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adam-eveGod creates the first human as a man like Adam, and he is bestowed with the spirit of angel. And his partner, Eve, her spirit is taken from the devil. It is the application of the infinite justice of God upon all of His Creations. Thus, the children of Adam and Eve inherit both genes, that is the angel’s gene and the devil’s gene.

What is devil’s gene? It is an evil gene that exists in every human. In every human there is always a good gene and an evil gene, as God creates the first and the second human in pair, man and woman. And God creates man by embedding the spirit of angel and the spirit of devil into a woman.

Instead of carrying to far the discovery of God’s Gene in human, whereas we state that it is not justified to use the term God’s Gene, and it is better to use the term good gene or angel’s gene. Since on the opposite side exists a devil’s gene in human. Who could deny that indeed there is no human who has no sin? It is because human possesses a devil’s gene. And human being tends to conduct sin rather than to shun away from sin. However, many people succeed with their achievement and contribute their knowledge as well as their fortune to be beneficial. Thus, it is their good gene penetrates to dominate them.

Our statement that the first time woman was created, God gave her spirit from the devil’s spirit, it needs to be proved. Thus, try to study the devil’s gene through pap-smear test, taking some liquid from woman’s vagina. So the public of science should find an evidence of the existence of a devil’s gene inside human’s body. Blame not on a woman, if God explains that the devil’s gene could be indicated through pap-smear test.  It is because the devil’s monologue is surely through woman sexual stimulation. Note that women often become the slave of men’s lust. However, women indeed like to show their sex appeal to attract men’s attention. Thus, the devil’s gene could be indicated.

Meanwhile, we also would like to explain the role of the standardized law of spirit regulation from God’s Side that every person is born with his karma. And a good destiny could be received due to persistent life struggle through virtuousness and righteousness. If the good achievements could be seen, then that person is walking his path toward an improvement of his destiny. On the other side, there is a person who easily does a mistake, and his bad character could also be seen, such person could be stated as a person who is walking through his path that is declining toward the direction of bad nature.

Intersection of fortunate fate from the example of those two persons could be likened as God directs them to live their fate toward the optimum point of the law of spirit regulation. One will reach the lowest point, while the other is leaving his lowest point. And if there is a person who is about to reach the highest and nobles fate, certainly he has passed through his journey of fate from the worst and the most humiliated.

From this explanation, Queen of Heaven, Lia Eden, certainly at the beginning of her destiny was a devil. As the rotation of spirit regulation should be started from one point, that is the most disgusting one, the devil, and the other contrast point is the noblest destiny, the angel. Whilst the born of human who has an angel spirit certainly his destiny is brought to the declining ladder of spirit regulation, and will come to the worst destiny of nature (devil). However, from there he will be back to go through his improving destiny and will reach also the destiny of an angel. The law of spirit regulation is rotate from the most disgusting to the noblest, and from the noblest to the most disgusting destiny.

Lia Eden was purified until absolute holiness, after going through the redemption of her karmas from the upstream to the downstream. Thus, it is the journey of the spirit of Eve as the manifestation of devil, and Adam as the manifestation of angel. That is since a creation is certainly through an incident of a manifestation. And fate encountered between Adam and Eve, that combines the good gene and the evil gene inherited unto the children of Adam and Eve. Thus, human being certainly possesses good gene and evil gene derived from the angel gene and devil gene.

God now is making transparent the journey of Lia Eden’s changing nature to be the noblest one that is to become an angel. Her soul later on will unite with the Holy Spirit in the angelic world. However, her fate journey has been explained unto the public since today onward to be rendered as an observation on how she purifies and how she strives for the Revelation until she is able to change the civilization from the darkness toward the light. From the journey of Lia Eden’s life could be taken the essence of knowledge to know the law of spirit regulation, the law of reincarnation, and the law of karma.

Thus, the discovery of the existence of the angel’s gene inside human’s body is called by the scientists as “God’s Gene”. If “God’s Gene” is called as angel’s gene, then it is more accurate and becomes proportional.

We have explained the role of the devil’s gene, thus also the function of the angel’s gene inside human’s body. That is why, there is one type of gene that still permanently remains in the genetic code and could sustain in the stipulated evolution. But, it could be concluded as an area where science and belief work together to pursue the achievement and complete each other.

