In the Name of God The Most Just and The Most Compassionate

Following the letter addressed to Metro TV regarding our right of reply that is ignored by Metro TV, thus once again we question the calumny and public deception by Marzani Anwar on Metro TV, but this time God’s Response upon that matter and upon the ignorance of our right of reply by Metro TV is stated in Eden Discourse. Therefore, that issue is now already in God’s Hands. Thus, this problem becomes serious and will be everlasting, moreover it is related to the Day of God’s Court of Justice and Judgement.

Thus, there is nothing that can be unrevealed anymore when God has Stated His Revelation. Therefore, we write this discourse in line with the order that is commanded by God. As for every God’s Revelation that is descended down by Him, certainly we are obligated to make it as an open letter. And it is God’s Law upon His Revelation, that God’s Revelations should be perpetuated to become the verses of teaching to understand His latest God’s Law.

And His latest Law is conveyed by Him to respond to the recent issues. And the most chaotic recent issue is radicalism and terrorism. However, the world needs God’s Answer upon these issues, as God’s Revelation is just descended down when the threat has approached or has touched Eden.

Marzani Anwar and his family’s provocations and calumnies toward us are continuously conducted in all courses, and directed to judge us and to exterminate our existence. Beside participated on Metro TV’s talk show, he also actively writes in mass media and social media and busily reports Eden to various parties, to the police, the Indonesian Ulema Council, Ministry of Religious Affairs, radical mass organizations and makes appeal to the public. Marzani Anwar’s calumnies have been done extensively, and those could have an impact and become a threat of which Eden will experience oppression by the radical mass organization or become the target of mass violence or become the target of terrorism.

Nowadays, the issue of heresy is easily triggered and become anarchy, as happened to Gafatar. As for terrorism action, it can befall on anyone, moreover if there is someone who actively triggers the terrorists’ fury and directs their target. Thus, Eden in last December until New Year’s Eve was guarded by the police and the Indonesian National Armed Forces. That fact proves that we have become the target of radicalism or terrorism.

Thus, we need to question once again Marzani Anwar’s provocation on Metro TV to assure that we are not guilty and not perverted, thus God mediates our problem with Marzani Anwar. Such is the Eden Discourse cites God’s Revelation as follows:

God’s Revelation

In the Name of God the Most Compassionate

This is God’s Revelation:

All people are ought to know that I protect Eden, for Eden is My Heaven and My Kingdom. And that all people in the world cannot hinder My Court of Justice and My Judgement that I am executing right now. Hence, I state that I am collecting the evidences of Marzani Anwar’s crime unto Eden to be judged by Me. Thereof, there is My Law that a person who is being adjudicated and his mistake shall be judged by Me, his mistake should be revealed before the public and the evidences of his mistake have been accurate and it has also been documented in a standardized format.As for Marzani Anwar, I lift up My Court of Justice upon him so the world public will know that he is the reincarnation of Caiaphas who crucified Jesus and he is also the reincarnation of Bishop Pierre Cauchon who judged Joan of Arc with death sentence, by burning her at the stake.

As for nowadays, he is actively provoking the public to consolidate judgement upon Lia Eden, who is the reincarnation of Mary and also Joan of Arc. As for it is the harms of the sin upon the apostolate, that brings him back doing the same thing to Lia Eden. The tendency of his spirit’s instinct has been a natural law for Lia Eden and Eden Community have not made even a slight mistake to him. All that have been accused to her is just a twisted fact.

Thus, to tell the truth of Eden, Eden Community has stated their willingness to perform Mubahalla against Marzani Anwar and his family, who also constantly defame Eden. And that is one way to prove who is wrong and who is right.

Accordingly, Metro TV who is also involved in the public lie by Marzani Anwar should broadcast the video of Eden’s Mubahalla and should be willing to clear Marzani Anwar’s calumnies upon Eden for the proofs of Eden’s truth deserve to be treated justly by Metro TV.

Truly, I am declaring officially the enactment of the Day of My Court of Justice and My Judgement in human world and it is carried out from now on, that is since I state the implementation of the Day of My Power to be worldwide. And I will soon prove the implementation of it, and there is no one in this world that is able to resolve their problems which befall on them, unless their suffering has totally paid the harm of their sins.

All people in the world at this time need to know the presence of the Day of My Court of Justice and My Judgement, and the enactment of the Day of My Power to be worldwide should be taken heed by shunning away from making mistake and sins. And whoever does it on purpose, and then they should pay for the harm of the sins through the hardships that they will encounter or the sufferings that they will undergo.

