Addressed to NASA and ESA
W-First NASA and Euclid ESA
Related to the Hypothesis of the Universe in a Cube by Some Scientists

In The Name of God The Almighty and The Only One


Hereby, we inform that there is nothing we would like to state but joyful tidings from God, that We are commanded by God to convey a perspective related to hypothesis of the universe in a cube, which is the result of a research and survey of some scientists, that in our opinion the result is also known by NASA and ESA.

We are not the representative of anyone or any country; instead, we are representing God Who is willing to bestow His Guidance to NASA and ESA, related to the theory of universe in a cube. For God declares that His Shape is Spherical, of which the whole universe lays within His Most Global. Thus, this is not our theory; instead, it is God’s Words that are descended down by God, in Eden, Jakarta, Indonesia.

But first, we need to explain about Eden’s condition in Indonesia, in order not to make NASA and ESA have bad prejudice towards us. That for 20 years Eden has been conveying God’s Revelation in Indonesia. However, Eden has been stated as a heretical group, since the majority of Muslims in Indonesia is willing not to acknowledge God’s Revelations descended down in Eden. As for the implementation of Revelation from God to Eden, it is completely under my responsibility as the Holy Spirit.

Herein, we would like to state that the accusation of heresy is truly untrue, for God’s Revelations that we carry are really sent down by Him. So is our statement here, we could take responsibility upon our statement by stating a vow in the Name of God The Only One that we take a vow not to run away from our responsibility upon our statement to NASA and ESA. And we take a vow that we can prove God’s next further Guidance and until whenever it should be needed, provided that our prerequisite is accepted. And we shall not establish a commercial covenant upon God’s next Guidance since Revelation is forbidden to be commercialized. Therefore, this our statement is our devotion to God and as the performance of our duty instructed by Him.

However, the term that we want to ask is the requirement from God, that whoever wishes to receive guidance from God, certainly he should be willing to make a commitment to live a holy life in carrying out this God’s Mandates. That the implementation of all God’s Mandates related to the direction He bestows is obligated to be taken care in holiness and rightfulness.

And the holy condition should be maintained in facing any problem and dilemma, so the holiness of God’s Revelation is guarded. Thus, without holiness, we are unable to conduct any cooperation.

After all, God’s further Guidance is important for directing an easier path for the research of the scientists who are serious in responding to our proposal, thus, the research can become efficient and could shorten the time allocation for the research and survey. Hence, our requirement is just holiness. And for us, this requirement is absolute, for we impossibly convey God’s Guidance without going through the path of holiness.

If you wish to know whether we are heretical or not, please study God’s Revelations in Website, therein we place all God’s Revelations, the earlier as well as the recent ones. We thank you for your attention. We present the comparison of the theories below:

Multi-Universes, in a Cube or in a Sphere?

As the researchers develop a model predicting that Supernovas and other phenomena have helped redistribute matter throughout the universe to a degree that affects the interpretation of future precision tests of cosmology conducted by space-based telescopes, and as the survey done by researchers at several institutions in the world, which simulates 13 billion years of cosmic evolution, and has generated a new degree of fidelity for certain observed features of the universe.  These features include the frequency with which galaxies of different shapes occur in the universe, as well as the preponderance of certain elements in space.

As for NASA and ESA, they are present in the most profound constructivism of astronomy and space science in the world. Unto them addressed God’s Revelation that wishes a breakthrough in the space science that focuses more on the evacuation of this earth’s inhabitants to the new earth. Therefore, this email from Eden is composed when observing the conception of the world scientists issuing a hypothesis of the universe in a cube. When the scientists develop a model of 41.416 galaxies, that simulation closely matches the rate at which certain types of galaxies develop across the universe as a whole.

“Some galaxies are more elliptical and some are more like the Milky Way, (spiral) disc-type galaxies”, said Mark Vogelsberger, Assistant Professor of MIT Physics Department. He explains further, “There is a certain ratio in the universe.  We get that ratio right. That was not achieved before”.  Thus, it is concluded that those models provide a platform for related new predictions as well.

