In The Name of God The Only One

The main God’s Stipulation that we carry is unification of all religions and world peace. As for the most tense of religious issue, it is terrorism. And regarding the Paris bombing terror, it is indeed not the battle between Islam and the West block countries, for many Islam adherents have no relation to terrorism. However, the impact is on the image of Islam, which is worsening. And that matter cannot be cleansed except by believing in the new God’s Stipulation that we resound.

paris-griday-13However, the Paris bombing terror unavoidably should be admitted as the action of the Islamic State terrorists who now show their valor to fight the countries that proactively combat the terrorist groups, particularly the Islamic State. But the Islamic State’s terror in Paris gives direct impact on the Muslim refugees in Europe.

Truly, the Islam adherents should respect the agreement reached by the European Union that are willing to accommodate the Muslim refugees. Although within the agreement they have predicted the possibility of terrorist infiltration in the waves of millions of refugees from Middle East, however they still agree to accept the refugees although they lessen not their worry upon the terrorists, which could infiltrate in the waves of refugees who enter their countries.

And it should be respected as a choice with the certainty of risk that can create difficulties to their countries and nations, thus when it is still agreed as a country’s policy, those nations deserve to be honored. Thus, that matter should be respected as a choice with heavy dilemma and high risk. And that is the correct policy that symbolizes the ideology of a good and honored country.

And in fact, their prediction and worry are true. Thus, do not blame them if then protection upon their own citizens is more important for each country.

The European Union obligates to maintain the safety and security of the people of the European Union indeed. And that makes the fate of Syrian refugees become uncertain and stranded in the countries expected can give them asylum.

Precisely the people who do not have any choice except to leave their own country and live as refugees, which their fate is uncertain due to their search for safety and security for their family, should be seen as the most unfortunate people in the world. They need not just a haven, but a shelter to fulfill their needs upon water and sanitation, food and medication, education and social assistance that relate them not with political and ideological consideration. Thus, those refugees are pitiable indeed and need to be assisted. Therefore, actually assistance and support should be directed unto them, instead of supporting and assisting jihad of the terrorists.

Involvement in the emotion of vengeance will only burn Islam themselves and will be in vain, for this era is the era of abrogation of all religions. Therefore, jihad to defend one’s religion is useless. As the phenomenon of religious upheaval which getting worsen and highly dilemmatic shown naturally as a heavy problem of all nations and countries and all religious adherents. If it is already in such condition, is it possible to hinder a destiny of God’s Stipulation, that God has stated His Fatawa of abrogation of all religions and unification of all religions? What is so difficult about that, if war in the name of religion has been so tedious and has taken unlimited victims?

And only stupid people who are still willing to be involved in the arena of curse. War in the name of religion is not the same with jihad for God. This time, jihad for God is fighting for the peace of religions and unification of all religions as the primacy to fight for world peace.

Blaming one another among the terrorists and countries that embattle terrorists can impossibly be resolved and brought into peace. For the deep vengeance of each of them has been a revenge to destroy each other. If that is the situation, the threat of nuclear war can happen anytime.

And if the US and its ally respond to Paris bombing terror by launching massive attacksSyria2 to Islamic State, the gulf territory will become Kurukshetra war (war between Pandavas and Kauravas), a war that brings in the doomsday. The annihilation of the Islamic State can be understood, however the mourning of all Islam adherents should also be considered.

We are not allowed to take side on any party, thus we need to put forward our stance to begin disseminating God’s Stipulations upon terrorism. That God strongly curses terrorism. And God now is adjudicating Islam adherents. The radical Muslims are considered by God as adherents who like to do vicious actions, whilst the Muslims in general easily vent out their anger if it is related to the belief issue, thus they tend to tyrannize other adherents.

The progressing of that faults is getting worse, thus the Islamic State’s performance now seems representing the severity of Islam adherents’ habit in boasting their religion. The arrogance of Islam adherents upon their own religion grow fast amongst the terrorists, as all mistakes surely flow into their estuary, like the stream of the river disembogues into the lake. And that is the law of nature. Therefore, do appreciate our explanation as God’s Response that we convey.

In this case, God judges Islam adherents should do self-introspection through the changing response of western countries that previously willing to accommodate the Muslim refugees. The changing response influences the fate of Muslims throughout the world. By referring to the incident befell on France, thus the countries in the world become very cautious upon the possibility of attack from the Islamic State toward their own countries.

As for the Islamic State after the terror incident in Paris, they become more arrogant and dare to throw threats. The Islamic State launches a warning toward the countries that took part in the air attack unto Syria will experience the same incidents as France. The Islamic State even threaten will attack Washington, the US.

The venting out of threats by the Islamic State should it is responded with an agreement to annihilate the Islamic State on this earth, it is some kind of a threat of Islam annihilation, for how to release the Islamic State from Islam, or Islam adherents from the Islamic State? It seems like cutting a ketupat (a type of dumpling made from rice packed inside a diamond-shaped container of woven palm leaf pouch).

