Pak Rudy, Ketua RT kami

Our head of RT’s  (Neighborhood Watch) name is Mr. Rudy. He always happy if he is asked for help, he never hesitates or not willing to help. One day Peter went to his hometown. And our garbage was piling up because of the absent of Peter. Then our head of RT maybe felt uncomfortable seeing the pile of our garbage. And he tried to replace Peter. He pushed the garbage cart to the front of our house and he emptied our garbage.
Seeing that we feel awkward, why he did that. Surely because he felt responsible inside his heart and that feeling made him humbly replace Peter’s job. Without any intention, except he wanted to see his neighborhood free of a piling garbage.

We never find any head of RT who cares about our garbage that made him push the garbage cart up to the façade of our house and clean our garbage totally. If we give him tip then it is not appropriate. Then what should we give him, except our sympathy and happiness for having such good head of RT.

One day, we cook another fish and dabu-dabu for Peter. And our daughter, Sejati, looked around for Peter, from the office of RW (community watch), up to the hangout place of the security men, she couldn’t find Peter. Then she met the head of our RT, he asked: “what’s up?”

Sejati answered, “Looking for Mr. Peter to give his rice”. Rudy said, “Just give it to me, I give it to Peter later.”

The next day, when Peter went back and took away our garbage, I asked, “Do you like the fish that I gave yesterday?”.

“I like it, mam.” He answered with flat voice. “But I felt hesitate, since Mr. Rudy looked around for me bringing the rice”.

Supposedly Peter felt uncomfortable since Mr. Rudy looked around for him, now I also feel the same way thinking the sincerity of our head of RT.

What I want to write here is the typical characteristic of sincerity, when it flows through one sincerity toward another sincerity. And that sincerity answers each other and becomes touchier. And I enjoy it.

There is no sincerity that is made up. There is no kindness before sincerity rise up.