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It cannot be denied that within the last 20 years changes have taken place. Issue of alien is prevailing and projected as the focus object of research by the scientists. In the compilation of Eden’s Discourse in Eden Website, God has mentioned that there will be alien invasions to this earth. The signs are the existence of many sinkholes that intentionally made by evil aliens.

Those signs could be marked as part of Armageddon war, the war prior the doomsday. And the cause is alien creatures who come from the distance to this earth for they have detected that our earth is often shaky and no longer steady in its place. And human beings in such earth condition are prospective to be easily defeated, thus they come to pry and purposely leaving their traces and threats. Therefore, there are many sinkholes found on this earth.

As for the Armageddon war, truly it has already happened. That is the war between the angels and devils in human world. At this time, it is devil who gains victory for angel is less favored by human. Poor angels, they are lonely and languish.

Armageddon war, doomsday, alien invasion are indeed becoming an established reality of the end times from God. And God has already stated it in His Holy Books implicitly and explicitly

The question now, could that all be technologized? Could Freemasonry, illumination or NASA that make the Bluebeam project or technology such as HAARP (High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program) be able to present the enlightment toward the new world order with non-religion spiritualism nuance? As the assumption of the existing role of Freemasonry and illumination inside NASA’s body that has taken part in Bluebeam project, thus it is also stated about the existence of Zionism role which have secularism ideology in the Bluebeam project.

Assuming that matter exists, secularism in religion does not automatically become the center of control toward the New World Order. For the new world order will only exist in God’s Hand and the one who is in charge of it is Archangel Jibril, the Holy Spirit. Beyond the New World Order is sub section that still in the coordination of Archangel Jibril, the Holy Spirit, as the prevalent of spiritualism happens upon the world motivators from various religious background namely Hindu, Buddha, Jewish, Christian, Islam, and others. That matter should be appreciated for they also deal with non-religion spirituality. Secularism that they deal with is just a solidarity mission without disputing any religion. The challenge of non-religion spirituality has been melted by the world motivators whose preaches are flexible. Yond, it is very much possible that they are included in the course of the perfection of unification of religions, which quietly flowed by the Holy Spirit into them. Thus, they do not realize that they are considered as belong to the Holy Spirit Circle, sort of anti-religious conflict movement, which are not always dealing with closed doctrines, as it exists in Eden. As for the presence of Archangel Jibril, when it was declared, hence Eden is denied and criminalized.

Jewish Zionism is argued as stands behind all “sophisticated” things in United States. That is fine, for it is an issue between United States and Jewish themselves. But if many things are always linked to Jewish fund and Zionism movement, that matter should be filtered beforehand. Do not make any generalization that everything is said as funded by the Jewish! We are also often accused funded and organized by Zionist.

Secularism with no religion and without Revelation and beyond the Holy Spirit’s circle, surely will stray from the focusing on the existence of God. And it will be bias to become secularism that hates religion. As for Eden, it does not hate religions, rather it commanded by God just to straighten the deviation of religions. The abrogation of all religions is a factor that troubles us, because we are assumed as the hater of all religions. Whereas we are just conveying God’s Word Who desires for unification of all religions that will be ease to be united, when all religions could be brought to Absolute Monotheism.

Searching for a way to the new world order and new spiritualism that could be easily accepted by all adherents, inevitably needs struggle that should be able to reach its completion. And that could only be held if the perfectionism of a new belief is believed truly derives from God, as the renewal of belief and faith firstly has to gone through the projection of the real truth of Divinity. If it does not passes such procedure, the changing of the new world order toward God’s Blessing upon all humankinds will not to happen.

As for intelligent people, if they have extraordinary principles and if they are united, they surely could make a change and they are independent to do amazing things. But, it leads to nothing if the researches and the remarkable inventions are preceded by a desire to annihilate enemies and to conquer the world.

HAARP project has been acknowledged as an antagonist project since it has ambition to change the world climate, forming the cloud, creating typhoons and hurricane, earthquakes, creating explosions which the power equal to nuclear explosions and could be directed to become the weapon to destroy an enemy for whoever owns it.

The problem is why human beings dare to create such high technology by the intention of destruction and annihilation? If such thing is reviewed deeply, certainly the men who created it possessed a fiercest heart. Because from the beginning of creating the blue print up to the trials and the huge amount of funding collection as well as the perfection of its technology, it surely takes a very long time, the focused carefulness with the highest intelligent as well as an infinite funding. And that surely involves many roles in that particular country.

Assessing all that things, there is a very strong persistence that cannot be disregarded even by the logic of truth and consideration of conscience. Therefore, the angel states it is the character and the creation of devils, which is also very persistent upon their own furiousness which flowed to humans who are intelligent and rich. And humans, who are persistent toward their vile ideas, surely they are heading toward their worse natural changing. If not, the HAARP technology and Bluebeam’s project could not be developed.

