In the Name of God Who is Executing His Court of Justice and His Judgement

Every violation on the resolution of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and serious challenge toward international peace and security are responded by God in accord with the impact of the hydrogen bomb test by North Korea on January 6, 2016. The impact of the hydrogen bomb test by North Korea will cause radioactive spread which will annihilate lots of living creatures for it instigates severe impact on ecological environment and it will take a very long time to expect the natural condition can be restored.

It is said, in the period of the earth that is processing the apocalypse, recovery seems impossible since all destructions on this Earth have stimulated one another, strengthening the severity. The underground hydrogen bomb test has impact on the widening of land movement and which cause many more landslides and land subsidence or more occurrences of land burrows which burst out gas, mud or fire from inside the Earth. The surface of the Earth is increasingly cracking and splitting and sinking.  All disasters befall on this Earth will change the map of this Earth.

North Korea’s provocation in declaring its capability to make hydrogen bomb, which the power is claimed 25.000 times more than the conventional nuclear weapons dropped by the United States on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in fact it is not in accord with what it states, for it is intended to make the world respects its sovereignty. In its threat, North Korea promises will not use its nuclear weapons except its sovereignty is trespassed, however North Korea has done nuclear tests as many as 4 times. And it means North Korea is ambitious to get the world attention upon its nuclear possession, and it means North Korea wishes to expand its domination upon other countries or at least to become the frightened country.

However, the world condition now is very vulnerable for Kim Jong Un to keep the promise. The application of responsible promise needs a serious certainty from North Korea, considering the president of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, is an authoritarian figure who is emotional and his stance is unpredictable, his policies are often controversial and dangerous as well as mysterious, The character of Kim Jong Un is similar to Hitler since he is the reincarnation of Hitler. Upon that explanation, I, Archangel Jibril, take a vow that Kim Jong Un is the reincarnation of Hitler. Therefore, he will conduct the war crimes again.

Pyongyang claims that the last hydrogen bomb test is the state right to defend itself. No question asked and no response, yet the answer is through the hydrogen bomb. Supposedly the regime of Kim Jong Un is not willing to stop their nuclear program for they assume that their country is under the threat of the United States, thus that country will keep improving their nuclear power and will keep doing nuclear tests, and will keep doing huge surprises regardless the reprimands addressed unto this country. After all, the character of Kim Jong Un, who is a tyrant, will never want to give in upon the threat addressed unto him. As for encountering such brutal figure, so the world is entering the gate of the World War III, whereas this Earth is already fragile and is undergoing the doomsday process.

As for the impact of nuclear test just done by North Korea, certainly it causes the increment of natural disasters as the acceleration of natural disasters caused by that Hydrogen Bomb test of North Korea. That exploded bomb will cause severe damage on the nature and mutation of the habitat of bacteria and viruses, as well as changing of the habitat of the living creatures, human beings and animals. Various new malignant diseases emerge; malignant disease will be more malevolent, mild disease will also be more difficult to be cured. The climate changing will be more extreme, the global warming will be more torrid, and the drought season will become extreme, and clean water is more difficult to obtain. The availability of clean water resources for this Earth’s inhabitants are no longer adequate, thus, this Earth is not habitable any longer.

Thus, Eden has conveyed God’s Reprimand many times that this Earth is no longer capable to endure should another nuclear test is done, moreover if it leads to nuclear war. Thereof, again we seriously warn all countries to refrain from using their nuclear and conduct not nuclear test anymore.

The tension that heats up between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which also possesses nuclear weapon threatens that there will be a nuclear weapon launching in Middle East region. It is better that the UNCS pays serious attention and takes the right stance upon the nuclear threat of Iran unto Saudi Arabia. As for this time, God is executing His Court of Justice and His Judgement especially related to the religious problem, thus, do not be anxious to make just decision unto whomsoever involved in religious conflict in this world.

And we need to explain that God defends not anyone unless they are right, and He gives not privilege to any religion unless it is right. And even God has abrogated all religions for the sake of unifying them all. Therefore, do not be anxious to be just in implementing the formal law unto whoever is guilty, although it is in the name of religion. Thus, God defends not anybody except the right one. And if the devil blinds the Iranian’s conscience so it directs the launching of its nuclear unto Saudi Arabia, then the Islam’s stake will also collapse. Thus, as much as possible do not let this happen.

The world is now in a very tense situation, since the North Korea dared to violate the resolution of the UNSC. The world tension nowadays can trigger anything that extremely terrifying. That tension now has involved the issue of nuclear bomb and it is severely dangerous and there is no power that can overcome and reconcile it.

Therefore, we would like to inform North Korea that God will not let North Korea do such thing that threatens the extinction and destruction of the nature, as well as serious threat upon international peace and security.  Thus, God will impose His Sanction by weakening the power of North Korea and impeding its missions and targets, so North Korea will no longer become the threat for the international world.

And the procedure is by reversing the condition, as for the power of anti-nuclear countries, they will be given discretion. The nervousness regarding the radical stance of North Korea is encountered by the similarity of thought of anti-nuclear countries. Thereof, the alliance of anti-nuclear countries will be formed to face the brutal stance of North Korea, whilst North Korea will be immovable by obstacles they experience in reality as God’s Response to render the elimination of blessing and power unto North Korea. That God’s Stipulation is the law of God’s Court of Justice.

Thus, we convey God’s Stipulation. In relation with that matter, this is God’s Revelation as follow:


Related to the North Korea’s Nuclear Test

 “I take a vow to adjudicate and judge the country that threatens the destruction of this earth, especially the country that carries out its nuclear test and unto the country that will start to use nuclear in war that could instigate the World War III so the explosion of nuclear bomb will be responded by another nuclear bomb as well. And if that happens, then this Earth will experience its total doomsday.

Thus, I warn whoever carries out nuclear test at the time this earth has already been undergoing the process of apocalypse, unto that country I will create weakening of its power and then it will be defeated.

And if the nuclear bomb has been utilized for war, I ascertain that this Earth will experience severe shocking which will cause the changing and the shifting of its rotation. And should this Earth is shaking, thus, nothing is safe in this earth, everything is stricken by total doomsday. And if My Warning is unheeded for the voice of Eden is still disdained and considered as perverted and misled, thus, I will definitely execute the Day of My Power, that is holding the certainty of My Court of Justice upon the countries that are involved in causing the instigation of the nuclear war. But, Indonesia that all this time I consider has drowned My Revelations until it cannot be functionalized as it should be, I shall not forgive this country if the world is facing the nuclear war, because My Warning upon that matter I have stated in this country since a long time ago.

I also address My Vow unto all countries that possess nuclear bomb.  All countries intend to show their nuclear power will also receive the same sanction as I have stated. Thus, I warn all countries not to use their nuclear bombs and as much as possible prevent the world war, specifically the nuclear war. Verily, I am powerful to end the power of a nation. And trust Me, I only save the countries that do not involve in exploding nuclear.”

Thus, we have conveyed God’s Vow related to the prohibition of nuclear bomb test and nuclear war.

Archangel Jibril, the Holy Spirit

Jakarta, January 7, 2016