Download the PDF version: The Philosophy of Flower from the Prison

Page in Bahasa Indonesia: Filosofi Bunga dari Penjara

The Philosophy of Flower from the Prison

I dedicate this to God Who Protects Me in the Prison

The Philosophy of Flower from the Prison has been printed
as a book for all my disciples,
the inmates in Tangerang Women Penitentiary.

The form of this book has been changed
to be a Video Book and has been edited here and there,
in order to fit as a Video Book.
However, nothing changes in the essence.

These are my remaining notes as a memory when I was in the prison.
The role of Archangel Jibril for me
presented through the philosophies that I wrote.
I wrote this book just before I was released from the prison,
for I want to prepare my disciples in Tangerang Woman Penitentiary
with the knowledge of flower arrangement.

Thank you God for all Your Blessing
that could make me stay in the prison comfortably.