Modern theology that imagines God is inside every human being and works simultaneously through a reaction, guided by a good mind and feeling, should be manifested in a softening of ego, greed and all negative characters inside one’s self.

Therefore, this holistic approach guides man to be creative in finding God’s Existence within himself. For, how could a subject of humane is missed from God’s Watching? And how could it be possible that a human exist without receiving His Spirit?

Just from that reason, supposedly it can be pondered that the Spirit of God, which exists on every human, is surely processed to be a direct channel of communication with God or vice versa, such as a connection of cellular communication.

But there is something that should be underlined, that the need of cellular communication unto God is divided into classification and capacity, which is different, heterogeneous and tiered. When God would appoint someone to be His Messenger, then the connection of His Cellular Communication is broadened to several megabytes or terabytes, depends on the capacity of authority God gives unto His Messenger.

Thus, when one would make the term of inner sensitivity (kasyaf) of God’s Prophet in current language, thus being kasyaf in the capacity of God’s Prophet can be analogized as the Prophet has a chip and receiver which is activated by God on someone whom He elects.

I, The Holy Spirit, will come to man’s world to convey that matter. For it is uncomfortable to deliver God’s Fatawa related to Abrogation of All Religions, which can be meant as denying the comfortability of worshipping in worship places, mosques, churches, temples, viharas, synagogues, and so forth. It is impossible for a man to change the way of worshipping, which has been ingrained.

When those things should be left behind or does not valid anymore, so that religious scholars and their institutions have no role in the future, there should be disappointment and despair that I should anticipate. Thus, it will not become commotion and rejection.

But God promises all religious institutions and their figures can turn their activities for the peace of all religions and actively take care of God’s Mandates, concerning sanctification for their own adherents.

And it will be coordinated with me directly. I will guide all religious leaders, who are trustworthy and willing to conduct purification through the ways that have been determined by God in Eden. Thus, the religious scholars will not lose anything, even their activities will cause peace and sanctity amidst their people and will give hope of God’s Salvation.

The concept of New Age can be used as a concoction of modern faith which is suitable for middle up to high class. Whereas the circle of mysticism and those who develop Sufism can free their memory of occult or things related with superstition by turning to heavenly mysticism, that is observing God’s technological miracle.

Thus they will find enlightenment through significant development in the recent times. Amidst moderate Muslims, who are trying to keep away from radicalism, I am sure it will be easier for them to go with the flow of the new path of their prophet.

The Discourses of Eden, which now has transformed into The Holy Book of Eden can be referred as a guidance toward unification of all religions. We believe what we present now will not be rejected any longer, for all people in this world have experienced tiresome of religious enmity, moreover the earth is experiencing the process of doomsday.