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As for the existence of electromagnetic anomaly in the area of crop circle is not too special for there is a specific message that we would like to convey that those crop circles is related to mystics, and the mystical flow could be felt through the subtle electromagnetic vibrations installed on the crop circle.

Spiritual and physical refreshment could be felt in the area surrounding megalithic and crop circle, it is because God intentionally creates holistic energy there. As it is intended to be the area that soothes human beings’ feeling when positioned close to the engineered miracle of God. Thus, the hopes for God’s Help could be raised through a phenomenon of a product of God’s Miracle that is real in human’s world. Say it as a gift from God Who gives hope.

During the occurrence of the change in the earth magnetic poles, many problems happened because of the electromagnetic anomaly on this earth. That is because the magnetic polar shift is being processed. And it resulted in many problems related to the changing of human’s character caused by the pressure the energy of magnetic anomaly unto human’s nerve, thus it causes the giddy sight and decreasing of level of awareness. And such condition could suddenly attack a person who is driving, thus happens a deadly accident which could involve many vehicles.

Besides that human also easily experiences depression thus they temporary lost their senses and could handle not themselves, which cause the prevalence of brutalities and riots and insolences amidst the society.

Logical truth is hard to apply due to logical silting and reversal rationalism are the objectivity of human’s character changing caused by the pressure upon the nerves by the magnetic anomaly. Such pressure causes human to be hotheaded and his logic is shallow and easy to suffer from depression and sense of confusion.

As those all have become a fact that should be experienced by humankind in this present time. Symptoms of brutality engulf the whole world, thus what should be heeded is to calm oneself and try to take some rest when feels dizzy and stress and do not make any decision at the time one experiences such thing, for the decision could be illogical and could lead to the emergence of a problem or aggravate existing problems .

The hot weather also instigates an increase of emotion. If it is combined with giddiness and pressure on the nerves, thus people could act beyond their reasoning. If the problem of magnetic anomaly is actually the problem of all human beings in this world, so mankind needs to consider this matter seriously, for variety of serious impacts have been experienced.

I shall come to bring humans conducting observation to overcome the problem of habitat change in human’s character and to overcome the impact of magnetic anomaly. such that it could reduce the rage for war. Stop enmity and do not make war anymore. Be peaceful so we could save you.

And this is the message to engage not in war through one design concept of crop circle, by utilizing Morse code “No More War”, that we created on June 6, 2014 in Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom.

And we acknowledge the intuition of the crop circle observers who have solved the meaning of this crop circle, that it is the Morse code to stop the war. No More War.