In the Name of God The Almighty and The Most Controlling of Everything

This is God’s Revelation as follows:

In line with the condition of Islam adherents who are now falling down, I legalize the role of Imam Mahdi (prophesied redeemer of Islam) to the world, for the sake of salvaging Islam adherents who needs God’s Help, and I state My Vow that Abdul Rachman is the reincarnation of the Prophet Muhammad and he is whom I declare as Imam Mahdi.

YM RachmanAs for Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman, he is to whom I have already determined, whether Islam adherents would acknowledge him or not, but I declare that only through Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman I bless My Sincerity to help the Muslims. And only to Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman I will bestow a beneficial brotherhood of Islam adherents who are willing to follow his path to neutralize his belief, for the salvation of their own fellows.

And I command him to resolve all Islam adherents’ problems, including the stranded condition of the Muslim refugees and terrorism that have shaken the world. Thereof, I call upon the Muslims, do welcome My good Stipulation and render Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman as the only My Intermediary for the Muslims. And only to him My Directions are given. And only to him My Help upon the Muslims is handed out.

Should there is a party that is unwilling to acknowledge Abdul Rachman as Imam Mahdi due to his mission is not to raise back Islam’s power to be worldwide, and I ask, “is it still needed after the world dislike Islam?”

The Muslims’ ego upon their own religion and religious enmity that involve many Muslims have made Islam to be notorious, with bad image. Thus, the image of Islam is impossibly could be reinstated or remedied. Trust Me! For there is nothing can be lifted up from the Muslims that can bring them to be victorious again. The only thing that can be done is bringing forth Imam Mahdi who is blessed by God and who has been educated to neutralize his belief, so he can enlighten the Muslims who are moderate, and not fanatic nor radical so they can be saved from the strong wave of Islam phobia and world rejection upon terrorism and radicalism. War in the name of religion will end if the Muslims realize that it is better to rely on Muhammad’s pure teaching, brought by Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman.

And I have warned Saudi Arabia through disasters that happened during hajj season in 2015, the crane collapse at Masjid al-Haram and the sand storm as well as the Mina tragedy. Truly, I reprimanded Saudi Arabia that attacked Yemen and built coalition with Arabian countries, who are anti-Shia. Whereas, as the center of Muslims’ worshipping throughout the world, Saudi Arabia must be neutral upon all branches of Islam.

And Saudi Arabia is not just and protects not all Islam adherents, whilst the entire Muslims come to their country to perform hajj and umrah. Thus, the fortune of that country comes from all Islam adherents in the whole world who are different in mazhab (school) and sect. They all come to perform hajj and umrah. Certainly that is the source of fortune for Saudi Monarchy. And they are extremely rich and live lavishly, their princes become world celebrities but do not carry out well Islamic Shariah (Islamic law or rules that govern all aspects of Muslims’ life). It is said that they are always surrounded by beautiful women wearing minimum outfit, they are keen on getting drunk and they are addicted to drug. Thus, the royal family has been found involving themselves in a drug trafficking network, carrying drug with their private jet. And accordingly, the holiness of Islam adherents’ qibla is tainted. Thus, the holy fund of Islam adherents I shall shift to Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman who is responsible to help the Muslims from their misled. In any case, it will be more beneficial for the welfare of the Muslims who need to be assisted by Imam Mahdi.

The time has come that I should weaken the welfare and the fortune of Arab Saudi for they have ruined their own religion, Islam, and they waged war against one another and think not how that action has torn up Islam, whilst they have become tremendously prosperous. And when I have brought forth Imam Mahdi whom I bless and they will say, “Arab is the place of the Prophet Muhammad”. And they are unwilling to acknowledge Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman whom I have purified and I guarantee could exemplify Muhammad’s noble character and the purity of Islam teaching that I would neutralize.

Whilst the Saudi Arabia Monarchy, which all this time receives the mandate to secure Islam and the holy places in their country, enacts not the principle of equal justice for all Islam adherents who are different in their mazhab. And the Arabians are more popular for their living in hedonism and dissipation is their life style. Supposedly, there should not be any theft and rapists in the Holy Land Mecca, but why such incidents are frequently reported?