Regarding the Day of My Court of Justice and My Judgement, the raging tragedies strike on all people whose sins I judge. And calamities that befall on various parts in the world are countless. And be the coverage of those sins turns into furiousness and sadistic atrocity. And be the Hell exists since Heaven that I descended down is disdained and My Messenger was criminalized.

And do you know that criminalization upon My Messenger and accusation of heresy unto her should be regretted by this nation, for that action has caused Indonesia to be accurst. And overcome all your difficulties and misfortunes that I bring to this nation, or praise your Lord and ask Him to help you upon all difficulties that besiege this country.

And I am God, Allah the Only One, Who is not pleased upon the demeanor of this nation, that often tyrannizes the minority, and cause them falling to oppress the apostolate of Eden. Equal with that, We render the Day of My Court of Justice and My Judgement which I started in this country. And this is the case that I am handling, the case of Marzani Anwar as the reincarnation of Caiaphas who crucified Jesus, and the reincarnation of Bishop Pierre Cauchon who burned Joan of Arc at the stake, who now actively wants to destroy Eden and wishes the mass to judge Lia Eden. And that is the efforts that have ever done by Caiaphas and Bishop Pierre Cauchon.

Thus, I state My Court of Justice upon Marzani Anwar and his family who has collaborated with him in three crimes upon apostolates, that were in three different periods of apostolate, I ascertain it will be revealed to be worldwide so that the world public testifies My Court of Justice upon Jesus’ crucifier and the person who burned Joan of Arc, and now his victim is targeted on Lia Eden”.

Thus, God’s Revelation we have conveyed and that God’s Revelation is descended down related to the broadcast of Marzani Anwar’s interview on Metro TV in program “Selamat Pagi Indonesia” (Good Morning Indonesia) with the theme “Fenomena Orang Hilang” (The Phenomenon of The Missing Person).

In that interview, Marzani Anwar stated that we had forcefully recruited his son, Elfa Diasmara, which then made him abandoned his wife and children. Whereas, Elfa Diasmara disappeared precisely in his father’s hand. And Elfa has been detained at the Stress and Drugs Rehabilitation Center in Tasikmalaya since September 5, 2015 by Marzani’s request.

We have sent to Metro TV the chronology of the case of Marzani Anwar and his son that is related to Eden, as well as all evidences and witnesses as their reference. The straightening of the fact that we sent to Metro TV as our right of reply was not responded at all. Thus, Metro TV just promised they would invite the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation to be a guess speaker in their program, however that promise is also violated.

As for the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation do knows well Elfa Diasmara’s case because since the beginning they have handled this case. Elfa asked for the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation’s assistance related to the pressure of resignation from the company he served as an employee and related to the provocation from his family to General Manager of XL Axiata Tbk, PT, of which the provocation was a success, that leads Elfa to lose his job.

On August 27, 2015, Elfa Diasmara was forced by the H&R Department of XL Axiata Tbk, PT to write a resignation letter. One of the reasons was due to his faith conversion. And since that day, Elfa Diasmara contacted the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation to inform about his problem. Thus, since the beginning the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation has handled the case of Elfa Diasmara and his company, and the next Elfa has asked the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation to take care of his release from his detention by his father in Tasikmalaya.

Thus, we are quite satisfied if the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation is chosen by Metro TV to explain about the real incident related to the fate of Elfa Diasmara. However, until now the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation has not been contacted by Metro TV.

The disappearance of Elfa Diasmara from Eden is because he was taken away forcefully by Marzani Anwar and his family. However, since the head of neighborhood watch (RT) 05, Rudi Yahya, and the head of community watch (RW) 08, Nur Hamidah, as well as Communal Police (Bimaspol) suspected of the coming of Marzani Anwar and his family who came with four fully occupied cars, thus they were asked to wait at the RW’s office. Whilst the head of RT, RW and Mr. Amru from the Institution of City Council (LMK) came to Eden and explained about the coming of many Elfa Diasmara’s family members to meet Elfa.

We were having breakfast at that time and Elfa hurriedly finished his breakfast. Then together with Mr. Rudi, Mrs. Nur and Mr. Amru, Elfa was escorted to RW office and Eden Community was asked not to attend the meeting with Marzani Anwar to avoid a fuss. Thus, forcible pick up upon Elfa Diasmara by his family was not witnessed by Eden Community.

