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Such is the meaning of sanctification of welcoming religious great feast day  has altered to become self-imposed  dissipation, then  the good deeds for families and relatives has changed its function into forcing oneself to pay for the families’ transportation to the hometown, thus people slip to do crime.

News in mass media reports the prevalent of stealing and robbery and other crimes on the days prior to the fasting month and Eid al-Fitr. And when they were asked by the police what was the motive of their crimes, many of them answered that they were looking for money  to fund the Eid al-Fitr  and travelling to their hometowns.

And that is the fact! Thus, be understood of that as the consequences of dissipation on Eid al-Fitr and going to hometown. Therefore, the essence of holiness of religious feast day has altered, it has more harms than benefits. And the holiness of Eid al-Fitr cannot be maintained any longer.

The holy rituals then mix up with mass crimes, which  takes  the advantage of the holidays and going to hometown  as the chance to steal, rob or force oneself intentionally through whatsoever way to get the money for homecoming expenses.

Try to imagine the bustle of the ground, sea and air transportation services to fulfill the ticket demands, which raise incredibly and cannot be handled. And try to imagine the distressed of all people to go to their hometowns.

Thus, it also apply in the  management and facilitation to fulfill  the sudden increase of the home comers, which each year become unmanageable. And that condition causes the occurrence of various crimes. Thus, God  brings all people around so they could avoid such worst condition.

Hence, He blesses only one religious feast day, that is on January 1, for all adherents in this world. Therefore, all humankinds in this world at the same moment will share the love to each other, and  pray and ask for God’s Blessing all together.

Welcoming the Feast Day of New Year means to get together and wait  for God’s Words that deliberately  descended down for the celebration of the awaiting New Year, and it implies that New Year’s celebration is a very sacred worship day.

Thus, it will eliminate and replace the customary to celebrate New Year in dissipation and drinking spree. Then the earth will be full of blessings  and all humans feel cheered.

And God commands not to continue practicing fasting, and perform hajj and conduct five times prayers (sholat), as well as to celebrate the feast Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Those should be changed totally. Muslims need not to feel their communication with God is impeded if they perform not five times prayers.

If you believe it not, let’s together watch the faith turbidity of Muslims nowadays, which dispute against each other  defending their own mazhab and sect. There is no harmony, even they calumniate, intimidate, blaspheme,  and murder each other, as well as attack each other and try to dominate one another amongst their fellow Muslims.

Many Muslim countries are in troubles and fail to overcome them, and as the result many nations are involved. And it disgraces Islam as  the teaching that descended down by God.

Could you see how crowded the Muslim refugees move to various countries seeking for asylum and job as well as a new place to stay, which is safer and more promising of peacefulness and welfare, rather than in their own country?

Thus, how could Islam adherents purify their faith  if there is no way that would be accepted,  for they consider Islam as the truest religion amongst all existed religions in this world? Would you see those all as a perversion that is already too far, for Islam has become an acute world problem and cannot be overcome?

Truly, we feel  sympathetic upon the struggle of Palestinians who are persistent and pitiful. And indeed we regret the Israel troops who bombard Gaza without any mercy. Both parties, which  put the world security at stake, it cannot be denied anymore that the war between Palestine and Israel has involved many nations in this world.

Thus, also the horrible war That has happened in Syria that has also involved many countries, for the government of Bashar Al-Assad is supported by Russia, Tiongkok and Iran, while the United States and its allies worry about Syria’s condition under the government of Bashar Al-Assad and then help the warriors who fight the army of Bashar Al-Assad.

Meanwhile, the world also worries about the vicious movement of (Islamic State) in that area, which also involves many countries. Even their threats and ferociousness have already spread worldwide. Such as Islamic State’s attack unto Charlie Hebdo in France, and Islamic State’s threat toward Japan asking for high ransom to be paid for two Japanese citizens who were held as hostages.

And in fact, they ensure their viciousness by killing those two hostages. And so Japan engages in vengeance upon the Islamic State. Jordan was also shocked by the slaughter upon Jordanian pilot (namanya?) by the Islamic State. The next vicious act done by the Islamic State was the burning of 45 Iraq citizens while they were still alive. What does the Islamic State want with those cruel and sadistic actions? Except just showing the savagery and confusion of the concept of the Islam radical ideology.