And if at the beginning the aim was to conduct further research of the ionosphere layer for the sake of developing radio communication’s technology out of security reason, such as to detect missiles and to minimalize the earthquake impacts, and then it develops to become an aspiration to create the new world order. Then it becomes two dualism purposes. The one is to destroy the enemy’s territory through earthquake and man-made typhoon, and the other one is to draw human’s interest toward the new world order.

Meanwhile, the holy intention to eliminate religious conflict and to establish non-religion spiritualism, it is good if the creation of such cutting-edge technology is not initiated by the desire to create deadly war weapons by interfering the universal system. Thus, even if they have an improvement of good intention as the desire to create the new world order, of course it is hard to say that such project is blessed by God.

If it is true that they could make a hologram of Jesus in the sky by using three dimensional hologram techniques by shooting the laser holographic picture of Jesus into the sky, thus it could gain adoration of the people on that region, surely that is a manipulation of the prophecy in a Holy Book. Of course, that method cannot construct any classification of faith, let alone the centralization of spiritualism. That is because they cannot create the sacredness and the miracle as well as the Devine sacrosanctity in their project.

Even they shoot their holographic laser upon other figures such as Maitreya, Mary or any other else, the figures whose statues have been made in a large number, it doesn’t have any correlation with God’s Stipulation related to the end times’ destiny, as what we are experiencing now.

Although that spectacular holographic’s performance is certainly aimed to fulfill the Christians and Moslem’s prophecy upon the coming down of Prophet Isa as the Messiah and the coming Imam Mahdi as well as Maitreya, which in the covenant of each adherent is the Savior from God to each adherent, but they are fully separated from the apostolic destiny that is really derived from God.

As for that separation, it doesn’t need a deep study to distinguish them that they started by creating a vicious technology. But that finding is a result of devil’s direction unto the scientists and Defense Institution Corps, and that definitely cannot be separated from the role of the head of state and the congressman.

The smart devils can be as smart as the angels. And the smart humans, who choose that field, do not think that they actually are carrying out the devils’ instruction. As for the most vicious discovery are surely derived from devils. Do not doubt that.

Thus, actually the development of technology has been able to penetrate and influence the condition of ionosphere and stratosphere layer. By utilizing HAARP, human beings yearn for conquering the world by using a new weapon that utilize technology that could control the nature. Humans’ dream to be god who can control the nature is put at stake through their technology.

HAARP antennas built in Gakona Alaska will not make any achievement as expected, if those aim to be equipment of conquering through creating a fabricated natural anomaly. For after it is proven to become a man-made mass annihilation and disaster of environmental destructions, thus that technology becomes world’s denunciation and its harms are recorded and argued by the world. However, God compensates it by releasing a reversal malediction unto those who create such destructive technology.

If what has been expected is to create a magnificent typhoons or hurricane, earthquake and explosions which its power is equal to nuclear explosion and that is meant to conquer the world, surely its harms will reverse back afflicting those who create and fund it and also afflicting those who proposed it as well as the user of that technology. As the making of the technology is the same as creating the annihilation of human beings.

Therefore we all could see how the United States becomes the country that is often befallen by natural disasters. We respect the government of Obama for he is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln and he is also the figure whom we idolize. Unfortunately, HAARP made by United States is condemned by God, but we still have to convey that matter. We hope that Obama is not the president who has an important role in HAARP.

If the aim of establishing it is related to the creation of the New World Order and to unite beliefs in a new religion called the New Age Religion, non-religion, the religion feature of no God, it is totally different with what God has descended down in Eden who has no technology in receiving God’s Revelation. The descending down of God’s Revelation in Eden is sustained merely by holiness.

Assalamu’alaikum (peace be upon you) a new world without religion, but which absolutely believes in God, The Only One. Science that is brought by the Archangel Jibril from God could change the most sophisticated future technology by the invention the equipment that are efficient, environmental friendly and focus in the intention to know God closer and more real. And that could be reached solely through holiness.

As for God Revelation, if it descends down in a form of hologram of Jesus coming down from the sky, it has ever been happened at Masjidil Haram on October 14, 1997 at 04.00 am. The hologram of Jesus whose face exactly similar to Mukti Day descended down from the sky and he came closer approaching Mukti Day who were sitting on the floor of Masjidil Haram in front of Ka’ba. After the hologram stayed behind Mukti, then it disappeared as if it wanted to state something.

