In the Name of God the Most Compeller in Applying the Day of His Power

This is the announcement of the Day of the Only One God’s Power that in the application of the Day of His Power, God applies His Judgment upon all His creatures on this earth. And all of His creatures at this time are also experiencing unpleasant condition, since they have to take responsibility upon their mistakes and sins.

And as for those who suffer not the anguish, they are only His creatures who are faithful and absolutely obey all God’s Stipulations, such as the angels who never surpass the stipulation of their destiny, and foreverly only obey God’s Law and carry out God’s Command. It is human who feels the most of God’s Judgment in the application of the Day of God’s Power that we announce today.

As for the condition that indicates the application of the Day of God’s Power, it is the condition that is guaranteed as the period of sin retribution embraces the entire human beings in this world with no exception. Thus, all people in this world will be facing their own difficulties and trapped in the obligation to redeem their own sins, as everybody surely has ever done sins, peccadillo sin or serious sin. Thus after the implementation of the Day of God’s Power, all people undoubtedly will suffer from the harm of their own sins. It is better that all people in this world do self-introspection when they face their problems, for the problems they encounter will just be concluded when God considers that it is already equivalent with the sins they have done.

And to be certained when the harm of sins react, that is when one finds that he becomes a victim of the other person’s evil action which is similar with the sin that he has ever done. If he ever steals then he will be robbed, whoever ever persecutes other people then he will experience persecution, whoever ever harms others then he will be harmed by others and so forth. And read the Holy Qur’an Chapter Al Mu’min verse 40.

The Holy Qur’an, Chapter Al Mu’min verse 40:

  1. Whoever does evil shall be recompensed to the extent of the evil done; and whoever does good, whether man or woman, provided that he is a believer, all such people shall enter Paradise wherein they shall be provided without measure.

God forgives not someone who has ever conducted crime before he redeems the karma of his sins equivalently. And if he redeems not that sin, then God surely recompenses it with something comparable to it. And whoever does good deeds, whether man or woman, and he or she is a believer upon God’s Stipulation and His Teaching, and he or she obeys God’s Laws, all such people shall enter Paradise wherein they shall be provided without measure. It is guaranteed that the provision in Heaven is halal and mixes not with haram (illicit) money, thus it is said as a provided without measure. Haram money will certainly become a torment (measure).

Thus, Chapter Al Mu’min verse 40 is God’s Covenant upon Heaven and God has promised to the people in Heaven, they are guaranteed with unlimited fortune, namely the prosperity, which is guaranteed forever. Certainly this verse describes that Heaven exists in human life in this world, not in the hereafter. Spirits of the dead in the hereafter need not any fortune to support their living; therefore, this is the holy verse that ensures Heaven exists in this world. Furthermore, there is another verse in the Holy Quran stating that the retribution of sins is equal to the deeds.

The Holy Qur’an Chapter An Naml verse 90:

  1. And whoever comes with an evil deed – their faces will be overturned into the Hell (Fire), [and it will be said], “Are you recompensed except for what you used to do?”

Thus to the people who conduct evil deeds, surely their faces will be overturned into the Fire.  If this verse is interpreted through the condition at this time, then it becomes meaningful. There is nothing can be hidden before God and no one can hinder God’s Court of Justice that is being held in this world now.

Thus, the faces of the sinners will be broadcasted on the television or in the magazine and newspaper.  And they cannot hide from the publication of mass media that show their faces conducting criminal act and then they are charged to the court and later they taste imprisonment.  And the public witnesses that incident from the news in mass-media.  That is the meaning of their faces will be overturned into the Hell (Fire). Thus, God says:” You are recompensed except for what you used to do”.

As for Lia Eden, she has experienced God’s Adjudication and Judgment upon her entire sins, and she was not able to avoid the sufferings that she has to go through. As she has passed through those sufferings, then God holds His Court of Justices and His Judgment to be world wide, therefore, God applies the Day of His Power.

Thus, to the public, we state that in this Day of God’s Power you better redeem your sins one by one by restoring them in accord with the deed that cause harm or hurt other people’s heart. Therefore, the harm of your sins can be wiped out by itself.

And if the burden of the harm of the sins has not yet been redeemed, thus, one by one the harm of the sins will come to you and it will cause you to experience similar fate with what you have done to other persons. And that happens through incidents that approach you in your daily life, within your family environment or your colleague at your own work place or from the community surrounding you or even it could come from totally unpredictable situation.

And God is very detail and rigid in judging sins so there is no detailed sin that can miss from its retribution. Thus, we convey this announcement before the world public, be certain that it is only sincerity and virtuousness that can weaken the harm of sins. And with a strong will along with virtuousness that its sincerity is pure which comes with the redemption of your sin, that is what is regarded by God as valuable to eliminate or lessen the harm of sins.

