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Revelation received by Lia Eden couldn’t be licensed, since God’s selection toward His Messenger is solely God’s Prerogative. However, science could try studying the way of the descending down of Revelation through Lia Eden’s activity in writing down God’s Revelation.

Revelation that is broadcastedt through KomunitasEden.com website could be used as a study of the descent down of Revelation. For whatever has been written and uploaded to the website actually those are pages of Revelation that have been descended down to Eden. Every title is God’s Highlight. And God descends down His His Revelation aligns with whatever he is emphasizing. And in general it is the problems faced by Eden and important problems in the world.

If in the past the Revelation received by the former prophets, it can’t be observed anymore. As for now, Lia Eden is still alive and receives dense God’s Revelations intensely. Thus, actually human beings in this era don’t refute the existence of God’s Revelation and it is better to welcome God’s Revelation with gratefulness.

Not only that, the science of God’s Miracle could be compared with the mystical power of the shamans and supranaturals. Furthermore, the psychological scientists could make comparison between the specification of indigo children with people who receive the blessing of the angel’s spirit and the perfection of communication of God’s Messenger with God. It seems those three matters are similar, in one track, but actually there is a difference in qualification.

Indigo children and people who are approached by angels equally have gifted that is not commonly possessed by other people. Generally they are smart and possess distinction in their senses and supranatural power in seeing other dimensions which is unseen, possess high empathy caused by over sensitivity toward their environment.

We state that indigo children are they who receive the angel’s spirit. It is seen in two catagories, children born with the angel’s spirit and the other are they who bring angel’s instructions unto them. Their role could be indicated through prevailing phenomenon of the existence of motivator, who call people to make peace and apply the attitude of noble-minded and tawheed, and their teaching is cross religion.

Specification on Lia Eden’s self is different with those two distinctions of people who are related with angels. For Lia Eden is God’s Messenger. Every changing that Lia Eden is going through just happened after she received Revelation. She also possesses supranatural power, which is postitive and could see other dimensions that are unseen, and she becomes smart. And she becomes a person who cares upon big problems happen amidst the society and in the world, for she is obligated to write Revelation. And it is already been determined of the Archangel Jibril’s fully accompany for her. Appropriately, God’s Messenger has the authority upon the improvement of the condition in the world from God. Therefore, God facilitates her.

Supposedly the expert of neuroscience could observe the chemical changing in her brain when God says His Word unto her, then the experts will discover the real Existence of God. Observation of Lia Eden’s DNA test is possibly identify the law of reincarnation through the conjunction of the life of Lia Eden who still goes through her ancient life as Eve, Mary, Joan of Arc and R.A. Kartini.

If it would be proved, do explore it through the research that uses Lia Eden’s DNA test. Exploring the information of those people’s DNA, who are stated as the figures whose spirit aligns with the spirit of lia Eden, can be used as a mean to identify the spirit of Lia Eden. And it needs to be confirmed scientifically by DNA expert and archeologist

If in fact it could be conducted, the certainty of the law of reincarnation will be accepted by all adherents. Thus, it is expected that the identification of Lia Eden’s DNA test with the figures whose spirits are related to her may be done. Such is our explanation could be regarded as concrete explanation from God upon the law of spirit regulation and the law of reincarnation If the DNA and genetics experts test her DNA, they will find her DNA has correlation with the DNA of Eve, Mary, Joan of Arch and RA Kartini. Thus, this field of science will enrich the elaboration of the knowledge of genetics and DNA.

And exploring that science is allowed to be openly studied and God allows Lia Eden’s DNA to be tested. This My Explanation is a chance to enjoy the existence of God through the existence of Lia Eden as God’s Messenger.

If it is needed by the research on the accuracy of the law of reincarnation through identification of Lia Eden’s DNA in connection with R.A kartini, it could be established, since Kartini’s grave still exists in Rembang. The extension study of Lia Eden’s DNA will develop the history of R.A Kartini who later on becomes the Queen of Heaven. This proposal could be started through Lia Eden’s DNA test as God has given His permission and that we have suggested. However, there is one thing that connects both of them, that is the title of R.A Kartini book is “  (After Darkness Raise the Light). Now Lia Eden is striving for to factualize Kartini’s dream, that is out from dark phases toward the light phases.

