The Great Day

(Bukit Zaitun, 15 Januari 2001 – Disempurnakan di Mahoni, 15 Juli 2014)

[song lyrics]

Seems a nightmare
All of a sudden
So many insidious people on the streets
So many insolvent traders
And stunned deflation of currency
What a hot atmosphere

 Troop of companies are bankrupt
Freeze on salary of the workers
Loud is the shout of demonstrations on the streets
Then degenerate d into a free-for-all

Oo my God
Bombs are everywhere
Destroying the worship places, mosques and churches
Who’s the guilty person?
Who’s going to be written in God’s Court of Justice?

 Shame on you!
Israel and Palestine are both cursed by God
End the war, don’t wait until it becomes a world war

 This earth can’t bear anymore the loud explosions
The doomsday process is now undergoing
And will worsen when nuclear is exploded

 End the war
Doomsday has come

 Nonsense if religion isn’t to be blamed
Though it’s improper impression

 harsh doctrines, just ignore those
for it’s only imputing and disuniting
Oo my God
Bring down Your Blessings

 To inaugurate the righteousness
Oo my God, give me the cue of hope
Inspire us the revelation of The Great Day
Sure, The Revelation inspires us what happened today

 “For they are the spirit of devils
Working miracles,, which go forth
Unto the kings of the earth
And of the whole world
To gather them to the battle of that
Great day of God Almighty”

 Come Your Heaven, come Your Hell
But unite us in Your Heaven

 As so Al-Waqi’ah, The Great Event, said :
“No false will they hear therein, nor any sinful speech
But only the saying of  Salam! Salam!
And those on the Right Hand,
how fortunate will be those on the Right Hand
they will be among thornless lote-trees
And among banana trees with fruits piled one above another”

 Indeed Indonesia the tropical country is a new Heaven on earth
mentioned in this revelation

 Shame on you!
Terrorism and aggression are loathed by God
Bombs have driven people to be distraught in fear
Is it a ghoul or merciless buzzard?
It’s your own business, that ridiculous killing
Drunken of chesty wine

 But the sky roars, the thunder strikes
The volcano erupts
As the earthquake shakes
The Words of Lord and
His anger kindles us

The saint said : For God’s sake
You have to blame those blundering quarrels
Of course you are mean if you refuse to make peace

 For those lamentations, we pray
Then remember the prolonged affliction in Jerusalem
And remember when the missiles stabbed the earth

 Oh Heaven, umbrella for the holy
Bring down the fertility and saintliness
Rise up the righteousness among us
Give us the glance of hope
Bring down, bring down God’s Blessings

This is the reality of The Great Day
Thus I the Holy Spirit will come to this world
Wait for my coming to be a human

I come to adjudicate all the guilty people
Wait for me to war the devils
Heaven is open

And I saw Heaven opened and behold a white horse and he that sat upon him was called: Faithful and True. And in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

Angels come
And there is a new Heaven on earth
Come around and wipe away all the tears and sorrow
Don’t put me in Hell

Oo…oo…angels be my friends
Take me with you
Oo…oo… Moslem, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Hindus be united
Behold! Heaven is in this city, Jakarta

 Angels, angels, angels
Come down be my friends
Thanks God, Salam Eden.