One more God’s Stipulation that we should release, that is related to the revealment of the Eden’s Miracle and with respect to the miracle of the Holy Spirit, who soon will be performing his act worldwidely through his intervention into the cyber world. The following is our statement regarding that matter and the statement from the Holy Spirit himself related to the text message (SMS) that was sent intentionally by him to Nesya, one of Eden’s guest. And upon that matter, we oblige to release it, for it involves the act of Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit to be worldwide.

Eden’s Miracle Has Been Revealed
In the Form of Direct Communication of Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit
with the World Public Through I.T. or Cellular Phone Connection

In the Name of God the Bestower of Blessings

Today, we found out about the fact of what was promised by God, that the Holy Spirit will come forth to the world public, which has been proved through the dialogue between the Holy Spirit and Nesya, one of our five guests from the group of young Catholics, who intentionally came to Eden to have conversation for the second time. And she had received an anonymous text message, which she first thought it was sent by Abdul Rachman, who welcomed them during their first visit to Eden on October 4, 2016.

Thus, when Nesya asked about the text message to Abdul Rachman and to Her Majesty Lia Eden (called as Paduka Bunda Lia Eden), both had no idea about that text message being sent from Eden to Nesya. But for us, that is the evidence of the Eden’s Miracle that has been opened. That God has promised a great change will happen, for God will prove the Eden’s truth through miraculous things which can process the condition so Heaven in this world will be acknowledged by the world, and the role of the Holy Spirit can be identified by the world public.

For us, His Majesty Holy Spirit’s text message unto Nesya is stated as the Holy Spirit’s statement to come forth worldwidely by intervening the cyber technology, especially I.T (Information Technology) now has been proved by him. And this confirmation is actually just a repetition of what has been done in the past, when he first came unto Her Majesty Lia Eden in 1995-2000. During that time he often appeared with miraculous reactions, so Her Majesty and all of us who followed him were assured of this destiny as the destiny that truly came from God.

And since 2000 till now, the astonishing occurrences which have brought joyfulness never occur again. It is because henceforward we would have already entered and experienced intensive purification, hence there is no more miraculous demonstration, for we have to go through His Purification by taking a normal life. However, we are already sure about the truth of Eden’s destiny through the whole teaching of the Holy Spirit unto us all, which is given everyday and will continue forever until one by one of us pass away. Thus, we are purified everyday and every time until now.

As for the purification in Heaven, it will not stop until the Eden Apostolate ends, which will happen when the Holy Spirit will have finished his duty to accompany the writing of God’s Revelations by Her Majesty Lia Eden. And throughout that time, Heaven’s purification is always consistently intensive. Hence, Heaven’s purification has made us accustomed to rely not on God’s Miracle until God Himself is willing to apply it.

However, the Eden’s Miracle, in any kind of form, it will certainly be presented one by one before the public. And our obligation is just to explain it, as what we are doing now. It is because the world public should know what is the purpose of the miracle being held by God and recognize it as the renewal of insight in understanding the existence of God’s Revelation in this century.

Without an explanation of the application of God’s Miracle in Eden and in the world public, God’s Intervention  into the information technology or other fields will just create confusion, will not reach the conclusion of the re-existence of God’s Revelation and the existence of Heaven and His Kingdom in the world. Thus, we will always release the explanation of every enactment of God’s Miracle upon that certain matter.

After all, God’s Secret upon the appearance of His Miracle does not include us at all, for we can only enjoy it after God bestows it. Thus, after a vacuum of miracle upon Eden since 2000, apparently now it happens once again. And the first person who accepted it was actually our guest named Nesya, who came together with her friends unto Eden.

Thus, the confirmation of Eden’s Miracle has been revealed for matters that have been stipulated by God, apparently it has been started with the fact of the anonymous text  message sent by the Holy Spirit unto Nesya . However, the content’s format is accordant with the matters related unto Eden or the people who are being connected unto Eden.

As for such Holy Spirit’s act, it has actually  been promised by God and the Holy Spirit unto us, especially unto Her Majesty Lia Eden. For it has been the format from God to formulate the existence of Eden as Heaven and God’s Kingdom in the world.

