Do we have to make a clear conclusion that one of the paths to Heaven is the Confession Room? Without a testimony then there is no proof that God is adjudicating and judging and God is selecting and salvaging. Thus, if the Confession Room has been commanded by God to be established, then there should be an evidence of the Most Forgiveness of God and His Most Compassionate.

As for God in creating His Heaven on this Earth, there should be something that can prove God’s Blessing unto the person who has committed unto God to live holy. Heaven in this world is abstruse to be believed by human being, but by God, we are commanded to take care of His Mandates for Heaven. For instance, proving the Most Forgiveness of God and His Most Compassionate after human beings are willing to live holy, and that is the true role of Heaven.

And when we gather all resilience and steadfastness that we have so we can state that Eden is Heaven, it is merely because we absolutely obey God and we are truly frightened to violate our vows unto God. Thus, with our absolute obedience unto God, we then gather our courage in order to force ourselves to be able to state that Eden is Heaven on this Earth, by realizing that we will have to face people who might not believe it. However, we are courageous enough to state that matter since we ourselves testify that we have already experienced the God’s Blessing in His Heaven.

Unfortunately, we are often annoyed by people’s attitude, who thinks it is abstruse that Heaven exists in this world. And we can do nothing about those harassment and defamation targeted unto Eden, since we have to obey God’s law and regulation for Heaven, that we are not allowed to involve in any dispute and conflict and we have taken a vow not to say vicious words that will instigate fury and undying resentment.

And God sees that as a training to sharpen our resilience. However, when harassment unto the Purification Room in Eden Website should be stopped since Heaven is not allowed to spread harms, thus God later command us to open a Testimony Room in Eden Website. God’s blessing through Eden, His Heaven, could be identified for the public, when this Testimony Room is blessed by God.

And unto whoever is willing to state their testimony after going through a procession of confession in Eden Website, indeed we are grateful should they are willing to give their testimony. The proof upon God’s blessing in Heaven, if it should be declared before the public, especially to those people who like to disdain Heaven of Eden and harass the Confession Room and Praying Room in Website, thus we release this Testimony Room. When God responds unto harassment upon the Room of Purification in Eden Website, then His Stipulation to establish Testimony Room is enacted.

Thus, we consider it is necessary to declare Praying Room, Confession Room and Testimony Room in Eden Website to be the witness of Eden’s Miracle that has been opened. And it embraces the bestowment of blessing for people who repent and willing to make commitment unto God to live holy. And afterwards, they who have filled in the Confession Room, in order to release the harms of their own sins, God is willing to purify them directly in their own place.

And it is proper if they should redeem their sins. For if sin is not redeemed equally, then the harms of the sin are still carried by someone’s spirit who once did the sin. Therefore, every sin must be redeemed if one wants to live holy and serene. And for that reason, God brings in ordeal which obligated to be coped correctly and rightly. And if you are involved in the trial of God’s purification that you feel it is heavy, do not blame your fate, for every misery is surely the judgement upon sins. If that matter is willing to be acknowledged, then you get the wisdom from self-introspection. And to release weariness, please fill in the Praying Room and plead for His Help and Direction.

If in facing those heavy trials you keep standing in the right path, then God’s Guidance will be felt clearly through your instinct or inspiration or even God’s Voice is clearly heard in your heart, and follow that voice. No matter how heavy the battle of the dilemma that you have to face, if you keep standing in the right path, you need not to worry for you choose the truth. Thus, pierce your uneasiness unto the dilemma that is different and contradictive with your voice of conscience. Follow your conscience for it is the angels’ channel to utter their words unto human. If you succeed in going through it well, then you have redeemed your sin.

As for the trials of purification that you will face is in accord with the character of sin that you have ever done and the problems that come to you is certainly through bad character owned by each person.

Thus, one by one God’s trial of purification will come to every person who has made commitment to live holy in their own places through obstacles they face in their own family or working environment or community environment and from their own circle of socialization. And if they realize that matter as a consequence of their willingness to live holly, then it is proper for them to follow the rhythm of life for their future with full of patience and sincerity.

And make sure you always face your life under the protection of God, Who is giving you trials, so you will always be honest, right and good, as well as always sincere in everything you do. If you make it as your life guidance, thus, your trials of purification can be passed through with full of spirit and happiness and always in deep gratefulness, for God has been willing to purify you.

As God wants all people to be willing to purify themselves, so God could save them. Thus, God provides the course as we are now developing in this Eden Website. As these all are His Own Design, for how could we dare to create it, if it is not a command from God and a mandate from God unto Eden. We could impossibly make the concept of the way of purification for the public in order to save them as God commands unto Eden. We could impossibly make a concept of the way of public purification for their salvation such as commanded by God unto Eden. Because we are impossibly able to prove ourselves could bring God’s blessing through “tricks of publication“  that we create on our own. How is it possible that we could utilize the miracle just for certain people who are willing to go through the path that we state just to make the public justify us and stop accusing us as perverted.

