Believe in God is the choice of individual’s faith, so as praying is a personal spiritual’s need. It is common if the need of enlightening and sharpening of faith depends on each individual. Focusing on prayer is back to spiritual belief and the comfortable choice of the way of praying.

We, the angels, feel disturb when the holy verses are misused, especially by bandwagon ustadzs (teachers who spread the teachings of Islam), that is people who can merely recite Quran and understand Arabic letter, but do not understand fully and comprehensively about religious teaching, but preach on various stages before the naïve public, while showing his limited knowledge, for we see how he answered the public’s questions arbitrarily, even he often gave wrong answers or gone too far in giving response.

Angels see this phenomenon in sad feeling and are very concerned to see religion and holy verses are treated as commodity to seek popularity and fortune and position in the public eyes. Support from the ulemas and their santri (religious students) becomes a pattern of hoisted political backing. Religious knowledge then changes its function, cannot bring inner peace or be as a faith sharpener for the sake of purifying oneself, instead it becomes a way to support ambitions of power. Why do we highlight this matter seriously? For, why not consider the support from ulemas as the principal issue to stop all black campaigns, which are full of calumnies?

The presence of ulemas and kyai (Islamic religious scholar) in the general election is even confusing, for they are involved in the chaos of general election and disdain each other or give positive or negative responses in accordance with whom they give their support. When the presidential candidates compete against each other, then the reasons of the ulemas are adjusted to the slogans of the candidate they have supported. The spirit of religion is pawned by itself.

Thus, God standardizes not the way of praying that should be followed so the people will not be protracted as the target of vote collection and ulema becomes the one who gain people’s vote, thus the voice of people is freely traded by the honored figures and ulemas.

As for presidential and legislative candidates’ visits to religious figures and ulemas are to seek political and vote support, and also to ask for prayer and blessing. That kind of way is done by many political figures during the period of general election.

This will surely end after the public realizes that all religions have been abrogated by God. Thus silly shamanic practices and supporting each other amongst influential religious groups are no longer needed. And general election will be clean from practices of religious disturbance. Then religious path will be clear and straight once more.

And we need to convey that God’s Miracle is related to the Declaration of the Day of God’s Power to bring forth a means that will become the evidence of The Omnipotence of God on The Day of God’s Power, which has been enacted by Him, that is the broadcast of God’s Words directly to the whole world, which will be carried out through the channel of His Miracle.

The satellite of Heaven of Eden Darussalam is equipped with two-way communication equipment to communicate between the Heaven of Eden Darussalam and all countries and nations in the world.

And God’s Revelation are broadcasted worldwide through God’s Stipulation, to make intervention and blockage of the airtime on all TV and IT channels in the whole world at the same time and simultaneously.

Therefore, this information can be understood as an early announcement so it can be heeded as a special issue. Thus, when the time comes for it to be carried out, the world society will not experience mass panic.

The fact that God speaks directly and broadcasted worldwide simultaneously, thus all people in this world is concentrated to focus on the most recent God’s Teaching, which conveyed by God through the broadcast on all Television channels in the world. And be all people throughout the world could directly know what is God’s Will and how to do answered prayers. And the path to come closer to God The Only One and His Heaven is centralized.

Thus my coming is to relieve the way of praying, making it simple and uncomplicated, not expensive and can be done by all people in their own languages without ones have to think of the more answered way of praying                      so they have to integrate with many people and be mediated by a religious leader.

The customary to gather many adherents to carry out haul (annual commemoration of the death) or zikir akbar (recitation conducted by the mass) or tabligh akbar (mass religious meeting) aiming to gather mass for some political interests are already out of date. All will be vanished naturally.

Whereas, a prayer depends only on one’s spiritual condition, so it is not appropriate to be mediated. Since a sincere solemn prayer that is filled with tears, surely is a sincere prayer.

Sincere prayer cannot possibly be mediated, let alone if the mediator is less holy due to one and other thing. The habit of commending a prayer to adherents’ leader or a prayer which is mediated by spirits of the death is surely should be replaced by direct prayer, without mediator, unto God. For I have explained the logical communication with God very clearly.

Every man is always under the threat of mind transition, no exception is the religious scholar. Interest can always cause slippage. Thus, a prayer if it is commended to other person, it promises not anything, for God has said His Words that only purity of heart and sincerity in praying will be answered by Him.