And DNA test for the others might be not easty to be done, considering the graves of Eve, Mary and Joan of Arc are not definitely known. However, we need to inform that truly the adjustment of Lia’ DNA and Eve could be done through research upon the ancient human’s fossil that could be found in Indonesia, as we stated Eden Garden, the place of the creation of Adam and Eve is in Indonesia. Thus, it is very much possible that Eve’s fossil could be found in Indonesian territory.

3640402_origThe result of Stephen Oppenheimer’s research from University of Oxford, a genetics expert in his book ‘Eden in the East’ and Arysio Santos, a geologist and nuclear physicists from Brazil, in his book Atlantis, both concluded that the location of Eden is in Indonesia. The conclusion from the result of those two researchers is that Indonesia is the real location of Eden. And we affirm that.

As for the interest of those two researchers on Eden location in Indonesia, certainly it is God Who directs their interest to find the trace of the ancient Eden. Therefore, it becomes a scientific writing about ancient Eden in Indonesia. And then it could be explained as a theory that Heaven which has ever existed when it descends back, it should have connection between the first and the last one.  If it isn’t such that, Heaven comes not from the real truth of God.

51xU3kvxxfL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_From that postulate God likens Stephen Oppenheimer and Arysio Santos as the researchers that He anoints, so through their scientific researches, they could produce a book that concluded the location of ancient Eden is in Indonesia, which scientifically those researches are guaranteed.

From the intersection of those two researches that are different in the field, those researches explain that God wills the testimony of those two experts with one interest, though the field is different. The accuracy of Heaven in Indonesia should also involve scientific researches from two scientists who come from different field and they are not together in the searching process. It proves that God who moves their interest to give their testimony through their own expertists.

Thus, the conclusion of their research we render also as the subject of review to explore deeper about the first Heaven of Eden. It is the proper result of science research that could be related to the recent Heaven of Eden.

Actually, the focus of hope to get the certainty of law of reincarnation through the flow of reincarnation in Eve’s life until Lia Eden’s, its verification could be sought. For God surely will facilitate the research. That matter will also represent the existence of ancient Eden and the recent Eden in Indonesia. The repetition to place Heaven in Indonesian territory, that is a form of the establishment of God’s Law related to the philosophy of Heaven that should be enacted back in the original place.

Dari halaman 61, buku Prof. Arysio Santos, Geolog & Fisikawan Nuklir Brazil

From the book “Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found” by Prof Arysio Santos, page 61.

Therefore, we allow to conduct a DNA test to Lia Eden to be used when it is needed for cross-checking with Eve’s fossil should later it is found, whenever there is a party who is concern with that matter.

The Archangel Jibril when he comes, he will explain how to find Eve’s fossil, for it is important to prove the relation of those two Heaven of Eden. And it is also useful to affirm and deepening the genetics and archeology, and especially to reveal the secret of Heaven in this world for the sake of spiritual review, when we refute that Heaven is in the hereafter.

The Muslims don’t believe in Law of Reincarnation, but we have also stated that Abdul Rachman who resides in Eden is the reincarnation of the Prophet Muhammad. The similarity of Abdul Rachman’s DNA could be studied with Prophet Muhammad’s DNA who are still in his grave. Therefore, no one could ever doubt anymore that Abdul Rachman is the reincarnation of Prophet Muhammad.

As for the research of seeking for God by the scientists raised in film ‘Proving God’, we consider it will be more convincing if they also do a research about Heaven of Eden through searching for the fossil of Eve in Indonesia, until the destiny of the first Heaven is related to the recent one. Therefore, they could find the evidence of the existence of God convincingly. Seeking for God through the scientific research needs not to do too far, for now Heaven exists in this worl and there is Lia Eden, who always communicates with God.

Knowing God could be through the way to know the transcendental relationship of Lia Eden with God. This transcendental communication is sharpened through the needle pricking therapy on several points on Lia Eden’s head, precisely on her head, at frontal lobe.

Thus, we stated that part of the brain, frontal lobe, is the center of intelligence nerve. Sharpening the intelligence to receive Revelation inevitably involves the miracle that the blessing of intelligence from God could be given as much as He Will, but it is also proved that the smoothness of intelligence is also through activating the nerves of frontal lobe.

