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In 2001, God has marked one thing that has been heeded by Him, which is related to His Wrath. And He marked it through the creation of Crop Circle in Wiltshire, England. This design of crop circle depicts the shifting of magnetic vortex circling the earth. The quantity of vortexes of magnetic shifting is not the same on each area. As for the large circle in the middle, it means the placement of the earth’s new magnetic pole. And it has been stipulated by God that it will be in the area which bursts out mud and gas, as reflected in the three points within the large circle.

Thus, the picture is the symbol of mud and gas outburst as happened in Sidoarjo. Therefore, actually the above mentioned crop circle has meaning of God’s Threat upon the oppression toward Eden that now has already happened .

A correlation upon doomsday needs to be conveyed to the world society for the sake of revealing the reason for the cause that could be held consecutively. Thus, crop circle was created in Wiltshire, England to be the phenomenon of God’s Revelation that indicates the shifting of magnetic pole and the placement of the new magnetic pole in Sidoarjo, so it could become the attention of the world.

The correlation between the meaning of a crop circle design and the major incident of world mega disaster, when it is linked to God’s Revelation and the recorded incidents that correspond in condition and time, thus God’s Stipulation upon the cause of doomsday has been elaborated by Him to the world.

As for the curse, it has to be warned before the condition becomes more serious, and therefore a monument related to what God wants to warn has been created. That is on the same year Eden was evicted from Eden Community’s sanctification place in Coblong Village, Megamendung, by the people from Bogor and Megamendung who intentionally conducted community agreement to evict and destroy our house. And they were represented by who called themselves as Bogor Indonesian Ulema Council, Quran recitation congregation and head of Megamendung subdistrict.

From this creation of crop circle, it encloses God’s Threat, that is the shifting of magnetic pole in the area of Sidoarjo mud outburst. The picture of crop circle in Wiltshire on 4th of August 2001 was documented by Lucy Pringle. Whereas the happening of mud outburst just occurred on 28th of May 2006. And it is the authentication of the character of revelation that brings forth a prophecy which God considers as important to be heeded. A design concept of crop circle, if it is not observed deeply, then the meaning cannot be understood, except when God has willed to reveal the meaning to be heeded.

Thus, the mentioned design of crop circle depicts the magnetic vortexes that circle the earth and will centralize in the middle, which is the largest circle, and it is depicted by that crop circle that the new center of magnetic pole is in the area that is marked by an outburst, such as the mud and gas outburst in Sidoarjo.