Infinite is the resentment of the nations that experience disturbance by the Islamic State terrorists who arbitrarily execute their citizens. The revenge is only heading in one direction that is the world war, which is triggered by the vengeance upon terrorism.

When the hot temperature of world politic becomes more smolder due to the occurrence of the explosion of Malaysia Airlines MH17 aircraft by Ukraine separatists, which inevitably instigates scorn upon Russia, when Russia strengthens its army force and so is the US. Upon this fact, the world war seems unavoidable.  Thus, the tension between those two super-power countries is being concerned for it could instigate  the occurrence of the Third World War, considering those two countries have involved their allies of many nations in the world.

While the Block of Muslim Countries exist in the midst of political difference between the block of communist countries and the Block of Western Countries. And none of them are able to solve  the problems and make peace.

When the world is  raged by the threat of world war, it could directly cause the sharpening of geo-politic and geo-economic arena, especially related to the power competition in monopolizing the oil commodity, which is an urgent need in the whole world.

Thus, oil is a crucial commodity, for there is an assumption  that whoever wishes to dominate the world,  controls it by monopolizing the oil resources. When the world is threatened by the Third World War, then the ambition to control the oil becomes very important for a country that wants to rule over all the powers in  the world. Domination upon the oil resources is equal as   having the ability to control the world economy.

When the ambition of dominating the oil resources switches to be held by the terrorists, thus the countries that need oil will struggle to deal with terrorism.

And it could be a disaster for the world. The oil resources in Middle East, if those are taken by the terrorists, then the price of oil in the world can be predicted not. The price will be higher or lower depend on the interest of the terrorists. And their interest is the victory of terrorism. It could be assumed as a disaster for the world economy, for all countries in the world are scared of the attacks from the terrorists, particularly the Islamic State.

The fury upon Islamic State and other terrorists close not the possibility to create political deadlock upon all parties with conflicting political views, or amongst the countries that would like to protect their countries and nations from the sudden attack or just a threat by the terrorists, and political upheavals that influence the economic policies and prevention of inflation, as well as the currency exchange rate, which is open to be the betting in the dynamics of the stock market and capital markets. These conditions might be controlled by the oil mafia that will lead to economic crisis or even might reach a chaos condition.

And all countries are pensive to ponder how to rehabilitate all the systems in their countries in order not to make them as a confused or paranoid countries in facing the threats from terrorists through whatever means that could be happened.

OPEC, oil exporter countries are overwhelmed in making correction to the phenomenon of declining global oil price. The collapse of the global oil price happens due to many factors, namely political and economic aspects. In a long term, it is difficult to overcome the excessive oil production from countries that could determine the market price, such as the US and Saudi Arabia.

For the political interest is related to the friction between the US and Russia regarding the crisis of Ukraine and the concerns of Saudi Arabia about the change of power constellation in the region profit able for Iran as well as its defeat in Syria crisis, has forced Riyadh and Washington to determine together a strategy to lower the oil price in order to increase the repression against their rivals.

As for the OPEC, this organization has no power to hold their important and influential country members, whom act beyond the organization corridor and heed more personal gain. Thus OPEC has no power of institution coherency, as well as it has no power to make decisions that beneficial and just for its members.

Regarding the global economy, it is becoming dreary and exists in a confusing intersection. Global economy only relies on the US that also experiences economic depression. The drop in oil price brings positive impact upon the global economy for it will increase the economy of the oil importer countries.

However, it also creates a s market shock. The world price of oil is the indicator of the world economy, since the crude oil is very much needed to conduct economic activities. The drop in world price of oil has negative impact on the stock returns of mining sector. If the price of energy is declining, it reflects the weakening of the global economic recovery. With the slowdown of global economy, this situation will affect the decrease in money market and capital market of the world.

Considering the threat of terrorism and Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, and the vicious Boko Haram, that every time always raises issues of new atrocities in various countries, particularly the Islamic State and Al Qaeda, while they also play a role in the oil price, capital market and stock exchange.

Therefore, it could be imagined the chaos of the world economy. It is no more than the direction of the metamorphosis of terrorism conjunction to force their will. Terrorism is correlated with Islam as the religion of the terrorists.