Our spirit cannot be functionalized to empower God’s Miracle. As for God’s Miracle that we feel in Eden, it is solely God’s blessing that always comes right at the time we need it. Actually, miracle has a spirit; human’s spirit cannot empower his spirit beyond himself. Such is human limitation. Thus, if somebody is able to make wonder beyond himself, surely it is the result of collaboration with the spirit creature. And creature who can be asked to make collaboration is jinn or devil, for angel is very obedient to God’s Law. And God is very selective in bestowing His Miracle, and it must be gone through a perfect and consistent holiness.

We, as an ordinary human being, are impossible to be able to reach the life of another person, no matter how magically powerful we are. Thus, certainly we are not the ones who perform Eden’s Miracle for the public, but rather it is solely God’s Wisdom. And it is not us either, who intentionally create the purification for the public.

God’s purification through His Heaven involves people who are sincerely want to purify themselves and God sanctify them through all daily problematic issues, so they are sharpened in implementing their commitment to purify themselves. For that purpose, truly it is not possible that we make it on our own, moreover bestowing the reward of holiness unto each individual who succeeds in surpassing his trial well. If the purification from God is not through that way, wherefrom, could the public learn that Heaven is already established on this Earth?

At this time God is executing His Court of Justice and Judgement. He is also conducting His Purification for the sake of reducing His Judgement. Such is the implementation of His Most Forgiveness and Most Compassion. For those all, we are certainly not involved and we are not suitable to state ourselves as the implementer of God’s Stipulation upon His Court and Judgement.

If you are sad and panic by the trials of God’s Purification unto you after you made commitment unto God to live holy, do not blame us upon your problem that you should face, for, that is the trial of Shiratal Mustaqim (training field to be strong and agile) from God. Pass it through unwearyingly and wait for God’s Appraisal unto your victory. It is understandable if many people are frightened to make holy commitment unto God. Just undertaking confession needs total self-subjugation, let alone if entering the procession of sin redemption, which the trials are often shaky and heart breaking.

However, purification trials without going through worrying and heart breaking or shameful incidents, certainly it is not a trial of purification. Thus, it is normal in responding unto God’s purification, which cause agony and worriedness and do not like to be embarrassed by his own sin, you should face those with courage and sincerity. For afterwards you will feel something in your heart, that is a feeling of relief and the body also feels light. And the feeling of joyful of life fills your heart, whilst the calculation of redemption could actually be felt lighter than what should be redeemed. Thus, commitment to live holy indeed lightens the sin redemption. And we have gone through such thing. As hard as the purification is, if it could be gone through, thus holiness that is reached really has certain quality. However, afterwards there is always God’s Answer upon your victory.

Unto the people who are frightened to make commitment unto God to live holy and who dare not to confess their sins before God, we remind that at this time God is executing His Court of Justice and Judgement. Therefore, unto them who dare not to purify themselves, they will still find themselves experience the harms of their own sins by paying them equally without any lessening, whilst compilation of sins if it is judged by God, itis certainly very heavy. Whereas, there is no way to seek for lessening the sin redemption, for there is no commitment to live holy yet. Thus the lessening of sin redemption is not obtained, thus the harms of sins are judged equally with the sins that have been done. And God’s Calculation upon sins certainly covers the entire harms. And at this time, there is no man in the world who can hinder God’s Judgement.

A commitment to live holy unto God indeed should be tested by facing trials of God’s Purification directly and in every phase that you go through there is always an enlightenment blessed unto you by God. And that enlightenment will make you more stable in facing God’s Trials. Miracle for people who want to purify themselves is huge and valuable since in God’s Program of Purification it is also mentioned when there is someone who has stated his willingness to make commitment to live holy, then it is immediately responded by God in accordance with his courage as well as his fear. As much as his courage, that much is his trials, it will not surpass it. For, God will not test beyond what could be borne by His servants.

And when someone dares not to purify himself due to his fear, surely he will still experience God’s Court of Justice and Judgment, and it is without any lessening or blessing of assistance. As much as his fear, that much is the consideration of God’s Trial targeted unto his fear. Thus, his trial is addressed on anything that is the most feared. Such is when God sanctifies someone; it is always intended on someones’ weakness.

However, trust me, brace up yourself no matter how far you can handle and focus on the problems that you are facing which need the increment of your guts from inside yourself. And wait afterwards how God’s Help unto you can complete your courage. And when you are frightened and you follow that fear, then you will fall into the feeling of powerless in facing God’s Trial, and you will fail. And the utilization of the Confession Room is beneficial to lessen all weaknesses inside each of us. Moreover, if you succeed in redeeming your spirit’s debt upon the sins that you have ever done.

