Dear viewers,

In the Name of God The Most Holy

This is the newest song from Eden, “Purify Us”, which wishes us all to stop committing sins. Truly, we all have committed sins. And this is the time to purify and ask for forgiveness unto God The Only One, before God judges massively everybody’s sins.

Just mark that God’s Judgment. If you just make mistake, heed what indication that you feel afterwards. And admit that what you are experiencing is in line with your transgression. That all sins are for sure compensated equally, hence just watch how much you are experiencing that equivalence.

And after realizing it, hurriedly plead for forgiveness unto God and free yourself from the spirit of tulah (the harm or curse befallen to someone as a consequence of committing a wrongdoing) of karma by redeeming the karma of sin in accordance with the weight of the sin. And then you can feel the blessing of God’s Forgiveness, and afterwards, you could sense the feeling of relief covering you completely. And that is a new way of the more comfortable life.  Surely your life will always be convenient, if you are not being haunted by any sin.

Nevertheless, God’s Judgment upon sins is not random, certainly, it is in one category and one line with the committed sin. You steal, then you will experience being stolen, so is the recompense of sin and other mistakes is certainly the same. God’s Judgment is now thorough and global and with no exception as well as unavoidable. And that is certainty the absoluteness of God The Most Just as well as The Almighty and The Only One.

We have long declared this God’s Stipulation, but now it is the time for us to see how the equivalence of God’s Law of Recompense is real, as real as eating rice daily. So it is, the incidents of God’s Retribution, it is now being applied and going on. It is just that many people haven’t realized it yet, as they still think that the misery which comes to them is just a life ordeal. That is why transgressions are still very massive.

However, try to follow every trace of the foremost wrongdoing recently, certainly, God’s Way of equivalent Recompense upon them can be witnessed, for at this time the equivalence of recompense from God is tremendously obvious indeed. As no matter what, that is the factualization of the most recent God’s Principle of Law, and which is related to judgment upon the modern sins.

It is in Indonesia, God’s Revelation is descended down by Him. Therefore, great incidents happened in Indonesia will be rendered by God as an example of how He recompenses sins equally, at least the one that is related to the misrepresentation of the ways that are utilized in General Election and Regional Election. How the incidents related to General Election and Regional Election are full of frauds and money politics.

In the name of the Holy Spirit, we remind that it is better if the public would heed the result of God’s Judgment upon those all. So, upon the political frauds, it could be indicated what is God’s Recompense upon that matter. Trust me, all frauds will certainly be proved, as God intentionally divulges it. If the tyrannized party wins, then their victory is blessed by God. However, if the fraudulent party wins, then upon their victory even God’s Judgment will definitely be applied.

But, we all learn to understand the equivalence of God’s Recompense of all impassable difficulties that block them. Thus, whatever efforts they try persistently and by all means, but at the end it will be unavailing. Even God always helps those who are tyrannized by them. Hence, it is better that there is an observer of God’s Judgment among the public, in order not to be dragged into the fraud, and it is better you also purify yourselves.

As for forgiveness of God The Most Compassionate, it could only be given when He sees us already sincere in purifying and shunning away ourselves from sins, as well as willing to redeem the karma of sins in accordance with what we have done. And start with pleading for forgiveness unto the person you hurt with your words and actions. And don’t easily lie and calumniate and liberally throw hated utterance. And don’t be greedy accumulating haram fortunes, as those will reverse making you suffer, as every haram thing will be eliminated by God in a hurtful way.

After all, the incremental problem of calumnies and hoax as well as hated utterance is the tulah of karma upon the calumny and hated utterance toward Heaven and Eden Kingdom, which is now being warned by God. All those harms of sin that flare up making us all amazed, why do deception and calumny now embrace everything, and it has caused the social media to become the main course to unleash hoax and hated utterance. Whereas, unleashing hatred and calumny leads only to the disintegration of the nation and it could destroy our own nation.

All those sins will only cause tulah of the sin to accumulate abundantly, and leading to the worsening of all kinds of sin. And everybody will feel overwhelming in facing all extraordinary sins and arbitrary deeds of all people who realize not that they have become ferocious, and a hater, as well as a villain. And it is none other than the rhythm of the devil’s domination upon human beings, and the impact is all the truth and trust have also been hurt and disappeared, as they are tangled by deceptions and calumnies. Hence, the shape of truth is no longer clear, and so the trust is gone.

So it is, the truth is calumniated, love and compassion are betrayed, and sincerity is deceived. No hesitation in doing collective corruption and organized crime. The issue of SARA (Tribe, Religion, Race, Inter-groups) is traded and rendered as a frightening political game. Money for purification is misused, drugs are favored, and money laundering from drugs and other crimes turns into any kind of public service facility. Hence, what matter that doesn’t involve haram money?

Enmity and war happen everywhere. Terrorism network has spread all over the place, everyday in a various area there is a bombing incident that causes many death casualties. The house of worship is destroyed and people who are performing worship ritual die miserably. What other sin hasn’t been done yet?

Let’s purify ourselves, please answer God’s Call to purify yourselves. Thus, this is the newest Eden’s song, Purify Us. Hopefully, this song could give enlightenment and instigate a spirit of purifying.

God, please give an enlightenment and ways for those who want to purify themselves unto You. Amen. Unto you all, we would like to thank you for your kind attention.

Greetings of Love
Jakarta, October 27, 2017
Lia Eden

Purify Us Song