Thus, scientist could watch how God absorbs intelligence which is abstract unto His Messenger. However, in fact the dispersion is still through a therapy. And this reality is God’s postulate of law upon His Blessing unto His Messenger that when the holiness of His Messenger has been able to be utilized to deliver God’s Fatawas regarding His Court of Justice and new knowledge from God, thus the blessing of intelligence which is abstract could be dispersed into the body of His Messenger.

If such theory and articles of God’s Law in improving someone intelligence is known by the public, then many human beings obviously want to be sanctified for the sake of receiving intelligence from God.

The therapy on frontal lobe nerves makes Lia Eden is able to write down difficult subjects that she doesn’t understand. That is the reason we should make Lia smart so she can write down God’s Revelations that are difficult to be understood by her and which she had never known at all. Due to her commonness, thus we should improve her intelligence.

Therefore, actually her intelligence improves when she is already in her elderly, which at this age one’s intelligence is supposed to be dropping.  Thus, for the sake of improving her intelligence she is given needle puncture therapy on her forehead too, thus she has two lines mark on her forehead.

But, regarding that matter there is a prophecy about the mark on someone’s forehead, prophesied in the Holy Bible Chapter Revelation 22 verse 4 as follows:

And they will see His Face, and His Name will be written on their foreheads”.

The above verse is just a very short sentence that is hard to be interpreted. Who has the mark on their forehead? And it could be meant as able to see God’s Face and God’s Name.

Verily, if the secret of that verse would be revealed, thus the explanation will be long and winding for the sake of accessing the whole content and the scale of calculation that is universewide in the embracement that is already prophesied. Since it has been prophesied that the mark on her forehead explains God’s Shape and God’s Name.

God the Greatest should be able to be explained philosophically and through the characteristic of popular science. But Lia Eden doesn’t need detailed scientific knowledge. It is just enough through philosophy that given to her, then she takes a step to look for the implication of the intended knowledge sequence and adjust it with the philosophy that she has already known.

Thus, the explanation is not deep but it fulfills the essential level. The shape of God is Spherical and Enormous, thereof the origin of the Name of God, Allahu Akbar. Thus, that is what meant in the Holy Bible Chapter Revelation 22 verse 4. As for scientific explanation that as much as it could is written by Lia Eden in the Revelation that she should written should fulfill the related scientific method. Therefore, we teach her equations that she could write to be paragraphs that the elucidation is not deep, but interpret the essence of the subject that we reveal unto her honestly.

Scientific terminologies could be found from the internet upon our direction. As for the new knowledge from God, it is impossible to free her using the existing theories and formulations. Since by seeing scientists’ opinions and theories as well as their formulations, she will get more difficulties to adapt God’s Will unto her, and she becomes more unsure on how to bring forth God’s explanation informed to her, thus we make limitation upon opened references from the internet, in order she consolidates herself with the essence of what is being revealed unto her. Thus she could only conclude what God commands her to be written.

Her thinking can’t be bias by so many sciences available in the internet.  Therefore, God makes her among those who are technology illiterate. She is not allowed by God to receive any call or make a call. Thus, she doesn’t have a mobile phone. She can’t use computer, laptop, gadget, and so forth. All of God’s Revelations are written by her own hand. Thus, we simplify her knowledge and ability to use technological products.

From her commonness upon everything we could shape her and direct whatever God wants upon her.

Indeed it isn’t her obligation to specify the scientific explanation related to God’s Shape which is Spherical, therefore we guide her to know something through simple way. That is through the Orange Theory that cuts an orange into two parts on its center. By that way we could ensure the theory that she writes could already be understood by the scientists who could already acquired a very valuable conclusion from God, which is delivered by Lia Eden who is lack in all field of knowledge, except art.

Thus, it is what meant in that verse regarding God’s Shape which is Spherical and not abstract. And it is related to the absoluteness of the shape of the Most Globality of God and the existence of God’s Name, Whose His Greatest should be made absolute. It is because the utilization of the name of God, Allahu Akbar now has been misled. It is used as a call to do an action upon something. Especially what God dislike is when the words Allahu Akbar is used to attack moreover if it involves slaughter in the attack.

