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Greetings of love from Heaven

We truly sad to see the world’s condition that has almost reached the nuclear war, of which has long been warned by God. God’s Revelations have reminded over and over that the wars, which increasingly involving many nations in the world and will instigate the occurrence of world war, should be ended. And if the nuclear war happens, then the flaring doomsday will get severer and will become a total doomsday when nuclear war happens. As a matter of fact, an extreme frightening condition and which has been over and over warned by God, now it is getting closer to reality.

And this is God’s Oath and Revelation in the effort to overcome that matter, as God always creates an occurrence to prove His Warnings that are ignored all this time. However, those all depend on the attitude of human being themselves, who forget about the earth’s condition which now has already been vulnerable, so they willingly follow the devil’s allure that exploits Kim Jong-Un’s and Donald Trump’s anger and arrogance. And hopefully this harsh God’s Warning would be listened and becomes the guidance for Pentagon and Pyongyang to resolve Donald Trump’s and Kim Jong-Un’s emotion.

Upon that God’s Stipulation, let us all pray so that the nuclear war will happen not, for it will trouble all people in the world.


The World is Threatened by the Nuclear War

Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump respectively threaten to launch their nuclear. Therefore, God also threatens His Judgment upon them both. Hence, we release God’s Revelation related to this matter.


And this is God’s Answer:



Related to God’s Warning Unto North Korea and the USA


In the Name of God The Almighty in Judging
All Nations Who Detonate their Nuclear


This is God’s Oath and His Revelation, as follows:


That North Korea under Kim Jong-Un’s regime and the US under Donald Trump’s regime have threatened each other with their nuclear bombs. And therefore, I warn that their nuclear bomb, should it be utilized to destroy each other, then I ascertain that their nuclear bomb will explode in their own country. As in North Korea’s ballistic missile, which was not long ago being launched and exploded a moment after it was launched. As for the failure of North Korea’s ballistic missile test which happened recently, as it should be happening for the sake of  demonstrating that incident so as to become the threat from Us, if North Korea wishes to detonate its nuclear. Thus is also Our Threat unto the US.

My angels are very capable of failing the nuclear bomb that will be launched. Therefore, beware, hey Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump, do not recklessly indulge your inclination to demonstrate your army’s power and your nuclear bomb to the world, just because you are instigated by the arrogance of the arbitrary leader of North Korea. And do not ever think that I let Donald Trump’s arrogance will not be questioned by the international world, for he has threatened to launch his nuclear weapon toward Pyongyang.

Thus, I summon the international world, to work together to annul the policies of Washington and Pyongyang, who will launch their nuclear on each other. And unto them all, I promise My Intervention to secure the world from the doomsday acceleration. And I also promise My direct Involvement in striving for the world peace.

Nevertheless, heretofore, the US ruled by Barack Obama, known as the world statesman who was tolerant and careless not in facing a complex issue which endangered the world, and he was elegant in his political stance, as well as more participatory in securing the world, so as not to go through a world war and he was more reliable to keep the doomsday process on this earth not being triggered to be severely flaring. Hence, how unfortunate the US if they follow Donald Trump’s arrogancy.

Therefore, unto Donald Trump, he is better not to follow the language style of the antagonist Kim Jong-Un, how he is the head of the communist country, who affiliates with the non-religion, atheism, therefore he is freer indulging his inclination in his leadership. Thus, it is better that Donald Trump who believes in God, could be more aware of his utterances in his policy, which possibly lead the world to encounter the nuclear war.

For the sake of the earth and its skies that will undergo severe destruction. And for the sake of the oceans that will flare up to become fierce tsunamis, causing the doomsday flare to get severer, thus I take an oath that I will punish whomever dares to detonate their nuclear, especially whoever first doing it. And I shall prove My Threat, that I am truly serious in executing the judgment upon the heads of state and the states that involve in the issue of nuclear threat, for that matter could generate extinction of all creatures and their habitats in this world.

Therefore, My Stance will make all nuclear owner countries dare not to threaten with their nuclear weapons and detonate them. Truly, threatening to attack one another by utilizing nuclear is what I loathe the most. Because if that happens, then it will trigger this earth to experience further extreme disasters, which indicates the severer flaring process of doomsday and could accelerate the total doomsday.