And if you have braced up yourself to offer your commitment unto God to live holy, do not ever betray your commitment, for God will surely slap you through His Trials related to your perfidy unto your own commitment. You will receive hardship that is difficult to overcome, which then force you to turn back to your commitment that you have declared unto God.

And if you keep your unwillingness to fulfill you commitment unto God, He will not force you since you are not the typology of a person who can be purified, but you have left Heaven means you prefer to walk toward the hell. And if you at last choose to turn back to Heaven, your trial will be heavier than before. Thus, do not ever turn away after you made your commitment, for that is God’s Help and His Salvation.

To be clearer, we feel that we need to give an example, that if you ever lied, come to the person that you lied to, and admit your mistake and ask for his forgiveness. If you have ever fraud someone and take that person’s money illicitly (not halal), earn money as much as the amount you have taken illicitly and give the money back to that person while you ask for his forgiveness.

And if you ever committed adultery with someone’s wife or husband, then come to his wife or her husband and ask for his or her forgiveness. And do it sincerily and honestly. And if you ever did corruption upon the state’s money and you do not know how to redeem that sin, whilst nobody questions yet the sin of your corruption because it has not been revealed, but on the Day of God’s Judgement nowadays, every sin will absolutely be revealed. Thereof, you deserve to be imprisoned and humiliated by God, thus, it is better that you give the money back to your workplace. Therefore, God will release you from His Judgement.

However, sin redemption is not always easy, it even makes everyone catches ‘fever’ to do it. But, subjugate yourself for you are watched by God to redeem your sin. Thus, gather your guts and pass through the redemption. And after that, wait for God’s Stance unto you.

There are many kinds of sin but the redemption should be in line and should be in the path that is gone through by your sin. Truly, the Confession Room in Eden Website makes you easy to pass through your shiratal mustaqim. And it can be trusted as a way of lessening or facilitating the redemption in a balance way. And, if you think the requirement that we convey is too heavy for you, and you just read it then forget about it, if you act that way, then it means you prefer your sins are judged by God as it is. And if that is what you choose, certainly there will not be any lessening of sanction upon your sin and there will not be any blessing of God’s Help when His judgement upon your sin has been due to be applied.

We need to explain that the consequence of God’s Court of Justice and Judgement on all people in the world is they will easily be stricken by misfortune or accident, thus do not commit any sin recklessly. Once you do it intentionally, immediately after it God’s judgement is applied. This consequence we need to declare so the public knows that for sure God judges every sin right after the sin is committed. Thus, be aware of it. Shun away from any sin in order to avoid wretchedness.

Thus, there is a house that totally burned, there is a completely embarrassing occasion that you should experience or you are stricken by a heavy misfortune or just revocation of blessing upon yourself, so whatever you do you always suffer lost or failure. Many kinds of sin so are the kinds of judgement. Relativity of the kinds of sin, so is the relativity of God’s Judgement upon sin, but it is certainly equal with what you have done. You ever stole then you will be stolen. You once betrayed others then you will be betrayed. You ever tyrannized people then you will be tyrannized.

And people who utilize the Praying Room , which is intended for people who are purifying themselves, they will experience how God’s blessing unto them are felt like compassion from God unto them. The Praying Room is intended just for people who have stated their commitment to live holy. If the requirement is not that way, how could a person feel that God has given His forgiveness and blessing? And human beings also simplify God’s Forgiveness just by uttering istighfar and hope for blessing just by performing worshipping, whereas the sins should be redeemed according to what they have done.

Worshipping makes human beings receive God’s Guidance through His Holy Books. Worshipping and purifying are the way to maintain a faith as well as to create a serene life. And serenity of life is to shun away from sin and do much virtuousness. However, the best thing is not considered oneself is proper to be released from God’s judgement for he realizes sins should be redeemed.

Therefore, if you have not make any commitment unto God to live holy and have not ever done any confession unto God, then  do not expect Heaven, since Heaven is the most holy and they who are chosen to be in Heaven are the people who can live holy. As for the Room to purify oneself in Eden Website, it should be undergone with God’s Requirement that we have conveyed. When someone wants to use the Praying Room without going through the Confession Room and has not yet done the procession of confession, then your prayer will be in vain if you want to be fulfilled by God through the room that is provided by God in Eden Website.

Thus, unto the public who is willing to live holy, we suggest to utilize the Praying Room in this website properly and rightly and piously for actually God’s Intention to establish the Confession Room, the Praying Room and the Testimony Room is to prove that Heaven is truly has been enacted on this Earth.