The agreement of science and belief could find the existence of God that never move from the Oneness, and that is established as the only Creator upon all the lives in the universe, and the entire living creators inside.

Meanwhile, our explanation regarding biology and genetics is nothing more than to reveal the interconnection that could be solved, that belief or spirituality and science could be established on one stage of research related to the genealogy of DNA, which could be correlated with the law of karma, reincarnation and spirit regulation as we are explaining now.

Who said science and belief have been fought for ages? And in fact science is the right one, for science has found that the earth is not the center of the universe and the earth only revolves around the Sun? Science and religion both are backward, ever since we would renew the coverage of science.  And we would also renew the way of believing in God. Thus, do not contrapose the truth of each side, for indeed both need to be perfected. All misguided today are truly prevailing, especially on the recognition of the more modern God, for what exist now still stagnates on God’s Figure that is already outdated.

God presents Himself as modern, it could be understood for man has left the era of mystic (plebeian mystic) which is illogical. Religions have also become illogic, moving away from the purity of its nature. Socialite community prefers God who is humanist, modern and moderate. Thus, we direct modern human chooses to look for God’s Existence through molecular biology and astrophysics. It is not concrete yet that they have found God through science, thus God intervenes by explaining Himself in accordance with scientific logic.

Refutation upon the existence of God is not infrequently seen has been unreasonable. Thus, God denies not for being judged as God Who is Furious, for there are many calamities in this world. Whereas, it is nothing than God’s Judgement upon human’s sins that have been beyond the limit. However, on the other side, God descends down Heaven for His Salvation. And God also descends down His new knowledge, especially intended to regard the Oneness of God. Thus, furthermore, God states His Real Shape and His Most Supreme.

However, human is alive due to the spirit that makes him has a soul. It is the spirit that could be indicated as having a connection between God with all human beings. God’s interconnection with human could be analogized as cellular communication. Actually, God could communicate with His entire creations in the whole universes without exclusion through spirit communication. This matter is what should be heeded.

If you are dumbfounded in thinking of something and that jolt contains new brilliant idea, we state that it is the jolt of the spirit instinct which is given a blessing of idea from God. And that is the path of connection between God and human and the path of blessing from God.

However, all this time God is considered exists in far distance and unreachable. No one knows God’s whereabout, and how His Shape is. Even the sign shows that now God is furious. Many calamities and and miseries in this world make humans need God even more. God looks more distant for religious adherents seem are being shunned away by God. Religious conflict causes God felt so distant.

Thus, God will change that paradigm with extraordinary thing, that is statement regarding His Shape, which is spherical and not invisible. And an explanation regarding Himself that inside Him there is one unity, that is one unity of the life of the entire universes and all the living inside them. This God’s explanation is a basic logic. And for Him it is just a usual matter, for logic and the law of nature have explained it.

Appropriately human being should see God even just from the existence of one node. Within all the embracement of God, which is Spherical, there is no space without spirit, but the stream of God’s Spirit to all His creations is based on what has been established. Thus, verily in whatever universe exists His Spirit. Thus, there is no node in this world that contains not spirit. Therefore, it is God’s Spirit that moves the life within Himself. Same matter applied to God’s creation such as universal objects in the sky, microbe creatures, rain drops, those all are dynamics for there are spirits for them from God.

A baby who is later on become a leader of a state definitely due to his spirit has been chosen by God for him. Every selection of the quality of spirit surely through the judgement of performance and and his previous conduct, since wherefrom God considers the allocation of the kind of quality of the spirit unto His creature, if it is not from the virtuousness or good and beneficial achievements done by someone.

A writer when he wants to write an elegy of his love story, certainly he opens up his bitter heart. Wherefrom do a writer receive inspiration to make his elegy of love, if it is not from his own experience? Thus, a creation absolutely has a cause.

How in the equality of opinion regarding God that He is The Most in everything, however there is always opinion that would break down the Oneness of God and the Mightiness of God. Thus, through science of DNA, He appears as the most creator of science, which is the most detail and rigid. It should be admit, for wherefrom human could present the science without possessing the spirit from God? Say, that it is the spirit of God which streams out His intelligent and knowledge.