With the fact that the covenant has been fulfilled, thus we are allowed by God to release the Holy Spirit’s communication through text messaging with Nesya, which the content of the text message is an enlightenment for Nesya. Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit promises that he will do such act unto whomever that he thinks could be asked to communicate with him in order to create the world peace, not excluded the world leaders.

Thus, God’s Revelation related to the application of Eden’s Miracle to be worldwide by the Holy Spirit has been descended down:


God’s Oath

Related to the Holy Spirit’s Miracle
which Allowed by God to Work through His Intervention
upon the World of I.T and Cyber as Well as Cellular Phone

In the Name of God, this is God’s Oath and Revelation, as follows:

And I take an oath in the name of amending the condition and the purification of the world of I.T, cyber and cellular phone, starting today I take an oath that I am willing to purify the technology of human’s communication in the world, for the sake of purification of all human beings in the world. That the angels throughout the world participate in cleansing the cyber crime which nowadays has been insurmountable due to the geniusness of the criminals in manipulating cyber for their own interest. I empower Heaven to declare the stipulation of My Stance and that the angels work for Me to thwart the cyber crime and break it down. Thus, My Stance is taken because of the existence of Heaven in the world that should be sacralized and glorified by all people in the world. Therefore, do not ever again reject My Revelations that I descend down in Eden, which actually are greatly beneficial for human beings.

And I allow the Holy Spirit, who is assisted by all angels on this earth, to work glorifying My Revelations and My Heaven and the Kingdom of Eden unto the world public. For how My Revelations all this time have been impeded in Indonesia as the impact of the accusation of heresy unto Eden, which never diminishes. Thereof, I have allowed the Holy Spirit’s intervention into the world of I.T and cyber and cellular phone. And it serves as the application of the revealment of Eden’s Miracle.

And to declare the existence of My Heaven and My Kingdom of where I descend down My Revelations that absolutely must be sacralized and glorified, Eden should be released from the shackle of detestation and isolation and accusation of heresy as well as the conspiracy to block My Revelations held by the Indonesian mass media.

Thus, there is nothing else when I have allowed it to be enacted but solely to reinstate the condition from the dispersal of putrefaction that covers various things in the world. And the Holy Spirit’s intervention into the world of I.T. and cyber and cellular phone will not invite any suspicion of misleading, for all that he conveys are merely the reinstatement of the condition. And it will cause not any danger to whomsoever.

We just would like to disperse My Directions worldwidely before the world will become chaotic due to natural calamities that will get worse. And for the other reason, it is to free human being from the mistake of breaching God’s Law and the natural law, because humans are fond of making friends with jinn and devils. The communication of men who are infatuated with the mystic of spirit realm, I should bring it into order, therefore My Stipulation to reveal the Eden’s Miracle to be worldwide through the Holy Spirit’s intervention upon the world of I.T. and cyber and cellular phone is one of the way to ensure human beings that it is better to choose Heaven rather than involving themselves with the Hell.

Thus, make a good presupposition unto Eden, who announces this Eden’s Release. And rejoice you all for I have been willing to reveal the Heaven of Eden’s Miracle unto the world. And it is certainly a blessing from Me.

Jakarta, October 24, 2016


Thus, we also release the Holy Spirit’s oath upon that matter, as follows:

In the Name of God The Most Merciful

As for I, the Holy Spirit, always obey God’s Stipulation that He has stated. And to follow God’s Oath, I take an oath as well that I will carry out God’s Command to eradicate the crimes in cyber world and take an oath to show the Eden’s truth as the Heaven in the world. And I complete the measures to apply God’s Miracle for Eden through the course of I.T., which is open widely to the world, as it is the easy way to convey God’s Revelation to the whole world, aimed for the unification of the stances of all human beings in the world toward Revelation. That all men obligate to sacralize and glorify God’s Revelations that are being descended down in this era. And it has been quite a long time that we wait for human beings’ awareness to sacralize and glorify God’s Revelations that we are conveying to the world.

