In 2002, Eden Community was commanded by God to conduct parades marching around the House of Representatives building for seven times consecutively, passing the route of Tentara Pelajar Street- Gelora Street- Gerbang Pemuda Street- S Parman Street.  Just imagine we circled that route for seven times, whereas we obliged to always prepare the Eden’s parade, which complete with the banners of God’s Revelations decorated with fresh flowers, as well as lanterns when the parade was done at night.

And usually, all members of Eden Community participated in the parade, no one left, even the babies. That was because Eden’s parade was an important and a very sacred ritual. We didn’t know exactly the essence of the parade circling the DPR’s building for seven times. And that was one event that considered as extraordinary because we have never been commanded by God to do such ritual before and after that event.


We once was also commanded to bring Eden Discourse, which contained God’s Reprimand unto DPR and the Eden’s team was warmly welcomed by the DPR Vice-Chairman, the late Soetardjo Soerjogoeritno.  Actually, Eden has already sent Eden Discourses to all DPR leaders and members for many times.


We just heard and read about their anger unto me in mass media, but one day in 2008, we found that almost all Eden Discourses, which sent to DPR were returned back to our address. O dear, it was hard for me to accept such humiliation, moreover enclosed was God’s Revelation. Indeed I knew that such incident would bring bad impact unto DPR. And I thought, how regretful later the DPR would feel, for I knew how God would respond upon such conduct toward His Revelations, and that will certainly be heavy.

Verily, we simply carried out God’s Command.  Sending Eden Discourses to DPR, whilst conducting parade and carrying banners circumambulated the DPR‘s building during daylight or at night, were quite exhausted and brought troublesome. Such is, that incident was burdening my feeling about what will happen to DPR later on. Verily, at that time we really didn’t know what the purpose of God’s Command unto us. But there was a hint in our mind that it is very possible that a bad critical condition will happen in this country which comes from DPR.  And that intuition apparently is just happening now.


Such ascetic action was certainly a secret and mystery of God, we have just been involved. It was nothing more than the intention of praying in Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Office’s Mosque, South Jakarta District Court, the Head Office of Golkar (Party of Functional Groups), the Supreme Court, the Indonesian Army Headquarter and in Binagraha (President’s executive office), as I have written in Ora et Labora article.

Even it seems that there is a relation between God’s Command unto me to pray at the Head Office of Golkar in Anggrek Nelly Murni Street Jakarta with the issue of the hearing of the House of Representative’s Ethics Council (MKD) upon the former house speaker of DPR from Golkar party, Setya Novanto. I think there is still a correlation between our parades circling around the DPR building with my prayer in the Golkar’s office. No matter how much God’s Stipulation upon those two, it is surely related to the national critical incident. Something will happen, whatever it is, surely it is under God’s Knowledge. Ascetic action circumambulated DPR building for 7 times and prayed in Golkar office would not just happened without a cause, as God is the  All-Knowing and the All Seeing.

If God ordered us to carry out such Mandate of Him, it could be equated as the ascetic action that He obligated us to do. The purpose of that obligation is just revealed later, such as a conclusion upon the happening related to DPR and Golkar that we just realize it now. Realizing that matter, then we understand that God wants us to involve in the consensus of the changing that is targeted by Him.

It has been documented in the article of Ora et Labora about my assignment to pray in several places of which the prayer content was dictated by God unto me. But, marching around DPR building for seven times, even we did those not only in daylight, but we had also ever done it at night. For such a long time, we still do not know what the intention of that God’s Order until the incident is happened. At least, we could feel the sacred nuance occurred in the procession of circumambulating the DPR building for seven times, and surely it is tremendous.

But at this time, it seems there is an open sign since MKD conducts a hearing upon the case of Setya Novanto “Dad asks for share” to Freeport Indonesia.  The hearing upon Setya Novanto was the only one that was closed for the public after an MKD open hearing upon Sudirman Said (the Minister of Energy and Mineral), so was when MKD asked for Freeport Director, Ma’roef Sjamsoeddin’s testimony for his recording of the conversation during his meeting with Setya Novanto and Muhammad Riza Chalid, a businessman who fled abroad to avoid the subpoena by MKD. The final of MKD hearing is still uncertain, it contains political shaking and crossing perception, thus no valid decision is concluded, that can appease the prominent figures as well as the people.

MKD hearings have caused furiousness of the public, who is very disappointed unto the honorable chairman of the hearing and MKD members who seemed handle the case terribly awful. Ugh, I don’t need to write in detail about what happened during the hearing and what the public response is.  Those responses have already prevailed amidst the public. All people are furious, including Setya Novanto and his lawyer, Firman Wijaya, who strongly object that Setya Novanto’s pledoi in the closed hearing was released to the mass-media that very enthusiastic to know what happened in the closed hearing.

