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Supposedly one would like to know the trait and character of the Archangel Jibril, the public of the crop circle observers could see the impression of my humor, which could be indicated through ‘my naughtiness’ in placing crop circle close to the observatory, and I let the crop circle observers who wish to catch me creating the crop circle by making meticulous observation for the whole night at a place that is predicted as fantastic enough to construct a crop circle.

Knowing they have prepared everything, we even intentionally making surprise. Crop circle was constructed without being able to be detected by those all observers.

And we also smile to see them feeling disappointed losing the chance. That is also a fresh joke of the angels, it is indeed very amusing.

Smiley Crop Circle

Through crop circle we would like to state, “Hey kids, we love you”. Thus, we create this crop circle to make a joke with the children. We make smiley crop circle for them.

It is fine to once in a while make a simple and a jesting crop circle, so human being knows that the coordinates of the universe is not far from the life of human being, since the spirit of life actually linked to each other in the universe.

The angels make a joke for the adults and we create crop circle that is full of mystery. The angels make a joke for the children, we make smiley to be a crop circle. This is the angel’s communication with human in Heaven.

As for the crop circle designs that were still simple such as displayed, surely could be considered that the angels were being lazy to create a crop circle. As for the making of simple crop circle, it was certainly because of the unsuitable weather problems or because suddenly there was a man approaching the area of the crop circle construction, so we had to stop working, and it was almost dawn, thus inevitably we left the crop circle in a half-done condition. Or there was something else that could cause the presence of that typically simple crop circle, it is because it was done by inexperienced angels. Amongst the angels there are also angels who are less skillful and a little bit stupid but still want to participate.

Let humans enjoy watching various character typology of angels through the typology of the crop circle designs. And try to study the significant differences from the variety of art of creating crop circles, it will also reflect the level of expertise and skill and sense of different angels. However, all are within the embracement of the organization of the Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit who intentionally interprets the direction of God’s Revelation through the mystery of crop circles.

On megalithic sites and on crop circles exist a subtle energy that could bring health. The holistic nature of the crop circle we intentionally embed for the sake of applying the message of revelation to be crop circles.

Thus actually crop circle is a means to convey God’s Revelations. For modern men nowadays, it is not easy to emphasize the understanding about revelation which is being descended down by God, but if a crop circle could exist to be a serious attention of the observers and scientists, thus the revelation will be easier to be explained and accepted by the public.

The recent God’s Revelations are full of harsh warnings, such as abrogation of all religions, which is accompanied with a stipulation of unification of all religions, so human being could live in peace and therefore they become easily sanctified.

Moreover, His Statement that will eliminate haram (illicit) money in the world, surely it is a harsh warning that shocks everyone, especially they who own a substantial amount of haram money. Furthermore, when God speaks frankly that He shall also eliminate haram money so the world will be clean from haram money, and human beings no longer indulge in their lust committing sins and then start diverting themselves to look only for halal earning, so their money is safe from elimination or brought to be ill-fated by God.

In order to explain God’s Stipulation in eliminating haram money, this is the verse, from the Holy Bible Chapter Revelation 3 verse 3

 “Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee”.

In fact, that verse is just being used in this current time as the implementation of the Day of God’s judgement. Haram money will be made disappear by God from its storage wherever the money is kept, and such action is also as the factualization of the Day of God’s Power. Currently We have announced this matter, thus, do repent! And accept it as God’s Warning and His Judgement.

If God’s Response is not that way toward haram money, human could not be stopped from doing any crime and collecting haram money. Moreover, God’s Revelations are no longer allowed to be neglected and rejected, thus we are more diligent to create crop circles everywhere, so it will attract human’s interest and they will seriously observe the crop circles. Then later we declare ourselves openly.

Then if people ask, “what is the purpose that God creates so many crop circles?” And we answer, it is to make human being willing to appreciate God’s Revelations that we bring down. Therefore, God’s Revelation is no longer considered as odd when it is descended down once more. And even it will become seriously heeded by all people in the world, for they have seen that God is really working in human’s world.

Studies regarding the crop circle become more prevalent, it is the way of God to call all people, so they want to pay attention to His Revelations.