Such is the functionalization of Heaven in human world is stated by God it has been functionalized to select people who can be saved by God, when hell is flaring up on this Earth. There is no one who will not die if the Earth is processing its apocalypse, as the condition that befalls on this Earth at this time. The whole world is besieged by disasters. There is no power that could save except God, and God is just willing to save people who will to purify themselves. Thus, God provides His Purification and Salvation through this Eden Website. Truly, God’s Salvation and His Selection through Heaven of Eden are based on God’s Vow. And this is God’s Vow:

The Vow of God, The Most Adjudicating and The Most Judging
And The Most Compassionate and The Most Loving 

 “I take a vow that I have established My Heaven in this world, and My Heaven is selecting all people in this world. And the people who will be saved are those who are holy. Therefore, I command Eden to create the Room of Purification in Eden Website, as the establishment of Confession Room, Praying Room, and Testimony Room. And treat those rooms as sacred for I centralize all the angels in this world to accelerate the implementation of My Blessing in those rooms of purification.

And for the sake of maintaining the sacredness and sacrosanctity of those rooms of purification to become an assistance for the entire human beings in this world, then I take a vow to maintain the sacredness and sacrosanctity of those rooms of purification in Eden Website by bringing harms for people who disdain those rooms of purification in Eden since they disregard those rooms derives from Me.

My Explanation should be heeded as important. For when I am willing to make Eden and My Heaven exist in this world, then whoever curses Eden and harasses the mandate upon My Heaven and defames Eden and who detests Heaven, thus their kind who will taste hell.

As for the realization of My Vow, it is a reversal upon all utterances addressed unto Eden, and it will hit them back. Truly the harm always turns back unto them who curse Eden. And Eden does not apply the harms, but rather the sin itself that applies the harms. Such is My Most Omnipotence in the covenant of My Judgement unto the defamer upon My Heaven. Thus, the public knows My Way of purifying and selecting human being through My Heaven.

And be aware that the rooms which We intentionally create are the most sacred and sacrosanct rooms. And I guarantee those rooms as the facility to pray, which is the most fulfilling in the world. And My Guarantee is valid as My Guarantee related to My Fatawa upon the unification of all religions, for My Stipulation is absolute.

Thereof, I create Rooms to purify oneself in Eden Website for the sake of declaring the easiness of prayer fulfillment for all people who are willing to live holy and neutralize their belief and accept My Stipulation to absolutize monotheism, the monotheism of the Oneness of God.

Unification of all religions is an absolute stipulation from Me, thus obey it since within My Fatawa included abundant of blessings that come along. World peace is just one of them. However, the blessing for faithful people upon My Stipulation is the easiness to purify and to get a fortune and to hinder any misfortune. And within it also includes the blessing of improving the inteligence and I embrace them amongst the kind of people who stay inside the circle of Eden’s Miracle.

Therefore, use My blessing piously. And do not harass it for that is the only facility of My Help unto human beings in this world. And if that facility is not well utilized, there will not be any salvation for you, because I am just willing to save the holy people and who glorify My Heaven.

However, we have stated that this Earth is undergoing the process toward its apocalypse, thus natural disasters will not lessen and even will get severer in the future. Therefore, human beings need My Help. And this is My Help.”

Thus, We have cited God’s Vow as the guarantee of holiness and the sacredness of the Confession Room and the Praying Room and the Testimony Room. Utilize them as well as possible for this is the utmost of God’s Help. When we establish this Praying Room, do not say that we just trump it up and accuse us for showing our power and position ourselves as powerful as God, thus associate God with us.

Truly, we do not deserve indeed to create those rooms, but those rooms solely belong to God, for the sake of simplify people to purify themselves and for the sake of providing rooms for them who are willing to accept God’s Fatawa of the unification of all religions.

Every chance that God provides such this, certainly to obtain it, all of us in Eden have experienced heavy trials from Him. Because of our fortitude in going through His Trials, then God is willing to command us to create a facility which is conceptualized by God as part of His blessing, thus this Room of Testimony is established. Therefore, functionalization of the salvation of Heaven unto the public is implemented. And this is the way in which the whole concept of Heaven’s salvation and purification merely come from God.

Heaven is selecting through God’s Willingness to create the Confession Room and the Praying Room to prove to the public that the Miracle of Eden is real and has been revealed. Thus now, the Testimony Room is also commanded by God to be established in this Eden Website. Therefore, we invite anyone who wants to share to the public his or her happiness upon the miracle that he or she feels, supposedly this Room of Testimony will document it.

And by God’s Approval to share happiness to the public, indeed, we can only face this with full of gratefulness and thankfulness beyond any word can tell. May God wills to bestow His blessings more lavishly, so many people can be saved by Him. God, please accept our endless thankfulness upon Your Blessing.

Jakarta, January 2, 2016