Thus God is securing Islam from the deteriorating image by enacting the abrogation of all religions and unification of all religions, for the sake of decreasing the world’s problems that threaten the occurrence of third world war.

Thus, we feel sorry for all the war tragedies in this world, for at the end it will only cause suffering for all people in the world.  Since in this period of time, all mechanism are embraced in the mechanism of globalization.

Thus, all impacts will have influence on each other upon all countries, moreover the impacts of doomsday process are still undergoing. Therefore, whoever involves in the world waris surely within God’s Curse.

From all kinds of the causes of war, the one that is most loathed by God is war in the name of religion. since actually, it is the religious teaching that  supposed to be used completely to bring serenity and peace to all conflicts and enmities.

When the world is besieged by various wars in the name of religion and Muslims are found as the  party that involved in the majority of wars in this world, thus God blames Islam adherents.

Thus, when Muslim would like to know God’s Judgement upon the deeds of Islam adherents in this world, and I state that Muslims are positioned by God as the guilty adherents so they are unworthy to be defended by God.

We need to convey a flashback regarding the curse of Jewish in the past  to be compared with the curse of Muslims in this present time, that the Jewish once was stranded without possessing any country and had experienced genocide.

If Muslims now are in the position as Jewish in the past, mirror on the fate of Jewish in the past when they received the curse from God for they were bragging their religion and crucified Jesus.

Thus,  the fate of Jewish in the past is now experienced by Muslims who also boast of their religion, so they are involved in many hostilities and wars, which their demands are in the name of their religion.

And the most fatal of Muslim’s stance is they unintentionally  have defied God Whom they love, for they have rejected and tyrannized God’s Messenger in this era.

That action cannot only be categorized as blasphemy upon God’s Messenger, but also the impediment of God’s Help for all the inhabitants of this earth , when the process of doomsday be falls on this earth.  Moreover, Muslims have rejected Heaven when God would like to establish it on this earth.

And is there any defiance as severe as that by God’s side in all ages? Only in this era exists such severe defiance and accurst. Since by God’s side, the blessing of Heaven for human beings is the truest covenant amongst all  of His Covenants unto all human beings.

And regarding the absoluteness of Heaven in God’s Covenant for all religions, it is the highest covenant. And when it is rejected,  is there any other covenant could be made to cleanse the rejection upon Heaven and oppression upon His Messenger,  whom He asks to declare His Heaven?

Is there any covenant could be enacted by Islam adherents unto God to claim that their rejection is not done by Islam adherents? Whereas, it is obvious that Islam adherent scame forward to attack and defame the Messengers of Eden,  who are declaring Heaven and His Kingdom.

Thus,  God’s Curse upon Islam adherents has been really experienced by them in the whole world. There is none could be done by Islam adherents for the rising and unification of Islam, let alone the victory of Islam.

Now, is there any sin that is more serious than the sin that has been done by Islam adherents in Indonesia? And when the war between Palestine and Israel cannot be stopped,   then will God defend one of them?

If it is impossible to defend both of them,  and if it is what God should respond, considering the Jewish and Muslim are both the adherents of Allah,  thus surely there will be no result.

God’s defense is surely through the choice upon the party who has fewer mistakes, since there is no party who has no mistake. If it should be stated by God,  thus surely God explains all matters related to religious problems before He decided to abrogate all religions and determine the solution for all religious adherents.

And when God wishes to state His Solution in detail one by one, thus the Jewish’s mistakes will be detailed, thus is also the mistakes of Islam adherents.

Whereas the mistakes of Islam adherents are for conducting destruction and disorder as well as tyranny,  which have encompassed many nations in this world, and have caused difficulties in creating world peace.

The threat from Muslims is worried by all nations in this world. And such issue could be measured surpassing the level of Jewish’s threat worldwide. The Israel war is only unto Palestine and its allies, and not expands to other areas.

Verily God hates wars and allies of people who fight against each other, for the hatred of one nation unto another nation has involved  other nations as well.  And that could cause world war.

Therefore, do not see God as taking side unto the Jewish and judge that God is not defending Islam.  Thus, try to see clearer upon God’s Decision to abrogate all religions and His Will to unify all religions. It is the finest and not disgraceful solution.