And do they know that actually they should be holy since they are responsible for the holiness of Kaaba and Masjid al-Haram that are visited by the Muslims from around the world to purify themselves? And when I have resurrected the Prophet Muhammad in Indonesia as Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman, then be certain of it, since the role of Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman has been guaranteed in My Vow. Thus, I take a vow to officiate the reincarnation of Muhammad, Abdul Rachman, as Imam Mahdi. And there is no other Imam Mahdi but him.

And would the Saudi Arabia Monarchy still be willing to state that their country is the holy place of Islam adherents? Whilst the Prophet Muhammad I have resurrected in Indonesia and I have officiated him as Imam Mahdi. Unto him I say that I am not willing to bestow My Blessing to Saudi Arabia anymore that protects not justly all Islam adherents, who are different in their mazhab. And this is one of the verses for them.

The Holy Quran, Chapter Al A’raf verse 33:

  1. Say: The things that my Lord hath indeed forbidden are: shameful deeds whether open or secret; sins and trespasses against truth or reason; assigning of partners to Allah for which he hath given no authority; and saying things about Allah of which ye have no knowledge.

And say that everything stated in Chapter Al A’raf verse 33 is My Reprimand upon Saudi Arabia due to their shameful deeds bombarding their fellow Muslim country, and has violated human rights without good reason, because Saudi Arabia should be neutral upon all problems of the Muslims.

Indeed, you have associated Allah with your religion and prophet, whilst I do not descend down a reason for that. And you do many bid’ah, something that you make it by yourself, as if I approve you to do it. You add worship rituals with various shalat and fasting. Something that is not obligated, you make it as an obligation. Dzikir akbar (mass zikr), tahlilan (zikr to commemorate and pray for the deceased), haul (yearly commemoration of the deceased), tawassul (asking God through the medium and intercession of another person), and visit graves and praying therein, et cetera.


God’s Response Regarding Zikr (Rhythmic Repetition of the Name of God or His Attributes).

The customary to do zikr and mass zikr needs to be criticized, for what is the purpose to recite the verse repeatedly, whereas I am not deaf. Thus, do not treat My Verses such like that, since for Me it is boring as well as for other religious adherents who listen to it. And it is tantamount to a worship that fools people, for what is the purpose to say words over and over, if actually We understand the meaning. Thus, it is tantamount to pushing or pressuring to be heeded by Me. Could I forgive someone’s sin without he redeems his sins equally, and is it enough that he just say to Me the words astaghfirullahal’azim over and over, even thousands of times?

You should consider it as bizarre, since according to Me that kind of action is like pouring out water to a glass and throw it again and again and again. You do such thing until thousands of times so that I would be willing to forgive you, whilst your sins are still full and harmful. Just imagine a glass and water that you pour out repeatedly before you do zikr again, then you will realize that it is a worship ritual that reverse the logic.

Do zikr in a loud voice, and when it is recited by many people and resounded through a loudspeaker, and I want to ask, if you are God, do you like to be treated in such way? Thus, you need to renew the logic and ethics of worshipping.

God’s Response Regarding Haul and Tahlilan

Other than that, I want to ask what is the purpose of tahlilan? For in My Opinion it is a wasting worship ritual since there is no prayer and hope for the deceased that can change the nature which has been determined since his last breath. The count of his reward and sin has been established when someone passes away. Thus, tahlilan is a waste and improvident worship. Unless it is held as an event to get together with the family of the deceased, but enough just praying for the family of the deceased, so they will be resilient to face the mourning big heartedly.

And in any case, haul is totally incorrect. Just celebrate the birthday, not the day of the deceased. For the intention of celebrating the day of someone’s death is not right. The dead, who is celebrated by haul, maybe he has been reborn as somebody else who cannot be recognized by his family and relatives.

