In The Name of God The Almighty And The Conqueror of The Dark and The Light

We pray unto You, My Lord, today, on 1st of July 2015. Bring the light unto our nation and let not the dark be in command anymore. God, please take pity on our nation and raise our people’s awareness upon their whole mistakes. Make them all realize that truly Your Revelations and Vows are what they have ignored and disrespected and considered not as sacred, and that have caused Your Wrath.

Those are what have caused You do the reversal, which is very heavy for our nation. You are The Most Kind, and You always turn the dark to be the light. Therefore, we plead unto you God, after this darkness, You’d be willing to bring back the light. Dear Lord, please give back our nation hopes and glory.

O My Lord, supposedly our nation would be willing to repent upon their defiance unto You, please forgive them, God. And bring down Your Help soon, my Lord. We love our country and nation, Indonesia. Hope You’d be willing to bring back the light in our beloved country. In Your Name, o my Lord, The Most Compassionate, please forgive our nation, and love them. God, please grant our mournful prayer.