The lessening of the harm of sins could be redeemed part by part through the accumulation of the merit of virtuousness, whilst the one that can eliminate completely the harm of the sin is when the sin is intentionally redeemed in accordance with the deeds. Admit your sin to your victim in the past, ask for his forgiveness, should there is a loss caused by your action at that time, then pay it as much as the amount of his loss. Therefore, God will forgive your entire sins.

If he forgives you and does not expect you to pay the loss, thus, you are released from the harm of that sin, thanks to his kindness. For that reason, he will also experience the elimination of the harm of his sins that is similar to the sin that you have ever done to him, if he ever did it. If not, the merit of his virtuousness is kept to be a fulfillment of prayer when he is under pressure or urgency. Such is God’s Law upon the merit of sincere virtuousness and sin redemption. And be known that forgive someone’s sin to you and willing to lighten the burden of that person, it is the redemption of your own mistake or sins as well.

And if it is hard for you to find the trace of your victim, since his whereabouts cannot be identified any longer, so you cannot redeem your karma of your sin, God provides the facility of Confession Room in Eden Website. And, say to God your problems honestly and state your sins honestly and sincerely. Thus, there will be a lessening of the harms of your sin, and it is possible that God will reunite you with your victim so you can complete the redemption of your sin smoothly. Hence from the lessening of the harm of the sin, then God will bless you with possibility to smoothen the redemption of the harm of your sins completely. Thus, you can be released from the suffering to experience the retribution of your sins.  Those all smoothness depend on your sincerity of your willingness to redeem the karma of the sins.

It is understandable if all people are grumbling to find our announcement, for they see that our explanation seems complicating God’s Forgiveness.  But, isn’t that the above holy verses have also ensured God’s Law that sins should be paid equally? We just explain in more detail the way of redemption of the harm of the sin in order to make it simple to understand, so it is easy to be implemented.  Therefore, we precisely want to suggest the public to overcome the harm of their own sins so they can avoid the harm of their sins before it becomes an acute reaction.

Eden Community has experienced God’s Purification since 1999 until now. There is no day without purification; that is because they are chosen as the people who declare Heaven and God’s Kingdom. As for Lia Eden, she experiences the heaviest purification among all, for she is also involved by God to take responsibility when a mistake happened in Eden caused by the deeds of Eden’s member. Thus, every member of Eden who is purified, Lia Eden is responsible for him or her, hence she watches the deeds of Eden’s members meticulously.

Thus, her purification is heavier than the others, for she is obliged to be absolutely holy and she has to always be neutral upon whatsoever, since she who writes God’s Revelations directly. As all matters that she writes are dangerous for herself and the community who accompanies her. Because how could God’s Solution does not burden her, since all world problems are full of heavy dilemmas.

Power and dominance are fighting each other over their own interest, and certainly there is always a party that is blamed by God. Whilst that matter embraces the sovereignty of a country or a world leader or adherent’s leader, which surely there is a party who cannot accept God’s Stipulation that she writes down. Realizing that matter, God protects her completely. As for the other God’s Rule, that is every writing she has done, which tremendously endangers her, certainly it becomes the blessing of protection for her and Eden.

However, if there is a mistake or negligence happened in Eden, definitely it becomes a trial for them all. And they have been trained to always be careful and sensitive upon any possibility to make a mistake. Therefore, they are obedient to wait for God’s Direction on every step they take. No matter urgency that pushes them to make a stance, surely they will keep waiting for God’s Permission for every step they take. And God always answers promptly upon anything that is asked to God, so they need not to have doubt in determining their stance. Waiting and obeying God’s Direction have become inurement in Eden and has become a custom in Eden.

As for the entire angels on this earth, they are continuously circling Eden so every danger can be eliminated, no matter how the threat of danger is seen. However, Lia Eden and Eden Community will be fine in facing those all that endanger them.

As for the Eden’s Miracle, it can hinder her from the danger, as her position as the Queen of Heaven is the most secured position in the world. Thus actually, the merit of writing God’s Revelations by her, its value is tiered and certainly it is aligned with God’s Recompense for her. And absolutely it is in accord with the need. Thus actually, there is no bestowal of blessing that is given without any reason, it should always through an achievement of virtuousness and nobleness and sacrifice that is exemplified.  Hence, achievements of virtuousness and sin redemption surely contain wisdom and God’s Blessing.

Admit your sin to your victim and confess your sins before God. And if you remorse your sins and you only mention it in your personal praying to God, then we need to explain that the remorse is not enough to redeem the sin’s karma, but it can guarantee a wisdom of forgiveness upon part of your sins. As for in God’s law, it is the complete guidance of forgiveness that is obtained if you have redeemed your sin completely.

That stipulation is absolute, which every sin is obliged to be redeemed totally, thus it’s not enough if someone just repents to God. That remorse should be stated to the victim by paying the loss equally or in accord with the harms that he suffers. If not, then the harm of that sin will react rendering an equal retribution. And this is impossible to be avoided by whomsoever.