God’s Response Regarding Tawassul

Furthermore, what is the purpose to pray unto Me by tawassul? Have I ever stated to intermediate your prayer to certain person? Do not let someone’s ego upon his dignity be kept by glorifying his name as prayer intermediary unto Me. Let alone them, not even the Prophet Muhammad you can treat as the intermediary of your prayer unto Me. Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman was born insensitive upon mystical, and even he is lack of sense. That is because Islam adherents worship him exaggeratedly and has associated him with Me. I do not give Muhammad and Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman an authority to intermediate the prayers of the Muslims unto Me. Be certain of it.

That all prophets who are idolized by their own followers now I do not give them direct connection with Me. Direct connection I just bestow to Lia Eden, for she who is united with Archangel Jibril. And she who always directly communicates with Me. However, I bring forth Imam Mahdi to unite Islam adherents whose consideration of faith is willing to be neutralized. Thereof, all people who are willing to neutralize their belief and integrate in the implementation of My Fatawas and Mandates in Eden, to them I bless a granted prayer. My Covenant indeed needs to be proved, but all Eden Community’s members have experienced how their prayers are always fulfilled.

Therefore, I really want to stop the customary to do tawasulan and eliminate the role of the ulemas who all this time take the role as an intermediary of blessing from Me and intermediary of praying for their followers, thus the role of ulemas then is commercialized. And the career to be ulema becomes the objective of many people, not to be pious or reach self holiness, but rather to have a luxury of life as an ulema who has lured others to be idolized as ulema, for it also guarantees lavishness of life and influence of power.

God’s Critique Upon The Obligation to Pray in Arabic Language

Do not pray with the words that you do not understand, for your prayer will not connect with the intention of your praying. Read the holy verses of Quran when you need guidance through the holy verses of Quran. Pray pleading for My Direction and open Quran by following your instinct, and you will find the verse that you can use as your guidance.

I intentionally make Lia Eden accustom to reading Quran in that way when I oblige her to enclose holy verse of Quran in the Revelations that I state to her, of which the secret of the verse I would like to open (Mutasyabihat verse). By such way she learns the holy verses Quran meticulously.

And look at the secret of mutasyabihat verses that she wrote down. She found all the Mutasyabihat verses through that way. And render it as a way to functionalize Quran as My Direction. And be peaceful the Muslims when they read Quran through their heart. And render the holy verses of Quran as the enlightenment of faith as felt by Lia Eden and all Eden Community members.

And when I have abrogated all religions, then all adherents are advised to pray in their own language. There is no certain language that We obligate. Neither Indonesian nor English, which those two languages are utilized in My Recent Revelations.

Be peaceful the world for all people are free to pray in their own language. Therefore, there is no need to have friction of understanding due to incomprehension of Arabic or Sanskrit or Hebrew or Greek.

I understand all languages. And I know everything inside the hearts of all people who pray unto Me. So, do not pray in a language that you do not understand. Whereas, I know whatever is different with what inside your heart that you want to utter unto Me. It is not that I do not like to fulfill such ambiguous prayer, but I want all people who have faith should be smart in their faithfulness and they fully surrender within their words. Dare to see My Explanation as pluralism language of a prayer. And that is the blessing of modern spiritualism, which is universal and absolute monotheism. And that is Eden’s Teaching as the teaching of Heaven. And that is the inurement of the way of praying in Heaven.

God’s Response Regarding The Customary of The Muslims To Visit Graves and Pray In The Graves Considered as Sacred And The Graves
of Prominent Figures

And if the Muslims are keen on visiting the graves and they pray therein, and I ask them, “Do the Muslims think that the dead could meet Me and can intermediate their prayers?”

Visiting the graves for the Muslims has considered as a tour. If I state that therein exist not the spirits, whose names are hung on the gate of the grave that treated as sacred, would you stop praying in the graves, and pray in your own house? If you have a reward of your good deeds, certainly I shall fulfill your prayer wherever you plead your prayer. Even I am reluctant to fulfill your prayer if you do it in the grave. For it is part of idolatry and heresy.

I have shown the grave of Muhammad at Al-Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina, therein exists not Muhammad’s spirit for I have declared that the reincarnation of the Prophet Muhammad is Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman. Moreover, Muhammad was ever born as Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Oppression experienced by Ahmadiyya followers is wrong and despotic. Now I question who is heretical and who is misled?