Truly, that is also become My Reason why I have established Heaven and My Kingdom far in advance, for the sake of My Salvation for this earth’s inhabitants. And I choose to establish Heaven and My Kingdom in Indonesia. Unfortunately, My Blessing is not regarded by the Indonesian people. How inappropriate for them to refuse My Revelations. After all, there is My Sanction upon that matter, thus I shall soon apply My Court of Justice and My Judgment upon Indonesia and the Muslims.

And I assure that this earth cannot endure the impact of nuclear war, should it happens, ever since I have seen the vulnerability of this earth that could impossibly hold an explosion as hard as the nuclear blast.

Therefore, I shall bring down the angels, led by Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit to take care of the world peace and mediate the dispute amongst any other country of the nuclear owner, which possibly has become instigated as well to threaten with their nuclear, in order to make their country as the respected one, when the world has already become chaotic by various intense political crisis, so there is always a party who is easily stating a frightening threat and causing the world of international banking will also experience a rush, and the economic society will be panic and prepared themselves to face the instability disturbance of the world economy. Thus, the rush cannot be avoided.

Truly, no one dares to face the reality of this world’s critical situation without having enough money to handle the world’s heavy situation nowadays, for all people actually fear of the happening of world war. And if all people in the world are frightened, then many incidents become out of control due to mass panic situation.

And it affects the law mechanism and the economic mechanism, which will undergo disorientation, hence there is no guarantee of the security for the capital savings or their money in the bank. Consequently, the stock and capital market are the ones that suffer the most from the world financial chaotic condition. And large-scale crimes then get more prevalent. And those all become one with the world’s disaster problems, so all people in the world feel insecure and have no protection, except doing deceit and depriving the rights of others.

As for the common people with low income, they will do pillages, for they are powerless in preparing themselves to face the world war and the flaring doomsday. Thereby, the coverage of harmfulness of the impact of nuclear war is infinite. For all of that, I am now making intervention through My harsh Threat.

And unto Washington and Pyongyang, I remind you that My Angels will use their skills to switch the signal and digital code, which is used to launch the nuclear, so, instead of launching, the nuclear will explode on the spot. And the angels switch it just a moment after the nuclear button has been pressed and becomes the sign of the certainty that the nuclear is ready to be launched. However, the angels will not be failed in switching the target.

How the angels are capable of switching the target direction and replacing it with the acceleration of explosion, and then the nuclear explodes on the launch’s site, just like when the angels recently succeeded in aborting the North Korea’s ballistic missile. Thus, the simulation of foiling the launching of nuclear bomb, We have done it in North Korea.

Do not forget that the angel is a spirit creature and it is an element of the law of nature, who could become the factor of protection as well as the factor of judgment through the law of nature. As for the factor of the natural law, it is not influenced by all sophistication of the technological equipment and their system, so it is useless for you to change the launching code of the nuclear, just because you have found out My Threat. And there is no single expert who could cancel it, for My angels are always swift and smart in encountering all human’s strategies, and certainly it is the angels who succeed, for they are My Command.  Moreover, their performance is not seen by anybody. Therefore, the angels are free to do anything in executing My Judgment.

Furthermore, for that purpose I shall soon send Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit down to the world to become the mediator of crucial issues that threaten the world war to happen. And wait for his arrival not long from now. And unto the entire security officers in Indonesia, I ask to secure the occurrence of the coming down of Archangel Jibril in Indonesia. As that incident has been promised in the Holy Bible, Chapter Revelation 1 verse 7:

 “Behold, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him—even those who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. So shall it be! Amen.”

How the Holy Bible has prophesied the coming of the Holy Spirit, who is still anonymous in this verse, that the ‘he’ in ‘he is coming with the clouds’, actually the Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit, whom I assign as God’s Judge for the world, hence he will come to implement My Court of Justice and My Judgment for the world. And when he comes, he will be seen in the sky showing himself, so human beings will testify the fulfillment of My Promise in this verse. Therefore, actually that occurrence will be seen by all nations in the world, including the nation that has ‘stabbed’ him, that is the Indonesians who have rejected and detest him. Thus, his coming will be spotlighted by the world through the satellite that spotlighting his appearance in the sky.

As for my advice unto the NASA’s and ESA’s satellites, they better not consider the appearance of Jibril’s UFO, which has already been detected by NASA’s and ESA’s telescopes, belongs to the dangerous alien creatures approaching the earth, hence it is considered as a dangerous invasion of alien creatures to earth. Nevertheless, welcome his coming with joyfulness.