As for the spirit of fault, it will keep on doing reprisal until it is fulfilled. That is the law of God, because if the sin is not paid equally, it is God Who will make it equal, thus the loss or misery of the victim is recompensed by God through the other way, yet equal in value. That is why, there is an incident befalls on someone without he knows the reason and it is the equivalent punishment that God creates for him.

Such is the essence of the Day of Recompense, which indicates that God is about to implement the Day of God’s Power at this time.  However, God is the Most Forgiving, thus His Heaven is commanded to create the Confession Room and Praying Room. As for those who have done confession of their sins to God, they can use the Praying Room, which is declared by God as the Room of the most granted prayer in the world.

As for Eden website, it is rendered by God as a facility of forgiveness and fulfillment of prayer after God states His Fatawa regarding the Abrogation of All Religions and the Unification of All Religions. That facility is intended for the people who are faithful to the latest God’s Stipulation and it becomes the facility for faithful people to receive easiness if they wish to avoid the harm of their sins.

Those sacred rooms are intended for the world public, thus do utilize the Confession Room and then the Praying Room in your own languages.  God the Most Knowing of every sin and the demeanor of everyone in this world, and He is the Most Understanding of all languages, thus there is no stipulation upon a certain language that should be used.

As for those sacred rooms, they are set up by God through this Eden Website, so do not misuse them, since those rooms are the most sacrosanct. The harm is heavy because those rooms are bound in one network of Lauhul Mahfudz directly derived from God. Because it is God Who is willing to set up these most sacred and most sacrosanct rooms to replace the sacredness and sacrosanctity of the entire religious holy places in the world.

Thus, the existence of the most sacredness and the most sacrosanctity of Heaven that has been descended down to this earth, it is assured as the most granted place in the world. For the sake of Unification of All Religions, those sacred rooms in Eden Website are useful to be compared, in regard to its sacredness and sacrosanctity as well as the fulfillment, with other religious worship centers in the whole world, which cover the worship centers of all religions.

Thus, it is the Promise and Stipulation of God, Who seriously unifies all religions, thus He provides the most granted facility by a very modest way and need not to spend any expense.  Such is the Most Compassionate of God upon the people who believe in the recent God’s Stipulation. Verily, the sacred rooms in this Eden Website are set up based on God’s Vow, as follows:

The Most Sacred and Most Sacrosanct God’s Vow

Related to the Application of the Day of God’s Power

In the name of God, the Only One

Here is God’s Vow:

Truly I take a vow I have set up the facility of praying, which is the most fulfilled in the world, that is Eden, for Eden is My Heaven and I should prove the granted praying in My Heaven. And public can utilize that facility through the room, which is available in Eden Website.

Confess your sins therein and I make it easier for you to redeem the harm of your sins until it is completed and I grant you forgiveness afterwards. And do redeem all your sins so the elimination of the harm of your sins will be totally done, and you need not to suffer from the retribution of sin that now I am activating. And pray through the Praying Room therein and wait for My Response upon your prayer. However, that room is only beneficial for those who are willing to make a commitment to live holy, it is for them I bestow a granted prayer.

And I take a vow that in this end times I am holding the Day of My Court of Justice and My Judgment. For that reason, I declare the implementation of the day of God’s Power, as that matter has been one unity, which is the most sacred and most sacrosanct. Thereof, I judge all sins at this time.

Thus, all human beings in this world suffer from the harm of their own sins, and one by one of their sins is revealed and exposed, and I judge them through the reality of life that they encounter. And no one can hinder My Judgment as all people should redeem their sins so that I can save them from the flaring Hell that besieges this earth, which is now processing its doomsday.

Thus, the application of the Day of My Power is to mark the Day of My Court of Justice and My Judgment so human being could become holy, then We can save them. And afterwards, Heaven selection is implemented for those who are willing to make a commitment to live holy. However, the implementation of the Day of My Power should be followed by Eden’s Miracle that has been revealed, thus My Day of Power is implemented together with Eden’s Miracle.

As for the wonders of Eden’s Miracles could happen anytime, whenever there is  virtuousness, sincerity and honesty that are put at stake through the struggle upon the truth and particularly the struggle upon My Fatawas that I have stated at this time, and that is a struggle and worship that I appreciate the most. Thus, in that struggle the wonders of Eden’s Miracle work. The angels accompany them working and that creates the wonders of Eden’s Miracle.

Strive for the peace and the real truth that I am descending down. And be as the companions of My Heaven wherever you are, that is Heaven of serenity, welfare, peace and the lavishness of fortune and hindered from any misfortune. And be noble as the fighter of God’s Mandate.

And wait for the implementation of the Day of My Power and My Miracle are working synergizely to become the evidence of My Court of Justice and My Judgment are being implemented and become the evidence of My Salvation through Eden, My Heaven.  Thus, I take a vow that I have made the Day of My Power to be worldwide, thus do sanctify yourself and shun away from any sin and redeem all the sins that you have committed so that I forgive you.

Jakarta, January 11, 2016

We have conveyed God’s Vow related to the declaration of the application of the Day of His Power. That would be all and thank you.