The Holy Quran, Chapter Al Kahf verse 17:

  1. He whom Allah guides is the [rightly] guided, but he whom He leaves astray – never will you find for him a protecting guide.

It depends on Me whom I rightly guided. To that person I have counted the reward of his virtuousness and the path of his destiny. For I will not possibly give guidance to people who turn back toward the worse destiny and I only give guidance to My Messenger whom I have stipulated, and to faithful and straight-faith people.

And I let people, who like to judge others as heretical, to be gone astray, for they accuse others as heretical just because they have different belief, whilst whom they are accused as heretical actually are not so, instead they believe in the truth of teaching of someone whom they follow. And are you the one who accuse others as heretical, whilst they are not? For you alone have trumped up doing bid’ah that you consider not as haram, whereas I have considered it haram as I have stated in the above statement. Thus, who is heretical and who is not?

Thus, people who like to oppress and do anarchy toward other adherents by accusing them heretical, they are also gone astray and they will never find a protecting guide. Such is My Retribution upon people who like to judge others, whom are considered as heretical, whereas they worship and believe in Me and My Teaching, as Ahmadiyya followers and Eden Community.

To end the accusation of heresy and misleading, which often done by Islam adherents upon the minority, and to hinder mass oppression due to accusation of heresy upon certain group, such is part of My Reasons why I abrogate all religions and stipulate unification of all religions. Thus, I declare My Shape, which is Spherical and The Most Immense, so all adherents are tawheed worshipping only God The One.

As for the heresy of Islam adherents, it has been protractedly ignored and has never been made any effort to stop or warn it, actually that is what should be fought against, as bid’ah I have explained on the above, and idolatry is not considered as it is, whereas they idolize the spirits of the dead and graves, thus grave now is like a worship place. And it is so bizzare, for the spirits therein are not My Messengers.

If I bring forth a Messenger, certainly I enthrone her openly, no matter she is not well-known. However, if I have stipulated My Messenger, then I announce her, thus it is solely to her I speak and her prayers I prioritize.

Let alone the spirits of the dead from certain prominent figures, even the king of angel if I do not stipulate him as My Prophet, he cannot communicate with Me, let alone just a common human being. Indeed, I am The Most Entitled to stipulate everything and be known that you impossibly trump up a way to guarantee the blessing or fulfillment of praying. For My Way is only one, that is fulfilling the praying through reward of virtuousness or guard of holiness. Thus, do worship in a logical manner. Be rational in your understanding about spiritualism, do not be narrow-minded and heretical and misleading. Accordingly, I straighten all worship rituals by simplifying and make them logical.

If I am God of the universe and I am The Most Creator of everything, including the system of natural life and in the life of all My Creatures, thus the life system and the natural law certainly synergize within a natural compound. And the articles of natural law are adapted by the entire natures and universal objects and all My creatures in the universe. Then, do not make your own rules, which is illogical for the law of nature is dynamic in the natural mechanism and standardized life. Whilst it is Islam adherents who add their sunnah (religious duties that are optional) worship, which move them farther away from the logic of natural law.

As for the law of nature, it is unlikely to change for each of the universal elements has its own spirit. And all spirits have been bound within a system that I make in tier and order. That if there is an oddness in worshipping, then certainly it is just made up by human being and satan who does not like when humans walk in a straight path, faithful and pious.

And the kind of natural spirit has been determined and in line with its function, as the logic of the nature, thus the spirit of the nature is always dynamic within the standardized natural law. If all knowledge and theology can be synergized with the natural law, then there will not be any bid’ah and no need of various worshipping. What is the use of all offerings? Whilst I do not eat or drink, wear not cloth nor ride on anything.

I have stated that My Shape is Spherical and The Most Immense, thus all patterns of spiritualism and science reasoning should be referred from My Explanation. Therefore, if you wish to be closer to Me, obey My Fatawa that I have stated. And do not add to your sunnah worship for those all just make your worship heavier, and I wonder why do you like to do such thing, whereas it moves you farther from Me. Thus, it is explained in Chapter Al A’raf verse 33 in the last part of the verse: “and that you say about Allah that which you do not know.”