Studying molecular biology is the same with understanding the science of God. It is equal with dynamization of exploring the ‘outerspace’ physics. One is complicated, while the other one is exploring the universe. Both of those sciences will reach the science of knowing God. God’s secret could be deepened through belief and intelligent.

And it is equal when God said that Lia Eden Her Messenger is one of the living proofs that could be studied by the researchers as evidence that God is real and exists through herself. The writing of God’s Words by her comes from nothing. Thus, the knowledge mainly comes from God.  Then, what is the difference with the other findings by the scientists, although he discovered it through contemplation upon his knowledge and intelligent, and then he discovered the formulation of the theory and the science is completed. The difference is just God sincere in giving the instant knowledge unto His Messenger, whilst unto the others, they also could attain the perfection of science through his sharpened intelligence. The spirit of intelligence from God could be given unto anyone who is blessed by Him. Intelligence belongs to God. It could be taken away if He isn’t sincerely willing any longer. Intelligence could just disappear suddenly for God takes it away. But it could also gone because hitting on the head or certain disease. However, the spirit of intelligence certainly comes from God.

The spirit of intelligence from God is His prerogative unto the people who formerly active in spreading the knowledge sincerely. Exploring and discovering the science by someone is the process of sharpening intelligence, however the bestowing of intelligence is solely God’s sincerity unto someone. And it is based on the reward of vitunousness owned by someone. The path of blessing of intelligence and success mainly follows the track of reward from one’s virtuousness. Thus, if there is someone who shows achievement due to his intelligence, then it is calculated by God through the reward of virtuousness in his previous life and in the period of the life he is now going through.

As for perseverance and tenacy, they are a way coming from interest, and all come from the will to do something good and valuable for himself for the sake of achievement. Good intention, persistence and achievement are one unity of blessings from God.

From the lesson learnt regarding his knowledge, someone could improve his knowledge. And the inspiration to improve his knowledge definitely through concentration of his thought and it relates to what the spirit said. Thus, the spirit of intelligence is streamed out by God unto him. So actually all existences have spirit.

The spread of spirits in the universe is in accordance with its function in the universe. The spirit of intelligence, wisdom, virtuousness, vow, covenant, agreement, blessing and harm, vengeance, hate, viciousness, stupidity, worry, fear, despair, those all roll following their own flow. The good one is utilized to be a beneficial by the angel. The evil one is managed by the devil. Thus actually all kinds of spirit are divided only into two catagories of criteria, that is the good and beneficial and the other is evil and harmful. As it is the role of angel and devil in the universe including in the human’s world. As for all kinds of spirit, those are from God since spirit belongs just to God.

Thus, all conditions could be created by God through His Consideration and Sincerity, so we could state that intelligence could be taken away by God. As when God would bring in a curse, or on the contrary erasing the curse. God is The Most Bestower and The Most Punishing. Thus, don’t waste your intelligence and improve it by making your knowledge beneficial to be virtuousness.

Improvement of intelligence from God cound be instant, if He wills. In His Heaven, God is The Most Generous, bestowing instant intelligence. Imagine how Lia Eden could write continuously without understanding what the subject that she will write and where the subject will end. For every discourse that she thinks it is ready for it has already reached its conclusion, when she looks at it again, the subject of her writing is constinuously added, while she is lack of the knowledge about the subject that is being written. Don’t say that it is common and possibly happened due to the existence of ‘God’s Gene’ on her is evolving. At least, no man could produce a vitamin or device that could give instant intelligence.

The role of good gene or evil gene inside human will improve when it is stimulated by an incident. Intelligence is improving because it is sharpened, a failure to present virtuousness is the victory of evil gene inside someone.

However, the spirit instinct that received Revelation from God could leap a reasoning without undergoing the regular path. Thus, now she is sharpened to write down Revelation. Hence, she is permanently writing down God’s Revelation, for that is her destiny.

There is God the Creator of any destiny, and it should be admitted. Thus, the Existence of God is very transparent when it is seen and felt through Lia Eden’s activity in writing down Revelation. As this article could be stated by her without any education at all.

