mahkota-wahyu-engGOD’S REVELATION

The Changing Nature from Human to be an Angel
Has Happened in Eden


In The Name of God The Creator of Heaven and Who Defines All Destinies and Natures

The God’s Revelation is as follows:

Has Human Being Experienced Heaven?

Supposedly Heaven has never become real in human world, would human being still be willing to purify themselves so they can be accepted in Heaven? And if there is a calumny befalls on Eden, whereas Eden Community is not allowed to be involved in any dispute, thus We are the one who will answer all calumnies by making the Eden’s real truth emerges and serves as the testimony for the public. As for Heaven in the world, We should be able to prove its truth, and I ascertain that Eden is the Heaven which I bring down to the world. Thus, I state that a changing nature from human to be an angel in Eden has happened through the happening of Dunuk’s passing. Therefore, We are no longer hindered to declare that Eden is not heretical and misleading.

Eden has been absolutized as Heaven that purifies people who are chosen to have the destiny of being accepted in Heaven. In this modern era, it is never expected that there would be such explanation about Heaven, but I establish Heaven in this world for the sake of proving the postulates of My Law upon Heaven. Thereof, Dunuk’s passing I declare as the realization of the postulates of My Law in Heaven. Heaven purification enables man to change nature into an angel. Thus, We have proved it.

And I take an oath that The Heaven is Eden. And Eden in Jakarta is The Heaven that bears My Revelations, which I always descend down continually and densely so the world public could see that I always respond to whatever happened in Eden. And it is the performance of the functionalization of Heaven and My Kingdom in the world. And this is My Revelation that has defined Dunuk has changed nature to be an angel.

Thus is the appearance of Siti Zaenab Luxfiati (Dunuk) in the sky, witnessed by Ari Peach in Montclair, Virginia, USA, shortly after Dunuk passed away. Hence, the passing of Dunuk is not as perceived of which she is cursed as the consequence of the Eden’s Mubahalla against Marzani Anwar. The testimony of Ari Peach proved that Dunuk is in Heaven after the Heaven’s Oath of Cleansing of the Earth has been released and united with My Oath and the Heaven’s Oath of Cleansing of the Earth by the Holy Spirit and the entire angels on this earth. And be the functionalization of Heaven of Eden’s Miracle utilized to prove the truth of Eden. And emerged Dunuk’s appearance that was truly being witnessed by someone who knew her and whose testimony is honest.

Soon afterwards, the confirmation about the existence of Heaven in the world will continuously happen. As I have stated before, that Eden in Jakarta is Heaven from Me. The world public should make it as an absolute guarantee from Me. It is written, My Guarantee may be discussed by all parties who have interest in My Guarantee that I ascertain Heaven is already established in the world, thereof We will continuously provide evidences upon My Statement.

My Mightiness and Oneness I should declare before all human beings on this earth, and I prove it through the occurrences that come from Eden or related to Eden. After all, when there is no human’s race whom We have purified and We can bring forth to declare My Fatawas and who bears Heaven and My Kingdom, certainly My Guidance will not be read by the world and the manifestation and the existence of Heaven as well as My Kingdom cannot be seen. Thus, I am bringing forth the existence of Eden as My Heaven and My Kingdom to be worldwide for the sake of declaring God’s Administration in the Day of God’s Power to the world.

God’s Revelation, Jakarta, September 21, 2016

A Great Wisdom in the Passing of Dunuk

I, Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit, if I stated that I have returned back to be among the human race, would you still refuse it? And if the Archangel Jibril or the Holy Spirit, the angel of the bearer of God’s Revelation, gain the confidence to be trusted by the world public that I have truly returned to human world to bring God’s Revelations, Heaven and Kingdom of God, Eden, certainly what I bring from God is His Guidance, His Warnings and Good Tidings. And there is none amongst those that are not amazing and fully beneficial.

Heaven, which is open to the world, should be real. And in order to declare it, then occurrences happened in Heaven and the condition of Heaven we should continuously convey and explain whatever is being descended down unto Eden from God, and whatever that has been determined by God in Eden, Jakarta, Indonesia. And those all must be able to answer whatever that is proper to be stated as the proof of true Heaven in the world.