Unfortunately, it was just me who saw it, for our other group members were performing the thawaf. In the astonishment of watching the event of the descending figure similar to my son Mukti Day, I asked God, what that means. And God Answered that it was His Guarantee that my son, Mukti Day, is the reincarnation of Jesus. And afterwards I burst into tears finding such guarantee from God. Thereafter in the hotel where we stayed, I experienced a strange condition. I was like in a condition of very deep faint, since I felt my eyes close so tight and deep and all my body could not be moved at all. Seeing me in such condition, all my group and my family were panic. By coincidence my brother in law who was a doctor with his colleagues also came by for umroh (uncompulsary pilgrimage to the holy land Mecca) after attending a conference. Thus, I was surrounded by specialist doctors.

I heard they made diagnosis of my condition. They examined and opened my eyelids, but they stated that what I had been through was a spirit matter and they could not do anything. I heard everything but I could not move, as if my spirit was out of my body. But at that time I was continuously making communication with God and Archangel Jibril intensely. Thus, I was not afraid of going through such condition.

And Archangel Jibril said unto me at that time that my spirit was indeed taken away by God from my body. And if I could hear all the conversation, such it was an occurrence related to the spirit. That my spirit was kept away from my body, but it still knew whatever was happening unto me and surrounding me.

Actually at the time I was experiencing a coma, I was helpless and I couldn’t move my body at all. But I felt so comfortable and I was not in danger situation or facing death. I just felt that was an unpredictable divine occurrence and I also related it to the hologram phenomenon of Mukti Day who descended down from the sky to our sitting place at Masjidil Haram. Certainly in such good opportunity during my umroh at that time, God wanted to convince me that what I had gone through in Mecca was a good provision from God Who wanted to convince me that I really was under His Protection.

And I also believe it so I will never shift from my commitment unto God after I went through various tragic incidents that come unto me one after another. Such is God’s assurance unto me when I was in Mecca, it has definitely assured me that I am really with God.

God Explains to me that at that time I was experiencing a moment when the spirit was lift up from human’s body by God. By that experience, I could ensure how God lifts one’s spirit during the comma, thus the person who is in coma is communicating with God and angel who will to talk about one’s sins or good deeds that he has ever done. Therefore, after God elucidates the calculation of sins and good deeds unto that person, then God will determine the Stipulation of His Law and His Stipulation of Destiny in the hereafter upon that person.

Therefore, God’s Article of Law has been determined unto a person at the time he or she is in coma or if that person dies in an unexpected accident, the statement of stipulation of God’s Article of Law upon that person stated by God right after that person enters the spirit’s realm.

Thus actually the person that his spirit has been brought away so he experiences coma, his spirit is in that room seeing and hearing the conversation of all people in the room where he lies down. That experience is intentionally made by God to be a reality for me thus I can explain unto the public how the feeling of one’s spirit is prior to his death. This experience becomes addition to my explanation because at the time I recalled the hologram of Mukti Day in Mecca, it directly related to my experience going through a momentary coma’s state. These two events happened in a subsequent time.

Whereas now, the hologram such as the hologram of Mukti the reincarnation of Jesus has been able to be created through technology. The figure of Jesus could be displayed in the sky by utilizing the three dimensional hologram technique.

The scientists who become the agent of Freemasonry and illumination in Rusia have perfected the sophisticated computer based on the study of anatomy and the electro mechanic of human’s body composition, and the study about electrical, chemical and the biological character of human’s brain. Into this computer, data regarding all languages utilized by the entire in this world is input complete with its meaning and dialects. This data is then delivered to the satellite and release into the natrium layer in a distance about 60 km above the earth.

“The Giant sky performance” of special figures or pictures by using three dimensional hologram technique is equipped with optical sound, so those figures seem can talk. The figures of holographic laser were shot to the sky in many parts of the world, thus people who see it believe that God has appeared in their sky and talk to them in their own language. The picture that is showed in each part of the world is different since it is adjusted to the majority of religion believed in that region”.

[kutipan dari https://berjagajaga.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/project-heboh-non-agamais-blue-beam-skenario-alien-mahdi-menuju-dunia-baru/%5D

What we want to comment is that the finding and the success accomplished by Bluebeam project with all the issues are hard to be justified, since God forbids human beings to tinker with the established natural system. God creates nature included with its established system, thus if it is tinkered through technology, the natural system will change to be irregular. That is the reason why many natural anomalies happen on this earth. And we all know that the US is often stroked by severe natural anomalies too. Such is God’s Reprimand unto the US.

Whenever we find very intelligent scientists and who wish to manipulate nature to create power through unnatural control of the nature, as much as possible human beings should be cautious that it contributes to bring the apocalypse closer. The natural anomaly now has already too harsh and that is the signs of doomsday.

If the scientists direct their intelligence to conquer the nature, then they will stumble by the natural system that turn over to become annihilation of humankinds themselves.

However they don’t listen to us. Let alone those scientists, even our own nation does not care about God Revelations that we have conveyed since a long time ago, whereas this earth has been processing its apocalypse and human beings are busy talking about the anomaly of nature, miraculous events in nature and the signs of God’s Revelation in the nature.

