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gen dna

The scientists’ opinion regarding the existence of God’s Gene inside human’s body, this conclusion is made due to obedience unto God in general amidst the society and the spiritual need upon God. However, it couldn’t answer God’s Need upon human or vice versa, human’s need upon God. It is like a signal that is contraproductive and nugatory. Becoming contraproductive, since there is nothing that could be adjusted through that understanding. When science wishes to be made productive certainly through the circle of science itself. Whilst the dispersion of science could come to a nonsense matter, if it is going to be used to prove the existence of God’s gene on human.

The naming of God in the science of gene inevitably bring the sacredness of God’s name, whereas similarity of that name surely is not blessed by God so the naming of God on gene will only bring harms and contraproductive things.

The naming of “God’s Gene” could not reach something that is able to be related to the productivity of God inside human. And it could also be stated as the scientific theory of nugatory, something that is made up, then will be unavailing. If “God’s Gene” exists on human, why the one dominates human is even the tendency to commit a sin? Just for that, one question could be asked.

Crossing habitat between the good and the evil on humans makes them easily change and tend to do mistake. Man likes sin. That is the natural law of human. For in the law of spirit regulation, the fate to become human is the journey of declining fate from the destiny as an angel. Thus the human’s tendency to like sin indicates that human is being regulated toward his worse fate. And such fate, which is dominates the human’s world.

As if turning reversely from the worse fate to the nobles, it is very rarely happens, as Heaven that now God has established seems nobody wants it, except just a few people who came by their own will asking to be purified. As many as humans in this world and as few as people who are purified in Heaven, it proves human who is going through a spirit regulation toward Heaven is still very rare.

The mistake or sin develops as arithmetic, one mistake brings another mistake, one lies should be protected by another lies. Whilst virtuousness that yields in other virtuousness, is not automatically will cause another virtuousness to be conducted. Virtuousness commonly develops due to an existence of common good goals that encountered one another due to their mutually needs. However, virtuousness itself can’t be independent before it is remembered and wished for. It is not like a sin that always raises stimulation in the solitude or commonly wanted.

Sins now don’t come tiptoeing, but rather properly called as invasion. The openness of sin could be seen from the adultery on all layers of society. And same case for the corruption. Meantime, crime is almost done by all layers of society and all ages. It is not rare that a small kid kills his own friend.

Whilst sins flare up due to collection of a similar interest upon a sin, as people who like to commit adultery gathered in the localization of sex workers, or thugs in the markets who deliberately look for an opportunity to commit transgression amidst the rush.

Man could in a moment is good and in another moment is bad. As for the law of nature of every mistake is that whatever the mistake has done, it will influence the thought and continue to influence the character, for that is the wave of mistake. Do not let the negative element inside human is growing and developing.

Through the habit of doing good, right and honest as well as sincere acts, the positive element on someone could grow dominating the self. If the good character is preserved, then maturally the positive element of self will grow and the negative character will weaken.

After so many people like to prevaricate and calumniate, nowadays any truthfulness can be doubted. And truly the ambiguity of truthfulness only becomes a disputing ornament, being argued in public domain and sometimes calumny wins and become as if it is right. If that happens, it’s not a mistake that could be made absurd, but the truth that loses its shape and become absurd.

From the dense of calumnies and lies, it could be ascertained that the truth will vanish. If that is what has happened, the calumny itself has become confusing like a tangled thread. Calumniating against one another, attacking one another make calumny responded by calumny. Thus the calumnies become confusing, then develop into freedom in calumniating and the truth is gone and nothing left. Calumny becomes ambigous, truth is also ambiguous. What could be expected if that is what happened, the truth has become powerless.

And that ambiguous truth then becomes the ambiguous law and regulation. If all people are ambiguous and confuse upon the truth, then who is right?  Thus, who could guarantee a belief if it is not due to the existence of God The Almighty above everything and The Most Truth, Who now has come to take care and act firmly and sanctify human through His Heaven.

In fact the government of Jokowi who is full of mental revolution spirit, they couldn’t escape from co-optation by mass and legal deception happened on cross legal institutions. And among the legal enforcers themselves, they calumniate and belie against each other. The candidate of the chief of The Indonesian National Police who became the suspect of corruption, his suit is won in the pre-trial. And that case becomes a legend, as well as the verdict by Judge Sarpin Rizaldi, but legal world turn more to a world without a master. Notorious figure has also many defenders, even more than a figure that is tyrannized and oppressed. It is the sign that devil has already had two faces, like the truth and sleaze, which considered as right, all at once.

Therefore, at the end it is hard to see the truth when all people talk about the truth to justify the wrong one. Accusation of being involved in sensuality for ensnaring legally by The Indonesian National Police unto Abraham Samad, truly it is improper to be brought before the public who not all of them are stupid. Public has the right to judge and choose who is right, but the imbalance law could make other provision. It is a sin that certainly brings harm. And such matter could turn back and hit anybody who is involved in it. Obscenity is seen more in the cursed field for therein the field of pandemonium (the frenzy Kingdom of Devil).

However, Abraham Samad has been disserved through the obscenity thought of his opponent for their accusation is too insignificant to be indicted as legal violation. Ugh, why do the government and the anti corruption society is not persistent to fight against such cheated ways and calumnies? Although there are only few anti corruption activists, if they don’t give in to the legal mafia, certainly their struggle will be realized. For who doesn’t want the truth to win? Whilst, God won’t impossibly sit silence.

Thus, nowadays the phenomenon of such law confusion has obstructed the law. Crossing argument of the legal enforcers and the prominent figures is nothing more than showing that confusion, which is getting more protracted. Thus, almost all truthfulness couldn’t be guaranteed as trustworthy.

The human’s life has full of circular calumnies and dishonesty. Therefore, God brings down Heaven and His angels to purify back man’s voice of conscience. Thus, once more God says His Words. Therefore, God wants to show His Attention toward human being who is stupidly losing their sense and not trusting one another.

Thus, do not consider this Revelation that I bring down now as odd. This is the enlightenment that I make for human so they could be sensitive toward their voice of conscience. Thus, the dispersion of communication of God’s Spirit unto all God’s creations is a law of nature. Whoever wants the truth and fight for it swiftly and seriously without giving up, then certainly their conscience will be sharpened listening to angel’s voice giving guidance and direction from God.

Inside evey human’s conscience there is a hollow that could be used as the communication space with God. And even in the lowest level of awareness, humankinds still expect God’s Presence inside themselves, except the atheists.