Arbitrary action of the Islamic State will not yield in any victory and sovereignty, rather destruction as it should be. As arrogance and arbitrariness will not be ignored by God. We are the voice of God, thus trust us that we have conveyed God’s Stipulation, that the victory of Islamic State will impossibly be attained.

The threats of the arrogant Islamic State will affect Islam adherents. And that certainly corner Islam adherents in the whole world. Chaos will be unavoidable when Islam adherents in the whole world state their solidarity upon the fate of the Muslims who are stranded in the other countries that refuse the Muslim refugees.

Sympathy upon the fate of the refugees brings impact on the Muslim solidarity in the world to balance the action of the countries that refuse the Muslim refugees that experience intimidations from the citizens who do not want their country to accommodate the Muslim refugees whom are suspected will only cause terror actions, which possibly befall on them. And they do not want that thing to happen.

Legality of bombardment toward the places conquered by the Islamic State, as the war between Palestine-Israel and between Syria-Yemen, that has no certainty when it will end, those all are the signs of annihilation and considered as genocide toward the Muslims. And that what will strengthen Muslim solidarity in the world.

2C56B05300000578-3239625-Hungary_has_announced_plans_to_build_a_giant_fence_along_the_Cro-a-32_1442592522211Thus, the country’s policy that still want to give asylum for Syrian refugees should be appreciated, however those refugees are treated by the local citizens as people who are always being suspected and disliked, so the Muslims over there always experience intimidation and insultment and they are being criminalized. Whereas the phenomenon of eviction and rejection by some countries cannot be hindered. As any country would surely be willing to protect their country and nation from being a target of terrorists who blindly attack others.

And there is another matter that instigates the rise of political temperature between Islam and the Western countries, that the incidents of terrorism in various parts of the world enforce the relationship between Europe and Middle East becomes worsen.

Kurusetra war in the gulf area is colored by the war of the Islamic State with the US and its ally, France, who are now full of rage, and other western countries. On the other side, there is a war of Palestine versus Israel. And there is a war in Syria that is supported by its ally such as Iran and Russia, as well as the Saudi Arabia war supported by its ally, namely United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, and Sudan against Shia Al Houthi in Yemen.

And those all are the condolence of Islam adherents in the whole world. As it is Islam adherents who are the most pressured to be treated as adherents who trouble the world. Suicidal bombing for the sake of faith is impossibly can be appreciated, thus jihad that sacrifices his own life indeed dishonors to be considered as a holy jihad, but rather it is a savage upon humanity.

The development of the condition nowadays ensures God’s curse upon Islam adherents. From the world political temperature that heats up aimed to handling terrorism, inevitably it is difficult to be separated from Islam due to the terrorists act jihad by using the name of Islam. No matter how Islam wants to be unconnected from the terrorism, but the terrorists’ slogans are the slogan of Islamic ideology. However, that fact can impossibly make Islam adherents escape from the impact of Islam phobia that strikes non-Muslim countries.

maxresdefaultAs for the heated up condition now, it will reach the genocide upon the terrorists and it connects with the changing of the fate of Islam adherents in the world, for Islam adherents always be suspected and considered as a dangerous and scary adherents. Intimidation and anarchism toward Islam adherents in the non-Muslim countries is the reversal upon the attitude of the Muslims all this time upon the non-Muslim adherents and the minority. And that is the reversal law from God.

And it should be understood through self-introspection and listening deeply to their own voice of conscience. Will God let Islam adherents do arbitrarily as their wish upon the minority without being judged? And will God be powerless doing His reversal? As the renewal of civilization should go through maximum putrefaction, and the maximum putrefaction of religion that has been abrogated by God is even lifted up through terrorism and it is through the Islamic State.

Therefore, accept God’s offer to neutralize the faith as the Muslims who are educated in Eden, and as the relevance of neutralization of faith and the creeds of the reincarnation of Prophet Muhammad who becomes one of Eden’s Messengers. And it is better to be followed and do not consider it as a heresy, but rather as God’s Salvation upon Muhammad who is innocence upon whatever done by Radical Islam adherents now. As for the reincarnation of Muhammad is saved in Heaven, yet his adherents are cursed.  Muslims should realize God’s Stance upon the reincarnation of Muhammad and Eden’s Community, it is God’s endeavor to save Islam Teaching and the Prophet of Islam adherents, before the condition of Islam adherents becomes worsen as seen nowadays.

Long before now, God has commanded the reincarnation of Muhammad, that is Abdul Rachman to neutralize his belief. And long before now Eden Community has neutralized their belief. And are they perverted and lost their God? In fact God’s Revelations continue to be released by Eden and in fact all of them live well under God’s Protection, although they still experience intimidation and they are still accused as a group of perverted sectarian.

Yonder, Eden’s Miracle has been revealed and it is functioned by God to create peace in the world and not to take side on any party except the truth that could be declared by all parties. And within Eden’s neutrality, there is the most justice of God that we hold and carry to be adapted in the neutral stance of Eden and the Holy Spirit.