Now we want to ask, could Lia Eden determine her own destiny? We intentionally ask this matter, for she was born not with the character that she owns now. She has transformed to become a totally different Lia compared to her previous character. She is not being possessed and hypnotized, for the dynamics of her reasoning is even improved and she is still normal and natural as a person, who is free to determine her stance and utterance and choices. God’s influence as well as Jibril’s upon her are guaranteed will not change, as permanent as her destiny as the Queen of Heaven.

That is not being possessed for her intelligence is sharpened during her writing. Although she is still seen unindependent when she writes down God’s Revelations, since the subject she should write can’t be written if it is only through her own thought. It is because the subject that she has to pour down is God’s Secret at His Side. Revelation is sharpened unto her until she is able to put God’s Revelation into words, even that contains knowledge that she doesn’t understands. Thus, therein it is proved the involvement of God inside her.

Thus, she continuously writes down Revelation that is focused through the concepts that I give unto her gradually and systematically. The Conception of Revelation is in God’s Hands. So we always direct her to be able to write the concepted subject, thus actually the public could see how God descends down His Guidance per concept through Lia Eden’s handwriting. Thus Lia Eden needs not to involve in thinking of any concept.

Thus, she is always contented upon all holy programs that she bears. And that is the true happiness for human being who is chosen as God’s Messenger. It is impossible that she feels forced to carry out concepted virtuousness. If the true happiness that she feels actually could be relied not by herself, then certainly there is another power that could make her feel that way. A precision of the destiny of a nature as God’s Messenger we are explaining.

Thus, what she writes is merely God’s Revelation that gives her true happiness. Man must be willing to admit that God Who determines the destiny of Lia Eden, as God is The Most Determining of the destiny of all His Creations. Thus, God, the Creator of all destinies.

If the destiny of all people in this world is varies, there is none that identical, even the destiny of twins is not the same, how vary the fate and destiny are. Just for that reason, certainly there is a systematical law that must be meticulously just.  If that so, certainly there is God Who is The Most Regulating of all creatures’ destiny in the universe justly and meticulously.

Lia Eden never expects that she would bear such destiny which very much glorifies her. Should she realize of her destiny as the Queen of Heaven, she still feels not certain and thinks that she is not worth enough to be given with such noble destiny. Whereas she finished not her Senior High School, thus actually she graduated only from Junior High School. And it was in the era of 1960s. And in the past, she never paid any attention to all diciplines and she is not a writer either.

Now, she is 68 years old, she is very forgetful and senile, and she often has to lie down due to her sickness, as it is the total redemption for all her karmas. And she is also burdened by the sacred and the sacrosanct of the destiny that she bears, and all at once it is her purification that is indeed very long and heavy. Thus actually, within herself there is nothing that she can relied on. When now she succeeds in documenting God’s Words, which soon will be released to the world, thus she can prove the Real Existence of God.  Thus, God truly exists.

For the researchers, Lia Eden can be treated as the icon of the research of Proving God, for through her, the way we work to direct God’s Words unto her could be observed. And the Messengers of Eden who accompany her could testify for it.  Thereof, all that are related to the object of research to prove the existence or non-existence of God, it is not too important anymore since the evidence of the existence of God could be watched through Lia Eden’s life, as the subjects that she writes have mentioned God’s Answer and His Guidance, which is clear, complete and perfect.

The daily life of Lia Eden amidst Eden Community will become an important spiritual study, for God’s Role is attached on her and in her daily activities. And we deliberately pour it down as part of the subjects in Eden’s Discourse. So the public could enjoy God’s Teaching and Guidance unto her. Website KomunitasEden.com becomes the media of the pouring down of God’s Revelations. And all subjects inside the web, Lia Eden who wrote them. And it is enclosed with documentation of Eden’s activities. Thus, in the future all documentations of Eden seen in Eden’s website could be rendered as modern spiritual perspective and the perspective of how God descends down His Revelation in Eden.