It is also true there are still many ulemas and religious leaders in all religions /such as priests, monks, Hindus’ leaders, who are holy and really focus on the implementation of their religious knowledge, and their sincere devotion unto all people as their contribution of faith unto God The Only One, Whom they love deeply. Unfortunately, seems like they are hiding themselves, so they will not be dragged away in this insane era.

Thus we call them as the holy people who are not glamorously appear amidst the public. For their humility and devotion unto God’s Teaching, which is egalitarianism, thus they are opposed to propagandize their knowledge and religious comprehension. They are consistently honest and sincere.

Unto them we respect and feel pity, for the public heeds not their presence. Since young figures in religious field now are aggressively and progressively dominating the chances of glamorization, which are yearned by their kinds who choose religious field to gain success.

Glamorization through religious world is now infatuated by people who know the society’s tradition that fond of kissing the hand of religious preachers. Thus, they are esteemed as the holy people, who are close to God, and whose prayers are always answered by God.

Now there are many bandwagon ulemas and watched by the public for they are being accused in a criminal case and starts to be adjudicated. But it is not the first. Many ulemas experience the same case. So what could we do if God focuses on ulemas’ behavior, that prominent or shallow ulemas /are no longer fearful to conduct sin intentionally only to gain material success. Thus is the trend to wear robe and hold tasbih (prayer beads) everywhere and has a thick beard is idolized by common people, whereas it is uncertain that they can be trusted.

 It is not from the fluency to speak in Arabic language and the performance utilizing Islamic attributes that can guarantee someone’s closeness to God. Whereas in fact, it is the amount of virtuousness and persistency of someone to shun away from sin, that possibly makes one’s prayer is granted.

And applied virtuousness will be rewarded to be an answered prayer. Thus, do not ever think that everything has been asked unto God will surely be answered just relying on the fulfillment of this newest God’s Stipulation. For verily God Himself also obeys His System, that every good deed will be rewarded. And the reward of good deed will be awarded as an answer to a prayer.

Say that the answered prayers will surely be recompensed only through good deeds. Thus, if you never or rarely do good deeds, do not expect your prayer will be granted by God.

Be willing to see that God is The Most Wise upon any prayer unto Him. Do not ever test God by asking Him an abstruse matter or something that is not appropriate to be given to you. Thus, be decent in your prayer. And do more good deeds for your prayer to be granted.

 And do not ever think that God will answer any prayer pleaded unto Him. Undoubtedly God is The Most Wise in answering a prayer. But one thing should be underlined that is every prayer will be answered through the way of holiness and righteousness as well as virtuousness.

I am coming to ensure the mechanism of cosmology, that every life and person in the cosmos is a continuous entity from The Embracement of God’s Spirit flown into His Creation, thus each of His creatures owns the embracement of God’s Spirit inside himself. Thus, it could be meant as the integration of all His Creatures unto God simultaneously, thus the life of universe and all God’s creatures, none is apart from The Supreme Spirit of God and is completely controlled by God The Supreme Spirit.

Hence, I explain that the spirits of all objects in the universe, from the smallest up to the largest, entirely are embraced by The Supreme Spirit of God of the universes. Any life mechanism in the universe is lived by the spirit from Him. That all embracement in the universes are totally controlled by God’s Spirit.

So the understanding of monism, pantheism and monotheism need not to be separated, for all are God’s Natures, The Almighty, The Most Caring of all things. Whatever the difference of religious mazhabs or sects should be ended, for there is a covenant of absolute monotheism should be believed that there is no ally whatsoever for God and there is no mediator whatsoever for Him.

There is no covenant for the spirits in the hereafter that they can mediate prayers unto God. All prophets, God’s Messengers, are being judged and punished by God for the mistakes made by each of their own adherents. Therefore, never consider the graves or other objects as sacred. And do not ever worship other than God. And do not cult His prophet before God.

Only One God exists, and The Most Owner of all lives in the universe and in all lives of His creatures. Nothing stands alone. All are integrated in the concept of cause and effect. There is birth and death. There is goodness and badness. There is day and night. There is truth and falseness.

All are in pairs and contradictory as the nature’s side that is created for the continuity of the universe. Those are intended to preserve the universe and the lives inside, and no one controls and takes care of all the embracement except God Himself. All of those indicate that God is The Only One and The Most Embrace of All.