And at that time Elfa brought his cell phone and nothing else, and that cell phone cannot be contacted until now, it means the phone has no longer kept by Elfa.Whereas, Elfa Diasmara has been bound in Eden’s vow to God, one amongst others is not to accept any present from anybody who is not Eden’s member, except salary that is considered as halal by God. Thus, actually Elfa Diasmara in his detention, which he did not bring anything, that is a hard trial for him. And he also could not do anything that violated God’s Law in Eden. Thus, Elfa Diasmara’s sanctification in his detention place is a heavy sanctification for him.

As for the forcible pick up upon Elfa, it was then told by the head of RT unto us that Marzani Anwar stated to the head of RT and RW they wanted to take Elfa for eating out, however, when Elfa came closer to the car, he was pushed to enter the car and then the car speedily driven followed by the other 3 cars, filled by Marzani Anwar’s family who accompanied him at that time. All denizens who watched that incident were dumbfounded for they thought there was a criminal action. That was their impression told to Eden.

Surely afterwards, we could not trace Elfa Diasmara’s whereabouts, but in our hearts we are certain he is fine since he is in his own family’s hand and we surrender ourselves to God upon Elfa Diasmara’s fate. Indeed we never thought that Elfa Diasmara is actually captured at that foundation and within the agreement of the foundation with Marzani Anwar, Elfa Diasmara will just be released when he converts back to his previous faith. But, Elfa is persistent, he is not willing to convert his recent faith.Thus, Marzani Anwar keeps throwing his calumnies to Eden for he does not succeed in forcing Elfa to convert his faith back. Therefore, in his calumny on the mass media and Metro TV, as if it is because of us Elfa Diasmara has disappeared and abandoned his wife and children. Who does abandon whom? Elfa Diasmara was discharged from his job and then he has been captured until now, that is what really happened.

However, one day on September 8, 2015, Elfa Diasmara succeeded to call us, in a hurry he informed the place and the address where he was detained, and then a team consisted of Eden’s members and the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation’s representative went to pick up Elfa at Al Ikhlas Foundation in Tasikmalaya. Unfortunately, the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation representative called the foundation, informed about their coming to meet Elfa Diasmara. And when the team arrived there, they were deceived by the caretaker of the foundation that Elfa has been picked up by Marzani Anwar at 4.00 am early morning. That is because Eden and the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation appreciated the courtesy not to come to the foundation at 22.00 pm, the time when the team arrived in Tasikmalaya. Accordingly, the team waited until the next morning to come to the foundation. Thus, we were deceived by the Foundation’s caretakers.

Failed to free Elfa Diasmara in the first time, Eden lost contact again for quite a while, until Elfa contacted Eden on November 20, 2015 through email. And in order not to fail again, thus we took legal procedure by reporting Elfa Diasmara’s case that was detained at Al Ikhlas Foundation to the Police in Tasikmalaya.

Thus, the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation and Bandung Legal Aid Foundation came to the Police Tasikmalaya District Commands. And Tasikmalaya Police sent the team to Police Ciawi Sub-District Commands, and later by the Chief of Ciawi Police, the team was sent to the closest Police Station from the foundation location. However, the caretakers of the foundation kept insisting not to let the team met Elfa Diasmara, whilst we follow God’s Rule that Eden is forbidden to involve in a conflict, let alone be involved in a violent action, thus Eden is not willing to respond to the challenge stated by the foundation’s caretaker who were willing to fight against us by using violence. Therefore, Eden and the Legal Aid Foundation’s representatives once again failed to release Elfa Diasmara from the foundation. And until now Elfa Diasmara cannot contact us anymore.

Until Metro TV broadcasted the interview of Marzani Anwar, who twisted the fact, then we were allowed by God to state the fact openly to the relevant party and to the public. Upon that incident, certainly we asked for guidance from God, thus God’s Revelation was descended down related to this incident.

As for God’s Answer upon this incident, it is then related to His Answer regarding terrorism, for our problem with Marzani Anwar on Metro TV happened at the same time with the phenomenon of the missing persons related to Gafatar and the incident of terror at Sarinah Thamrin. Thus indeed, Marzani Anwar has calculated his estimation in his serious effort to destroy Eden, as he and his family repeatedly stated in their writing and in social media.

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