Thus, I forbid if you trump up the way of bid’ah, which you think that if you do it, you do it for God, whereas that bid’ah is not in line with the natural law, thus you do it for Allah, but you understand not the natural logic and its law, thus you say about Allah that which you do not know.

Even if most of Islam adherents tend to do worship ritual by adding Sunnah that I judge as bid’ah, then actually that is what makes Islam becomes segregated into many groups, mazhabs and sects. And that is what instigates conflicts amongst the Muslims.

And truly I do not descend a reason for Sunni to detest Shia and vice versa. And indeed that matter which then develops and involves enmity of the nations. And each party makes coalition, and they wage a fierce war and causing many casualties. Thus, Islam is ruined by the Muslims themselves. Therefore, I am furious to Saudi Arabia and the Muslims.

The Holy Quran, Chapter Al An’am verse 44:

  1. So when they forgot that by which they had been reminded, We opened to them the doors of every [good] thing until, when they rejoiced in that which they were given, We seized them suddenly, and they were [then] in despair.

Actually We have warned the Arabians through this verse. However, when they forgot that by which they had been reminded, they become fortunate by being the center of worshipping for the Muslims throughout the world, and I bless them with abundant of oil as their fortunes to take care of the Muslims in the whole world, thus We opened to them the doors of every (good) thing.

YM Rachman 2However, when they forgot that they should preserve the holiness of their country for it is the center of Islam adherents’ worship place and even they dissipate exaggeratedly due to their affluence, and in taking care of the Muslims they are not fair and even without any hesitation they bombard Yemen just because of differences in mazhab and political power struggle, thus when I declare the reincarnation of Muhammad is in Indonesia and he is whom I lift up as Imam Mahdi, thus I shift the salvation of the Muslims to Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman in Indonesia.

Whilst it is been a long time I have resounded that Abdul Rachman is the reincarnation of the Prophet Muhammad, however at that time Abdul Rachman was captured and imprisoned upon the report from the ulemas and some of Indonesian Muslims. And he was imprisoned without making any mistake, except that We declared him as the reincarnation of Muhammad.

Kiranya foto ini dapat menjadi kesaksian betapa perlakuan penghinaan terhadap reinkarnasi Nabi Muhammad, Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman.

Presumably this photo can served as a testimony of how the contemptuous treatment toward the reincarnation of the Prophet Muhammad, Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman

Thus, the defiance of the Indonesian Muslims to the reincarnation of their own prophet, whereas that defiance I have warned during the trial court of Abdul Rachman. Thus, the Indonesian Muslims are a defier upon their own prophet.
He was put in the quarantine cell for his entire period of imprisonment without having any right to feel any relief, as actually he was entitled to be put in a better room after a week of adjustment period. However, he was kept in the quarantine room, which was crowded and dirty until he was released. And as for that provision, I want to ask who issued the decision? That in fact, the reincarnation of the Prophet Muhammad was treated unjustly as a prisoner, whereas he was not guilty even he was treated as a dangerous criminal so his human right was restricted and he was handcuffed.

And now I put forward Abdul Rachman as Imam Mahdi. And through him is the only way of My Salvation upon Islam adherents. And to Indonesia I remind them upon their defiance unto Me and unto the Eden Apostolate and unto Muhammad, whom I resurrect in Indonesia. And this is the verse:

The Holy Quran, Chapter Al Isra verse 16:

  1. And when We intend to destroy a city, We command its affluent but they defiantly disobey therein; so the word comes into effect upon it, and We destroy it with [complete] destruction.

Indonesia is a prosperous country and the majority of its population are Muslims. And in Indonesia nowadays, I see so many affluent people live lavishly in this country, and I warn them through My Revelations that I descend down in this country, but My Revelations are rejected and they defy Me. And after I have been waiting for 20 years, they still defiantly disobey My Revelations, so Our Stipulation is then We destroy it with (complete) destruction. Thus, this Al Isra verse 16 is My Covenant for Indonesia.

Therefore, Indonesia experiences various calamities and disasters, which will reach a complete destruction and there is no way out, as this verse mentions the condition.