And the member of MKD, Akbar Faisal, was also dismissed from MKD. The changing and the dismissal of several MKD members as well as reporting one another to the police, indeed those are the signs of political battle in MKD, and that was really not educating and very much disappointing. Who does ever think that the products of DPR have always been disappointing?

On the other hand, the Law Commission of the DPR was also seen very sloppy when they carried out the voting for the election of the commissioner for the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), for the period of 2015-2019.  And no one of the candidates of KPK Leader is elected from the anti-corruption figures.  This really makes the public very disappointed.

The people’s perception nowadays is nobody in this country can be trusted anymore. Well I am not surprised. People need explanation, why truthfulness is gone? The explanation is in God’s Revelation, that as long as this nation is not willing to believe God’s Revelations, which are descended down in this country, thus also during that period of time the truthfulness and trust cannot come forward.

Isn’t it now is the Day of God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgement?  And that is the implementation of sins divulgence by the angel. All sins are exposed nakedly and cannot be avoided by anyone. All sinners certainly will experience sins divulgence. That is for sure! Therefore, someone’s deeds will reveal and concretize the revealment of the sins. Angels only inspires the idea of the sin divulgence unto someone who has interest in that matter.

Ugh, it is just like naughtiness comes from that closed hearing session. There always MKD’s member who stepped out from the hearing room and directly explained what was happening in that closed hearing room. And people watch how the member of DPR support and beat each other for a position and political battle.

The unfortunate fate of DPR has come, perhaps that was meant by God Who commanded us to march around DPR building for seven times back then. None of us would just sit silence seeing the stupidity in DPR.  MKD actually has no authority to adjudicate Sudirman Said and Ma’roef Sjamsoeddin as breaking the law.  MKD is just authorized for securing the dignity of DPR members and enacting the ethic of DPR members. Whilst Setya Novanto, he didn’t only want to answer the questions of MKD when it was related to the recording of Ma’roef Sjamsoeddin, yond there is no political ethic in him.

God answers my prayer when I asked Him about the boisterous anger of the public upon Setya Novanto and MKD. According to God, Setya Novanto or MKD has become a historical invective because that incident will become a reversal condition in Indonesia. As for Indonesia, it will experience a total changing due to that case. A simultaneous election of Head of Regional (Pilkada) is a concentration of cause from the Setya Novanto and MKD case. The accumulation of people’s disappointment doesn’t only instigate apathy, but also causing the increase of brutality.

Many people often ask why there is always commotion in every General Election and Regional Head Election? There are black campaigns and money politics, and other thing is the kris maker whose merchandise is abundantly sold out, whereas the price is expensive around 13-28 million rupiahs. Ups, Idolatry is flaring up every time Pilkada is held. Whereas, God is now holding His Court of Justice and Judgement, all things that contain deception and manipulation as well as idolatry He surely will judge. And, is there any person who is not doing deception? Thanks God, if there is. Indeed, the disappointment of people is spread evenly.

According to God, He commanded us to march around DPR for seven times back then was no other than to put aside the prominence of DPR that was seen by Him as has never been beneficial for the people they represented, and they are only beneficial for DPR members and politicians inside the institution.

As for every greediness and political crimes played by DPR, it has been recorded as outrageous, they are not ashamed doing such thing before the people who elect them and who pay their salary. Thus, that happening must be ended and the ending is now being processed.



In the Name of God the Most Adjudicating and Most Judging


This is God’s Revelation for DPR as follows:

If there is an Authority that is most powerful in Indonesia, it is played by DPR that strives for their power to surpass the authority of the President.  And if there is no power that can exceed DPR, thus, therein the unethical political game and the President are being played around. The struggle for position by beating, and calumniating one another and indulging political tactics, therein exists no more shameful feeling.  

Anyone who is shameless, whilst they are the honorable people’s representatives, and whoever is using their position as the people’s representative, but he is arrogant and care not for the fate of the people, indeed, they are only indulging his ambition, thus they are not a people’s representative.

And when My Revelations sent unto them were rejected and returned back to Eden with no respect, then I also have the right to eliminate their honor. Thus, they are no other than the people’s representative who is disliked by the people who are sick to see their behavior. Furthermore, I already do not want them to become the people’s representative any longer, at least the people themselves do not want to be represented by them.

When I do not want them to become the people’s representative and people also do not want to be represented by them anymore, thus it is the time to declare that God and the people do not want them anymore. In accordance with that, let the condition in DPR itself that will state that We do not want them any longer.

God’s Revelation descended down in

Jakarta, December 18, 2015

Ascetic Eden’s Parade to Circumambulate
DPR Building at Night