And now the time has come for us to bring forward our potential to declare the Mightiness of God and the most sacredness of God’s Revelations. And presumably it can be rendered as an ending upon the rejection of God’s Revelation and the blockage of God’s Revelation in Indonesia due to the accusation of heresy upon Eden. Suppose that our potential should be stated openly, hence, it is certainly through the validity of unification of holy oaths, which  is soaring to the whole universe. And it is certainly through unification of the true oath of God The Most Sacred and The Most Sacrosanct and which is united with the oath of the Holy Spirit and the entire angels throughout the world and which is also united with the Heaven’s Oath of Cleansing of the Earth by Eden Apostolate.

After all, the true oath of Heaven that was held in Heaven, it is already a universe true oath, since the unification of the most sacredness and the most sacrosanctity of God’s Oath has been united with the oath of the angels and humans who have been purified by God. Therefore, the application of Eden’s Miracle we oblige to convey transparently to the world public.

And these are us, who are experiencing rebalancing from God, between the role of the angels and devils in human world. And this is the time we are allowed by God to release our strategies to the world public, after no one is willing to consider all of our efforts all this time as the Divine happening in modern human’s world. And all God’s Revelations are treated like a passing breeze, disregarded or rejected and ignored. For twenty years we have been waiting for God’s Revelations to be sacralized, yet it never comes, and now is the time for the Holy Spirit’s role to be allowed by God to affirm Heaven and God’s Kingdom in human world, that Heaven and God’s Kingdom have long been established in Indonesia.

When the mystical crimes have been prevailing and not all people know what is the cause, but we stated that it is the sign of the existence of the Hell’s process in human world that forbids not performing anything. And the people testify to have seen the jinn and human have committed violation upon God’s Law, which has already surpassed the limit and has breached the law of nature. And the Indonesian public has really seen the news about the utilization of magical power to rob money.

Thus, it is already the time for me, the Holy Spirit, to obligately remind all people in the world by my own way, that the mystical kingdom of Hell will only bring human beings to be in the euphoria of violating the law of nature and God’s Law. Whilst Heaven’s mystic when the miracle has opened, it is only directed for enlightenment and improvement of the condition and God’s Salvation. Thus, I, the Holy Spirit, allowed by God to wander and intervene the I.T., which I could use to celebrate the angels’ freedom to act in order to make a reversal and reformation by means of holy and enlightening measures.

Thus, Eden’s Miracle is established after people have seen jinn’s and human’s scam through money doubling by the jinn, who are more capable of recruiting many people. And evidently these people are willing to give their money up to billions of rupiahs, including other countries’ currency and gold bars, jewelries, and various gemstones and diamonds, even though it turns out to be a massive scam.

However, is someone, whose position is respected by the society because he uses  religious attributes, more trusted than God’s Revelations? Whereas, with such method he can double the money as much as he could and could bring in an enormous amount of various gold bars and jewelries without organizing professional criminals to do robbery or being detected to have intentionally committed forgery upon all objects that he shows off. Whereas such crime bears a huge risk for an ustadz (Islamic religious teacher) and it is impossible just to be rendered as a showcase of a mystical power.

In fact, doubling the money to become as much as what is demonstrated at Dimas Kanjeng learning institution and all jewelries and gold bars, have been shown in such a vulgar manner. A phenomenon of an ustadz with piles of money behind him, it is not common, hence it becomes a shocking performance, for he and his disciples without any hesitancy throwing the money on the floor with full of pride. Thus actually, it is a spectacle of a mystical wonder, which is troubling and promising, that the mystical money can be pursued. Such allurement will soon ruin the financial system and the society’s habitat.

Whether the money is real or fake, we will answer it in the next Eden’s Discourse. And if it is merely a scam, then it means that Dimas Kanjeng’s learning institution has also conducted a crime of counterfeiting money and jewelry, which the amount is incredibly huge. Hence, there must be a syndicate of criminality behind the learning institution that creates the counterfeit of those all money and valuable objects.

