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PregnancyBy calculating the retribution of karma upon everyone, God places his spirit on a mother’s womb, which the fate of the baby in the future alligns with his parents’ line of fortune. Therefore, there is a baby born in the world by the parents who live in deprivation. However, there is a baby born from established and noble parents.

Prince William and Kate Middleton held their newborn baby and saluted by the people who intentionally gathered waiting for the couple to come out from the hospital. The happy life of the baby Charlotte Elizabeth Diana in the milieu of British Royal Family is certainly because she deserves to be born in Buckingham Palace, for she is the reincarnation of Princess Diana.


Thus indeed instinctively, without realizing it both of her parents give the name to the baby the same as her spirit identity, that is Lady Diana. Thus, the name of Diana was given not by coincidental, but it was inspired so it is easy for us to explain the law of reincarnation. Truly the blessing of God’s Mercy or God’s Retribution corresponds with the virtuousness or transgression that is very much relative in kind and level.

How many and how vary are the spirits in the universe? But God is capable to sort the spirit of nature and human, or flora’s and fauna’s spirits, as well as angel’s and devil’s spirits. The stipulation of each fate will be left unto God. Becoming a human is to be a creature with high dignity, for being a human someone could become noble and honored.

Now human could analyze information from DNA test. Every organism possesses Fetus-DNA-Cord-Babygenome, which contains biological information needed to construct his body, and to maintain his life, as well as to be passed down to the next generation.

From a number of complex interactions of the nucleotides order, the component of nucleic acid are utilized to create all proteins in an organism at a suitable time and place. This protein becomes the body-forming component of organism or it has also a capability to create the body-forming component itself or to force the metabolism reaction that is needed in order to be alive.

Genome in the genetics and modern molecular biology is the whole genetic information owned by a cell or organism. Whilst functionally, genome could be divided into genes.  Furthermore, now modern man could learn the law of karma through the typology of gene and DNA and genome as well, for science has been able to reveal the existence of a gene that is called by the scientists as God’s Gene. However, this term considers not God as sacred. The Oneness and Omnipotence of God could not be verbalized diffusing into the science of molecular biology.

The entire God’s creations receive spirits from God so they live or have a role in life within the universe (the characters of the objects). However, human is not instantly could say that there is “God’s Gene” in human, for God cannot be personalized. When observation upon someone’s gene detects “God’s Gene” is more dominant on him, then he could be considered as the personification of God. God Who is The Most Greatness of Every Greatness is impossible to be personalized through something that is countable and personified just by a theory of human.

Establishment of a theory, don’t be interpreted as that theory has fulfilled the principle of perfection. Humans always possess knowledge limitation and incomplete estimation. Scientific perfection could only be perfect when there is a unification and conjunction from the result of complete findings. And every branch of science that is incorporated in a theory, that is also already tested completely. And that achievement is mainly a blessing from God, that is if the experts penetrate not their science unto the real authenticity of God. Certainly if the existence of God The Almighty is not appreciates,  He will show the harms of that science.

Jesus is venerated as God due to his miracle and his adherents’s love unto him. Gene personification is not proper to involve the Name of God. Jesus alone has been declared as God, for he has been stated as the only son of God. And if God has informed His Spherical Shape and He is the Most Greatness, within His Most Global He embraces the whole universal objects, which the amount of them are uncountable, thus is it proper that God has a wife and a son? The interpretation of God’s children is because this predicate used by God to utter His love unto His Messengers and unto the people who are faithful to Him. It is just an expression to regard the holiness upon a person who is elected as His Prophet.

On the contrary, God Who bless someone with miracle and nobleness, absolutely because he is streamed by God’s Spirit, thus when God chooses him as His Messenger, the volume of God’s Spirit flow unto him is enlarged so His Messenger could relate His Revelations unto human world.

Thus, truly God’s Messenger has miracle and glorified by his adherents, in fact mainly because God sincerely provides greater quantity of His Spirit’s flow, which is more specific, and He is willing to bestow His Miracle. Without it, someone is nobody. Thus, through our explanation, we would make humans realize about ego upon religion and absolute idolization upon God’s Prophets.

The connection of spirits fastens His Creatures with God. However, human’s gene could not be stated contains God’s gene. If it would be postulated, thus the scientiests should think if there is God’s gene inside human’s body, how could happen a curse unto damned human?  God impossibly would curse a human who has gene of Himself inside human’s body. Thus, a curse on someone could be considered as God curse part of Himself.

Whereas if God’s Gene could be indicated, surely the devil’s gene inside human could also be indicated. What is God’s purpose competing His Gene with the devils’ gene? Contamination of good gene by evil gene could mean God’s Gene is defeated by the devil’s gene. That cannot happen!

No matter how valuable, Divine values should not be mixed in science terminology so the flow of science interferes not God’s Most Sacredness. Human’s accursed unto God is difficult to be weired if it is through the elegi of the cursed of scientist, moreover if their knowledge has been regarded as the establishment by science society. Whilst they don’t understand the curse upon infidelity unto God through science. What they know is just someone discovers a new finding, which is dangerous or mislead, or the science is impeded and causes science dilemmatic.

Many people are proud of their scientific finding, but only a few findings that could be established. And from the few that have been established some are questioned due to its dilemma or huge harms resulted from its awry condition. Such as the finding of dynamite by Alfred Nobel which is useful to open a mining land.  When it develops to be a nuclear bomb, some people still consider it as useful for the sake of the supremacy of weaponry forces.  Thus, many countries have already had nuclear bomb in order to be respected by other nations. That is the recent scientific problematic. But the earth now is going through a doomsday process, it is caused by nuclear bomb experiments and the prevailing terrorism which use bomb.

Such is science should be balanced with spiritualism that could bring modern human to believe and have faith in God. Verily, the more advance the armaments, it could be ensured it is the product of the devil’s guidance. For God loathes war, thus surely that knowledge isn’t God’s Blessing. Hence, it is better that the scientists choose their scientific path that brings benefit for human, for truly God is The Most Generous upon His knowledge and the development of His knowledge, and certainly God wishes for human civilization to soar highly.

Thus, don’t doubt this new knowledge from God is blessed by Him. It is better that the scientists choose to follow the information of this God’s Guidance, so science could be directed into its perfection and contains not any harm.