The changing of an angel to become a human doesn’t guarantee that the angel is still purely holy. And as a human, he can’t fully keep the sense of his angelic. The mundane issues that he has to face cause him to prioritize a pragmatic decision. However, human who possesses the spirit of angel is certainly intelligent and produces a very beneficial science for human being and renews the civilization.

From the finding of the theory E=MC2, Einstein succeeded to divulge the mystery of the universe, so it has facilitated the scientists to develop the derivatives theory, then afterwards generates many physicists and astronomy scientists. And Einstein’s spirituality, which came along with the theory then experiences development, which will reach the fact of the Spherical Shape of God. The cultivation of spirituality could include the concepts of Einstein’s thought.

Einstein’s thought that urged by his concern unto NAZI could be considered as a tiny tainted fault, which hopefully is not considered has ruined the abundant truth that he had. For he has shown his regret and he has resigned. The spirit of mistake could be eliminated through deep remorse. Moreover, if it is added by the merit of virtuousness from the valuable finding for the benefit of human being.

The spirit of mistake could be washed and disappear through that way, for indeed human beings are vulnerable to do mistake, whether it is intentionally or unintentionally made.

A man who possesses a devil’s spirit and when he is in his journey that has come to the changing nature to be an angel, he still can’t shun away from a sin or generate a controversial thought. And it is related to the nature of human, who possesses the angel’s gene and devil’s gene. Thus, humans are difficult to escape themselves from negative things that they aren’t aware of.

The angel’s gene if it is sharpened through the intake of the reward of virtuousness, thus he maintains on the purity of the angel’s gene. However, the devil’s gene can still continuously rebel at certain time, especially during the moment of critical matters that should be overcome. Human’s issues when those have become critical, that is the opportunity for the devil to take action, and humans are often cornered by him so it can be wrong because they take short cut which oversimplify yet having negative risk.

As for a creature, it can make no mistake if it has already become a complete angel. For an angel is the spirit of truth and virtuousness, as well as holiness.

Thus, if Einstein has ever seen proposed unto Roosevelt to produce A-bomb to win the second world war, it is no more than a despairing feeling toward human’s deeds that prolong the world war, for there always exists a stiff and ignorant nation that is difficult to be handled with protocol of good and civilized policy, thus it develops into a tangled situation except he it is being annihilated.

As NAZI planned to make A-bomb, and it concerned Einstein very much, thus he suggested Roosevelt to create Manhattan project to produce A-bomb so the US could precede NAZI.

The success of Manhattan Project opened a new horrible panorama. The total number of civilian victims from Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing were more than a quarter of a million people. In 1949, Soviet Union tested the first A-bomb, leading to the competition of nuclear weapon and Cold War.

Albert Einstein then stated his regret for he ever proposed to the government to produce A-bomb. Therefore, later on he resigned from the project.

Some of the best scientists from the early 20th century participated in this Manhattan Project, including Niels Bohr, Richard Feynman, Enrico Fermi, Leo Szilard and Ernest Lawrence.

In 1939, Edward Teller, the inventor of Hydrogen bomb, was one of the three scientists who encouraged Albert Einstein to remind President Franklin D. Roosevelt, that the power of nuclear could be used to create a new destructive weapon. In 1941, before the first A-bomb, Enrico Ferni argued that the nuclear fusion could be more magnificent.

Supposedly the experts of hydrogen bomb should know that the experiment projects of nuclear weapon has instigated natural anomaly that leads this earth to undergo the apocalypse process. It is unknown how to restore the problems of which human beings  are more vicious in inventing bombs. Whilst now many countries are involved in the difficult situation of wars and utilization of bomb.

As now there is North Korea that always wants to threaten other countries with its nuclear. There is Russia that has sophisticated weaponry yet frightening since this country tends to support the government of Bashar Al Assad to be a protector for antagonist parties, so their weaponry is sold and respected by their political opponents.

Those are only political game for the sake of conquering the world. If facing the antagonist parties who possess a country, how could the world problem that has already in a very vulnerable state to undergo the third world war? Such is the rich countries multiply their war weaponry and nuclear.

Actually when one wishes to judge Einstein performance at that time, just says that it was a fruit of desperate thought. How we have stated the information from God that Einstein was born to bring the spirit of angel. That is why he is very genius. And in his performance he makes impression that he is close to God. Those are the signs.

But it is impossible that we can defend Einstein when he made such kind of fatal mistake. That incident had cause and effect, which made him to think having a target to end the world war by inventing A-bomb.

This writing is not intended to justify whatever he decided, for we have stated that his spirit was blessed with the spirit of angel. That we even didn’t know him well to analyze his mind when he slipped to suggest producing A-bomb unto Roosevelt. Thus, we don’t justify either when he has that fatal mistake. Those all are controversial of him, whether he was aware or not aware has caused fatality, thus those all depend on God’s Count.

The progress of a spirit upon people who are given an angel’s spirit by God, now many people received such blessing. As we have ever explained regarding the spirit of Indigo children is the children born with the spirit of angel. A genius man like Einstein can be seen through the born of Indigo children and highly intelligent and gifted children.

This fact has often been reported by the media. Thus, many miraculous births occur amidst human beings. However, it is to balance the quota of human who will change nature to be a devil or the decrease of a number of human who has certain character and moral. And it muddies the human’s gene in general. Thus, to purify good human’s gene, God forces the angels to be born as human. As purifying the water in the lake that is muddy and full of garbage.

If God counts Einstein’s mistake as the fault that requires Him to change the nature of Einstein from a genius man then reborn as a man who is less genius or a common man without any superiority, thus it depends unto God’s Consideration. Indeed, the intelligence that is blessed unto genius people can be revoked back or just being reduced by God. His Stipulation certainly aligns with His Judgement toward someone’s mistake.

If Einstein is honored and adored as the world scientist who was success with his well-known theory and formulation, but he was still a human, not god, thus he can still make mistake. If God considers his fault has been redeemed through his remorse and then he resigned, whilst his theory that beneficial for the world could become compensation upon such mistake, when he is reborn, he still can receives the acknowledgement as a world scientist who is honored.

But it is possible if he makes a fatal mistake, and when God considers it should be punished, thus he will be reborn as a common man who is not as smart and success as Einstein. It will be possible that he becomes a common man who is not involved in a publicity of scientific celebrity, as he used to be. And that is the relativity of human’s destiny and nature. Only God knows.

However, if we state that the spirit of Einstein is the spirit of angel, it is mainly because such is God’s statement unto us, without lessening or exaggerating it.