In the Name of God the Only One,

As the world now is very chaotic due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the outbreak of pests throughout the world, now we present ourselves again to explain the cases of God’s Judgment upon the world.

Hopefully, it can be considered as God’s Guidance that is massive to be known, that God is purifying everyone in the world. That He uses viruses and plagues as well as the massive disturbance due to pests in the world, that they are actually the appearance of a large number of unclean spirits that are reincarnated into those animal pests.

Therefore, that is the answer if you ever ask about why there are so many deadly diseases throughout the world, and why there are so many disgusting pests. Now you can answer it yourself why there are so many disturbances in life at this end time.

That the world is being besieged by the danger of evil spirits that are conquering the world. And that it is the Guidance from God that wants to show how large is the number of evil spirits haunting the world. Our information is based on the rotation of spirit regulation law system, that Hell exists on the worsening path of nature change, according to the law of spirit regulation.

That a human can change nature into having a despicable life, such as becoming the coronavirus or mice that run rampant, as well as the caterpillars that cause disturbances, and the mosquitos that cause dengue fever which spreads everywhere. Those are the life realm that disdains the people who like doing sin. Hopefully, those things could give a clear view, that God is willing to show how the evil human spirits have truly disturbed the human life itself. God is the Absolute Truth, the All-Forgiving, as well as the Bestower of Mercy.

That the country leaders who are not wise, but instead arbitrarily creating bad policy that causes all country to experience the implications of the difficulties. Because that policy has also become a standard rule of law of the world economy, to the point that it has become a rule that oppresses other fellow human beings, as the policy results in the occurrence of a trade war that has caused difficulties in the world economy. No matter how much the accentuation of the trade war between America and China will be, it will undoubtedly produce heavy excess for countries throughout the world. And from that reason, God warns China and America, so both countries could recede from the turmoil of trade war which has troubled many countries in the world.

We are just the intercessors for God’s Revelation that is descending on us, so we do not take any initiative except to rush conveying the contents of God’s Revelation through the song “The Sangkakala Trumpet”, so we do not expect any royalties for the videos that we deliver to the mass media. And we only become the intercessors who convey what God wants to the world.

And that all the leaders of the countries whose policies were seen to have countless impacts of their bad karma, then God shows the provision of His Law on all that appears as God’s Judgment in the world. If it is willing to be connected, then many people can be awakened by God, not to make policies for the benefit of the respective country’s leader. And in the content of this video, God’s reaction to those sins can be seen clearly.

They are the ones who will be seen to change nature into malignant viruses, such as the coronavirus that is frightening but very despicable, for it becomes a deadly plague, causing many deaths in the world.

And finally, it gives impact to the idea about the contamination, the economy, the environment, and the importance of science and health sciences. As all of that, now it cannot be doubted that God is directly involved in all the events that occur in the world. Thus, we must think about it all while knowing that all of these things are the applications of the structure of God’s Law for human life and the life of the universe.

As for what is happening right now, it can serve as a guidance from God Who actively adjudicates and judges humankind worldwide. And make that as a way to know God closer, for God is now angry with all humankind’s behaviour in the world today. Thus, we all should be willing to purify ourselves to ease His Anger which currently is very sensitive.

Thus, we have sent you an email with the title “The Trumpet of Sangkakala”. And if the Sangkakala Trumpet has become a Heaven song written by Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit, in which all songs are sent down by Jibril the Holy Spirit to us, then that is the characteristic of Heaven songs.

Hopefully, it could be understood that we are under the flag of Eden the Heaven which still exists and runs under the protection of God the Only One, Who wants the existence of world peace and the unification of all religions.

As for the coronavirus outbreak, if it is wanted to be used as a sign of God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment for all people in the world, hopefully, it can make us realize, so that all are willing to withdraw ourselves from being greedy, ungrateful human beings who hurt the feeling of our God the Only One.

From the Holy Throne of God’s Kingdom, we have recorded and presented the big incidents seen today as the phenomena of the doomsday. We only record and try to show them to the public who nowadays are feeling confused. So this is our endeavour, only through songs and words to convey God’s Will to the world public.

We are from Eden Community, and everything that we convey to the public is God’s Command that we must write down. So everything that we write is solely God’s Command, and the editing of every word is under the guidance of Archangel Jibril or the Holy Spirit, an angel who always brings down God’s Revelation to anyone who is willed By God, on every era at the period where God’s Revelation comes down to the world. And because what we make is God’s Command, therefore, we never expect any royalty. However, the script that we have attached cannot be changed, for it serves as the Sacrosanctity of Revelation that God has guided us.

Thank you for your attention to this definite provision from us. Nevertheless, anything that we deliver is very related to God’s permission for us. But we try to present all the information that is always true, and its truth is essential. And we will always present the publication that is universal and does not violate any law, for the aim is to actualize God’s Decree that must reach the public.

That is all, thank you for your attention, may God’s Blessings be with you and your mass media company. May we all work for God sincerely.

Jakarta, March 11, 2020

Lia Eden