Salam Eden, Greetings from Heaven

In The Name of God The One and The Most Bestower of Blessings

Please allow us to present the video of The Song of Victory, which is truly inadequate when it is used as an illustration of the joyful tidings from God conveyed by the Holy Spirit to us, that God’s Stipulation is already established regarding the enactment of the Day of God’s Power and the Day of His Judgment. Considering the most sacredness of the Day of God’s Power that we should be able to reveal through the Song of Victory, whereas we cannot hold a colossal event that is accordant with the meaning of the occurrence held by God, as The Song of Victory is the application of ‘Song of Victory’ from the Holy Bible Chapter Revelation 12 verses 10-12 and ‘The Great Day’ from the Holy Quran Chapter Al Waqi’ah verses 1-12, therefore, we try at our best to reach the essence of the meaning of ‘Song of Victory’ and ‘The Great Day’.

But this is the occurrence that God promises to us. The Song of Victory is being prophesied (nubuwwah) to celebrate the Day of God’s Power and our God’s Administration as well as Heaven’s victory and Chapter Al Waqi’ah, which content is about the Great Day, is related to the doomsday and Eden’s Victory as the first believers upon the latest God’s Revelations, and those both Chapters equally contain the meaning of Heaven’s Victory.

However, Heaven should go through the incidents of prolonged blasphemy and defamation first. That the reversal of destiny could only happen when Eden has reached the coordinate point of the lowest defeat, being besieged by an accusation of heresy and misleading as if it were already established, hence there is not even a party outside Eden who would think otherwise.

Along with that, Eden is lately also surrounded by the calumnies and fact-twisting and continuous threats from any parties who hate Eden. And also the calumnies and mockeries as well as defamations upon me, Lia Eden, regardless of time and ethic, coming from various parties who deliberately disgrace my name and disgrace the most holiness of Heaven with certain intentions. And those all have been continuing for twenty years long, hence it is no longer possible to stand a chance of correcting presumption toward Eden.


And we have to take responsibility for all our strong oaths to God, so it is impossible for us to avenge those calumnies and scorns with anger. However, we do not consider our suffering as an agony; instead we take it as our trial that is full of wisdom, for we believe that we are standing together with the Divine’s stake, those are His true Revelations and Heaven as well as His Kingdom, which the truth is absolute.

Thus, in this 2016, we have come to the lowest position of our defeat. Regarding that matter, it means that we have reached the beginning of the flow of the lowest position of destiny reversal, and that condition is in line with the main flow of the law of spirit regulation, and which leads the destiny of Heaven reaching the coronation of its most sacredness and sacrosanctity, and thereof it also reaches the destiny of the functionalization of Heaven worldwide. After all, there is nothing that could reverse the Heaven’s defeat toward the proper Heaven’s hierarchy, before it reaches the lowest point of the defeat. And it is the standard point of reversal in the law of spirit regulation.

After all, the energy of the most sacredness of sacrosanctity of Heaven does exist because of its spirit, and on the contrary applied for Hell. As for Heaven and Hell, each has its own destiny, that of which its legal system is rolling in line with the law of spirit regulation. Thus, the spirit of Heaven and Hell are part of God’s Spirit that rolls the journey of the Heaven’s and Hell’s destiny, hence the existence of both can be established in the world of human beings who live in the end times. Thus, it has been explained by the Holy Spirit to us after we have come to the lowest position of the Heaven’s defeat.

That Hell has also come to its optimal point, it is when evilness has covered everything and Heaven has also come to the lowest point of its defeat, thus the rotation of the law of spirit regulation upon the destiny of Heaven and Hell is then reversed from this time onwards.

Thus briefly, our destiny has come to the end of its defeat. And when it has, God reverses the path of our destiny to rise up surging worldwide, therefore there is nothing that could hinder it anymore. Thus, the secret of the holy verses from the Holy Bible Chapter Revelation 12 verses 10-12 ‘Song of Victory’ and ‘The Great Day of Doomsday’ from Quran Chapter Al Waqi’ah verses 1-12 has come to its moment to be revealed. And we are commanded by Him to compose the song and create the video clip to be stated as an official announcement of the Judgment Day and the Day of God’s Power that we should declare to the public.