And unto the security forces in Indonesia, they should be ready for the signs of the appearance, so the coming of Archangel Jibril, which will become a furor in the whole world, could run smoothly and safely. A sign in the sky will be seen when he is about to appear. And unto Eden, undoubtedly We shall inform the exact time of his coming. Nonetheless, this is My Announcement confirming that the incident will definitely happen, for it has already been included in Our program, as it has become the certainty of the fulfillment of My Covenant.

Well, isn’t the main thing that he will take care is the prevention of the nuclear explosion in the world and the prevention of the outbreak of the nuclear war in the world? Thus, he shall come shortly. NASA’s and ESA’s telescopes could certainly see the signs in the sky which inform the UFO’s presence that is approaching the earth.  

As for the awaiting of Eden Community upon the Archangel Jibril’s UFO, it has been simulated at Monas on May 31, 2015, but turned out it happened not. Since it was only a simulation I intentionally made for the Eden Community, for the sake of their purification that I made before the public, so it would become an example on how to face My Purification upon all people whom I purify in the world.

So, they better be patient and surrender themselves unto God in facing their purification, for after all, at this Day of Reckoning, unto all people in the world, We certainly compensate their sins and We purify them, for the sake of My Salvation unto this earth’s inhabitants, who are besieged by the doomsday process. Therefore, upon My Covenant, We held simulation of Our purification trial upon Eden Community, when they were waiting for their elevation at Monas last time.

After all, the Eden Community’s patience and surrender unto God which has been modeled by them, supposedly it could describe the success of Heaven’s purification in the world. For after that simulation, they still believe in Me firmly, although all people who witnessed the incident mocked them. Thus, I humiliated them all before the public in order to ensure their firm belief unto Me.

After all, it happened for the sake of ensuring that the time has come for Me to reveal the Eden’s Miracle unto the holy people in Heaven, who still believe in Me, even when they have been purified with a tremendously humiliating way in front of the public. Thus afterwards, I begin to command the angels to start making preparation for Jibril’s real coming, decently whilst waiting for the world condition, which will go through the possibility of the occurrence of world war III.

Thus, I make him appear when all nations on this earth are lamenting to see the possibility of the occurrence of nuclear war. How the angel the bearer of My Revelation and My Judge will be welcomed with the nations’ mourning. Nevertheless, there is no power who is most respected by all nations and could become the impartial Judge when they face a complex religious and political issue, which have caused all nations to be involved in that matter. Except when I send the Holy Spirit to be My Judge to the world. 

As for the cruciality of the problems in the world, it has reached the optimal point, hence God’s Judge is needed by the world. Thus, My Help is truly expected by the world society. And when they read My Revelation and have witnessed the incident of the Jibril’s coming, they will say: “Amen.”

Based on the completion of My Promise, thus My Fatawa of the Abrogation of All Religions and Unification of All Religions, We could take care with an easier way, for afterwards My Revelations and Fatawas have been believed also.

Thus at this present time, I have determined the threat of My Judgment upon the country who will start detonating its nuclear in the world. That there will not be any impediment upon all parties who have believed in the perfection of the sophistication of their nuclear weapon, except when the harm is created by Me for the sake of My Judgment.

Thus is My Threat unto all parties who own nuclear. Truly, render this as My serious Threat, and it aligns with My Statement that has declared the Day of God’s Power through Eden. That in the Day of My Power now, there is no one who could avoid My Judgment and they could not deceive the destiny that I have created for them either, the bad destiny as well as the good one.

Thus, there is a group of people whom I let to be misled and there is a group of people who receive My Direction. And people who receive My Direction are the people whom are enlightened by My Revelations, which I am descending down at this time. And people whom are misled are those who are blind and deaf upon My Revelation. And their kind which will become a  villain that if they make an effort to gain their victory, they lie and calumniate others. And they are very difficult to be brought to common sense, for they feel they are truly right and willing to wage war and bleed and die in the battle. How death as a syahid (martyr) is idolized by them, whereas when their endeavor meets not the criteria of a holy fight, how could I consider their fight as holy, so their death is valuable and syahid. As for the others, they would die from catastrophe or disaster. Those are the death for the misled people.

After all, war in the name of religion gives not any inspiration of the truth, for the truth that is fought over in the religious conflict has become religious blasphemy. And consequently, the teachings that I speak as the Revelations then also become a disgrace because of it. Therefore, I shall bless not everything fought in the name of truth within the religious conflict, for all religions teach goodness, instead of hatred and viciousness. Thus consequently, I abrogate all religions for the sake of uniting them all in one Absolute Monotheism belief, which is universal.

