In The Name of God The Only One

We pray for the Muslims in the whole world. O God, The Only One, We seek for protection against any curse and wrath from You. And we follow the prayers of the Muslims in the world who seek for your protection and refuge from any kind of disaster and curse.

God, we prostrate ourselves unto You pleading that You would give forgiveness upon all the Muslims and show Your path of salvation for them all. God, cease terrorism and impede their course, so they cannot freely terror others anymore.

God, show Your Mercy to all adherents and do not stop loving them who fight for their own religion, but show them the true path that You are heeding and that You bless.
God, bring peace upon Islam adherents who are hostile to one another and bless the countries and nations that are willing to accommodate the Muslim refugees. God, prevent all parties who attack one another and who want to annihilate one another.

Within the embracement of your love, please make them realize their fault at once, oh My God who is The Most Merciful and The Most Just. Do not let all parties who are hostile to one another be conceived to use their nuclear, o Lord.

O Dear God, let all of them be informed that You are the one who wants the elimination of terrorism. Thus, make all parties able to control themselves to reach the world peace.

O Lord, bless unto the countries that are furious upon the Islamic State to stay concern in what they aim, that is the world peace. And make them able to fulfill their endeavors to reach the world peace and serenity, instead of genocide.

God, bless unto all parties understanding that You loathe war and that You bless not any party who forgets human rights. And bless Your justice upon them who are hostile to one another. And let them know that You are adjudicating and judging all existing problems in the world and unto whom involved within it.

Lend a hand immediately, o God, to take care of the world peace. God, there is no power in this world that can stop the war in the name of religion and terrorism in the name of religion except You, oh God.

Thus guarantee us as Your Messenger who love all religious adherents to reconcile the religious hostility. And bring down Your Miracle for all religious adherents and all countries and nations to become enlightenment so it will no longer be hard to seek for world peace.

God, declare Yourself that You have taken care directly the problems of religious upheaval which have already been awfully frightening. God, come down and show that You are sad and disappointed upon the condition of this earth, so You send down Your curse.

God, we hope You will implement Your miracle right away to be compared with Your curse that occurred because You are furious. God The Most Merciful, render all terrifying incidents in the world now to be a reversal and salvation from You.

And please overcome religious issues that are confusing nowadays. God, please don’t let the Muslims be in the prolonged darkness and misery. Oh Lord, bless them with Your light and enlightenment.

Show them Your Mercy and say that You still love them. Dear God, please pour down Your Blessing unto them who are not involved in fighting against one another. And please give Your forgiveness unto them who don’t understand why they hate one another.
Lord, please bestow Your enlightenment unto them so they would be willing to follow Your New Stipulation upon adherents of all religions.

God, only unto You we could plead for Your help. And it is solely unto You that all beliefs could be united for the sake of the world peace and for the salvation of all adherents.

Dear God, please grant our prayer. Amen.