Regarding God’s Authority Upon the World Issues
Related to Donald Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Policy

In the Name of God The Only One
And Who is Adjudicating and Judging


God’s Revelation and God’s Oath are as follows:

On behalf of the tyrannized Muslims, there is nothing that could change the destiny of the Muslims,  as it is the worldwide terrorism that has caused it to happen. The crisis amongst the Muslim themselves and Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim-immigrant policy should be accepted as the reversal  upon the ferociousness of terrorism and the Muslim radicals.

Truly, Donald Trump has made the US cornered as a racist nation, after the US is seen all this time  as the democratic and respected country. As for Donald Trump, he will not be good at leading the state. His ambition has annoyed all nations  in the world. And the reversal upon his policy will result in a lack of appreciation from the nations  and he will end as the world leader who should be responsible for the world chaos.

My Court of Justice and My Judgment upon him will come after the world problems get more chaotic and when the world war is unavoidable any longer. Truly, the US will be disintegrated. Hence,  actually Donald Trump is ruining the US, which throughout the times is known as a respected  super power country.

The Muslims’ revenge will push the global war to occur, even could come to a nuclear war. Therefore,  I call for all nations and religious adherents to indulge not in furious rage. Curb yourselves in following the insolence and enmity. And I shall create a condition that will make all nations realize their stance, that I am dejected upon all insolences that happen in this world.

Thus, I apply My globalized Court of Justice and My Judgment. And I restrict not on anything  in endeavoring dauntingness for those who are evil and despotic.

Truly, I have abrogated all religions for the sake of Unification of All Religions and for the sake  of world peace, hence, stop all enmities in the name of religion. And stop racism upon the Muslims.

And truly, doomsday will not be delayed if the nuclear war happens. Hence, when there is a country  that explodes its nuclear first, I shall make that country besieged by a very harsh curse, which will make that country impossible to recover, just like the area that is blown by the nuclear explosion.  However before it happens, I shall soon control all bad situations by judging the guilty parties through amputating their power.

Doomsday due to nuclear war will not happen, if the international world obeys Me, so the world will be under My Authority. Thus, I have stated the perspective of My Authority at this time. And accept it  as My Salvation. That all matters, which will become World War, I shall soon castrate its power.  And I shall not let those religious slogans, which are fought for so as to cause a war to happen,  to be blessed by Me. After all, I take no sides unto any party who is hostile to each other due to their religion, for I am intended to unify all religions.

And I shall make this world under God’s Administration, which will justify the Day of My Power.  I am The Creator of any condition, hence I render the condition of the Day of My Reckoning and I create My Blessing for the nations that make peace and firmly uphold the principles of truth, no matter  how hard the dilemma which inevitably they have to face. And I bless the nations that are not entrained into racism and willing to share and help the adherents and nations who are tyrannized and looking for safety from the flaring war in their country.

But before that, I let the recent condition becomes the reversing arena amongst the insolent people  and the people who wish to gain power in the world. Until all parties are met with their respective  hard-to-defeat opponent and they wage war to one another and then all of them become tedious for they gain no victory, but rather a failure upon failure only. Thus, I sanctify the world and the nations  in the world.

And I take an oath that I will control the world, as all critical matters should be handled by Me,  so it will not become spurious that will cause the doomsday can no longer be delayed. And I control  all conditions in the world to be the Days of My Court of Justice and My Judgment.     

And all My Angels on this earth take care of My Errand on every man in this world, hence no one  in this world could escape from My Court of Justice and My Judgment. Therefore, seek for protection  on My Salvation by shunning away from any sin and by doing fair and virtuous deeds. And fight  for the truth with sincere heart and obey all My Fatawas.

And consider My Words as the valid statement that I watch meticulously all disputed problems  and I adjudicate all mistakes, evilness, oppressions and injustice inside it. And look carefully that all unfair problems will certainly turn back adjudicating and judging.

After all, I am enacting My Authority as God The Almighty and The Only One to be the only valid  Most Mightiness of God The Only One in human world and in the entire universes.  Because I am declaring the absoluteness of the Unification of All Religions in this world to be a universal Absolute Monotheism belief. Therefore, obey it, since it is the only utmost solution for all adherents  and all nations.

God’s Revelation, descended down on February 5, 2017

Longing for Peace

And this is the song Longing for Peace, our dedication for the nations, how the world now is increasingly besieged by various conflicts and enmities, especially when the US President, Donald Trump, implements his anti-immigrant policy. And that leads to numerous intimidations upon the Muslims in the world.

Suffering experienced by the Muslims ends not here, in fact Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, they are the prosperous Muslim Peninsula countries, yet they take sides with Donald Trump’s policy.

What is actually going on in this world, O dear Lord.  Send down and declare Your Most Justice to the world. O God, The Most Wise and Almighty in Adjudicating and Judging, please help all tyrannized and oppressed people. God, please grant our prayer. Amen