Gudeg was just mediocre for me before, until I found  ‘gudeg Bude’ at Pasar Kaget (a market that only open for a very limited hours a day in the morning). In Senen area there are lots of traditional markets, one of them is Poncol market. I like to eat side food and love to look for a place of good and cheap side food.

Long before that, I once thought why in Jakarta there are many places that sell side foods, which are not too good yet the price is quite high. I once lived in Surabaya and for a while stayed in Malang. In East Java, there are lots of street-foods that I like and they are cheap. If I go to Surabaya or Malang, I always buy side food. I love East Java food, for besides it is good, it also cheap.

In Malang, we called the cwi mie (typical noodle soup from Malang city) vendor who positioned at Ijen street, to bring his cart to the place we stayed. At that time, for the entire occupants in the house we only spent Rp. 50.000, since the price for a bowl was only Rp. 2.500. I am not sure how much it is now. Maybe four or five thousands per bowl. But clearly, it won’t be expensive. Looking for a cheap and such good side food in Jakarta seems non-sense.

But, do you want to know, at Poncol Market, there is a fat woman, usually called just as ‘Bude’ (auntie), her ‘gudeg’ is delicious. Eden’s members often bought me ‘auntie gudeg’. Complete ‘gudeg’ consists of one piece of chicken wing, a pinch of ‘gudeg’, a pinch of ‘krecek’, a pinch of cassava leaves, the price is only Rp. 7.000. if you order chicken thighs, add some more Rp. 1.500, so it all cost Rp. 8.500. By the way, rice is not included!. If you order with rice, it cost Rp. 10.000.

If we have a celebration, to add some menu, we order ‘auntie gudeg’. It makes the menu varies without spending too much money. The ‘krecek’ is awesome.


But what I want to write here is that her sincerity in selling her food. Just imagine, when the price of beef-meat has risen up, so is chicken, she keeps the price of Rp. 7.000. Because we are her loyal customer, sometimes she even adds some more vegetables.

Until recently I found out that we still pay for Rp. 7.000 for the complete ‘gudeg’, I shake my head. In Jakarta, there is ‘gudeg’ and the price is only Rp. 7.000? And it is amazingly delicious!
Then I think, such poor person, she is still sincere in selling her food. And when I think of the rich businesswomen and become socialite, could they be equal with the ‘auntie’ in terms of sincerity in selling their merchandize, consistently just taking small amount of profit from the merchandize that are loved by many people.

So, we always have to queue if we want to buy her ‘gudeg’. In my opinion, the ‘auntie’ is not money oriented and she is a socially concerned person. If we should categorize her, the ‘auntie’ is the socialite in Poncol market.

There is no certainty without hard work and sincerity. There is no nobility without appreciation. There is appreciation if someone doing something pleasing other people. But it is the sincerity that make it happens