 Thus, try to study and ponder God’s Revelations in Eden, is there any misleading and do we take side on any party? Forever we defend and fight for the truth. And only God Who knows the genuine truthfulness within the local truth or the truth in the name of a country or political truth amongst all countries and all religious adherents. And we go through carefully and full of caution amongst all dilemmatic local, national and international truth. And certainly the Holy Spirit will not be wrong in defending, for the defense of the Holy Spirit is God’s Instruction unto us. And God is the Most Knowing of whomever’s truth we must defend, thus is God’s Directions we convey unto the world public.

God’s Revelation For Islam Adherents

In the Name of God The Almighty in Judging
And In the Name of Our Devotion upon Islam Teaching as The Teaching from God

Hereby, we, the Holy Spirit as the leader of all angels on this earth, also state that angels are now consolidating to create enlightenment for moderate Islam adherents, who is not related to terrorism, and who wants to be saved by God. Thus, hereby we convey God’s Revelation for Islam adherents as follows:

That I am furious upon Islam adherents, it should be openly stated so Islam adherents are aware of their cursed condition and realize there is no other path for them who want to be released from My Curse, except by neutralizing their belief, as the course has been taken by all members of Eden Community who have neutralized their belief.

And Indeed, Eden Community did not leave Islam because they want to be neutral. And they are not the type of perverted people and consciously abandon Islam. Islam is the teaching that I descended down through My Revelations unto Muhammad. Thus, they believe in the Holy Quran as they also believe in the other holy books. Isn’t that covered in the covenant that I made in the holy Quran? And read Chapter Al Baqarah verse 285:

The Messenger has believed in what was revealed to him from his Lord, and [so have] the believers. All of them have believed in Allah and His angels and His books and His messengers, [saying], “We make no distinction between any of His messengers.” And they say, “We hear and we obey. [We seek] Your forgiveness, our Lord, and to You is the [final] destination.”

Thus, today We are endeavoring to gain peace amongst all religious adherents. And unto the Muslims, try to study this verse as My Stance upon Eden Community. And within My entire Revelations which is sent down in Eden, does it not align with the content of Al Baqarah verse 285? Thus, certainly Eden teaching is not perverted.

As for the reincarnation of Muhammad, who is Abdul Rachman, I have stipulated as Imam Mahdi, whom are not acknowledged by the Indonesian Muslims, for he has no charismatic character as the Middle East prominent ulemas. However, who is going to be chosen by Islam adherents, Abdul Rachman, who is humble yet holy and whom I bless, or high ulema of the Islamic State Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi? Compare them and give your thought!

Do not blame anybody for the cursing experienced by Islam adherents, for the deeds of Islam adherents themselves who cause them stricken by the curse. And We state that matter so Islam adherents would be willing to consolidate and introspect in facing the torment of Islam phobia from the non-Muslim nations, who are vigorously fighting against the terrorists. And it cannot be hindered that the treatment of non-Muslims nations will worsen upon Islam adherents.

The Muslims will always be suspected and intimidated everywhere and evicted. Have you imagined that as a globalized hatred, and if We have informed that, thus anticipate that matter humbly and stay away from arrogance. And do not easily insult and treat other adherents as enemy.

However, I state that it is the consequence of the law of reversal. The spirit of mistake of Islam adherents reincarnates reversing on the Islam adherents themselves. All mistakes in the past done by Islam adherents toward other religious adherents and the minority, this time it reverses back to them. Understand that as an article of My Reversal Law, which certainly in accordance with the manifestation of the mistakes done by Islam adherents alone.

And admit the mistakes done by Indonesian Islam adherents, who have rejected Revelation that I descended down in this country for a long time, and My Messenger is also criminalized. And admit that there is no one who regrets that matter until today. As for that matter, which triggers the curse upon Islam adherents

Surely, it is also interrelated with the mistakes done by Islam adherents that are salient now, that are terrorism and religious conflict and mazhab conflict and sectarian amongst Islam adherents. Such is when all mistakes of Islam adherents are being reversed, then the harms of the sins will land on Islam adherents themselves.

Incidents of terrorism in the future will get worse, for each side tries to revenge against each other between the terrorist and Western block countries. The Islamic State terrorists and other terrorists will be more fierce and brutal. The world will be filled with the threats of war. The severity of Muslim Radical is being judged by God. Indeed, that is what is going on.

Yonder, Indonesia as a nation which is the largest Muslim country in the world amongst Islamic nations, surely it cannot hinder from the haunted horror of terrorism, since radical Islam in Indonesia certainly wants to participate in strengthening the terrorists in the gulf area, who are bombarded by the western block countries and their allies.

If Indonesian Islam adherents understand the curse upon Islam adherents, then they will not boast being Islam anymore and know how to position themselves to stay away from the terrorist area and avoid the revenge action between terrorist and the western countries and their allies, and vice versa.

It is better that Islam adherents, who reside beyond the area of terrorist war, be united to fight for the world peace and unite themselves in God’s Blessing. As the blessing from Me is just through My Fatawa, that is neutralization of faith and unification of all religions. Bear in mind that it is the only way out that I bless with miracle and protection.

Thus, we have conveyed God’s Revelation for Islam adherents. It would be all and thank you for your attention as well as the attention shown by all parties. Greetings of peace, greetings from Heaven.

 Archangel Jibril