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In the Name of God The Most Compassionate

Unto all adherents and nations, hereby we convey one new Eden’s song, inspired by Archangel Jibril, entitled ‘Heaven’s Prayer’. And this song is aimed to make all people in the world would have a peace of mind and shun away from violence and war, considering the world is already filled with threats.

As for the world tension now, it has been so frightening, as North Korea keeps launching its ballistic missiles and declaring openly their nuclear threat toward the US, whilst the US has also already demonstrated its super-power and unrivaled army to the world. And there is also the Russia, which is triggered to conduct a serious large-scale practice of war. As much as the provocations of war, if it is stated at this time, then it is tremendously frightening, as it could instigate the nuclear war.

Thus, the world has witnessed the demonstration of the capability and the power of the Russia’s, US’ and North Korea’s armies. For that purpose, God’s Revelation in Eden commands us to compose and release the ‘Heaven’s Prayer’ song, which is sacred and has a magical power flowing to become a quieting down for those who are willing to listen with a clear mind and who is willing to participate pleading for God’s Help in conciliating the world.

When ‘Heaven’s Prayer’ is followed by many people in the world, hence, by the existence of the world public’s pleading that expecting God’s Help, in order that God would be willing to send down His Help to reconcile the world, therefore God’s Principle of law to enact His Miracle of Revelation is valid. Thus, God will give His Response when there is already a pleading of God’s Help from the elements of nations as well as a personal plea from the world public unto God.

Nevertheless, the sacredness and the sacrosanctity of this song’s mystical nuance is extraordinary, for it is embraced in God’s Will for the world, which is being threatened by the nuclear war and the apocalypse. And this is God’s Help that He directly applies through the melody of the ‘Heaven’s Prayer’ song. We hope that the world public responds to this God’s Help with a clear heart and without any prejudice, as we only carry out God’s Command.

Thus, when the world is filled with threats, God wants to give a peace of mind to the people who are restless and full of worry and fear. And by listening to this song, someone could think clearly once again and put down his feeling of pressure and anger. Such is the essence of the ‘Heaven’s Prayer’ song, which directly comes from God, Who commands us to release it to the world. This song could be accessed through KomunitasEden.com website and channel Eden The Heaven in YouTube, and in Facebook of Komunitas Eden.

And in the Name of God The Most Compassionate, this is our devotion for the world. Hopefully, whatever desired by God upon this song that we release could be joyfully accepted by the world. For, truly God has stated that this is His Blessing of Help unto the world public through the ‘Heaven’s Prayer’ song, which enlightens and clears the heart and mind of all people who are restless and panic or worried thinking of the world condition nowadays, which is full of frightening incidents.

For your kind attention, we would like to say thank you. Unto God The Only One, we prostrate ourselves to express our deepest gratefulness and to utter infinite thankfulness from all of us in Eden. Thank you, God.

Jakarta, September 22, 2017




Heaven’s Prayer Song