Clouds can form anything without any technological equipment. Natural wonder could be formed through the angel’s energy or devil’s if God wills to describe the natural wrath. The positive and negative connection in the nature and in its compound can be created to prove God’s Power. Hurricane and tornado and the figure of Jesus have been created by men through their technology. If men are able to do it through their technology, thus the synergy of the angels can do those all without any technology. As for the way the angels work, it is certainly through the chemical compound and the energy produced.

Such is the scientists’ description upon their technology that can be made according to the characteristic of knowledge that is used in human’s technology. Thus, the angel in their activity to actualize God’s Will in the universe and the life of His Creature, the habitation of angel unites and immerses in the natural science and physics which evolves to become as produced by technology. However angel needs not any equipment, thus to create any technique no matter how sophisticated it is, it becomes easier for it is done without any technology. Therefore, all miracles in the sky that form a specific phenomenon of every figure could be created by angels. Thus actually, human beings are competing their technology with the miracle of angels.

When I had a chance to see the hologram of Mukti Day at Masjidil Haram, that was without technology, and it happened in 1997. And I compare it with the phenomenon of Jesus hologram in the sky made by Bluebeam project, then I conclude that the hologram from Bluebeam project can not be immediately ascertained as a way to drag human beings into the realm that they are creating. Because there is God’s Destiny that precedes all events in the universe and in the life of His entire creatures.

The spiritual errand is under the territory of God’s real truth. So do not use any technology whilst you want to direct spiritualism unto what is desired by human beings.

I have seen the hologram of Jesus at Masjidil Haram. The technology made hologram I have also seen in the internet. My impression is, both are not related at all, but the appearance is almost the same. It is just that the one that I saw at Masjidil Haram was a hologram that could fly down from the sky and touched Masjidil Haram’s floor and walked approaching my son, Mukti Day, and it disappeared after it stayed for a while behind Mukti. The sequel of Holy Spirit’s appearance and his disappearance happened before my own eyes who enjoyed what I was watching. And it is impossibly happened through technology.

My experience is real, the spiritual experience happened when I performed umroh with my son Mukti Day and other Eden’s member (Pak umar, Mbak Ipuk, Murdi, Yanthi, Dunuk, Rahman, Titing and the other are my family and ibu Tomo’s family)

According to God, the appearance of Mukti Day’s hologram in Mecca also meant as a declaration that it was the precise time for the Holy Spirit to be descended down bringing in the Revelation to declare that Mukti is the reincarnation of Jesus. However it was also God’s Stipulation about the resurrection of Prophet Isa from Moslem circle.

Furthermore, we are concerned to see many parties attempt by many ways to declare themselves as the pioneer in creating a strategy for the new world order and tinker with the sacredness of Revelation to be used as spiritual theme within their sophisticated technological achievement and following their passion and lust of power to conquer the world.

At this moment the apocalypse spiritual theme is prevailing indeed. Technology also takes part, forcing human beings to acknowledge a power through competition of numbers of nuclear bomb possession. And that is not enough, then followed by HAARP, which its destruction capacity is more diverse. And human beings are panic thinking about the chaos condition caused by the wars and religious conflicts. However, do not abuse it to gain the power of the world.

The impact of nuclear bomb and HAARP are severely frightening. There is no way that this earth can endure the impact. Thereof God also wills to respond to those cruel scientists’ deeds. I have no idea, how is God Stance later on. Let’s wait and see.

We have conveyed the solution of religious conflict. God’s Fatawa related to the Abrogation of All Religions and the Unification of All Religions have been declared worldwide, even it is not echoed yet but at least it has been known by the public.

Things that have already been announced by God to the human world, if it could actually be tinkered by the devil to be directed to something negative, thus there is always someone who utilizes it to doubt the blueprint and the constructivism of that God’s Stipulation, for there is something that compete it by presenting the same logical equipped with sophisticated technology. Therefore the world public and religious adherents will more hesitate about the real Revelation.

But how could we know until what extent that competition we could win, considering that our ability is nothing compares to that Bluebeam project.

Indeed, God is the Almighty and I have seen the hologram of my own son in the holy land. And we have testified upon several miraculous events in the sky that God performed unto us at the beginning of this destiny, around year 1997 up to 2000. That was the period of time we were satisfied to watch the miraculous phenomenon in the sky moving or staying still above us. But those things have convinced that we are indeed with God, and we have received His Revelation. And in this 2015, Eden’s Miracle has also revealed.

What will happen in the future, we surrender ourselves unto God. He surely has the concept that is certainly most sophisticated amongst those sophisticated things which are attempted by human beings who are not afraid to commit sins through whatever they conduct.

And we believe that.