And even it is stated the note of God’s Communication with her and Jibril’s daily communication with her, those are free to be studied for actually Jibril likes humour. Lia and her fellows in Eden often double up with laughter by Jibril’s humour that is unique. That is the distinctive cross nature humour. This matter certainly is unpredicatable and unexpected by all people that in fact the Archangel Jibril is funny.

As for the subject of Jibril’s humour, it is not recorded in Eden’s Discourse nor documented. And Jibril’s sense of humour has become daily entertainment in Eden. And I deliberately manifest my humour to become an object of a cross nature and united in the scenario of Jibril’s humour. Certainly Jibril’s humour is full of messages.

I suggest do not be friend with the devil, for mingling with the angels is more enjoyable. For angel could make a joke. If Jibril is making a joke, other people could see how Jibril’s character is very different with Lia Eden’s personality. While Jibril makes a joke, and Lia Eden could not stand to hold her laughter she is doubling up with laughter whilst she utters the Jibril’s funny words.

Such scene occurs daily in Eden, and it has been their daily amusement. And mark that as a fresh and holy amusement in Heaven, a close and transparent relationship between angels and men, and God’s Communication which is transparent in Eden. That is the sign that Heaven exists on this earth. And that is the evidence that God do exists.

Whilst on the other side, there is an activity of Hell recorded by human consciously. And it is not stated as perverted and misled. What’s going on? Reputedly, that is what we need to explain, that Hell is clearly exists. Thus it is silly if one wants not Heaven, moreover when stating we are perverted and mislead, whereas we are busy disseminating God’s Direction and real truthfulness from Him. And it is silly if one considers us as an enemy, for we are the angels who are intentionally descended down by God to help human being.

If we could speak and could be heard by all people, then what is the difference between human and us? Human being could never see the shape of angel, but could hear the angel’s voice within his conscience. The voice of angel will be heard more clearly when God has appointed His Messenger from human race. That is the presence of Lia Eden who are accompanied by Jibril.

But why everything that we deliver is considered as bullshit and perversion? Why human also prefers to watch Hell’s show? That is also what we must explain. Is it their truth is better than ours? Verily, the truth of the people who accuse us perverted is not clearer than ours.

Publication of devil through people who like horror, it could be more acceptable since it is the conjunction of sins and there is no subjugation upon the stimulation of sins done by the people who tend to enjoy sins.

There is a world of supernatural on the television become an entertainment, for it is designed in such a way as an entertainment style. The spirit creature appears transparently but full of mystery, which makes it more exciting, because it is responded by the supernatural actor with his typical-mystic-presenter-style. As if the world of mystic in reality is such that way. It represents not the real world of spirit, and the impression that is clearly shown is more on commercial side and the show of selfishness of the supernaturals who trumps up the show. Manipulation of trick and misleading by the spell used becomes the new trend of idolatry.

That is the devils’ character, always smart in making tricks of perversion. Now, their perversion uses scientific language, use not horrific language any longer. Whereas at the end the devils’ misdirection will still be horror.

So men are tricked and they suspect not that such programs are actually an expansion of the devils or Hell, as it also affirms idolatry in human’s world. Character and performance of devils become part of entertainment. That is Hell in human’s world, and men realize not for they have rendered it just as an entertainment.

Does prostitution practitioner give not enough impression as the phenomenon of the devil’s world? Pretty women peddle herself and seen not as devils’ who peddle their temptation. However, that is the world of devil. Actually the devil could appear not only in horror, but could also appear beautiful and handsome.

In fact, it is the devil’s gene inside human that is taking the role actively in dispersing man into the devils’s world through a game that tries to enter the spirit’s world. Playing the game of ‘jailangkung’ (calling the spirit to perfom some acts) or looking for an evidence of an appearance of a spirit creature, have been recorded through the show of mystical program on the television, which have many fans.

Daily aspects of human’s life now have already been filled with incidents of horror, why do you add it deliberately with a horror entertainment? At this time, the angel’s gene has no power upon the revolution of the devil’s gene since human being indeed likes the mystery of horror and likes to commit sin.

The world is truly upside down, confession of Lia regarding the coming of Jibril is not responded well and enthusiastically, even conversely it has been reviled and mocked. But on the contrary, people welcome the devils who bring all their anesthesia devices that inebriate man.