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As for the relation of white horses with the crop circle that were found quite a lot in Wiltshire and close to Stonehenge, we could explain about such coming of Heaven in the Bible

Holy Bible Chapter Revelation 19 verse 11, “The Words of God”:

I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war.

The white horses in Wiltshire and near Stonehenge are the manifestation of this verse. The making of white horses has been held since a long time ago and as stated in this verse that when Heaven is open, actually there is a white horse. That is the key word that when crop circle has been created close to a white horse, that is when the angel wants to state that Heaven has been open on this earth.

And it is said that “whose rider is called faithful and true, with justice he judges and wages war.” That is actually a declarative sentence that Heaven is open so that we actively creating crop circles in various countries as a sign that angels have been working to declare Heaven is open.

Thus, both matters, white horse and crop circle are the implementation of God’s Words that becomes the title of Chapter Revelation 19 verse 11. We are God’s Messengers who bring down God’s Words through writings and creation of crop circles. In order to make human being realizes that the creation of crop circle is associated with the opening of Heaven on this earth, thus for the sake of identifying the verse of God’s Words on Chapter Revelation 19 verse 11, we choose to create crop circle close to the white horse.

Hence, I am the Holy Spirit who is Faithful and True, and who with justice will judge and wage war to fight the devil in a just means. Truly the coming of the Holy Spirit to the human’s world is to fight the devils who conquer humankinds in this world.

As for the number of crop circles in megalithic sites, Tumulis and White Horses, it is to draw the attention of megalithic sites pilgrims who deliberately come there. Thus, we adjust the placement of crop circles at the sites that often visited to get more people talking about crop circle.