And Lia Eden is the one whom is allowed to write His Shape and write the description of God’s Name, Allahu Akbar by writing down God’s Explanation unto her regarding His Shape which is Spherical and The Greatest. Such is that the mark of two lines on her forehead is interpreted as her destiny that has been prophesied in the Holy Bible Chapter Revelation 22 verse 4.

Related to her writing about God’s Shape that is the Most Global, it is adjusted to be God’s Answer for the searching of the scientists who are busy to look for the evidence of the existence of God. Proving God has become a science film that is broadcasted by History Channel, and part of God’s anwer we have documented and released. God judges it is needed to answer the science film Proving God, since God considers it is important, seeing that among the scientiests many of them are atheists.

It is because in the end times a tendency shown by modern man is to be atheist or agnostic. So is the statement of God’s Shape, which is Spherical and The Most Immense of His Globality, it is intended to answer the prominent question in the world of science and spiritual in this century.

The researchers who actively look for God that were filmed in the movie called “Proving God”, generally they are scientists from the West and amongst them are secular and atheist scientists. Unto them this verse is intended, be known the character of God’s Revelations for the Holy Book as written by Lia Eden, God’s Messenger in this century.

And we have explained about her who possesses not any knowledge of science and physics, but God’s Negation toward Big Bang theory is able to be written by her. So is straightening explanation made by God in the answer for the research of Proving God. In God’s Negation, God explains that His Shape that is spherical the Most Global, since it is within God’s Greatness of Globality embraces all the universal objects. Thus, we have explained God’s Shape and His Name Who is The Greatest, Allahu Akbar.

As written in Chapter Revelation 22 verse 4, And they will see His Face, and His Name will be written on their foreheads”, thus God’s Shape or God’s Face Who is the Most Global is expressed through her writing, and the universal logic concluded through the simple theory that is through the simpleness of the Orange Theory which were cut in half by her. It is done since we would make her able to get a conclusion from the most embracement about the universe that she totally understands not by something simple, that is through cutting the orange into half.

Such is she braces up herself to write the negation of Big Bang theory that we consider still premature. And this God’s explanation could represent the implied meaning of that verse as stated:  And they will see His face, and His name will be written on their foreheads”.

Such is, Chapter Revelation 22 verse 4 prophesied what has been written by Lia Eden now could answer the question in Proving God. If you wish to believe the existence of God to materialize, read what has been written by Lia Eden who has the mark on her forehead. And that mark is appeared since she always have needle puncture therapy on her forehead so she would be able to receive heavy and difficult explanations said by God unto her. And it means making her more intelligent is also done through empirical evidence that brain nerves on the part of frontal lobe is activated just by utilizing needle puncture therapy.

Such is also her nerves in Parietal Lobe part is activated by needle puncture therapy as well, that the side of Parietal Lobe of the brain is the position of the spirit coordinates in human’s body. The needle puncture on certain parts, it could stream out the angel’s miraculous energy, thus the angel’s energy flow becomes the blessing of activating certain component of the nerves, which is beneficial to loosen the blood flows that slows down due to the age.

Therefore ever since Lia Eden began her destiny, it is specifically for her to get a needle puncture therapy on the part of spirit coordinates in her brain, the nerves on Parietal Lobe of the brain is intentionally strengthened through that way. The benefit is to make Lia Eden’s spirit accustomed to be raised and enter the spirit world, so she understands the systematics of the life of spirit nature, and she would be able to write laws in the spirit nature. Therefrom she obtains the sharpened divinatory views.

Thus, she has endurance ability to think about the challenge upon everything that hampers her. Such is her courage to undergo the heavy dangers is also sharpened for she could always read all conditions well. Hence, inside Lia Eden’s body, the function of her brain nerves on that part should be increased so the sensitivity ability of her spirit upon all inputs will always be perfectly digested by her.

And her spirit could wander to the nature of spirit whenever is heeded thus she could communicate with whatever spirit creature without any disturbance or being possessed or misled. It is understood since the spirit creature, her unseen enemy, is able to manage all people’s minds to be perverted. Anticipation upon such incidence makes her continuously should be given therapy precisely on the part of spirit coordinates.

Thus, for many years everyday she has undergone needle puncture therapy on the position of her parietal lobe that makes her perfectly endure the light or heavy hallucination. It means she will never be possessed by the devil although the devil desperately wants her to totally fail in carrying out her responsibility in establishing Heaven and Kingdom of God.