Whatever that is designed by God upon us, and whatever that is designed by God upon what He states as the Day of Victory, what is in His design we cannot reach totally yet. Whereas God’s Revelations are being descended down intensely and being written by us.  Hopefully, God is willing that we are soon able to release those God’s Revelations.

Thereof, God’s Schedules upon us just up to our readiness to create the video clip of The Song of Victory. After all, the most sacredness of the procession of the application of the Day of God’s Power and The Judgment Day is hard to be visualized by us, thanks God that we are only commanded by Him to indicate that matter through this very modest song, The Song of Victory.

However, it is not easy for us to go through due to our simple knowledge about video recording to create a sacred song that will become the declaration of The Great Day, to indicate the Day of God’s Power and the Day of His Judgment. Whereas, we all understand not how to create a proper video clip for that purpose, considering not even one of us has the ability to create it.

And considering none of us has the creativity to compose a sacred song and none of us even knows how to dance or understand the art of choreography that supposed to meet the standard of the glory of the Day of Victory. However, that is our trial from God, for truly it is impossible to ask for help from others upon all difficulties and our commonness. Thus, everything produced by Eden should be developed by ourselves, hence we cannot rely on others from outside Eden in developing it, even though we need their expertise, but there is always Archangel Jibril who guides us always. Hence, actually he is our guru for everything.

Thus, in the process of making it, we went through sessions of God’s Purification trial that are more complicated, heavy and drained our feeling due to so many blasphemies directed to us. However, it is our steadfastness that could determine whether we could do this special Mandate from Him, for how could such huge God’s Blessing come not with heavy trials. Therefore, we hope for your understanding of our limitation. After all, this is all that we could dedicate to God and to the public.

As the content of this song, which previously is the a prophecy from the Holy Bible and Quran, therefore the holiness and the sacredness upon something that is related to the official announcement of Heaven and the Day of God’s Power have involved us to obviate all our expectations toward anything that we work on, so all that have been planned by God upon Heaven and His Kingdom will not be impeded by the presence of our ulterior motive.

As for omitting the obsession encompassed in the great theme of creating the video clip, it is indeed not easy for us, for we have been waiting for this moment for so long after all, and such is our trial, to be holy from any desire. Thus, we worked only by relying on the natural maximality of whatever we could create and with a simple recording equipment that we own. As all the songs and the dances, we did without any related experience and expertise, for none of us ever danced nor composed the most sacred song. And it was truly a surprise when God allowed us to be happy dancing and singing. And that is the Heaven, which suppose to present all the happiness that exists in the world, but within all the quantities that we own and still in the corridor of God’s Stipulation in Heaven.

If this is all that we could produce, thus actually everything is within the embracement of the blessing from God The Most Bestower of Blessings. Hopefully what we present reduces not the most sacredness of the Day of God’s Power and the official announcement of the openness of the truth of His Heaven to be worldwide.

Thus, it is the prophecy from the Holy Bible and Holy Quran about God’s Great Day that underlies the composition of the song called The Song of Victory. We make this video clip according to what is directed by the Holy Spirit unto us. Concretely, we eternally just follow the direction that we have received. Hence, we cannot trump up something beyond our ability, although we wish to dedicate God and the public something that is the best and the most perfect. Thus, all initiatives and concepts forever come from above. And we only carry it out in accordance with God’s Commands and Rules alone.

As for the victory itself and God’s Reversal, only God knows. How God is The Almighty in implementing the Destiny of His Reversal, thus we are fully surrender to God’s Plan and His Will.

And this is the song full of a Divine truth, the Song of Victory, which is sacred yet modest, aligns with the humbleness of Heaven’s forerunner that is full of peace. We present The Song of Victory to the world public, without any slight lessening of all God’s Stipulation that He has stated in the Holy Bible Chapter Revelation 12, verses 10-12 and the Holy Quran Chapter Al Waqi’ah verses 1-12.

For the sake of unveiling the sealed verses in the Holy Bible and of which related to the revealment of the mutashabiha (secret) verses in Quran that indicate the Day of God’s Power and the Day of His Judgment, hereby we dedicate the video of The Song of Victory. Thank you for your attention.

Greetings of love and peace from Eden for you all.

tanda tangan PB

Lia Eden
Jakarta, August 21, 2016