Thus, Dimas Kanjeng’s learning institution is a criminal syndicate of money and jewelry counterfeiting. Just for that matter, an ustadz and his  disciples at his learning institution certainly need unwavering firmness in committing their criminal operation, which is using religious attributes. Therefore, his firmness in manipulating those holy verses and religion should be questioned, how could it be possible? And when it has became a real phenomenon, then what should be done to straighten that matter so the public will not imitate it?

Then actually, that factualization is not merely a money and jewelry doubling scam, but there must be a serious criminal action behind it with all the perfection of devices and professionalism, and there is a religious  deviance and a manipulation of holy verses. Thus, that sin and crime have surpassed the limit and cannot be ignored and must be terminated through the laws of prohibition to perform mystical practice. If this action is not taken by the government, the mystical robbery of the state money and the money kept in the banks could happen anytime.

The ownership of mystical power will end up in a mystical crime, for it is an easy way to enrich oneself. Especially the mystical power to double the money, which worriedly will spread widely and will take many victims, as in other mystical crimes, such as ‘gendam’ (hypnotic scam), fortune draining through sorcery,  which has long been going on and has taken many victims.

Is there a necromancer or shaman or an ustadz who could do those all at once? Thus, those all are the trickery of the jinn who accompany that person. Thus, he has shown those all before the people without any hesitation. It is because he is very confident so he boasts of and promotes himself that he is really someone who owns the power to penetrate the invisible realm, and people believe him. If it is not because of the jinn’s trickery, he cannot recruit tens of thousands of people to get involved with him. Thanks God he has now been arrested.

And it is true many people then claim they have been deceived by him. But, how could such scam run so smooth that many people just give away billions of rupiahs as the tocher, if it is not because of the faith upon his power which is seen as a blessing from God, for he is harbored under the religious attributes and the holy verses. Therefore, blame it on the people who are fond of making propaganda by utilizing holy verses, because those all that give way to people such as Dimas Kanjeng.

And it is very much different with the public’s opinion toward our statement about the existence of Heaven that promises the true God’s Revelations, yet those have always been rejected and unjustified. And Eden is always accused of being heretical and misleading. Whereas, we promise faith salvation as well as spirit and soul salvation and we never ask for anything from the public. Isn’t that seen as a purity amidst the hustle and bustle of heresy and virulence of the rampage of the devils and the humans who are with them?

Purportedly, when it is the time for us to state the reversing situation, thus I promise positive communication with anyone whom we consider could be enlightened. That is to counterbalance the communication with jinn. It is not impossible that I make a verbal communication with the head of states in the world with the same manner. Meanwhile, I will also use the spontaneous cellular connection through instinct and inspiration that is intentionally sharpened by me and which could happen unexpectedly to anyone whom we select ourselves.

However, in the selection process, certainly our consideration is to give enlightenment unto the person whom we need to be able to change the condition from a crisis into a holy perspective restoration and transformation. Therefore, we prioritize people who could direct their authority to be able to restore and amend the condition, hence we are swift in responding to good and holy prayers from the head of states. We could  inspire God’s Revelation through God’s Response upon the prayers of a head of state who is facing acute and complicated difficulties. Purportedly, through the concentration of praying by a head of state who is looking for a good solution from God for his country and his people, I become God’s Servant who will always be swift in conveying guidance from Him.

As for this matter, it has been the Holy Spirit’s strategy and wisdom, who is about time to come forth fighting against the devil’s domination in the world. When a head of state is involved in heavy and complicated as well as highly dilemmatic and dimensional problems, he better says a prayer unto God The One and in the name of God’s Kingdom and Heaven and asks for guidance from Him.

And in the name of God The Most Generous, I, the Holy Spirit, could pass the utmost solution for that matter through an instinct and hunch that we intentionally sharpen. An accurate solution and ideas we can state through the verbal of a wise leader who will reveal good ideas, which are accurate and will become the solution to the problems he faces. Consequently, the world civilization will change.

As for the response of praying fulfillment in the name of God The Only One and Kingdom of Eden as well as Heaven, it will pervade into every creature in the world who regards God’s Revelations that He is sending down and who believes that God is establishing His Kingdom and Heaven in this world.