Whenever Islam adherents protest God’s Response and His siding toward Jewish and Western Block,  thus do not blame God if He  wishes not to give role to Islam countries in overcoming religious issues in the world.

And do not blame God if He  is not willing to make agreement with the leaders of terrorists and radical Muslim,  except they shift their religious orientation, and  are ready to neutralize their faith.

As for when we see the bombardment of Gaza territory by Israel, which is inhumane and it is watched  by the world society, indeed all people in this world watch the savagery of Israel soldiers upon Palestinians, and verily make the world mourn upon the fate of that nation.

And be this God’s Judgement is uncomfortable to be conveyed. As for God surely cannot justify Israel’s actions toward Palestine. And God can only curse both parties for Israel’s action to bombard Gaza is also caused by annoyance of Palestine’s missiles.

If one wishes not to be forced to accept justification or defense upon one of those both parties, then what we have explained is judgement from God, which has barrier with the judgement from Muslims around the world, who consider Israel’s action has violated international law of war, and Palestine is never considered as the party that occupies the right of territory of Israel upon the land occupied by Palestine as part of the territory of God’s Covenant for Israel, which its spread covers the land of Canaan, from the wilderness  and up to mount Lebanon as far as the River Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites, and to the Great Sea.

And it is God’s Command unto Joshua to take back the land of Canaan. Whilst God states that Benyamin Netanyahu is the reincarnation of Joshua, so without realizing his action, his spirit is called to carry out God’s Command.  Unfortunately, the condition now cannot be explained as what it is supposed to happen, for the weaponry in this modern era is severely vicious.

But this is the truth of the history of God’s previous Revelation and which has made Israel now appears as the nation, which is struggling to take back God’s Promised Land upon them.

Regardless of the existence of that covenant,  but this war is verily beyond humanity and it is regretted by God.  It is stated in the Holy Bible,  Chapter Joshua 1 verse 3-4,  in Sub Chapter The Lord Commands Joshua.

 The Holy Bible, Chapter Joshua 1 verse 3-4, Sub-Chapter The Lord Commands Joshua:

  1. Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you, as I said to Moses
  2. From the wilderness and this Lebanon as far as the great river, the River Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites, and to the Great Sea toward the going down of the sun,  shall be your territory.

For the sake of taking care the world peace, it is better that firstly Israelites and Palestinians should make peace. The peace will calm down all emotions and insolence, which strikes the world.

And these are God’s Words for Israelites as follows:

“Hey Israelites make peace with Palestinians, for I shall make you a new covenant. But I remind you, look at your hands that are full of Palestinians’ blood. And I show the world the sad tidings, which hurts Muslims’ hearts throughout the world. You should take responsibility  of what you have done to Palestinians before Me.
And I will conduct My Court of Justice upon everything that is related to vicious wars in this world. 

Cease bombardment in Gaza. And do not look back, and heed this covenant that I give you.  When the doomsday happens in the next few years, what is the purpose of being in war to fight over a territory?   And what is the benefit that  you are disputing over religion continuously?  I truly wish to end all conflicts,  which exist in this world.

Therefore, unto Israelites, especially to Benyamin Netanyahu and Simon Perez,  I state, end the war with Palestinians. Just give Palestine’s territory to Palestinians, so the world will be peaceful. 

And unto Israelites,  I remind you that I still have another covenant for you, that is the covenant in the Holy Bible Chapter Revelation 7,  Chapter God’s People Will be Preserved. This covenant is cited in verse 4-8.

The Holy Bible, Chapter Revelation 7  verse 4-8: 

  1. Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel.
  2. From the tribe of Judah 12,000 were sealed, from the tribe of Reuben 12,000, from the tribe of Gad 12,000,
  3. from the tribe of Asher 12,000, from the tribe of Naphtali 12,000,    from the tribe of Manasseh 12,000,
  4. from the tribe of Simeon 12,000, from the tribe of Levi 12,000,  from the tribe of Issachar 12,000,
  5. from the tribe of Zebulun 12,000, from the tribe of Joseph 12,000, from the tribe of Benjamin 12,000.  

