finiteness. That God’s Miracle actually can be developed to be a theory and be formulated. And that matter is not a simplification of God’s Infinity, but rather as the proof of the Most Mightiness of God, Who is The Most Truest, and actually cannot be reached by humans even through their most sophisticated technology. If there is a theory and formula that are developed through the theory that we offer, that is meant to bring human being’s civilization nowadays to leave the wars and focus on the knowledge that is just brought down by God.

And within God’s Stipulation related to this matter, God also states His Spherical Shape and served to be a theory and basic formula to be elucidated as a formula that will be utilized to discover the scale of His Immenseness, and that discovery is to be rendered as the ladder of knowledge as well toward the technology that could journey the universe.

And in order to give possibility to the world scientists (NASA, ESA) as well as the world leaders who want to make effort of salvation for their citizens from the flaring apocalypse, so they are capable to build the transporter spaceship such as UFO.

As for my appearance to the human world, one among the programs is to convey God’s Guidance to all parties who wish for the newest knowledge from God. And I can provide direction upon any needed matter for that purpose.

And greet me if you see Lia Eden in a public space, for certainly that is I, not Lia Eden. For Lia Eden never goes anywhere, unless there is God’s Stipulation for her to come forward. Thus, she is secluded by God in Eden Palace in Mahoni, as God’s Covenant in the Holy Quran, Chapter Ar Rahman verse 72:  “There are virgins of paradise confined in tents.”

As for Lia Eden, when she has officiated as the Queen of Heaven and the Queen of Kingdom of Eden, qualification of her spirit is a spirit that has been purified, so she deserves to be equalized as an angel. Therefore, the purification of her spirit is as white as the angel and that is God’s Blessing through a long and heavy purification upon her. And that is the qualification of God’s Stipulation for her in order to bear her destiny, for she has to couple with me, Archangel Jibril.

Thus, that verse is intended to explain the condition of Lia Eden now as God’s Messenger, who is secluded, to follow Heaven’s and Kingdom of Eden’s rules that oblige her to focus on the writing of God’s Revelations, which is dense and torrentially poured down everytime and everyday. Accordingly, all her times should be utilized just to write God’s Revelations. Such is the segregation of duty between her and me.

Thus, I am the one who will appear amidst the world society, whenever God wants me to come forth to appear.

That would be all, and so long.


Jakarta, February 22, 2016

In The Name of God The Almighty,
The Most Sacred and Most Sacrosanct Vow of God is