The continuity of new theories of the universe is fast developing, in line with the development of outer-space technology, which is getting more sophisticated, and mainly as a guarantee of the coverage of a new science. However, if it is intended to make a conclusion of a shape which embraces the entire universe, that proposition is not sufficient just by using a prediction that reach a single universe, for there are a lot of universes, multi-universes. Based on that, thus we relate the result of that survey with God’s Words, so the study to know the embracement of the universe becomes efficient and accurate. And in the Name of God, The Only One, these are God’s Words:


Addressed to NASA and ESA

When I find the scientists are eager to know about the universal coverage, thus actually the coverage of the universe is My Shape, for I Who embrace the entire universes. And if I see that the study inclines to a cube shape, thereby I explain My Shape, which is spherical.

And it is I, Who want My Shape to be conceived by humankind, so it becomes the absolute certainty that I am The One and The Most Controlling of the entire universes through My Spirit that I bestow to all My creations, which are multi universes.

And to the scientists of NASA and ESA, render My Spherical Shape which Rotating as the basic law to perfect the whole sciences, especially astronomy, physics and aerospace engineering so that human being could make reformation in aerospace technology, hence they could start conducting research and development in astronautics that are able to cross intergalactic space, thus it could become a transportation vehicle of this earth’s inhabitants to be evacuated to the other earth, for this earth has been going through a doomsday process.

Regard My Direction concerning the coverage of universe in a spherical space to solve all theories that are still impeded. Truly, by utilizing the theory of universe in a spherical space and rotating, it can also be utilized to underlie the perspective for discovering the Theory of Everything. And render this as My Love to you all.

A Theory of Universe In A Cube

The model represents a cube-shaped piece of the universe that is 350 million light-years long on each side. Yet it also produces features at a much smaller scale, just 1,000 light-years.

alms dalam kubus'

As for David Spergel, an Astronomy Professor of Princeton University, he suggests in the future, the success of these simulations will enable much more detailed comparisons between observations of the distribution of stars and dark matter in the Milky Way and observations.

Before this theory becomes established, we would like to take part in the discussion by presenting other theory, which is different from the theory of universe in a cube, thereof we present God’s Revelation that stated the universe is within the sphere, for God’s Shape is Spherical and Rotating. And the Spherical Shape of God embraces the entire universe (multi-universes). Following this, we would like to explain that the typology of our theory always upholds God’s Revelation. All that we state are not based on research; instead, they are based on God’s Words descended down by Him in Eden.

As for the scientists’ experiments and simulations that they made, these cannot explain how precise the accuracy of the cube measurement of the universe is. And if the measurement is not accurate, then the equilibrium of the universe cannot be trusted. Therefore, the theory of universe in a cube needs to be straightened, that it impedes the unification of the theory of the universe and physics. For if the universe is in a cube, the rotation of the universal objects cannot be fully simultaneous in the cube space.

How all of the universal objects that are rotating could, at one moment, collide or hit one another.  Then, it becomes an imperfection of the universal imperishability. And it obstructs the logic of perfect integration of the universal system. For only through the perfect system integration on the universe, the perpetuity of the universe could be preserved.

The Coverage of Universe is Spherical

The Shape of God is Spherical and Rotating, so is the multi-universes inside His Sphere. Thus, the coverage of the entire universe exists inside the spherical shape of God, and those all regulate in the perfection of the controlled God’s System. And it is the absoluteness of the law of universe and the law of true Divinity. That God’s Shape is Spherical and Rotating, such is the conservation of energy in the universe, and therefore, God is The Only One and The Most Controlling.

alam semesta bulat2


Therefore, this theory is more suitable in the law of universe, of which the entire universal objects have also had spherical shape and rotating. And if God’s Shape is Spherical and Rotating, then all the rotating energies in the universe are embraced within God’s Rotating Energy itself so that all universal objects rotate according to their respective ecosystem and adjusted to the universe global rotation, so there will not be any collision or friction. Surely there are natural anomalies, but those are more of specific condition upon the outer-space objects, which indeed have reached the end of their time. However, there is always a law of reincarnation upon an ending, no exclusion for universal objects. Thus, in the universe there is Black Hole, but there are also Sun and Star.