Thus, it is better to see that My new Covenant is more beneficial for both parties and for the world, and it is the salvation from Me. As for the covenant for Israel I have cited a long time ago, but now is the time
to fulfill it. 

Thus I just open the seal now. All of the tribes that I have mentioned from Israelites as many as 144.000 people are the first ones that I give My Blessing for them  to be in the first group that I salvage to move to the new earth.

As for My Purpose is to replace the old Promised Land upon the territory of Canaan  with a new territory on the new earth. And as the consequence is  as many as the sealed 144.000 Israelites, I give them the right to be evacuated to the main outer space ship Surga Eden Darussalam, when the ship has halted  to gradually evacuate this earth’s inhabitants to the new earth.

 As for My Covenant is definitely effective  when the world is facing the gusts of vast calamities. And that condition  is already being  processed. Hence, actually this My Covenant  soon will be fulfilled nowadays”.

Thus is God’s Covenant unto Israel, whilst the war of Israel with Palestine has been going on for a very long period,  but no one has tried to remember that God’s Covenant unto Israel.

 As for the fight of Palestinians toward Israel  is not the same as the fight of Israelites in establishing their country in Israel all this time.  Long before the war with Palestine,  Israel has been in war to fight for their country’s freedom from Muslim countries in that area. Is there anybody who would deny this fact?

Try to consider the persistency of Palestine in fighting for a span of their land from Israel, and Israel’s soldiers  who fight for God’s Covenant unto Israel upon the Promised Land for Israel.

If all parties  are willing to simplify all vengeance and criticality and complexity, we offer this elucidation  to be discussed by all parties,  so all  parties could understand God’s Consideration upon all that are being disputed all this time.

All parties are disputing on something that God considers not as the right endeavor, instead God considers as stupidity  in addressing their own fight for they refuse to heed God’s Sign upon the Promised Land for Israel.

God has provided His Sign related to His Promised Land unto Israel,  that as long as the Promised Land  unto Israel has not yet fulfilled, then forever in that area would suffer from the curse. Thus,  on  that Promised Land forever will be filled with riots and wars. If this matter would be heeded, there will not be any victim dies uselessly from all parties.

Therefore, this time, the first thing to be done by God is to abrogate all religions and unify all religions,  so there  will be no more excuse to defend their own religion for God’s sake,  which then makes all parties  feel that they are the truest and are fighting for their jihad for God,  and wars spread out extensively  as if there is no ending.

This new God’s Covenant makes it  clear that the unification of all religions is more fulfilled, although its worship ritual is simpler and  easier. Be certain that this simpler and  easier ritual  is more  blessed and more fulfilled.

This God’s Stipulation inclines all religious adherents from any religion will prefer to choose worship ritual that is not complicated and not burdensome,  but easier to get answered prayer from God.

And Christians also do not need to celebrate Christmas  by expressing the memory of the birth of Jesus. Whereas, Buddhists do not need to celebrate Vesak anymore, so are Hindus no need to celebrate their feast days such as Nyepi (Day of Silence)  and Galungan (celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma).

Thus, all religious feast days are held no more from  this time  onwards, for the sake of accepting   the unification of all religions that is universal, by celebrating only one religious feast day, that is the Day to welcome the New Year, January 1. It is enough to pray anytime and anywhere whenever His adherents need His Help.

The most important is to shun away from any sin and do good deeds as much as possible, so you will be honored and your prayer will be answered by God. Say your prayer  in any kind of language for God  determines not certain language as the most accepted by Him so that He is willing to answer the prayer.

Verily, say your prayer in your own language,  for God is The Most Understanding of all languages in this world, and prioritizes not any language even God understands any local language that exists on this earth.  And indeed it greatly facilitates all people in saying their prayers.

And for God, it is a convenience for all people to pray unto Him.  And for Him, it becomes easy to show  the blessing of a prayer through the new way that He establishes today.

People who are confused with religion and  who are realistic say, “We are not only protected from religious conflicts and anarchism as well as religious intrigues,  but we are also healthy physically and spiritually.”

Thinking positively and like to conduct good deeds and believe in The Oneness of God is experienced as protection for all.  A metaphor of this personality improvement will tightly compete  with the call of jihad (holy war) for the sake of religion.