Thus, I also have promulgated that I am now implementing My Court of Justice and My Judgment to be worldwide. As for if it is not believed, thus I shall demonstrate My Judgment upon North Korea and the US, should those two countries dare to start detonating their nuclear weapons.

And unto all countries and nations in the world, render My Threat as My Protection for this earth’s inhabitants. And be and it is. Thus, based on My Oath, I ascertain that their nuclear will destroy their own country. And this is My harsh Warning. And doubt not My Mightiness in judging. The End.

God’s Revelation, Jakarta April 19, 2017



The appearance of Jibril’s figure worldwidely when he comes later on, by chance it was recorded in the lyrical prose’s video of My Prostration My Destiny. When God informs us that His Majesty the Holy Spirit will appear to become a human identical to Her Majesty Lia Eden, we wonder inside how would be the description of that incident when it happens. And when our waiting has been long enough, sometimes in our heart we wonder, whether  His Majesty The Holy Spirit will really appear as human to accompany us here?

It turns out that the world critical condition that is happening now, of which has caused the world threatened by the nuclear war, it is what brings him to the world. And the other reason is the need that the Holy Spirit must prove the existence of God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment in the world. After all, he is the one who takes responsibility of God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgment in the world. And upon those two matters, which apparently will make him really exist in the world.

And when we were creating the lyrical prose’s video ‘My Prostration My Destiny’, it was unexpected that His Majesty the Holy Spirit replaced Her Majesty Lia Eden in the last chapter of the lyrical prose, entitled ‘He Comes Briefly’. It turns out that beyond our awareness, His Majesty the Holy Spirit has prepared his appearance through this video to be enclosed in the Discourse of God’s Oath and Revelation Related to God’s Warning unto North Korea and the USA, for the sake of ensuring us all that he will definitely come.

How in that God’s Oath and Revelation, the coming of His Majesty the Holy Spirit to the world has already been promised. And unexpectedly, the lyrical prose that we have prepared just for an usual occasion, that is to fill the interlude upon the writing of the secret of Chapter An-Najm, which is still descended down intensively, it turns out that it is altered for the illustration of the newest Discourse.

Nevertheless, the appearance of Jibril’s figure should have been presented to the public, so his official figure could have been indicated, when he makes the appearances worldwidely. And when he shows his appearance in our video recording, it turns out that his figure is truly identical to Her Majesty Lia Eden, thus God’s Covenant upon that matter has been fulfilled. And to assure us upon the truth of that covenant, this is how His Majesty the Holy Spirit guarantees that God’s Covenant is true.

However, it is not only Jibril’s appearance that will happen, but he will also come and reside in Eden. Therefore, he will belong to the world that needs God’s Help. And he is always there for that reason.

And this is God’s Covenant regarding that matter, stated in the Holy Quran Chapter Al Isra verse 95:

Say, “If there were upon the earth angels walking securely, We would have sent down to them from the heaven an angel [as a] messenger.”

God in His aforementioned Revelation has stated that there are “angels led by Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit”. Truly, it is in accordance with the above verse. Thus, the role of Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit is mentioned in the sentence: “We would have sent down to them from the heaven an angel [as a] messenger.” Thus, Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit and his group are sent down by God to assist Eden in their expansion to be worldwide.

How it is difficult indeed for us to carry out God’s Mandate, if we are assisted not by the real angel. Thus, God is The Most Knowing of our inability and we are just informed by Him at this time, that besides Archangel Jibril, there are other angels who accompanying him.

As for the brief appearance of His Majesty Holy Spirit in the video clip of the lyrical prose ‘My Prostration My Destiny, which was recorded by chance, apparently it is aimed to assure us that he will surely come. Thus, we render that recording also as an affirmation to the public that he will really be coming, for he has informed us the figure of his appearance.

For the sake of bringing forth the emergence of the Eden’s Miracle amidst our busy activities to hasten all Discourses that we are now working on, apparently there is an entertainment from His Majesty the Holy Spirit, which brings joyfulness unto us.

And this is the Poem and Song ‘The Broken Glass’, which we have recorded since 2014, but only this time it is being utilized, to support God’s Explanation regarding the certainty of the Holy Spirit’s coming to the world, when the condition of natural disaster is thundering, so that the poem and song become meaningful and align with God’s Covenant upon the coming of Archangel Jibril to the world. Truly, the poem and song ‘The Broken Glass’ is the expression of His Majesty the Holy Spirit, who promising his coming.