And, if the Spherical Shape of God is utilized to perfect the existing theories, thus the Theory of Everything can be discovered easily. Therefore, the theory to build the intergalactic transportation spaceship can be invented, instead of using the theory and formula of universe in a cube.

cube2This is the hypothetical figure of the Theory of Universe in a cube by the scientists, based on three constants c (or rather 1/c, which is zero when c equals to infinity), G and h. On the cube are: classical mechanics (1), Newtonian Gravitation (2), Special Relativity (3), Quantum Mechanics (4), General Relativity (5), Quantum Field Theory (6), a Quantum Theory of Gravitation, which does not yet exist, (7), and Theory of Everything, the dream of some physicists (8).

Gradually but surely, the physicists will come to the Theory of Quantum Gravitation and Theory of Everything after finding the real Shape of God. That God’s Shape is Spherical and Rotating, thus the dream of the physicists and astrophysicists will reach the discovery of the Theory of Quantum Gravitation and Theory of Everything through the new theory guided directly by God to the scientists at NASA and ESA.

As for God’s Guidance, it could be through an inspiration and correctness of mind attention and sharpness of mind focusing, and it could be obtained when the scientists are willing to fulfill God’s Requirement. As for the concentration of theory development, it depends on the geniusness of the scientists who are blessed by God. However, God will facilitate that matter to accelerate the realization of His Will, so humankind on this earth would be able to make effort in evacuating this earth’s inhabitants to the other earth.

If the wars and bombings and nuclear tests on this earth are stopped and the evacuation of this earth’s inhabitants has been carried out, the earth is no longer undergoing stress, for it will be vacant and receives no pressure. Thus, it is expected that the earth can revive itself. And it also saves human beings who succeed not to be evacuated to the other earth. Thus, civilization on this earth will start growing once again, and the earth that has got its stability back, gives not any chance to Black Hole to further destroy the earth until reaching its destruction and apocalypse. Such is God’s Design of Salvation upon this earth and the inhabitants of this earth.

As for Lia Eden, she could only be asked for her assistance to plead for God’s Guidance, when there is an obstacle that is difficult to be overcome. And she is the only person who serves as an intermediary to God. Besides that, she could also serve as an intermediary of knowledge, should her transcendental communication with God be studied for the sake of scientific purpose.

In the name of God Who is perfecting science, the starting point of research about God’s Spherical Shape could be facilitated through the scanning of the brain wave of Lia Eden, who has received God’s Revelations for 20 years consistently and constantly without any disconnection or error. Appropriately our explanation is appreciated as the condition of God’s transcendental communication to His Heaven. As such, that flow of communication could serve as a subject of study to continue the development of science regarding transcendental communication/Revelation and neurotheology. And furthermore, it can connect to the study of the development of theory of the universe in a spherical space.

Lia Eden’s transcendental communication with God could solve certain unexpected formula of the universe, and could become a new theory as well, which could be constructed as a formula to calculate the infinite to become finite. The indicator of universal latitude measurement could start being explored from the discovery of Lia Eden’s brain wave scanning result, which has never been disconnected from the transcendental communication with God. For that is the only correct means and indicator to hold a test associated with various indicators related to the frequency of long distance brain wave between Lia Eden and God, whilst transcendental communication between God and Lia Eden is still on going. If the scientists of neurotheology combine their theory and discovery upon the test of Lia Eden’s brain wave with NASA’s invention, then a sensational formula finding will be discovered. And this combination of study is actually willed by God.

Thus, perfecting the advancement of brain wave scanning equipment needs to be put into consideration, since the variety of methods entail invention of technological equipment for neurotheology and also technological device, which will be connected to the renewed universal telescope technology in line with the needs, so the distance of transcendental communication between Lia Eden and God could indicate the latitude of the universe. Thus, the Most Immenseness of God’s Spherical Shape can be made accurate.

At least, the utilized frequency can be detected by NASA and ESA, for the sake of knowing the signal probability normally used by God toward Lia Eden. And it could possibly indicate the certain distance or the strength of the frequency flowed by the transcendental communication.

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