This condition then will prolong to be jihad  for the world peace and peace upon all religions.  And  that difference  without being realized, will reverberate rapidly to become new spiritual movement in the world.

Since this new teaching is not disseminated under any mission of certain religion and the crossing point  of that inspiration comes from neutral and scientific communication, thus its dissemination is easier to be accepted, included by religious people.

That New Era movement has stepped away from the foppery of religious fanaticism, which has haunted the world, but God’s Role is not avoided, rather it is rationalized to become a faith, which keeps growing and lives and moves dynamically covering the tradition of renewed metaphysics and non-fragmented spiritualism and science that can answer apocalyptic issues.

And the world is enlightened and also prevented from any religious turmoil. Theological perspective, which I bring forth related to the abrogation of all religions, but believe in The Oneness of God, is in line with the demand of New Age spiritualism.

Modern theosophy introduces better the concepts of karma and reincarnation that is justified by God as concept of justice in eternity. The followers of theosophism, mysticism that unifies the theory of metaphysics and science,  are like dryness poured by the rain.

Modern man can understand better the explanation of religion through that alternative scientific system.  The thinking concept of virtual world is entering the logic of eternity without having fear of offending religious fanaticism, since there is objectivity of UFO and alien, which is more interesting
to be discussed.

Through the theory of Relativity of Einstein, God strengthens the existence of civilization of alien creatures that in this universe there is another life, which is completely different and undetected. Thus is the relativity of life that is universe wide.

As for Quantum theory,  which is inclined toward the concept of  the unseen abstract, it can be explored through the real works of angels in the creation of crop circles, which is prominent in the concept of open millennialism. And it is implemented not only to justify the Quantum Theory, but also to complete the data of the signs of the end times.

Nature is the object of sciences, which is very complex. And God respects Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and affirms it through elucidation of universe from His Side. And Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is embraced  in God’s Stipulation,  which confirms that universe spaces do not grow without limit.

And the speed of light itself has limit. And this limit becomes the limitation of movement  for all that are presumed without limit in the scale of universe coverage. Particles in the universe interact with each other to form an object that gives a mass.  And there is a correlation between a mass and energy.  And that is the provision of the beginning of a universal object.

The heat of the sun as the absolute idealism, grows and nurtures the sustainability of development and enlargement in the universe. Since through the light and the heat of the sun,   it manifests the chemical reaction of the elements of nature, which then processed to create mass and energy.

Global rotation in the universe forms universal objects,  which adjust themselves in the globality. Hence, there is a theory that what is firstly created and its system is developed  by God is the sun and the elements of universal objects.

Chemical compound amongst universal substances and elements creates energy wave movement, and concentration of energy as well. Thereof, occurs mass formation, energy wave and energy concentration that rotate to become a vortex.

And that energy vortex creates the formation of mass manifestation to become the universal objects. Hence, the energy vortex in the universe is in accordance with the rotation of God’s Globality.

If we should match the understanding of the Holy Spirit, which is blessed by God as the bearer of His Revelations into human world, and I state that my spirit is the spirit of the sun.

Thus, God’s Stipulation upon myself is to be the enlightener of faith and spirituality, and the light and heat provider for the universe. And that is a synchronization of duty and function.

My duty is to preserve the purity of God’s Revelations. And I am the first of God’s Creation, thus I obligate to secure the revelations and keep the faith of noble God’s Creatures, and maintain the sustainability of the system of universe.  That is why my duty and authority become optimum when doomsday is found befalling on earth or other universal objects.

Such is the characteristic of God’s nature always places goodness, truthfulness, virtuousness, and holiness in the highest rank, since from those natures the balance of the nature is maintained, then peace and serenity are preserved,  as also the virtuousness and truthfulness, which then become holiness. And Heaven exists as  the center of sanctification.

Sociology of appeasement is the preservation of development and growth in a good and right manner. And those all derive from the existence of spiritual enlightenment and the radiation of the sunlight. And in the sun,  good and holy energies are united,  thus in the sun exists the world of the angels. Therefore, a perception is revealed that in the sun is the Heaven of angels.

Only absolute holiness exists in Heaven. Such is genuineness of good characters become  nobleness, which is always in balance and is never exaggerating or lacking.