God’s Fatawa Related to the Legitimation of Pork as Halal for All

As for consuming pork, now, I have allowed Islam adherents to consume it. For other religious adherents do not forbid pork, thus, if pork is still prohibited amongst Islam adherents, then problems related to prohibition of consuming pork amongst all religious adherents will still exist.

I also bring forth this My Stipulation for the sake of anticipating the decrease of protein source from other livestock that perish due to the extreme weather changing, and also caused by the malignant viruses, which besiege this earth.

If it is not due to religious enmity, which flares up in this world, I would not state unification of religions. Thereof, I ensure that there is no other way to be in Heaven except to follow the path that I have explained.

There is only one way to Heaven, that is through unification of all religions. And legitimation of consuming pork as halal for Muslims, I emphasize it as My Stipulation. Since how could it be possible to enact unification of all religions without raising up a contradictory and sensitive issue, that is prohibition of consuming pork by Islam adherents.

Just imagine, if I have already determined there is only one religious feast day, which is in the beginning of New Year, January 1, but there is still an issue being disputed amongst My adherents during the only reception of religious feast day, that is the prohibition of consuming pork for Islam adherents.

 Thus, I direct all religious adherents to be united in celebrating international holy feast day that is universal, which is through the similarity of celebration of the Feast Day in the beginning of New Year.

Intermediation of social interaction amongst adherents in the whole world will become loosen, especially when they know I legitimate pork as halal to be consumed for all adherents. I enact this legitimation to eliminate all differences amongst religious adherents.

It is stated that each day, more animals, which the meats are consumable, are perishing due to lots of viruses that threaten animals and humans, and due to the earth’s magnetic shifting, which also cause animal mass annihilation. Therefore, legitimation to consume pork can be stated as a release due to more limitation in the availability of the source of animal protein caused by animal mass annihilation on this earth.

Moreover, I have a prerogative to annul the prohibition to consume pork. I have prohibited pork in the past since I gave the cursed spirits to pig. By declaring the fatawa that pork is halal to be consumed, I have ended on giving cursed spirits to pigs.

Verily, I forbid more to consume food obtained from corruption and manipulation, bribery and other criminal and political crime (money politic). Now I am preparing all people to sanctify themselves, thus I could salvage them. Therefore, be honest, and do not tend to dissipate in spending money just to follow hedonism, so you like to do corruption. Look for halal earnings and spend your money in a good and holy path.

Regarding the snake , I prohibit it to be consumed, for snake is a physical appearance of devil. Look at its body shape, which is creeping disgustingly and its spiteful eyes. Do not eat snake meat, for it is a cursed animal.

People who conduct vicious crimes such as mutilation killers, bombers, mafia kingpins, drugs kingpins, those all I curse to become snakes.

The influence of the cursed spirit released from pig will free Islam adherents from isolation of the international social interaction that celebrates the big feast day of New Year throughout the world. Aside from that, the legitimation to consume pork will free the Muslims from limitation to choose meat at the market. And it will also lessen the negative impact of halal labeling obligation on the package of food product.

Ulema’s Hujjah (legal argument) or principle of law, which is determined by ulema institution for halal labeling on food and beverage products, only causes the pressure to raise the production cost of imported or local food. By restricting the consumer and adding extra cost for halal labeling, it will give impact on lessening the objectivity and the quantity of trading and economic in general.

Monitoring through labelization of halal certificate has caused the institutions that handle this issue can abnegate not from obscenity of corruption. The influence of corruption is sumptuousness. And the curse of corruption is in line with crimes and adultery. Abundant of money which is easy to get, will also be easily spent by doing spree actions and then adultery will follow.

Comparing the legitimization of pork as haram and the obligation of halal labeling, which one is considered as more disgusting sin? The sin of corruption from halal labeling certificate is more massive and binding. It restricts Islam’s adherents to select only product with halal labeling, even on mineral water product. It is absurd but the force of halal labeling is massive.

The fund that is received smoothly from halal labeling, has allured other institutions, which then create fighting over the authority of halal labeling. And that is the other disadvantage.

The obligation to use halal labeling is indicated has caused the emergence of haram objects through corruption of halal labeling certification, whilst money that yields from corruption is far more haram than consuming pork. Why does anyone disregard this condition?

Verily, ending the legitimation of consuming pork as haram and unifying religious feast day, is to eliminate all harms related to various kinds of religious feast day celebrations. And centralizing the religious feast day universally will lessen a lot of futility and wastefulness.

When I have abrogated all religions, Islam adherents should adjust themselves with My Stipulation of a new spirituality that I have enacted. I have allowed pork as halal due to various important reasons, in order to prevent My adherents continually dispute the prohibition of consuming pork, while pork tastes good. So Islam adherents will have no doubt any more to use serum derives from pig enzyme.

 As for what I forbid is to consume snake meat for them all. For the cursed spirit, which previously I gave to pig and snake, now it is only snake meat that I prohibit to be consumed. For snake is the animal prototype of the manifestation of devil.

Thus I explain also, why I once have forbidden consuming pork, for the spirit of pig derived from the cursed spirit. And it is My Prerogative not to give the cursed spirit to pig any longer.

Unto all Islam adherents in the world, you better not get angry easily and raise your weapons only for disputing the issue of pork. Verily, money obtained from corruption and manipulation is more haram.

Indeed I am your Allah, Who has commanded Islam adherents to accept the legitimacy of consuming pork as halal, for it has more benefits than the harms of insisting the legitimation of pork as haram. Just as halal labeling, which is obligated, has caused corruption in the application of halal labeling. Verily, what I prioritize is to bring peace amongst all adherents and to unify all religions for the sake of My Salvation to Heaven.”