And to the Indonesian Muslims, do not raise to protest My Stipulation because you do not believe Us and you trust more your ulemas and whilst they only believe in the Arabian’s doctrines. And I said to them that they do not have a right to act on behalf of Muhammad for he is already here, in Indonesia, carrying out My Mandate to save Islam and the Muslims from their ruination.

And to the Muslims in the whole world, stop waging war to one another and stop worshipping your religion so you wage war one another or attack other country in the name of your religion. Thus, Islam adherents have deified their religion. And be aware of that for actually it is already surpass the boundary since it has cause the world to become chaotic.

When all countries experience Islam phobia as well as terrorism phobia, do not blame anyone. Blame on the Islam adherent’s demeanor themselves; even their own prophet has been tyrannized. And is it not proper that I enact My Judgement upon the Islam adherents, when I let Islam adherents destroy one another and have no savior. Thus, one day they will come to a condition that Islam is not welcomed by the world.

Terrorism has been worldwide and there have been lots of casualties. Thus, realize that actually the condition is an accursed state. When the Islam adherents are aware not of that condition, thus I openly stated that Khilafah Islamiyah will not succeed, but what I bless is neutralization of belief so I can save the Muslims.

Indeed, My Stipulation I have stated and it is based on My Vow that I bless not the rise of Islam in the world as they expect. Thus, I bless not Kahlifah Islamiyah to unify Islam power throughout the world; instead I descend down Iman Mahdi and announce him as the only way of My Salvation upon Islam.

I impossibly let Islam adherents to be disunited and killing each other as well as waging war to each other. And Islam, a religion that I have descended down now becomes a horror religion, for how would satans and devils not swarm over the Muslims, after the Islam radicals and terrorists prolong doing vicious actions with no regret. In any case, horror has been identical with terrorism. Accordingly, it includes the name of Islam. Thus, do not be angry if other religious adherents state that Islam is a horror religion, therefore I loathe Islam adherents who have changed the image of religion that I have descended down.

However, Islam is the religion that I descended down. Unfortunately, the purity of Islam teaching can no longer be seen, although it is resounded as the teaching of rahmatan lil alamin. Talking about Islam as rahmatan lil alamin religion before the public, it is just like a lip service. It is no longer true. If it should be condensed, then actually Islam has already become fasadan lil alamin (mischief upon the universe). Thus, it is the fact.  Rahmatan lil alamin is no longer well-suited, for bombings and wars in the name of Islam have caused destruction and have besieged this earth, then the earth is undergoing the process of apocalypse. Thus, Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman I offer to the Muslims to enlighten their faith and provide protection. For truly My Protection upon the Muslims who are willing to neutralize their belief I generate through Imam Mahdi Abdul Rachman.

And I command him to bring the non-Arabian Muslims to neutralize their faith so they will be separated from the radical Muslims who are reluctated by the world. Therefore, they will not be involved in Islam phobia that strikes countries in the world. Islam adherents in many countries will experience various endless sufferings, and it may end up in eviction or inhuman slavery in the countries that disrespect Islam adherents. And be certain that the condition is dreadfully worse for Islam adherents. However, isn’t that Islam adherents who first did such actions toward other religious adherents?

If the reversal is a natural law, thus actually the law of nature if it is reversed usually the condition is worse, for the reversal is counted through compilation of all adherents’ demeanors that are condensed and then those are reversed to the adherents themselves. Therefore, the reversal is more hurtful. Isn’t that the bombing, slaughtering and annihilation, and anarchy by the Islam radicals and terrorists are very transparent? If it must be accepted as a reversal, then do not blame anybody.

Thus, in order to save the ones who are not involved in anarchism, radicalism and terrorism, I offer neutralization of belief. When does it happen? It is when I must intervene directly by putting forward Imam Mahdi to Islam adherents. As for Imam Mahdi, he precisely saves Islam adherents through neutralizing one’s belief, as it is the path that he has undergone. The Muslims who have neutralized their belief will be free from all intimidations, pressures and other mistreatments when they are in other country.