And if Eden Community has taken the Heaven’s Oath of Cleansing of the Earth, thus also the Holy Spirit and the entire angels who dwell on this earth, together they have also declared the Heaven’s Oath of Cleansing of the Earth in the angelic version, which the content especially aimed to enact the Eden’s Miracle and protect Heaven and the Eden Messengers from all dangers they possibly encounter, thus we work to anticipate those all.

As for the calumnies upon Eden, those matters could truly flare up anytime. And calumny needs not to be answered by Eden Community for they are forbidden to be in dispute and venting out their anger, as well as keeping a feeling of revenge and hatred, however, it is God and I, the Holy Spirit, who will come forth to answer it. Truly, we, the angels, have prepared all the answers before the calumnies emerge, for what is it that we know not upon the coming of calumnies toward Eden, wherever those might come from. Haven’t we also been stipulated by God as God’s Judge in the end times? Therefore, we also divulge sins through the calumnies which answers and proofs we have prepared.

As much the calumny upon Eden, as much also the evidence of Eden’s truth we have prepared to confute those calumnies. Surely, it already serves as a compendium of accurate explanations of the existence of Heaven in the world. And for us, answering the calumny upon Eden has become a path to explain the Eden’s truth as the Heaven and God’s Kingdom. From here, the chronology of God’s Administration in the world will evolve.

The Enactment of God’s Administration in Human World

Thus, I, the Holy Spirit, and the entire angels in the world, take a vow that we all soon will present God’s Administration in the world. As for our explanation, it is directed to concretize Heaven of Eden as the true Heaven in the world, that no human could possibly conceptualize God’s Administration in human world before God establishes Heaven and His Kingdom in human world. Therefore, we promise that we will seriously establish God’s Administration in the world through the Day of God’s Reckoning, the Day of God’s Court of Justice and His Judgment and the Day of Cleansing of the Earth by focusing it through the enactment of the Day of God’s Power  worldwide. Thus is our vow, all the angels.

Will human be ready to accept God’s Administration directly if human being sees not a concrete fact of the existence of Heaven and His Kingdom down to earth? Thus, We establish Eden Apostolate. And if human being is ignorant and willing not to acknowledge the existence of God’s Revelations, Heaven and His Kingdom to be worldwide, what else that could bring forth God’s Bounty so we can be trusted, thus we consider it is important to take the Heaven’s Oath of Cleansing of the Earth and apply the blessings and the harms of the true Heaven’s Oath of Cleansing of the Earth.

As for God’s Administration in the world, it absolutely blesses everything related to the truth and virtuousness and it judges all sins and evil deeds. It is stated that we initiate by providing evidence that Dunuk has come to suma cum claude nature. In this era, Dunuk is the first human who is stated by God has been granted to change nature as an angel. Therefore, the chronology of the changing nature from a human to become an angel now can be declared by Heaven of Eden.

Through this occurrence and God’s Statement upon the changing nature of Siti Zaenab Luxfiati (Dunuk), thus it cannot be refuted that Heaven exists in this world. Heaven in the world is ascertained through various Divine happenings and true facts in Eden.

Dunuk’s passing is one of them, it is the homework of Archangel Jibril, so we have to prove that she has become a goddess in nirvana, for Dunuk’s passing is judged by Marzani Anwar as the consequence of the Eden’s Mubahalla against him (read a citation from Marzani Anwar’s condolence email addressed to Eden). Ugh, is it true that Dunuk is cursed by the Eden’s Mubahalla intended for Marzani Anwar after she has sacrificed everything to fight for the holy mandates from God? And she is always persistent and never recedes upon it. Hence, it is not true that she has ever receded and converted back to Islam, it is solely because she holds firmly to the vows that she has declared. Do not recklessly make a judgment before knowing the real truth.

Dunuk’s good characters really stand out, so the calumny that she is cursed due to the Eden’s Mubahalla we consider it as a naïve and foolish calumny, for it only follows the reverse logic. Thus, the truth will only become definite when those calumnies are unable to spread over their stains and rottenness on the truth. Eden is Heaven, do not ever dare to calumniate Eden, for the calumny will take a sharp turn hitting the calumniator himself.