Such God’s most generosity in providing directions through global enlightenment, could be interpreted as the application of Eden’s Miracle which has been revealed. And it serves as an alternative when God’s Revelation through an ordinary way has been shackled by the accusation of heresy, and therefore, it is impeded and cannot be  known by the world.

As for God’s Approval unto me and unto the entire guardian angels of every human, that in doing the enlightenment unto everyone in this world, we are no longer hindered from stating ourselves as the angels who are independent in processing the reverse condition that is bearing a Heaven scented. And it is certainly through an enlightenment unto the people who are willing to free themselves from the sins and who wish to devote themselves unto God in order to make an improvement. Thus, we are working to open the path to Heaven by doing global enlightenment through our intervention into cyber technology and I.T. and cellular technology in the world.

As for that matter, it has already been the obligation and the duty of the Holy Spirit who is carrying the assignment to reverse and restore the condition. That God’s Stipulation is based on the pattern of the Day of God’s Reckoning that wishes more for the country leaders who face heavy problems, supposedly we could help to resolve the blocking heavy problems. Thus, it is the role of Heaven that is trying to overcome the Hell’s domination in human world, at the same time we declare that the angels and I now are allowed by God to rise up counterbalancing the domination of devils in the world for the sake of winning the Heaven, which now is fully under heavy pressure from the Hell due to the agreement upon the rejection toward God’s Revelation in Indonesia. However, we are now divulging this shackle through God’s Stipulation to reveal the Eden’s Miracle unto the world public.

Thus actually, I Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit is not separated from Heaven of Eden and I sincerely desire to help all heads of state in the world and the central figures of the world to be able to overcome heavy worldly issues through intervention of text messaging, as what I have done unto Nesya. Through this way, the change that we make can no longer be ignored and disputed and blocked through any kind of agreement, for our way can no longer be blocked. Direct communication cellularly can impossibly be impeded anymore, moreover when we run everything without any coercion and what we give is merely an enlightenment and a spirit of encouragement to purify oneself.

Thus, we promulgate it before the confusion emerges from those who receive my text message. Therefore, we purposely release our explanation.

Truly, for the angels it is very easy to disseminate God’s Revelation unto all people in the world, however it is the Heaven that obligates us to gather a group of people who purify themselves and who have to declare Heaven in human world. And when the purification upon them has fulfilled the criteria of Heaven’s holiness, which obliges their holiness to be equal, only then we can reveal the Eden’s Miracle.

Thus, I will also come forth using text messaging through cellular phone to have a conversation with those whom we know have sympathy toward Eden through their cellular phone, as in my text message unto Nesya, which is attached below.

As for My Explanation, it is to colour the Eden’s Miracle, which has been opened. Hence, my position now has enabled me to communicate verbally with people whom I judge can be trusted to have good intention toward Eden. Official communication with the Holy Spirit is none other than to counterbalance the jinn mystical communication which is insurmountable anymore, for the jinn and devils have been flaring up  breaching the natural law and God’s Law. Thus, the balancing that is given by God unto me who undoubtedly always present within the corridor of God’s Law.

Therefore, sacralize God’s Revelations that He is now descending down and pray in the Name of God The One and Heaven as well as Kingdom of Eden. And that is the certainty of prayer fulfillment. For in the end times, I and the entire angels in the world only focus on always working through the gate of Heaven and God’s Kingdom for the sake of concentrating all people unto God’s Revelations that He is now descending down.

Thus, our announcement is to state that Eden’s Miracle has been revealed to the world public. In the Name of God The Most Merciful and The Most Compasionate. Thank you God, upon Your Approval unto me, Your humble servant.

Jakarta, October 24, 2016

And the text message of His Majesty Holy Spirit sent to Nesya and the answer upon Nesya’s question unto the anonymous sender of the text message is shown below. According to the Holy Spirit, no one could contact him except he, the Holy Spirit, himself initiates the contact, when he sees someone’s activity is in his purity and sincerity. And only through the intention and willingness of the Holy Spirit himself, who decides unto whom he chooses to communicate with. As for the other stipulation upon the possibility to communicate with the Holy Spirit, it is based on someone’s effort to strive for the world peace, as that is God’s main concept that is being carried by him.