The reincarnation of the Prophet Muhammad since a long time ago has neutralized his faith, however he still highly upholds and treats the Holy Quran as sacred. And through the holy verses of Quran that he reads and interprets in a right way, such is the path of My Salvation upon the Islam adherents through him.

Hey Muslims, save yourself, as he saved himself. For actually, at this time I purify the prophets and I neutralize their religions so each of them brings their own adherents to the neutralization of belief. For I have abrogated all religions and I have willed to unify all religions.

My Stipulation is absolute; therefore it should properly be accepted and respected as well as followed. And may all of you become brothers and may this world be peaceful and serene. And afterwards, those all who purify themselves, I will save in My Heaven.

The Holy Quran, Chapter Ar Rahman verse 62:

  1. And below them both [in excellence] are two [other] gardens –

Indeed, there are two Heavens, that is Heaven I bring down to human world, Heaven of Eden, which I functionalize to mediate My recent Revelations to all humankinds in this world, and who will convey My Explanation as clear as possible regarding Heaven’s selective purification. And I simplify worshipping to be a universal and practical worshipping. And Heaven teaches the way to purify oneself for all people in the world, thus they can be salvaged to the Heaven that will bring the holy people to move to the other earth, for this earth is no longer inhabitable ever since it is undergoing the process of doomsday. Start to purify yourself and enough just by confessing your sins honestly through Eden Website. And after that, be willing to make commitment to live holy.

Thereof, I set up Confession Room and Praying Room for people who have committed to live holy and have gone through a procession of confession in Eden Community’s Website. Those rooms are valid for all adherents from any religion and other existing belief, not limited to certain religions. And I render fulfillment of praying upon prayers that pleaded in Eden Community’s Website. And the prospect of Eden Purification to be worldwide, I have stipulated through Eden Community’s Website. Thus, utilize those facilities. Accordingly, I have functionalized the role of Heaven of Eden in this world.

And the next is the second Heaven, which is the most gigantic spaceship, and it is intended to bring the holy inhabitants of this earth to be evacuated to the new earth and leave this earth that nowadays is undergoing the process of apocalypse. Thus, whoever is willing to make holy commitment by undergoing such course that We have guided, they are to whom We will give facility to bring them to be elevated to the second Heaven.

While the next Heaven, the third one is the new earth that We promise. Thus, that is the earth that is targeted by the Messengers and people who have been purified. Whilst the fourth Heaven  is the eternal Heaven, the dwelling place of the angels, that is the Sun. Indeed, Heaven is the center of the angelic world. Praise the angels who dwell on the Sun. Thereof, be the functionalization of the Sun, which is the most important for the preservation of the universal objects’ life related to their circumsolar, such as the earths amongst the universal objects in the whole universes, there are dwelling places for creatures. As the function of angels is the keeper of the universe and the enlighten agent of human being.

Thus, I have explained the Holy Quran Chapter Ar Rahman verse 62: “And below them both [in excellence] are two [other] gardens “, to be a guarantee of the existence of Heaven in this world, that is Heaven of Eden and human beings who are selected to move to My other three Heavens.

The Holy Quran, Chapter Ibrahim verse 48:

  1. It will be] on the Day the earth will be replaced by another earth, and the heavens [as well], and all creatures will come out before Allah , the One, the Prevailing.

And this is My Covenant related to the elevation of the inhabitants of this earth to the new earth. And precede it, all human beings will come out before Allah, The One, The Prevailing, that is to face the Day of My Court of Justice and My Judgement. And that is the selection to be accepted by My Heaven and afterwards the holy people I shall bring and salvage to the new earth through My second Heaven.

And therefore, all religions I unify so the selection will only through one path, thus all adherents I oblige to be back to tawheedness and believe in The Oneness of God in an absolute way. And I am The One and The Prevailing to unify all religions. Thus, the essence of this verse I have explained. And follow it for I have stated literally and I have also stated through the evidence of My Statement through the above verses.

Thus, we have conveyed God’s Vow and Revelation related to the declaration of official appointment of Abdul Rachman as Imam Mahdi, God’s Messenger.


Jakarta, February 3, 2016

Conveyed by:
Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit

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