Thus, the straightening upon a calumny will actually bring in the real truth of Eden. God has stated that Dunuk is the incarnation of goddess Kwan Yin, truly it is hard to believe if there is no proof. Thereby, now we already have the evidence. As for the law of incarnation and the law of spirit regulation, those indeed need real proving through Dunuk’s resurrection from her passing. It means she is not inside her grave.

She is the one presented by God to prove the article of law of spirit regulation concretely, that a human when being purified in Heaven, that after she is free from any desire beside devoting herself to God, then she will reach the angelic world. The highest nature for a holy woman. Thus, the fact of Dunuk’s destiny and nature is undeniable. And we use this to refute the calumny thrown by Marzani Anwar and the release broadcasted by Dunuk’s family, which stated that Dunuk has converted back to Islam.

Such is the application in the law of spirit regulation that proves a new nature for a human is witnessed through Dunuk’s appearance in the sky of Montclair, Virginia, USA. Appropriately it should be heeded to be a material review of Unification of All Religions, because Dunuk who was formerly a Muslim then converted to neutralize her belief in Eden, and in fact she is the incarnation of goddess Kwan Yin. Supposedly it could be considered as God’s explanation that the destiny of someone’s spirit surpasses the boundaries of religion (interfaith). It would be necessary to render such Dunuk’s appearance as a study material for the Unification of All Religions.

As for the changing nature of a human to be an angel, it could happen because that person is persistent in purifying herself until it is completed. Now, it has been proved that Dunuk has become an angel. Would you be willing to see that as the evidence of God’s Seriousness to fulfill His Covenant upon Heaven? And that matter is directly related to His Blessings for people who follow Dunuk’s step who neutralized her belief, of which has demonstrated God’s Blessings for Unification of All Religions.

A covenant is a covenant, a religion is a religion, however when God has absolutized Unification of All Religions, then God proves His blessings unto Dunuk, who has obeyed His Stipulation that He has descended at this time. Thus, the changing nature of Dunuk to be an angel has been successfully applied by God in Heaven of Eden. After all, this is a fact that its truth has been proved, so do not ever again accuse Eden as heretical and misleading. And if God has provided the evidence of Eden’s non-heretical, then believe it, that an accusation will become harmful.

Has human experienced Heaven in two worlds? That is Heaven on this earth and Heaven in the angelic world? We answered, Dunuk has proved that matter. Therefore actually, the honest and sincere testimony from a good friend of Eden, live in Montclair, Virginia, USA, that is Mrs. Ari Peach, could avert the information that Dunuk’s passing is a curse. Ari Peach’s testimony could be confirmed unto her through her Facebook. Ari Peach’s experience we have uploaded in Website.

Someone’s appearance cannot occur, unless she has become a goddess or an angel. As for Heaven purification in Eden, it enables a man to change nature to become an angel. Thus is God’s Statement regarding the noble destiny of Dunuk. Hence, we promulgate Dunuk’s appearance in the sky through the testimony of the kind Mrs. Ari, a good friend of Eden Community.

Nirvana, the Heaven of holy people, cannot be attained before going through Heaven’s purification meticulously and always fully devoted unto God of the universe until the end of life.  An untainted pure holiness will not be achieved, before someone can endure her trials in Heaven. Thus is Dunuk’s destiny who will incarnate to Sejati; so Dunuk, the incarnation of goddess Kwan Yin, has been witnessed that her figure is embraced in the angelic world as an angel. And that is God’s Covenant in Heaven of Eden, already proved by God through Dunuk’s appearance in the sky.

Unto Ari Peach, thank you for the testimony and the sincere love shown to Siti Zaenab Luxfiati (Dunuk). Dunuk’s role has not done yet, there is still Sejati who will continue Dunuk’s role. And there is still Heaven of Eden in this world that will reveal all Divine happenings in Heaven. Do accept Heaven in the world, for God’s Revelations certainly rise from Heaven of Eden. Thank you for your attention

Jakarta, September 21, 2016